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  1. I am not able to renew, the page is incomplete of the buttons to update the license, somebody help me?
  2. Bitefight Priorities

    25 37 30 49 7 35 26 12 29 33 1 22 4 8 20 17 34 46 10 55 8 53 47 42 36 23 6 9 3 52 23 38 52 6 20 21 11 this is good for nature and order
  3. Items which i received from fountain

    I have a misfortune that only drops potion ;-;
  4. BitefightBot+License Tutorial

    excellent tutorial guy, I was having trouble to start it in notbook and with your explanation finally succeed, thank you very much haha hug !!
  5. Working, the best HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
  6. Bitefight-orbs

    My orbits are horrible ... does anyone know why?
  7. Items which i received from fountain

    Lorias I(O seu inventário: 1 Item(s))Preço (compra): 5.600.156Bonus de dano: +58Bonus de possibilidade de golpe: +27Requerimento: Nível 410 hahaha
  8. Dark side, I've done everything I was still from yesterday to today without using it and still persists in this error ... License expired on August 04, 2017 2:32 am. Re-Activate it on can anybody help me?
  9. @Thebestsimon Thanks for "guiding" haha, I'm going to the maximum and let's go hahaha Funny, even after posting on the site I'm having problems ... License expired on August 04, 2017 2:32 am. Re-Activate it on
  10. What are the chances of getting caught using this program, and what would be the penalty? Could anyone tell me?
  11. I only make history because it compensates much more than grotto in gold question / exp hahaha
  12. Items which i received from fountain

    I never gain anything from the source: /