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  1. i like the news and hopefully this will take the preasure of the bot as a little because i believe it is lagged because of the way too many licenses just a small question Zero will the bot remain the same (broken)? (no healing) (no grotto) (no manhunt) (no HOP) as you know only the story works at the mean time and honestly i'm more than happy to support with even more than $2 but supporting a broken bot is a big question mark for many players. again i'm not speaking on behalf od the players NO not at all and i have donated in the past as you can see and i'm happy to always donate but the problem is i'm not getting the full benefit from the bot so if i don't play story mode the bot is totally useless for me, ins't? cheers
  2. the story should still work fine but pvp man-hunt grotto and auto heal not working but the story still better than nothing right ?
  3. guys i believe we are missing the point here not all countries treated the same i played in teh AE community and you DONT get banned for ever if you are cought using the bot .. first ban is 3 days second 7 days 3rd 14 and keep doubling up much softer rules which i believe for the better .. banning permanetlly is bad to the bones
  4. my freind was banned and he had more than 3000 HS and SL up till year 2038 so what you are saying is incorrect with my fully respect banned for bot
  5. Do you play on a daily story? i mix between story and grotto because I believe playing story all the time will look suspicious
  6. there is policy in place and few players i know got banned permanently for using bot also recently the rank one in the speed server i think his nickname is XiXi also got banned for using bot permanent and he is level 3600+ well if the "not activities" is not killing the game "permanent bans will" for me i mix between story and grotto as i believe focusing story on a daily basis will lead to a ban soon or later.
  7. the suspension not to keep you away or ban you from usuing the bot it is totally the otherway around the little we can do for using the free bot is to keep the forum active a line for you will lead to a line from me then hopefully the others will join us and here you go active forum with active memebers
  8. I'm used to manually cookies it works the same amount of clicks hehe Any issues with the website lately? yesterday I couldn't read anything and keep getting an error code 144 I think .
  9. it happened to me once but the otherway around .. working on the desktop not on the laptop but then i re-installed the whole thing on both machines at the same time following same steps and both worked!! so must be something wasn't applied or missing step .
  10. no 7 ultimate .. just using it as classic .. i like the old look
  11. the speed test started at 900mbps today usually it exceed the 1g on the weekends
  12. thanks for explaining to the boys Simon hehe i play on few different servers (Speed 202 , 9 EN , AE ) and like i said it use to be super fast as for my connection well my speed test while the bot is running click over 150 mbps on a bad day on a good days 300 to 400 mbps which i believe is extremely fast my pc is also quick with 8gig ram windows 7 ultimate playing manually i can finish the story in under 2 minutes (picking the correct movements) if i want to click randomlly i can have it done in under a minutes. like i said i tried from different PCs different connections still the same all this started i believe when the game switched to secure connection it may have nothing to do with it but for some reasons it is affecting me thanks guys for all your feedback
  13. sorry maybe i didn't explain my self well i was referring to the bot "Dying - Dead Slow" and it is killing me because it use to be fast i re-installed windows changes PC and still slow like hell (5 minutes for 1 story) which i can manually playing faster .. ohh well no complains still a free bot and thanks for that
  14. whats the life/health has to do with the bot's speed? sorry Peppe i didn't get this point
  15. tried almost all browsers still didn't notice any different what pisses me off is the bot use to be fast and suddenly died in the a$$ ohh well i think i have to deal with it