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  1. File Size: 18.31 MB BarCode Reader is a reliable application that provides you with a fast way to scan for barcodes on your computer. It is able to check JPG, GIF, TIFF and PNG images for any possible barcode. Furthermore, you can use your webcam to check the barcode of a product. When searching for a product, it is important to be able to scan its barcode to verify its authenticity. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to such technology, as only mainly large companies use barcode readers. Powerful barcode decoder The application scans the images from your computer for barcodes, and if it finds any, it checks them into various databases, after which the search result is displayed. The program uses various 1D and 2D symbologies to check for existing barcodes within images. The application can be seat to search for barcodes regardless of their position or angle of rotation. Additionally, you can even scan flipped or mirrored barcodes, as the application will apply the necessary corrections in order to provide relevant results. Intuitive webcam scanner BarCode Reader can use a webcam to scan for barcodes. All you need to do is connect a webcam to your computer, them point it to the barcode you need to scan. The application will try to detect any barcode, then attempt to scan it within a database, providing you with any results found. A dependable barcode reader The program can be used to scan images and detect the barcode of a product, then check its description and availability. Besides, you can easily use your webcam to to scan barcodes, which makes this software highly flexible and efficient. WHATS NEW: Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version. HOMEPAGE https://bytescout.com/ Download From UploadGig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/0108699f76245BfB/BaDshaH_BarCode.Reader. Download From Rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/aaba4cabe9ab481737f42d0f485f3ee9/BaDshaH_BarCode.Reader.
  2. SignalLab SIGVIEW 3.1.1

    File size: 17.8 MB SIGVIEW is real-time and offline signal analysis software package with wide range of powerful signal analysis tools, statistics functions and a comprehensive visualization system. SIGVIEW is highly customizable and flexible but does not require any programming know-how. Features: Support for wide range of data acquisition devices, from common sound cards to professional DAQ devices. Various options for triggering, decimation and file-logging are included. The following device types are supported: NIDAQmx compatible DAQ devices from National Instruments® (voltage input, IEPE velocity/force/acceleration) Measurement Computing® DAQ devices (12/16/24-bit voltage input) LabJack® U3 and U6 USB DAQ devices (voltage input) Microsoft Windows® compatible sound cards (DirectSound and ASIO driver models are supported) Real time data display, signal analysis and control. You can work with live signals and observe results immediately. Import and export of signal files in numerous formats: WAV, MP3, ASCII, WMA, AU, AIFF, SND, 8/16/32-bit binary files, EDF... Optimized FFT algorithm with fine parameter tuning and various pre and postprocessing options: windowing, zero-padding, power spectrum and PSD, automatic averaging, test for spectral peaks integrity,... Spectrogram and Time-FFT functions with powerful graphical display solutions Dual channel (cross-spectral) analysis (cross spectrum, coherence, cross correlation,...) Signal filtering (Bandstop, Bandpass, Lowpass, Highpass) Real-time arithmetics on signals (subtract, multiply, add, scale, normalize...) Various statistics functions: peak hold, averaging, smoothing, removing linear trend, probability distribution... Analog-style instruments for real-time display of important signal parameters Custom filter curves can be freely defined and applied directly to time-domain signal or to the calculated spectrum Advanced signal display and handling options: unlimited overlays, unlimited number of markers and annotations for each signal, parallel signal display (EEG style), cut/copy/paste signal parts, unlimited zoom levels, VCR-style commands for audio playing,... Signal generator including sine signal, white and pink noise, step signal, sweep signal,... Graphical block diagram environment improves productivity when working with complex analysis systems Custom tools and workspaces can be created and later reused or exchanged with other SIGVIEW users Various command-line options for automation and remote control from external applications or from simple batch files No artificial or license-based limitations: million points FFTs can easily be calculated; dozens of signals can be combined and analyzed at the same time. Field-proven by thousands of satisfied users. Whats New: Logarithmic Y-axis support Logarithmic axis appearance generally improved Support for additional NI-DAQ options (IEPE