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  1. Wolfgang Helbich - Joseph Eybler: Requiem (1993) EAC | FLAC (image+.cue, log) | Covers Included | 51:53 | 262 MB Genre: Classical, Sacred | Label: CPO | Catalog: CPO999 234-2 On the request of the Empress Maria Theresa in 1803, he composed a Requiem in c minor. Although the compositional style of Eybler's requiem is clearly oriented toward Albrechtsberger, Haydn, and, of course, Mozart, its rich orchestration (double choir and lavish wind instrumentation) and highly original formal design attest to an individual expressive style clearly distinguishing it from the run-of-the-mill sacred works littering those times. The regard in which this work was held no doubt helped Eybler receive his appointment as deputy Hofkapellmeister under Salieri in 1804. Track List: 01. Wolfgang Helbich & Marc Eychenne / Requiem: Requiem [0:07:27.32] 02. Wolfgang Helbich & Marc Eychenne / Requiem: Dies Irae [0:03:14.20] 03. Wolfgang Helbich & Marc Eychenne / Requiem: Mors Stuedit [0:01:25.38] 04. Wolfgang Helbich & Marc Eychenne / Requiem: Liber Scriptus [0:03:11.17] 05. Wolfgang Helbich & Marc Eychenne / Requiem: Recordare [0:04:42.18] 06. Wolfgang Helbich & Marc Eychenne / Requiem: Confutatis [0:00:41.37] 07. Wolfgang Helbich & Marc Eychenne / Requiem: voca Me [0:01:31.53] 08. Wolfgang Helbich & Marc Eychenne / Requiem: Lacrymosa [0:02:09.12] 09. Wolfgang Helbich & Marc Eychenne / Requiem: Domine [0:05:53.10] 10. Wolfgang Helbich & Marc Eychenne / Requiem: Hostias [0:04:28.00] 11. Wolfgang Helbich & Marc Eychenne / Requiem: Sanctus [0:01:23.05] 12. Wolfgang Helbich & Marc Eychenne / Requiem: Benedictus [0:04:28.70] 13. Wolfgang Helbich & Marc Eychenne / Requiem: Agnus Dei [0:03:52.23] 14. Wolfgang Helbich & Marc Eychenne / Requiem: Cum Sanctis [0:02:49.57] 15. Wolfgang Helbich & Marc Eychenne / Requiem: Requiem [0:01:35.50] 16. Wolfgang Helbich & Marc Eychenne / Requiem: Cum Sanctis [0:02:59.45] Performers: Barbara Schlick - soprano Isolde Assenheimer - contralto Harry van Berne - tenor Harry van der Kamp - bass Alsfelder Vokalensemble Steintor Barock Bremen Wolfgang Helbich - conductor Download link: https://rapidgator.net/file/4019c6b45398321a96a9105257fe6c27/1wnae.Wolfgang.Helbich..Joseph.Eybler.Requiem.1993.Repost.rar.html http://nitroflare.com/view/3DFF60DB77D8055/1wnae.Wolfgang.Helbich..Joseph.Eybler.Requiem.1993.Repost.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/c568910a5C363DA6/1wnae.Wolfgang.Helbich..Joseph.Eybler.Requiem.1993.Repost.rar Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction
  2. Wilhelm Kempff - Chopin: Piano Works, Vol. 1 (1997) WEB | FLAC (tracks) | Covers Included | 01:07:55 | 331 MB Genre: Classical | Label: London The name of Wilhelm Kempff is not usually included in the company of the great Chopin pianists of the past and present. Artists such as Rubinstein, Argerich, Moravec, Ohlsson, Cliburn, and others are far more likely to be mentioned as eminent interpreters of the great Polish composer's challenging music. Kempff, who died in 1991 in his ninety-sixth year, was usually associated with the composers of his own Germanic background. When he tackled Chopin he often generated a stir. This release is a reissue of performances from 1958 that will surely bolster his controversial reputation in this repertory, a reputation of an outsider, an individualist who chose to go his own way and eschew traditional approaches. His way with Chopin is often understated and fairly lean, though in the Sonata there are sufficient fireworks. Still, even here Kempff is relatively restrained and couldn't be further from the more sumptuous and high-calorie styles of interpretation. And he is certainly no perfectionist: mistakes abound, and you're apt to wonder that another pianist might have done