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  1. @Thebestsimon i tryed that, i change cookie, user agent, put the host and again and again but nothing
  2. i reinstal my windows but still dont work, can help me someone ?
  3. @Thebestsimon i dont understand on what do you mean i use bot and 3 mounth ago on the same laptop i reinstal windows ( 10 ) like in the past but still dont working you can help me this week ? i give you team viewer if you can help me with bot
  4. http://prntscr.com/iroe3b still don t work for me http://prntscr.com/iroeon
  5. i have a problem recently i just start again to use bot after a long period but i make the same like in past with licence and cookie , but appear this http://prntscr.com/iq97kn can help me ?
  6. DarkSide

    Bitefight SpyMon [RELEASE!!!]

    still work ?
  7. DarkSide

    Items which i received from fountain

    Ongbang (Inventariul tău: 1 obiect(e)) Valoarea de revânzare: 502.762 Viaţă: +24500 Dauna bonus: +12 Șansa de a lovi bonus: +4 Talent bonus: +4 Cerinte: nivel 150
  8. DarkSide

    Items which i received from fountain

    Yogloth II(Your inventory: 1 item(s))Soul bound: 1Resale value: 21.263.675Hit Chance (on opponent): -12Bonus hit chance: +43Requirement: level 715
  9. last year i use bot on ro sv , on a new sv i use bot 6 mounth in winter , i found message form bfsistem and they said i use bot i wait 1 ounth , and start again using bot with 1800 delay , and now i use it on 900 , with no problem need to wait to see they you dont use anithing i try on speed to make again manually story but is borring and no chance to make 11 millions gold without being attacked by someone
  10. i will stay 2 month without make anything and will see if when i will use bot again they detect me
  11. i have delay 900 300 mb/s speed internet 100mb/s download speed on wifi how much to set 1800 delay ? -.-
  12. Hello i see in last days a lot of players , from differents servers , ro , en , speed , usa , including me get worning for using bot they make one update or something to detect peaople who use bot ?
  13. i think i will can help you , but next year , i will make a lot of programming languanges on university , and i think i can make something good
  14. DarkSide


    @lewy9400 how do you get 992500 health on orb lvl 610 ????? finnaly a good orb for me Powerful Orb of Aura Shield Level: 919 Duration of effect: 06:00:00 Item reinforcement 9% Orb aura Basic damage: +56 Bonus damage: +112 Strength: +70 Health: +105500 Bonus damage: +56 Bonus hit chance: +17 Bonus Talent: +17 Strength: +140 Endurance: +211

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