devices) Support for time synchronous averaging New DAQ triggering options for rising/falling edge triggering New DAQ functions to allow for triggering between multiple DAQ windows Improved acquisition length settings Added starting/stopping data acquisition from Control Window Added new Control Window function to concatenate multiple signals Improved 3D-graphics appearance Improved appearance and selection of Segmented-FFT function "Change window title" menu option added in context menus on all windows Default file name for storing recordings now contains a recording date/time Added new command-line option "-daqreset" HOMEPAGE http://www.sigview.com/ Download From UploadGig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/cb9B7b89624F3597/BaDshaH_SignalLab.SIGVIEW.v3.1.1.Incl.Keygen-BEAN.rar Download From Rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/f5caef059736df628a1e281c66a14a3b/BaDshaH_SignalLab.SIGVIEW.v3.1.1.Incl.Keygen-BEAN.rar.html
  3. Muso 2.6.57

    File Size: 6.44 MB muso is a useful tool hat was designed in order to offer you a simple means of managing yor multimedia collection. muso is also an intuitive graphical user interface to allow you to browse your albums, tag them, filter them, and sort them in various flexible ways. muso provides an alternative front end to your music player and allows you to experience a more meaningful interaction with your music collection. muso is also an intuitive graphical user interface to allow you to browse your albums, tag them, filter them, and sort them in various flexible ways. muso provides an alternative front end to your music player and allows you to experience a more meaningful interaction with your music collection. · An advanced Tagging feature, which enables you to tag albums (and tracks too if required) by Mood, Scenario, etc (all fully configurable) which you can then apply flexibly as filters. You can then queue the tracks which match your mood, or you can ask muso to queue some random tracks for you. · Separating the wheat from the chaff - while the majority of your music collection may consist of full albums and EPs which you do want to see while browsing albums, the remainder is made up of odd tracks from other albums - and you may not want to see all these when you're browsing albums (though you can still access these single tracks of course). · Collate albums (and group albums by Artist) properly - too often other music managers seem overly sensitive to file location, case sensitivity and minor variations in artist/album name, which often fragments albums or artists into several duplicates or near-duplicates. Muso attempts to address this as far as is possible, and makes it easy to address anomalies by allowing the user to edit the database. · Flexible Sorting/Grouping/Filtering - eg. to see your favourite albums of the year (or the decade) ordered by overall rank (based on your own track-by-track ratings), or to group albums by artist/genre/year/etc in a "Cloud" type view. · Intuitive Context-Sensitive Navigation - eg. to quickly access other albums in your collection by the playing Artist, or by "similar" artists. · Feeding the latest on-line metadata about an artist, album or track direcly into the music browser - for example song lyrics (provided by lyrdb.com), album reviews and similar albums (provided by Amazon web services), and artist/album information (provided by last.fm). More web content will probably be added later as more useful Web Services become available. · Providing end-user configuration of the presentation - your favourite fonts can be easily specified, and the user can choose between pre-defined themes. Advanced users with knowledge of CSS can even create their own themes - which gives rise to the possibility of sharing them via the web community. · Full support for half-star ratings (5 full stars isn't detailed enough!). · Comprehensive support for Classical Music - with track tags for Composer, Conductor, Ensemble (Orchestra), and Performer(s), it's easy to properly distinguish multiple versions of the same work. Whats New http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?81685-ANNOUNCE-muso-(production)&s=54f15fd789efdafc84f76dd78f36c937&p=896519#post896519 HOMEPAGE http://klarita.net/muso.html Download From UploadGig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/3e364250d271d45f/BaDshaH_Muso.v2.6.57.Incl.Keygen-BEAN.rar Download From Rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/41ac6c1c5e63a3888bc39787e5d2441c/BaDshaH_Muso.v2.6.57.Incl.Keygen-BEAN.rar.html
