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  1. ye grotto dont work, only story (Which is better then the grotto with the right settings, browse the forums)
  2. Same, just retry few times. It works after restarting the bot a few times lol
  3. Items which i received from fountain

    Ragnarok III Ragnarok III(Your inventory: 1 item(s))Resale value: 62.933.820Basic damage: +36Bonus damage: +110Strength: +230Requirement: level 1290
  4. Thanks I did not noticed that, haha! how it could escape me , feelsbadman. thx simon
  5. Not working for me anymore o.o I don't recall the whole bitefight being in https.
  6. BF has been dead for years xD Thing is like someone said above, everyday less players are playing therefore GF don't care anymore, they got plenty games to deal (even tho some are dead as well, I guess.)
  7. Site has been off past days for me, finally is up again hopefully bot will work again (since I was temp suspended for no posts, here's one! XD)
  8. I think I've tried everything except formatting my desktop which I don't wanna do Guess I'm gonna stick with laptop until the bot starts working out of sudden in my desktop LOL
  9. New Equipments, III

    good question thumbs up, I've been thinking on stacking the high-paid missions and finish them alltogether with hellstones
  10. I got knowledge of PHP, HTML and not so much JS. If I could take a sneak peak maybe I could help. I am rusty as I haven't touched web programming for a year now.
  11. It works on my laptop fine any time, it won't just work on my desktop god knows why
  12. Nop not for me, I tried deactivate antivirus, ran the patcher everything I can think of, nothing works...
  13. I did but it doesn't work, I've made sure cookies are right, browser box is right, server is right. The program can access my character information but whenever i click the start, it doesn't work :(( EDIT: