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  1. yes its working now good.
  2. I can confirm that the bot is not working after reapplying the patch.
  3. Currently no, cuz when you go to license link it says it doesnt exist.
  4. Yeah, that is exactly what I tought, about solution directly on the game. Anyway I'm looking forward to this.
  5. Making bot acting like real human is really smart, I just wonder dont you think open-source might get it easier to block by game developers etc.?
  6. Does this work for windows 10 anniversary edition?
  7. Best orbs I got were with 75 fr. I have no idea whats the logic behind it but it seems to work..
  8. Pradika I Hit Chance +10 Bonus hit chance +30 Dexterity +203 level:1100
  9. It is something regarding your connection or server that you are playing on, I have no issues with bot speed.
  10. There is no way min health change can improve speed of the bot.

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