  4. File size: 7.9 MB AnyToISO is a simple application which allows users to convert their files into ISO images. The ultimate ISO Creator for Windows: can create ISO from almost everything including all CD/DVD images formats popular in Internet (NRG, MDF, UIF, DMG, ISZ, BIN, DAA, PDI, CDI, IMG, etc), CD/DVD/Blue-ray disks or simply from a local folder. Key features - Ability to convert a disk image of the formats BIN, MDF, PDI, CDI, NRG, B5I, IMG CD / DVD-ROM format ISO. - Fast and simple technology. Quick Facts: - AnyToISO supports all CD / DVD formats popular in Internet. - AnyToISO works on Windows and Mac OS X. - Most CD / DVD burning software works with ISO images and its native images only. Use AnyToISO for conversion before burning. - With AnyToISO you can mount any CD / DVD image found in Internet to your Parallels / VMWare virtual machine. * The program is free to convert CD images, Professional license allows to convert DVD images. AnyToISO supports the following CD / DVD image formats popular in Internet. - Convert - convert the image to the ISO format - Extract - extract the image to a local drive Whats New http://www.crystalidea.com/anytoiso-version-history HOMEPAGE http://www.crystalidea.com/ Download From UploadGig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/6659D4Fd24f7e193/BaDshaH_AnyToISO.Pro.3.9.rar Download From Rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/b92671280ec0545ac92079a54d48bd67/BaDshaH_AnyToISO.Pro.3.9.rar.html
  5. Hybrid L 10.0 Bilingual

    File size: 8.0 MB Build your HTML projects in an enhanced and powerful environment packed with IntelliSense and a web browser to analyze your work or grab code from other pages. Your favorite website is a show played on an Internet stage and behind the curtains are dozens of lines of code that make every interaction possible. These are written down with the help of simple text editors or specialized applications packed with features that enhance your workflow. Hybrid L is one of them and with it you can work on your HTML projects or create new ones from scratch. Intuitive design gets you quickly up and running In the greeting committee you find the visually appealing and highly-intuitive interface that poses no accommodation problems. Most of the space represents your work area, where all lines of code are written down, but there's no counter to keep track of them. However, an implemented function lets you quickly jump to a specific line. Multiple accessibility options to ease your work Although you need solid HTML knowledge, the application is equipped with various buttons and functions that automatically insert necessary parameters so you only need to fill in values and triggers. What's more, with the help of IntelliSense, the overall process becomes faster and with decreased chances of errors. A neat advantage is that the application also includes a fully functional web browser so you can easily preview your work. There's also the possibility to go to other pages and either extract all text or the HTML code, which is automatically inserted in the edit area. Rich library of elements you can insert You can customize the way functions, values, comments and other code elements are highlighted, to better suit your style. Text is also subject to editing, with various options at your disposal. As mentioned above, you can quickly insert and abundance of HTML items, ranging from links and images, to objects, tables, frames, custom scripts and more. Export your project or upload to a FTP server In case your computer is connected to a FTP server, dedicated fields enable you to fill in credentials and always stay connected, with options to directly upload your work. In addition, the application lets you export either as plain text or under the HTML format, as well as just the character encoding for further processing. In conclusion All things considered, we can safely state that Hybrid L is a powerful HTML editor, packed with nearly all it needs to make your work quick, efficient and practical. Options to visit any website without the need of external utilities are neat and enhanced by tools to grab the code or text you need. All wrapped in an intuitive and visually appealing interface, the application deserves at least a try. Whats New: Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version. HOMEPAGE http://www.winsoftware24.de/ Download From UploadGig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/Cca2ac0bcfb2dA14/BaDshaH_Hybrid.L.v10.0.Bilanguage-LAXiTY.rar Download From Rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/91359f8b363b1f4d193594dce3244870/BaDshaH_Hybrid.L.v10.0.Bilanguage-LAXiTY.rar.html
  6. Print2CAD 2018 19.01 Multilingual