retakes; but this was the 1950s when many older-generation artists were still accustomed to the one-take recording process, though surely Kempff here, in the early stereo era, could have made a second or third cut. No doubt, when he was satisfied he had communicated the spirit, if not exactly the letter, of the score, he moved on to the next piece. His funeral march is certainly a highlight in the sonata: grim and chilling in the main theme and consoling, yet appropriately icy, in the alternate material; he captures the mood quite well. In the other pieces here Kempff is always interesting, always provocative. If his Barcarolle sounds a bit insensitive, it is not without a thought-provoking yield in its supplanting of elegance with playfulness, of rich-toned intimacy with curt classicism; and if his Fantasie-Impromptu strikes some as an indifferent run-through, his Berceuse, that follows, is quite effective and enlightening. An interesting reissue, then, but hardly the best playing you'll hear in Chopin. Good notes, but the sound is a bit hissy and shrill. Track List: Fryderyk Chopin (1810-1849) 01. Piano Sonata No. 2 in B flat minor, OP.35 - I Grave - Doppio Movimento [0:07:14.25] 02. Piano Sonata No. 2 in B flat minor, OP.35 - II Scherzo [0:06:12.63] 03. Piano Sonata No. 2 in B flat minor, OP.35 - III Marche funébre (Lento) [0:07:00.62] 04. Piano Sonata No. 2 in B flat minor, OP.35 - IV Finale: Presto [0:02:02.38] 05. Impromptu No. 1 in A flat major, OP. 29 [0:03:49.25] 06. Impromptu No. 2 in F sharp major, Op. 36 [0:05:40.50] 07. Impromptu No. 3 in G flat major, Op. 51 [0:05:42.25] 08. Fantaisie-Impromptu No. 4 in C sharp minor. Op. 66 [0:04:37.37] 09. Berceuse in D flat major, Op. 57 [0:04:41.25] 10. Barcarolle in F sharp major, Op. 60 [0:07:55.13] 11. Nocturne in B major, Op. 9 Nr. 3 [0:06:06.12] 12. Scherzo No. 3 in C sharp minor, Op. 39 [0:06:57.50] Performers: Wilhelm Kempff - piano Download link: https://rapidgator.net/file/544ac6312e4671db47129e1e439bb5a5/jprd7.Wilhelm.Kempff..Chopin.Piano.Works.Vol..1.1997.rar.html http://nitroflare.com/view/79F25CC072A0DA9/jprd7.Wilhelm.Kempff..Chopin.Piano.Works.Vol..1.1997.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/892ba057781FFB07/jprd7.Wilhelm.Kempff..Chopin.Piano.Works.Vol..1.1997.rar Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction
  3. VA: Mojo Presents - Heavy Nuggets Vol. 2 (2013) EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & MP3 CBR 320Kbps Mojo Magazine | ~ 414 or 150 Mb | Artwork(jpg) -> 27 Mb Psychedelic Rock, Hard Rock, Prog Rock ~ Given away free with Mojo #235 June 2013 ~ Tracklist: 01. Bullet - Jay Time 02:52 02. Freedom - Nobody 03:53 03. The Incredible Hog - Lame 03:07 04. Blossom Toes - Listen To The Silence 04:49 05. The Pretty Things - Cries From The Midnight Circus 06:24 06. Possessed - Thunder & Lightning 02:54 07. Mighty Baby - Same Way From The Sun 05:37 08. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Long Haired Music 05:04 09. The Human Beast - Brush With The Midnight Butterfly 05:17 10. Twink - Ten Thousand Words In A Cardboard Box 03:23 11. The Open Mind - I Feel The Same Way Too 05:00 12. Tractor - King Dick II 03:15 13. Family - Strange Band 03:13 14. Dragonfly - Enjoy Yourself 03:24 15. Jerusalem - Frustration 05:16 Download link: https://rapidgator.net/file/5ee72bf43f1fffbc840979e09b9d184f/rk572.HeavyNuggets2flac.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/64d1c7d742f797d85022f0ad092c4800/rk572.HeavyNuggets2mp3320.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/ea138e5a6dfcf277296a83d143b41b29/rk572.HeavyNuggets2Scans.rar.html http://nitroflare.com/view/881F856234CA993/rk572.HeavyNuggets2flac.rar http://nitroflare.com/view/40735A0CF7DF0E9/rk572.HeavyNuggets2mp3320.rar http://nitroflare.com/view/94F30898B99A680/rk572.HeavyNuggets2Scans.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/40b3dC472b2c73b8/rk572.HeavyNuggets2flac.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/92c052705161a781/rk572.HeavyNuggets2mp3320.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/2e8750466563c6Cb/rk572.HeavyNuggets2Scans.rar Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction
