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  1. What's the safest server to use a bot on .org? And what speed are you using on org
  2. I think I missed out on something..what exactly happened? I'm currently using paid version of the bot, haven' noticed anything these days - every feature worked normally. What is the difference between cracked one and BF-bot one to make the second one work as intended,always?
  3. How much fragments is needed to get special effect on orb, like Orb Life for example? And on what kind of gear? Any type of equipment in specific perhaps?
  4. Priorities even for low level, that will raise both nature and destruction, lvl3 nature, lvl2 destruction I made this myself with some testing and it's working for me.. you can try it out as well. 25 37 7 27 9 24 30 34 20 46 49 29 26 33 55 35 23 8 28 1 50 36 10 11 44 38 42 21 5 53 22 6 52 1 When I tried someone elses it always picked wrong story etc, so I adjusted it like this.
  5. I'm going to try your version now, to maximize the event when I have the chance:P Will let you know if i have any issues with it.
  6. I can work it out on my own, using these priorities and clicking it myself on a normal server, but I have an account on a foreign server on which I do not understand the language! On that server bot is the only thing I can use to make my aspects work Yeah I'm planning on doing everything from a small level Only thing I heard about destruction is that it's the best to do it in the mountain, but user ^ says that the forest us best. What do you say simon?
  7. You didn't listen to me.. I do not plan to go away from level 81, that is the max level im staying on Thank you for your effort anyways, its appreciated, but only thing I need is destruction 3 + nature 2, or destruction 3 + chaos 2 Is there a list of priorities that could help me with that? Is mountain better than forest in order to raise aspect destruction and nature/cbaos ?
  8. Ok, you don't need to help me with equipment nor talents, but please someone give me list of good priorities for small level account to raise destruction lvl3 and nature lvl2, if there is one..
  9. I have gotten an account from friend, the level is around 550+, i will need bot for that! For talents exquisitely I did not ask to get one by one on each level, only talents for level 81, paired with equipment that the same person will recommend, for example, someone recommends me Weapon: ripaxo, helmet - senguash or baan or helios, armor - vesden or Esi, item: seven paw, hexxen, mugloth... and so on, many options, so, that same person who creates a list of equipment (that works well) would be more than capable to also recommend certain talents that go with that equipment! Also, one more thing, I need priorities and help regarding aspects... an advice to which is the best for raiding, would it be destruction level 3 and nature level 2, or destruction 3, chaos 2.. I need that kind of help, and then, for lets say for me to get destruction 3 and nature 2 from character level 1 in story, which priorities do i need. Also, do I need to be in forest, mountain, city..? All of those little things matter a lot to me! @Thebestsimon i wrote in my post that i hope i did not post in wrong section, but I also didn't want start another because I didn't know how admins would react. That's why I said that if needed an admin can move my post to a new thread/similar. I can not move my first post, your reply and now this post, every single one of these contain crucial information regarding my need of assistance, if an admin can transfer 3 posts to a new thread, please do! And someone, please help me... 1. equipment 2. talents for level 81 paired with that equipment 3. priorities for bot for aspects destruction level 3 + nature level 2 |or| destruction level 3 + chaos level 2
  10. Thank you very much for this! Even though to me it doesn't look neat.. Someone from GF, or MODs on bitefight forum, should really make something that looks nice, like we already have with 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation of equipment. A question to guys that are actually that big level, how is it going for you? Do you manage to buy it, what's the best piece that you got?
  11. Hello guys, first of all I'm new user here, I just created my account! And in order not to start a new topic I want to ask some things here because it is related. So, my plan is to buy bitefight bot, not to use cracked version but to buy for 1 month to support the creator and afterwards I will use xZero's version. And I need a little bit of help from you. I've been reading a lot of these topics but nothing said can help me out in my specific situation. So, what I'm planning on doing is making a raider account ONLY on low levels, what do I mean by low levels, its levels 1-10 to gain lots of victories, then advancing from that level to 40 and so on, max level I am planning on hitting is 81-82, I do NOT want to get above that. So, you ask me, what is the problem? Well, I have been playing bf since 2007 but have stopped in 2012 or so, which means I lack experience with certain things. List of things I need someone to help me with: 1. Best equipment for levels <20, <40 and then for lvl 82, keep in mind that I do NOT need order in aspects and the account will be only for raiding, something like this http://s202.en.bitefight.gameforge.com/profile/player/66064 in terms of skills. So, after you help me with equipment, one that helps me the most (it doesnt matter if its a premium item or normal, hellstones are not an issue) then: 2. Talents - which ones are the best and which ones I should use. Keep in mind that my skills will be similar to player RTS, defence will be the most learned one, others not so much. 3. Aspects, I am planning to use bot ONLY for story part, not for attacking since I have LOTS of time on my hands but I lack experience and knowledge about aspects and story. So, about this 3rd thingy what i require, if possible, is for someone to give me list of priorities for: either nature + chaos or nature + destruction. Whichever you think will help me the most in raiding! Only attacking others. I repeat, I do NOT want to exceed my level from 81 AND gold from story does NOT matter, only that I sort out my aspects in most favorable way for my account. Any advice about this is very much appreciated. My only goal is to make the strongest account in my battle value range, after certain amount of skills learned I will STOP increasing them, which means you have a possibility of making a perfect account in this post, with best combination of stuff above.. If you are willing to help me of course.. *too long;didn't read I need help with following: 1. best equipment combination for levels under 20, best equipment combination for levels around 40, best equipment combinations for level <82, note: it can be full premium items, or a mixture of premium and normal, whichever will work the best. 2. talents - I need you to tell me which talents are the best to use with such combination 3. What is better for raiding, nature + chaos or nature + destruction, list of priorities needed, no need for gold or to exceed from level 82 to bigger levels, only a good combination of aspects. From my understanding, there can be THREE level 2 aspects, so lets say +25 dexterity, +25 endurance and +25 something else OR there can be one aspect on level 3 and one on level 2, I think that this would be the best, lets say destruction level 3 +12 basic damage and +30 bonus damage AND nature level2 +25 dexterity, I think that this with destruction 3 and nature 2 would be the best possible combination. For weapon I plan to use RIPaxo, every other combination of equipment is up to you to advise me! Also if maybe nature lvl 3 and sth else lvl 2 is the best..you say.. Also correct me if I was wrong anywhere, I know this is quite a lot and I really hope at least someone will be able to help me! I'm planning to be active on this forum as much as I can even though I won't currently use the bot from xZero. Thank you kindly to everyone that helps me out! Note to admin: If i have perhaps posted in wrong section, do take the right to move my post to another section or create another thread. Best Regards. Oh God, for a second I thought everything I wrote was lost.. Literally when I finished with this post..my tab in chrome simply disappeared, and when I tried to come back on page...it was down, but now when I got here and tried to make another post, everything was here! This must be a sign! Also, I'm glad I finally created an account and that I'm going to be a part of this community, judging from the comments you guys write to each other I see that everyone here is helpful and friendly to each other!

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