    Windows x64 | File Size: 160 MB Print2CAD is able to convert PDF files into a DWG or DXF file, which can then be imported into any CAD system where it can be edited. Print2CAD is an autonomous and CAD system-independent program. Print2CAD also converts DWG/DXF into PDF, TIFF/JPEG into DWG, DWF into DWG/DXF and HPGL into DWG/DXF. Top PDF to DWG Converter for CAD Users: • PDF (Vector and Raster) to DWG or DXF Converter • TIFF, JPEG Vectorization to DWG or DXF Converter • DWF to DWG or DXF Converter • Based on TrustedDWG™ from Autodesk® • Native 64 bit App, no PDF Size Restrictions • PDF Text Recognition (OCR of Drawing) • PDF Line Type Recognition • PDF Coordinates Scaling (Calibration Points) • PDF Layer Recognition • PDF Frame, Right Corner, Symbol Recognition • Raster Image Vectorization as Lines • Raster Image Vectorization as Outlines • Raster Image Vectorization as Solids • Raster Image Text Recognition (OCR) • Raster Image Line Type Recognition • Raster Image Coordinates Calibration • PDF (Architectural Scan) to DWG or DXF • PDF (Contour Lines Scan) to DWG or DXF • PDF (Digital Photo) to DWG or DXF • PDF (OCR of Text Page) to DWG or DXF • Supports DWG 2000-2018 • Product of US Based Company • Works With All CAD Systems • 4K Screens Ready • Top AutoCAD PDFin Extender with Raster To Vector What's new official site does not provide any info about changes in this version. HOMEPAGE https://www.backtocad.com Download From UploadGig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/055dF96f452E8264/BaDshaH_BackToCAD.Technologies.Print2CAD.2018.v19.01.X64-AMPED.rar Download From Rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/5e2a174adba499472063a693db0da71a/BaDshaH_BackToCAD.Technologies.Print2CAD.2018.v19.01.X64-AMPED.rar.html
  7. File size: 444 MB (total) Arnold is an advanced Monte Carlo ray tracing renderer built for the demands of feature-length animation and visual effects. Originally co-developed with Sony Pictures Imageworks and now their main renderer, Arnold is used at over 300 studios worldwide including ILM, Framestore, MPC, The Mill and Digic Pictures. Arnold was the primary renderer on dozens of films from Monster House and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs to Pacific Rim and Gravity. It is available as a standalone renderer on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, and is accessible through plug-ins for Maya, Softimage, Houdini and Katana. Features: Seamless integration with C4D: objects (instances, cloners, deformers, generators), MoGraph geometry, hair and splines. Support for both native particles and Thinking Particles. The fastest interactive rendering (IPR) of all Arnold plugins, allows parameter changes to be rapidly previewed without interrupting your work. Arnold Shading Network Editor, a node-based material editor. A comprehensive list of shaders and utilities, including vertex maps and per-face materials. Volume rendering with OpenVDB. Deferred, render time generation of geometry with the Arnold procedural node. Native linear workflow. Team Render, including single-frame distributed rendering. Support for third party plugins like X-Particles and Turbulence FD. Whats New https://support.solidangle.com/display/A5AFCUG/Release+Notes HOMEPAGE https://www.solidangle.com/ Download From UploadGig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/29fd83e6833000Bc/BaDshaH_C4DtoA- https://uploadgig.com/file/download/d787d03aebe3B7a9/BaDshaH_C4DtoA- https://uploadgig.com/file/download/ca8d7e279ea5178E/BaDshaH_C4DtoA- Download From Rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/38e5c5142f939ed43f0ca73e81f6fab1/BaDshaH_C4DtoA- https://rapidgator.net/file/19a49dc42c325a465f261c8fb64a8433/BaDshaH_C4DtoA- https://rapidgator.net/file/b476646eaafbaf61ebe0b0e144fdad12/BaDshaH_C4DtoA-
  8. File Size: 32.61 MB DearMob iPhone Manager is a tool designed to help you seamlessly transfer files to and from your PC as well as edit tracks, videos, podcasts or create backups for your important data. In the eventuality that you are a long time iOS user, then chances are that you gathered a lot of data on your device. Whether it is photos from the vacation you took in the past years or music that you downloaded over time, having a manager can free up some space for more memories and perhaps, make your device work smoother. Enables you to transfer files to PC without having iTunes installed After a quick installation, you are required to connect your mobile phone to the computer via the USB cable. In case the app does not recognize it from the starts, then re-plugging the cable should be able to fix the problem. The program comes with a user-friendly interface that includes tabs to the data that you are most likely to access. Simply put, from the main window you can access contacts, podcasts, SMS, apps, calendar, books as well as the flash drive. In addition, you have quick links to the main functions of the tool, namely Photo Transfer, Music Manager, Video and Backup. The highlight of the tool stems from the fact that you can use all of the aforementioned functions without having to have iTunes installed on your computer. Supports two-way synchronization and editing the stored files It is worth mentioning that the tool permits quick transfers between your device and the computer with just one click. Moreover, you can easily create and edit backups of the data stored on your iDevice. In case you need to update the files on either of them, then you will be happy to learn that the tool is capable of two-way synchronization. At the same time, you can delete, add and