  4. VA - Jazz Sensation Lounge (Chillout Your Mind) (2019) FLAC tracks / MP3 320 kbps | 1:10:24 | 160 Mb / 388 Mb Genre: Jazz, Lounge / Label: Chill 'N Chill Records The perfect selection of Smooth Jazz, Downtempo and Lounge Music to Chillout Your Mind! Track List: [06:27] 01. Peter Pearson - A Dream in Your Eyes (Original Mix) [05:57] 02. Michael e - After the Storm (Original Mix) [04:53] 03. Mission Brown - Starting Over (Original Mix) [03:19] 04. Marga Sol - Imagine Me (Original Mix) [04:03] 05. Marie Therese - Lost Somewhere (Original Mix) [06:44] 06. Peter Pearson - All Is Still (Original Mix) [03:26] 07. James Butler - Dinner in Milano (Original Mix) [02:07] 08. James Butler - Piano Suite De Luxe (Original Mix) [04:16] 09. Mission Brown - Dont Belive (Original Mix) [03:16] 10. Gabrielle Chiararo - Don't Know Why (Instrumental Mix) [03:25] 11. Fausto Papetti - Prelude (Base Musicale) [05:32] 12. St Project - Bossaporita (Original Mix) [02:45] 13. Gabrielle Chiararo - So Nice (Instrumental Mix) [05:31] 14. Patrizia Capizzi - Petala (Original Mix) (feat. Alessandro Schittone) [03:04] 15. Brazil Beat - Samba De Verao (Original Mix) [02:58] 16. Pierpaolo Borgia Quartet - Pepe (Original Mix) [02:34] 17. Paul Williams - Lovers Mojitos (Original Mix) Download link: https://rapidgator.net/file/5b03219a1dfe401b7b1a889d08c89323/3juw8.mp3.Jazz.Sensation.Lounge.zip.html https://rapidgator.net/file/8eff58a30bb1e9cf1c512675310297c2/3juw8.Sensation.zip.html http://nitroflare.com/view/B203084C4ECB541/3juw8.mp3.Jazz.Sensation.Lounge.zip http://nitroflare.com/view/7BC10165BF2EBB6/3juw8.Sensation.zip http://uploadgig.com/file/download/ef53D1cd3D869d8f/3juw8.mp3.Jazz.Sensation.Lounge.zip http://uploadgig.com/file/download/83f045423072b5E2/3juw8.Sensation.zip Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction
  5. Thomas Heywood - Spectacularly Bach (2019) WEB FLAC (tracks+booklet) - 295 MB | Tracks: 19 | 65:05 min Style: Classical | Label: Pro Organo Thomas Heywood plays a program of organ transcriptions of works by Johann Sebastian Bach, with many popular Bach works that have not previously been heard as organ transcriptions. The featured organ is a 3-manual and pedal 1928-vintage Nicholson & Co. instrument (Worcester, England) which has most recently been updated and restored by Trevor G. Tipple of Worcester, located in the sanctuary of St Martin's Church, Worcester. Tracklist: 01. Wir danken dir, Gott, wir danken dir, BWV 29: No. 1, Sinfonia (Transcr. T. Heywood for Pipe Organ) 02. Harpsichord Concerto in F Minor, BWV 1056: II. Largo (Transcr. T. Heywood for Pipe Organ) 03. Violin Partita in E Major, BWV 1006: III. Gavotte en rondeau (Transcr. T. Heywood for Pipe Organ) 04. Flute Sonata in E-Flat Major, H. 545: II. Siciliano (Attrib. J.S. Bach) [Transcr. W.T. Best for Pipe Organ] 05. Keyboard Concerto in D Major, BWV 972 (After Vivaldi's RV 230) [Transcr. T. Heywood for Pipe Organ]: I. - 06. Keyboard Concerto in D Major, BWV 972 (After Vivaldi's RV 230) [Transcr. T. Heywood for Pipe Organ]: II. Larghetto 07. Keyboard Concerto in D Major, BWV 972 (After Vivaldi's RV 230): III. Allegro 08. Matthäuspassion, BWV 244: No. 47, Erbarme dich (Transcr. T. Heywood for Pipe Organ) 09. Vereinigte Zwietracht der wechselnden Saiten, BWV 207: No. 10, Kortte lebe, Kortte blühe (Transcr. T. Heywood for Pipe Organ) 10. Violin Partita in B Minor, BWV 1002: VII. Tempo di bourrée (Transcr. T. Heywood for Pipe Organ) 11. Italienisches Konzert, BWV 971: I. - (Transcr. T. Heywood for Pipe Organ) 12. Harpischord Partita in B-Flat Major, BWV 825 (Transcr. T. Heywood for Pipe Organ): I. Prelude 13. Harpsichord Partita in B-Flat Major, BWV 825 (Transcr. T. Heywood for Pipe Organ): V. Minuets I & II 14. Harpsichord Partita in B-Flat Major, BWV 825 (Transcr. T. Heywood for Pipe Organ): VI. Gigue 15. Violin Concerto in E Major, BWV 1042: III. Allegro assai (Transcr. T. Heywood for Pipe Organ) 16. Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major, BWV 1068 (Transcr. T. Heywood for Pipe Organ): III. Gavottes I & II 17. Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major, BWV 1068 (Transcr. T. Heywood for Pipe Organ): II. Air 18. Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major, BWV 1068 (Transcr. T. Heywood for Pipe Organ): V. Gigue 19. Fugue in G Minor, BWV 578 "Little Fugue" Download link: https://rapidgator.net/file/ec1876dad72c8b8e9059012f1c6afac0/v4tgj.Thomas.Heywood..Spectacularly.Bach.2019.rar.html http://nitroflare.com/view/09CA233FD17FB01/v4tgj.Thomas.Heywood..Spectacularly.Bach.2019.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/aA42daFa2c4fbE98/v4tgj.Thomas.Heywood..Spectacularly.Bach.2019.rar Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction
  6. The Horace Silver Quintet - Silver's Serenade (1963) [Reissue 1998] EAC Rip | FLAC (image+.cue+log) - 255 MB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps (LAME 3.93) - 93 MB | Covers (4 MB) included Genre: Jazz | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Blue Note (CDP 521288) Horace Silver's LP Silver's Serenade is a swan song; it was the final recording with his most famous quintet, which included drummer Roy Brooks, bassist Gene Taylor, saxophonist Junior Cook, and trumpeter Blue Mitchell. The band had made five previous recordings for the label, all of them successful. The program here is comprised of Silver compositions. The blowing is a meld of relaxed, soulful, and swinging hard bop, as evidenced in the title track. However, "Let's Get to the Nitty Gritty" has one of those beautiful winding heads, beginning so slowly and then jumping a notch in both tempo and intensity. By the time the tune gets to full steam, though there are short stops, the joint is swinging in blues - check Mitchell's solo on this tune and how he keeps returning to Silver's theme as the root for his blowing. "Sweetie Sweetie Dee" moves from hard bop to funky bop. The dissonant chords that open "The Dragon Lady" have an Eastern tinge. The tune's head is spacious and breezy within a minute, and the tune begins to swing. Silver returns to those chords again and again as if to keep the players inside the mode he's created, letting them solo for only a bit at a time. The knotty turn-on-a-dime changes in "Nineteen Bars," the final track, are pure instrumental and compositional virtuosity. Cook's blowing on his solo is matched by Silver's comping, moving through octaves and key changes. The tune smokes from start to finish as the album comes to a close. This is another excellent recording by the greatest Silver quintet. Tracklist: 01. Silver's Serenade 02. Let's Get To The Nitty Gritty 03. Sweet Sweetie Dee 04. The Dragon Lady 05. Nineteen Bars Total time: 37:46 Download link: https://rapidgator.net/file/77452260e06dbe0398993e23f4dd66b1/28ucs.THSQSS.63.M.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/6e80a0be04198eed620df6d879fc3d99/28ucs.THSQSS.63.rar.html http://nitroflare.com/view/72C8D85E3A7EDB9/28ucs.THSQSS.63.M.rar http://nitroflare.com/view/0CF02F55C6999C0/28ucs.THSQSS.63.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/9fB10741f6BD51b6/28ucs.THSQSS.63.M.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/fb1890bCf3802730/28ucs.THSQSS.63.rar Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction
