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  1. If you are doing this professionally, I can not say anything. If you are doing it as a hobby, you should stay away from additional food if you want to look healthy and fit. We do not need it. (These are my opinions as a result of the experiences)
  2. There are very successful athletes who do not use supplement. A few of my friends do not even go to saloon. But it has healthy and sturdy muscles and the view is also fine. You will use your body's until death. Look at beautiful.
  3. Creatine and enzyme-containing supplements are more harmful. I said, that is directly involved in DNA. I definitely do not recommend. I am doctor. carbonhydrate: available for weight. whey: with doctor's recommendation. Enzyme:don't use. hormone: very very dangerous, absolutely stay away
  4. Hi members. I will talk about an important topic. I've been doing sports for a long time and using supplement. Is supplement use correct? I have been searching for a long time. Results: * Nobody knows exactly what is inside. Nobody knows how it is produced. Some big brands are reliable in this regard. *Nutrient content: The most innocent of carbohydrates. Protein and other products are directly incorporated into the cell structure. Non-natural industrial products. Harmful to the body like many market products. *Usage: Those who do not sports should definitely not use. The metabolism of all of it happens over the liver. So the liver works too much. The liver is quickly greased. * my suggestion: disuse. Natural cheese and egg my favourite. It contains too much protein. If you want to use, you must choose a reliable brand and be consulte nutritionist. Those with metabolic disease should be more careful. *There is a lot to write in this regard. I wrote the abstract. If you want to ask something, you can write... choose healthy lifestyle.
  5. now not working story last night worked
  6. EDITED!