edit pictures and videos on your iPhone without too much hassle. More precisely, you can edit the tracks' metadata, delete unwanted pictures or archive them for safekeeping just as easily. A straightforward utility for managing your iDevice more efficiently If you want to free up some space on your iPhone or iPad, but are not a huge fan of iTunes, then maybe you can consider giving DearMob iPhone Manager a try. WHATS NEW: Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.4 HOMEPAGE https://www.5kplayer.com/iphone-manager/ Download From UploadGig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/57ec051c03f60fc3/BaDshaH-DearMob.iPhone.Manager.2.5.rar Download From Rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/7e0765acb10004851339923c9dc0332c/BaDshaH-DearMob.iPhone.Manager.2.5.rar.html
  9. Languages: English | File Size: 120.68 MB iMindQ is a dynamic and exciting mind mapping software tool for visual thinking, brainstorming, planning and organizing ideas. iMindQ helps you map out information and improve your memorization, productivity and creativity. It is great for solving problems, planning, decision making, improving communication and collaboration. Collaborative, creative and intuitive mind mapping If you want to reach better business performance, increase your overall productivity and explore new creative pathways, then this mind mapping software is the right tool for you. Include mind maps in your work and enjoy the following unique features: - Flexible whiteboard space - Project planning options - Concept maps & flowcharts - MS Office integration - MS SharePoint integration - Research Panel - One-click presentation - Interactive mind maps Creative Brainstorming Brainstorming sessions with mind maps ensure comprehension, memorization and greater participation from all team members. Project Planning Plan projects by creating a WBS from your deliverables, and visually analyze the outcomes with the use of Gantt chart view. Remarkable Presentation Leave a powerful visual impact and provide an overview of the whole topic, by presenting your mind maps with a single click. Team Collaboration Work together and share ideas with friends and colleagues, through a collaborative experience with the unique HTML mind maps. Advanced MS Office integration Import/export from MS Word, Project, Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint and SharePoint. Interactive HTML mind maps Create, share, edit and save HTML mind maps in any browser. Presentation of mind maps and diagrams Use the many options available to create your own custom presentation. Extensive Project Planning Options Create WBS and tasks within mind maps and preview it in a Gantt chart. Compatibility with other mind map formats You can open mind maps created with MindManager, XMind and FreeMind. Concept maps and diagrams Create concept maps, WBS charts, flowcharts and many other diagrams. What's New in iMindQ 8.2 https://www.imindq.com/Portals/0/userdocuments/iMindQ-Whats-New-8-2.pdf HOMEPAGE https://www.imindq.com Download From UploadGig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/bfa3C9776fD9dfAf/BaDshaH-iMindQ_8.2.1.rar Download From Rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/bed374cce152739f5275595c59e2e183/BaDshaH-iMindQ_8.2.1.rar.html
  10. Dimo 8K Player 4.1.0

    File Size: 39.78 MB Embrace this new world of amazing video and audio effect with 8K Player! With dramatic 100 percent lossless video quality, high-definition (HD) surround sound, this top Media Player software can be definitely what you need to make the most out of your UHD video viewing experience and ensures you hear every nuance of the sound. The Blu-ray Power version of 8K Player added Blu-ray/DVD support, funny making gif option, and free customer service or upgrade. It can be fully compatible with the latest Windows 10. From here on out, you can navigate and access your favorite Blu-ray, DVD disc/folder/ISO image file with 1080p HD visual effect, 4K 5K 8K Ultra HD or 1080P HD movies and TV shows losslessly or your most loved music playlist with immersive audio experience as you please. Main features: Get vivid visual/audio effect to play H.265/HEVC encoing 4K or HD/SD videos Open Blu-ray/DVD (folder)/ISO whether it's DTS or Dolby TrueHD Make animated GIF file for sharing in less than 30 seconds Loop whole video or some section of video when watching movies Record what's happening on the screen as a straightforward video Add a bookmark of the video for watching later WHATS NEW: Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version. HOMEPAGE https://www.mediadimo.com/ Download From UploadGig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/50B61a8678650bC7/BaDshaH-Dimo.8K.Player.4.1.0.rar Download From Rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/957104f9b40f095054979ce252b1009c/BaDshaH-Dimo.8K.Player.4.1.0.rar.html