  7. The Crusaders - The Vocal Album (1987) {2012, Japanese SHM-CD, Remastered} EAC Rip | FLAC (Tracks) + Cue + m3u + Log ~ 364 Mb | MP3 CBR320 ~ 142 Mb Full Scans ~ 77 Mb | RAR 5% Recovery Crossover Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Soul | Records / Universal Music #UCCU-6160 Funny, we can't remember so many singers turning up on the Crusaders' albums, but look a little closer at the liner. For this 1987 compilation-designed, perhaps, to fill the gap between albums by a group that no longer was a full-time act-MCA reached for records by B.B. King, Tina Turner, Joe Sample, and Wilton Felder that various Crusaders played on, as well as the band's output from Street Life through The Good and Bad Times. B.B. takes the prize for his fabulous, humorously funky, live-in-London turn on "Better Not Look Down"-he plays guitar so sparingly, and every note is right in the pocket-but Joe Cocker comes close, riding on a classic bumpy Crusaders groove on "This Old World's Too Funky for Me." Of course, Randy Crawford's career-making "Street Life" leads off the set, and Tina Turner (in a lugubrious dissection of the Beatles' "Help"), Bobby Womack, Alltrinna Grayson, Bill Withers, Flora Purim and Josie James also contribute with various degrees of effectiveness. Despite a few weak moments, the album works amazingly well, partly as an alternative highlights collection and partly as a sober reminder to the remaining Crusaders and their fans as to how essential drummer Stix Hooper was to their sound. Track List: 01. Street Life [7:32] 02. This Old World's Too Funky for Me [5:23] 03. Better Not Look Down [5:44] 04. Inherit the Wind [3:54] 05. Hold On (I Think Our Love Is Changing) [4:10] 06. Help (I Need Somebody) [4:30] 07. Soul Shadows [6:25] 08. The Way It Goes [4:47] 09. I'm So Glad I'm Standing [5:02] 10. (No Matter How High I Get) I'll Still Be Looking Up to You [4:13] 11. Burnin' Up the Carnival [7:19] Download link: https://rapidgator.net/file/f589b5f459113b94075bc64582478ce7/tjixh.ThCrsdrsThVclAlbm8712j.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/194b1fe944dd71e6790e73ead2e720c5/tjixh.ThCrsdrsThVclAlbm8712jmp3.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/4846ab25aa4cf7315a66fceb0e185846/tjixh.ThCrsdrsThVclAlbm8712jScans.rar.html http://nitroflare.com/view/248882DCD623DCF/tjixh.ThCrsdrsThVclAlbm8712j.rar http://nitroflare.com/view/60D61AD42EEB9F6/tjixh.ThCrsdrsThVclAlbm8712jmp3.rar http://nitroflare.com/view/FFE88E87EA2582D/tjixh.ThCrsdrsThVclAlbm8712jScans.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/Cf33f36c8d1aB74a/tjixh.ThCrsdrsThVclAlbm8712j.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/4D6710B644e74379/tjixh.ThCrsdrsThVclAlbm8712jmp3.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/291377eadB52485f/tjixh.ThCrsdrsThVclAlbm8712jScans.rar Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction
  8. Tanja Becker-Bender - Busoni, Strauss: Violin Concertos (Romantic Violin Concerto -16) (2014) EAC | FLAC (image+.cue, log) | Covers Included | 01:02:58 | xxx MB Genre: Classical | Label: Hyperion | Catalog: CDA 68044 Much of the Romantic Violin Concerto series on the Hyperion label has focused on forgotten composers, but the present release involves little-known concertos by major composers. The Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 8, by Richard Strauss was written when the composer was 17 and is a competent if rather overlong essay in the virtuoso German tradition running back to Ludwig Spohr. Ferruccio Busoni's Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 35a, although Busoni was in his thirties when the work was premiered in 1897, might also be called an early work; the characteristic influences from Bach and Liszt (and the mixture of the two) are not yet present. The concerto follows the