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After working around the clock to optimize our database instances that were causing severe performance degradation and downtime, we finally got it to run smooth and stable.
Since changes done are major, it is of utmost importance to report here, any errors you might notice. Take screenshot if possible. 

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  1. sorry for the double posts guys my apologies since the bot ins't working i decide to re-download and install a fresh copy but sadly the bot's download link isn't working 404 ERROR are you able to have a look @Thebestsimon
  2. is anyone having issues yesterday and today? i noticed that the forum was down yesterday and the bot was down with it forum is up today and bot still not working not sure why this sudden stop hopefully im not the only one facing this issue?
  3. good to hear hopefully we do see something different soon-ish
  4. sadly no HOP or PVP or Manhunt or church stick to story mode and auto training
  5. @ahmedara i think the answer you want to hear is also to keep the license active and like simon said to give back a little a very very little to Zero if you like the bot try and support the forum and the owner with a small donation
  6. mine working fine so it must be an issue with your browser .. sometime it is better to re-setup the bot all over again just in case
  7. they keep taking about it but yet to set a restriction for it which is good for us i think they don't want to put a stop to it .. the bot is easy to restrict and stop but i strongly believe the management teams have absolutely ZERO clue hehe
  8. if you play in speed 202 no they dont have any systems in play .. bitefight is not that advanced in speed there is a new GO and he is warning everyone following the logfiles if your story logfiles exceed than he will warn you regardless if you are bot or not yes he can see the logs but no he doesn't know that you are a bot or not and like i said in my prevous post you need to be smart and dont let your bot run the whole day he may be thinking that he is smart but if you stop after the warning you will show that yes you were playing with bot keep playing but just slow it down and take breaks also if you ever contacted support ask them to show you proof or anything to say that you are is the bot "screen shot" without proof they can't ban you and guess what !! they cant prove it or show it to you. before the ban is applied a confirmation from Coma must be taking/granted and the sad part is Comas have no clue and they agree to what GO/SGO/GA is saying so yes you can be ban incorrectly. all the best guys and remember you can easly out smart them
  9. they can see your clicks or movements at all .. all they can see is that your are connected they can see your IP and when you login and out they can see you when activating a story so DONT PLAY FAST slow the bot to at least 3 minutes per story and don't let it run day and night play 2 to 3 hours then do few grotto go to grave then you can do another 2 or 3 hours .. support team don't sit behind the admin tool watching you they can even see what you click on but when they receive a complaint they WILL investigate it and everything is logged (story grotto manhunt) support cant see your health but they can see you if you used the chursh support are humans like you so try to play with the bot as a human and try not to get reported also must supports have no clue have to catch bot players and even if they did they have to warn you but do they have evidence that you are playing with bot ? no they dont but after the warning they need to reach to one of the dumb coma to ask permission to ban you permanentlly coma meant to check your logs but again they have no clue and must of the time dont give a rat a$$ so play smart and nothing to be worried about
  10. hi guys receiving a warning is a big problem because after the warning they can totally ban you and you can say goodbye to all the years your spent and all the hard work and money .. that why we need to be extrememly carefull when receiving those warning.. usually they advertise the update and the only thing i remeber it was removing Gameforge.com from accessing to the portal which i'm not sure if it has anything to do with spotting the bot or not , i know it is a dumb thinking but something has happened and warning is sent to who ever is playing story on a regular basis. just low the bot down guys and better to be safe than sorry
  11. there was a post in BF forums about gameforge.com no longer supporting the platform anymore .. i know it may seems a silly question but will this effect us in any way? the change should take effect today !!
  12. i can see few spam posted got removed .. well good job guys well well done honestly if they can't bother to post a decent line then i think they should have their license stopped until they can be more active! Zero where about you are with the fee for multi licenses ?
  13. show us your problem so we can help you at what stage you are on ?
  14. nice to use orbs from time to time but again our players don't generate to much fragment and i use the 50 50 to generate orbs and not very lucky in doing so .. and when i'm lucky the orbs is very weak or useless .. even thos i use 80+ fragments the story mode need to be adjusted i'm sick of it
  15. @xxssxx222 rude to copy posts without leaving comments hope you are not just doing it to keep your license active!

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