  11. File size: 281/284 MB A media library that enables you to play and organize your music collection, as well as sort it and create personalized playlists. Your music collection is always growing and changing, especially if you like to keep track with a variety of artists and their newest albums. The drawback of staying up-to-date with the newest releases is the fact that your library might get cluttered and unordered if you do not constantly rearrange it according to your preferences. How well organized is your music Library? Are your artists always spelled the same way? Any R.E.M. vs REM? beaTunes can easily fix this and other problems with its unique inspection feature (license required for applying one-click solutions). Could your last mix CD's song order use some improvement? Let beaTunes re-arrange your playlist for you! Always wondered how you could take advantage of the BPM (beats per minute) field? Let beaTunes fill in the blanks and help you while DJ'ing at your next party. Here are some more examples of what you can do with beaTunes: - Navigate in songs semantically, i.e., segment to segment. - Automatically determine BPM (beats per minute). - Automatically determine the musical key your songs are in. - Sort existing playlists so that matching songs succeed each other. - Create matchlists, i.e., playlists based on one or more sample songs. - Browse songs from your music collection that match the currently selected song. - Find all songs iTunes marks with an exclamation mark and remove them from the library. - Find duplicates via acoustic fingerprinting. Among other things, today's update fixes a couple of display issues. If you have ever seen blank lines in the main song table-this update is for you. In general, beaTunes will feel a little faster and scrolling around in huge lists should be more responsive. Also related to graphics: the choice of GPU (graphics adapter) on OS X. There really is no reason why beaTunes should use the high performance GPU. Thanks to a recent Java update (8u92), beaTunes is now able to request the integrated GPU instead of the high performance one, resulting in lower power consumption. And as beaTunes comes bundled with a Java runtime, there is no need for you to update your system's Java to get this feature. Another important bug fix deals with Album Replay Gain. Because the beaTunes analysis queue processes multiple tracks in parallel and independently, computing Album Replay Gain is a little like dealing with a pink, spotted elephant: All tracks for an album have to be loaded, analyzed and the metadata has to be written, while another analysis thread may already work on one of those files. Compared to all other values beaTunes computes, this is a big exception and requires some extra synchronization logic. For 4.6.1, this logic has been completely rewritten. Whats New http://blog.beatunes.com HOMEPAGE https://www.beatunes.com Download From UploadGig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/2Ba536B01fc00a5c/BaDshaH-beaTunes.5.1.4.rar https://uploadgig.com/file/download/B2d41Fe4521f45cD/BaDshaH-beaTunes.5.1.4.x64.rar Download From Rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/dd767939887be4205fac7b369ddfa576/BaDshaH-beaTunes.5.1.4.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/37895fd127983f445764f8577b30955b/BaDshaH-beaTunes.5.1.4.x64.rar.html
  12. File size: 1.6 GB Fibersim 14 makes analysis, design and manufacturing of composite products faster and easier than ever before. With Fibersim 14 you can improve the accuracy of desired fiber orientations to meet analysis structural requirements and increase design optimization with improved product definition exchange between CAE and CAD. You can achieve design efficiency with automated design methods that support the development of unique ply shapes in a push-button approach. Documentation on the PTC Creo platform now provides production consistency and throughput. Compatibility: CATIA V5R19 32/64-bit (to use CATIA V5R19 on Win7 the minimum requirement is SP6) CATIA V5R20 32/64-bit (to use CATIA V5R20 on Win7 the minimum requirement is SP2) CATIA V5R21 32/64-bit CATIA V5R22 32/64-bit CATIA V5R23 64-bit CATIA V5R24 64-bit CATIA V5R25 64-bit NX 8.0.3 MP8+ NX 8.5.3 MP2+ NX 9.0.1+ NX 10.0.2+ Creo Parametrics 2.0 M090+ Creo Parametrics 3.0 F000+ Creo Parametrics 4.0/5.0 (officially not supported but can be installed) Whats New https://www.plm.automation.siemens.com/en_us/Images/Siemens-PLM-Whats-New-in-Fibersim-14-fs_tcm1023-238150.pdf HOMEPAGE https://www.plm.automation.siemens.com/ Download From UploadGig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/08dc137Fd0296aff/BaDshaH-Siemens.Fibersim.14.1.3.Catia5.Creo.NX.Win32-64-SSQ.part1.rar https://uploadgig.com/file/download/e1317d162384c986/BaDshaH-Siemens.Fibersim.14.1.3.Catia5.Creo.NX.Win32-64-SSQ.part2.rar https://uploadgig.com/file/download/a193ceEA88eFDe3a/BaDshaH-Siemens.Fibersim.14.1.3.Catia5.Creo.NX.Win32-64-SSQ.part3.rar Download From Rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/b3f196ea8fff09bc8064fb0a6a525b3b/BaDshaH-Siemens.Fibersim.14.1.3.Catia5.Creo.NX.Win32-64-SSQ.part1.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/3b3efc12646ecea3058355bc9cb5b70c/BaDshaH-Siemens.Fibersim.14.1.3.Catia5.Creo.NX.Win32-64-SSQ.part2.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/b1b81bec0bb008d1b637f76c54f54853/BaDshaH-Siemens.Fibersim.14.1.3.Catia5.Creo.NX.Win32-64-SSQ.part3.rar.html
