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  1. it happened to me once but the otherway around .. working on the desktop not on the laptop but then i re-installed the whole thing on both machines at the same time following same steps and both worked!! so must be something wasn't applied or missing step .
  2. no 7 ultimate .. just using it as classic .. i like the old look
  3. the speed test started at 900mbps today usually it exceed the 1g on the weekends
  4. thanks for explaining to the boys Simon hehe i play on few different servers (Speed 202 , 9 EN , AE ) and like i said it use to be super fast as for my connection well my speed test while the bot is running click over 150 mbps on a bad day on a good days 300 to 400 mbps which i believe is extremely fast my pc is also quick with 8gig ram windows 7 ultimate playing manually i can finish the story in under 2 minutes (picking the correct movements) if i want to click randomlly i can have it done in under a minutes. like i said i tried from different PCs different connections still the same all this started i believe when the game switched to secure connection it may have nothing to do with it but for some reasons it is affecting me thanks guys for all your feedback
  5. sorry maybe i didn't explain my self well i was referring to the bot "Dying - Dead Slow" and it is killing me because it use to be fast i re-installed windows changes PC and still slow like hell (5 minutes for 1 story) which i can manually playing faster .. ohh well no complains still a free bot and thanks for that
  6. whats the life/health has to do with the bot's speed? sorry Peppe i didn't get this point
  7. tried almost all browsers still didn't notice any different what pisses me off is the bot use to be fast and suddenly died in the a$$ ohh well i think i have to deal with it
  8. i'm going to try a different browser to see if the speed improves a little what browser you guys using?
  9. i tested it on few different servers and still slow even i formated the whole whindows just in case and yet to see improvement this bloody https update ruined everything hehe cheers
  10. just want to wish all a very happy and safe Easter @xZero it's has been a while since we heard from you about any updates any news about new chracked version? also do you use the current bot ? is it slower than the usual your side?
  11. appart from been too slow ! everythingis working just fine
  12. fresh copy of windows 7 is on but sadly there was an error msg while trying to re-install the bot i downloaded the missing dll into the folder but still receiving the same error
  13. my delay usually set to 1 but i drop it to 0 still no changes i think i have too much sh!t on my PC and since i'm board i will run a format on it and will let you know the outcome
  14. sure it does which driving me crazy and i can't explain it it use to be super quick but not sure why it gone so slow
  15. it is a bit quite here .. what's going on guys ? i just missed this auto healing hehe it use to make life easier when visiting the church automatically .. ohh well we can have everything can we :| also still can't figure our why mine is dead slow minimum 5 minutes to finish the 1 story