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  1. ^ Ok tell us what u found if anything intresting pops out
  2. ^Tottaly agree with you, thats why I used it only for a couple of days..
  3. I've tried The Rock's program, its not bad but didn't really fit my style tho... Not bad for someone who is not experienced ..
  4. I think you guys are exaggerating a little bit, lest be realistic, for a man with 100kg of weight who wants to gain muscles, lose fat it impossible to get in all the protein needed for him only trough food, because it will give him way too much calories and it would be much more difficult for him to lose fat. I've never seen anyone having a trouble with whey protein for example, even doctors can recommend it since it has been proven by recent studies that it is totally fine to use.
  5. It depens what do you need them for, I've been training for a couple of years now and I'm doing whey protein, omega 369, and some creatine from time to time. No issues at all, just make sure you go to your doctor before everything and make sure you are healthy.
  6. Yeah I mean there is always a possibility ..
  7. I use about 50-350, changing it every now and then..
  8. Does this work for windows 10 anniversary edition?
  9. thank you
  10. try to clear cache..
  11. Best orbs I got were with 75 fr. I have no idea whats the logic behind it but it seems to work..
  12. facebook
  13. Pradika I Hit Chance +10 Bonus hit chance +30 Dexterity +203 level:1100
  14. It is something regarding your connection or server that you are playing on, I have no issues with bot speed.
  15. There is no way min health change can improve speed of the bot.