  13. File size: 11.9 MB PolyBoard is an interactive design and manufacturing cabinet software, based on a powerful methological concept. PolyBoard supports arborescent cabinet structures, dynamic material styles and manufacturing methods lists, and recalculates cabinets in real time. As modifications proceed, PolyBoard redraws the cabinet in 2D and 3D, and recalculates its cutting list and toolings, in relation to : - The cabinet dimensions, including slopes and unboxings. - The divisions structure (uprights and shelves), the doors and drawers. - The manufacturing method : side master, top master, or mitre joint, applied, rabetted, or slotted back, recesses, overlaps, hardware, regular drilling groups (type 32), etc . - The material, the edges, and the frames style of each cabinet component. - PolyBoard supports parametric fitting links, and edits a global hardware summary as well as a tooling map (drillings and groovings) for each of the cabinet components. - PolyBoard's Post_Processing export function is compatible with most CNC tooling machines. 2D & 3D Views : - PolyBoard displays the three cabinet 2D views (front, top, and side), and a 3D rendering in relation to material colors and textures. - The PolyBoard built-in 3D function offers several predefined views, and various zoom and rotation tools, which help setting the wished 3D view. - PolyBoard also offers a DXF 3D_Face export function, compatible with most CAD software, such as AutoCad, VectorWorks, KitchenDraw, etc . Slopes and Unboxings : With PolyBoard you may design : - Front sloped cabinets, up to 3 different angles in front view. - Side sloped cabinets. - Rear left or rear right unboxed cabinets. Cutting Lists : PolyBoard cabinets cutting lists are recalculated in real time, taking into account specified materials, possible oversizings, and plated edges thickness. Cutting lists are exported in OptiCut format, as well as in a «Text» format compatible with most spreadsheets and cutting optimization software. Material Styles : PolyBoard supports a dynamic material style list : A material style associates a different material to each cabinet component. After applying another material sytle from the list, the cabinet is rebuilt instantaneously with this new style's materials. The same principle applies to edges styles. Manufacturing Methods : PolyBoard supports a dynamic manufacturing method list : A manufacturing method defines all the geometrical and mechanical cabinet assembly rules. A manufacturing method also specifies whether the back is applied, slotted, or rabetted, determines recesses and overlaps values, and defines each of the fitting links hardware type. Interactive Modifications : Once the cabinet is designed with a material style and a manufacturing method, a «double clic» on a cabinet component will allow its position, its material, or its edges modification. In the same way, a «double clic» on a fitting link will allow its hardware modification. Toolings and Hardware : To each fitting link, PolyBoard manufacturing methods associates a hardware type and a positionning rule. Vertical divisions toolings (sides, uprights, and verticals) follow regular drilling groups rules, such as type 32. PolyBoard edits a global cabinet hardware summary, and a tooling map for each of the cabinet components. Post_Processor: PolyBoard's Post_Processor is compatible with most CNC tooling machines. PolyBoard generates a parametric DXF format (colors, line styles, and layer names), as well as WoodWop MPR (Weeke), Xilog Plus XXL (SCM), BiesseWorks CID (Rover) formats. Whats New: Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version HOMEPAGE http://www.boole.eu Download From UploadGig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/Fd5ca178b6f0A8e9/BaDshaH-PolyBoard.Pro-PP.6.05h1.rar Download From Rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/19f4ded0e58fd96ce9f66e66e949a34b/BaDshaH-PolyBoard.Pro-PP.6.05h1.rar.html
