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Mekso Lopez

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  1. Each day I like it more Great work
  2. Very nice idea, with that we can calculate the approximate % of "throw a coin" opportunities
  3. Need For Speed Rivals - Review + System Requirements

    Nice game, good graphics and excellent playability!
  4. Music Rhythm LED

    Nice info, thanks xZero!
  5. When u get lvl 230, with the talent Victory Rush, the health don't matters, only in clan wars
  6. Recommend a good movie

    Thank u bro, very interesting. When I have time, sure I will see it
  7. Hi

    Welcome again bro!
  8. Learn Hot English - November.2016

    Nice work bro, i will see it
  9. Around two months with this.. every day I use it and 0 problems with the xZero's version I don't understand that 9 people can say that doesn't works...
  10. Presentation .sKyLo.

    Too late, but nice to meet u skylo