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  1. i can see few spam posted got removed .. well good job guys well well done honestly if they can't bother to post a decent line then i think they should have their license stopped until they can be more active! Zero where about you are with the fee for multi licenses ?
  2. show us your problem so we can help you at what stage you are on ?
  3. nice to use orbs from time to time but again our players don't generate to much fragment and i use the 50 50 to generate orbs and not very lucky in doing so .. and when i'm lucky the orbs is very weak or useless .. even thos i use 80+ fragments the story mode need to be adjusted i'm sick of it
  4. @xxssxx222 rude to copy posts without leaving comments hope you are not just doing it to keep your license active!
  5. mine is set to 150K but when i get hit by Brave sometimes i drop to let's say 10 to 20k health and it will need more than 12 times 2minutes pause to reach 150k again if it doesn't reach the bot automatically will logme out of story if im online yes i can use healing 50k potions or church but when i'm away bad thing happen hehe
  6. sad to see all those spammers just passing be with "one word" only in order to activate the bot to be honest with you guys it shold be changed to a 1 post daily and it should be at least 2 lines with at least 10 words in each line. people my thing it is extreme but looking at the 3 comments above my post makes me really sad its a free bot boys the least you can do is invest few more words keep the forum going in order to keep the bot going ohh well i said what felt need to be said
  7. mine doesn't it will start to check an if my health didnt reach my nominated number it will automaticaly abort my story after 12 tries i put it to the test 3 time and it did the same thing weird
  8. also i'm not sure if this happen to me or youguys encounter it when my health in below the nominated number the bot will try every 2 minutes and if the heath still low it will pause for another 2 minutes but i noticed that there is a limit to how many time it can do this 2 minutes pauses ? i think after 10 time it will auto log you out of the story why it doesn't just conitue checking limitless and is there is a way to stop it? or maybe increase the pause to 5 minutes maybe?
  9. i'm very brave but i hate to be brave in the story it kills the hell out of my health , the war gears help a little but when you get 3 braves in 1 story then you will be gone before your 40 moves go you reckon it is 50/50 Simon?
  10. the bot will only work on Story Mode Gamegorge updated they URL from http:// to https:// and since then the bot can only work in story mode
  11. i'm using Chrome and i' not having any issues at all i use to use firefox but not sure way i feel it is way slower than any other browser
  12. i know it is an old post but i just bumped into it and i was reading thinking i'm going to give it ago right away but then i noticed fromzero's post that this sh!tty url change has stopped few things that we like damn urls
  13. hopefully it will continue for a long long time for me honestly i do strongly appreciate the bot even tho i use one license only 8 days since Zero posted and only 2 commented .. Zero do you have a count of how many users curently using the bot? honestly sad to see the thread dead that way
  14. i like the news and hopefully this will take the preasure of the bot as a little because i believe it is lagged because of the way too many licenses just a small question Zero will the bot remain the same (broken)? (no healing) (no grotto) (no manhunt) (no HOP) as you know only the story works at the mean time and honestly i'm more than happy to support with even more than $2 but supporting a broken bot is a big question mark for many players. again i'm not speaking on behalf od the players NO not at all and i have donated in the past as you can see and i'm happy to always donate but the problem is i'm not getting the full benefit from the bot so if i don't play story mode the bot is totally useless for me, ins't? cheers
  15. the story should still work fine but pvp man-hunt grotto and auto heal not working but the story still better than nothing right ?