  14. Languages: English | File Size: 40.69 MB | 31.06 MB KLS Backup 2017 is a powerful backup and synchronization program that allows you to backup or synchronize your data to local and network drives, cloud storage or CD/DVD media. The backup files can be stored uncompressed or compressed in standard Zip or 7z format. KLS Backup 2017 can backup: files and folders from local drives, network locations or cloud storage, databases, mail boxes and other application specific data (profiles). Advanced version management, makes possible to find and restore any backup version within seconds. The synchronization feature allows you to easily synchronize the contents of two different folders. Key Features: - Easy-to-use but powerful integrated workspace - Backup data from local and network drives, cloud storage, SFTP, FTP and WebDAV servers - Backup of databases (Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL) and application data (Outlook, Thunderbird) - Backup to local and network drives, SFTP, FTP and WebDAV servers, CD/DVD media - Backup to cloud: Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, OpenStack Storage, OneDrive, Google Drive - Microsoft Azure Amazon S3 Google Cloud OpenStack - Full, incremental and differential backups - Backup of open files and NTFS permissions - Highly configurable backup profiles and plugins - Standard Zip compression, Zip64 support, 7z and a custom encryption format - Powerful archive management and search functions - Selective restore of files and folders to original or custom locations - Secure archives with AES encryption, SSL/TLS support for remote transfers - Two-way file synchronization engine with version support - Automated backups with the built-in scheduler service - Detailed backup logs and email notifications - Command Line Interface (Console) - Compatible with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 Easy-to-use, powerfull integrated workspace The integrated workspace provides easy access to the various tools and features you can use to browse, view, edit, and manage your profiles. Wizards will help you to create new backup and synchronization profiles, restore files and manage archives. Broad storage support KLS Backup 2017 allows you to backup data to/from Local and LAN folders, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, OpenStack Object Storage, OneDrive, Google Drive, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV servers and CD/DVD media. Database, mail box and application settings backup KLS Backup 2017 includes backup plugins for the the most common database servers, mail clients and common applications: - Microsoft SQL Server - MySQL and MariaDB - Microsoft Outlook - Mozilla Thunderbird and Firefox - IMAP and POP3 servers Advanced archive management KLS Backup 2017 maintains a library containing a history of backup jobs and the files contained in each backup run. This feature offers a clear view over backup history, and allows you to keep track of file versions. You can restore any full, incremental or differential archive any time with a single click. Synchronization Synchronize the contents of two folders, create a mirror or update a remote folder. Scheduling KLS Backup 2017 uses the integrated Backup Service engine or the Windows Scheduled Tasks agent to schedule unattented backup and synchronization jobs. You can easily create a scheduled task to run daily, weekly, monthly, or at certain times. Console interface With the KLS Backup 2017 Console interface advanced users can run backup jobs from the command prompt, Windows PowerShell or from a batch file. Flexible backup options KLS Backup 2017 supports full, incremental and differential backups. The archives are stored using industry standard Zip, Zip64 and 7z compression with strong AES encryption. RELEASE NOTES: - [CHANGED] Azure: supports latest API - [FIXED] Cloud: fixed a filename encoding problem - [FIXED] OpenStack: fixed a problem with Keystone authentication - [FIXED] missed scheduled tasks may not run on system resume - [FIXED] minor fixes System Requirements: - Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP 32/64bit (all editions) - Windows Server 2016/2012R2/2012/2008R2/2008/2003R2/2003 (all editions) - Hard drive with at least 100MB free disk space for installation HOMEPAGE https://www.kls-soft.com Download From UploadGig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/50c49c961878e929/BaDshaH-KLS_9.1.0.3.rar https://uploadgig.com/file/download/4beC2971aF684E54/BaDshaH-KLS_9.1.0.3_x64.rar Download From Rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/8408afd755644c4e4620fafdbc6c41dc/BaDshaH-KLS_9.1.0.3.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/933b5b0cbd67f4186399bff2154ea1da/BaDshaH-KLS_9.1.0.3_x64.rar.html
  15. VovSoft Daily Journal 4.0

    File size: 9.2 MB Write your memories or appointments with ease. Daily Journal saves your data only in your own computer and helps you keep them private. This program is multi-user supported. Every single user unlocks his/her data by using his/her password. You can search your data. Interface is customizable. Backup import&export is provided. Whats New: Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version. HOMEPAGE https://vovsoft.com Download From UploadGig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/74aFcd6e6c183De6/BaDshaH-VovSoft.Daily.Journal.v4.0-LAXiTY.rar Download From Rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/281afaedb715de27059936156ab947e7/BaDshaH-VovSoft.Daily.Journal.v4.0-LAXiTY.rar.html