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  1. Does this work for windows 10 anniversary edition?
  2. thank you
  3. try to clear cache..
  4. Best orbs I got were with 75 fr. I have no idea whats the logic behind it but it seems to work..
  5. facebook
  6. Great work, thank you
  7. Pradika I Hit Chance +10 Bonus hit chance +30 Dexterity +203 level:1100
  8. It is something regarding your connection or server that you are playing on, I have no issues with bot speed.
  9. There is no way min health change can improve speed of the bot.
  10. Search your system for some btc minners and stuff like that
  11. Nah, you cant affect that chance of getting an item drop.
  12. Hi @xZero, how are things going for you? Did you manage to make some progres for alpha release since it passed mid-april? Looking forward to this honestly.