D major key of the Beethoven and Brahms concertos, and has ambitions to supplant them. It can't live up to those, but it's full of good tunes that are both smoothly and enthusiastically rendered by German violinist Tanja Becker-Bender, with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra under Garry Walker. Those looking for traces of the mature Busoni and Strauss will find them in these works, although not in abundance. The transcription of the Benedictus from Beethoven's Missa Solemnis, Op. 123, recorded here for the first time, looks toward the future more than the other two pieces and is a nice find. Track List: Ferruccio Busoni - Violin Concerto In D Major Op 35a (23:27) 1. Allegro Moderato 8:14 2. Quasi Andante 8:02 3. Allegro Impetuoso 7:12 4. Benedictus From Missa Solemnis, Op 123 8:47 Richard Strauss - Violin Concerto In D Minor Op 8 (30:47) 5. Allegro 15:04 6. Lento Ma Non Troppo 6:32 7. Rondo: Prestissimo 9:11 Performers: Tanja Becker-Bender - violin BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra Garry Walker - conductor Download link: https://rapidgator.net/file/0180c03f3fc7fb48bd6699af348194af/auxzw.Tanja.BeckerBender..Busoni.Strauss.Violin.Concertos.Romantic.Violin.Concerto.16.2014.rar.html http://nitroflare.com/view/97CB52807B29A44/auxzw.Tanja.BeckerBender..Busoni.Strauss.Violin.Concertos.Romantic.Violin.Concerto.16.2014.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/8d509a31Bfc414e5/auxzw.Tanja.BeckerBender..Busoni.Strauss.Violin.Concertos.Romantic.Violin.Concerto.16.2014.rar Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction
  9. Stuart Forster - Symphonic Quest (2019) WEB FLAC (tracks+booklet) - 253 MB | Tracks: 12 | 71:14 min Style: Classical | Label: Pro Organo The large Schoenstein & Company organ in First-Plymouth Congregational Church is skillfully presented by Stuart Forster in a dozen selections well-suited to symphonic treatment, including three transcriptions by Forster himself. Tracklist: 01. The Planets, Op. 32, H. 125: IV. Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity (Arr. S. Forster for Organ) 02. 5 Variants of :Dives and Lazarus: (Arr. S. Forster for Organ) 03. Pièces choisies pour orgue: No. 21 in E Minor, Andante con moto :Sur les jeux de fonds: 04. Livre de Noëls, Op. 2: No. 10, Grand jeu et duo 05. Scherzo in G Minor, Op. 49 06. Organ Symphony No. 6 in G Minor, Op. 42 No. 2: IV. Cantabile 07. Tuba Tune 08. Choral Song & Fugue: Choral Song 09. Choral Song & Fugue: Fugue 10. Symphony No. 7 in A Major, Op. 92: II. Allegretto (Arr. S. Forster for Organ) 11. Triptyque, Op. 58: II. Communion 12. Toccat Download link: https://rapidgator.net/file/82d0a7799e74771338226051195f95b6/i65bh.Stuart.Forster..Symphonic.Quest.2019.rar.html http://nitroflare.com/view/51ABCCA8B9B696B/i65bh.Stuart.Forster..Symphonic.Quest.2019.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/1A24399b7d59c37e/i65bh.Stuart.Forster..Symphonic.Quest.2019.rar Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction
  10. Sir Alexander Gibson - Elgar: Coronation Ode, The Spirit of England (2006) EAC | FLAC (image+.cue, log) | Covers Included | 01:06:22 | 310 MB Genre: Classical, Vocal | Label: Chandos Records | Catalog: CHAN6574 Gibson's performances combine fire and panache, and the recorded sound has an ideal Elgarian expansiveness, the choral tone rich and well focused, the orchestral brass given plenty of weight. Soprano Teresa Cahill leads an excellent quartet of soloists in this recording of the Coronation Ode, and Sir Alexander Gibson draws pleasingly bold and brassy playing from the Scottish National Orchestra. The final movement, with its famous setting of Land of Hope and Glory, is especially satisfying here. Track List: 01. Coronation Ode Op. 44: Introduction: Crown the Kings [0:09:55.35] 02. Coronation Ode Op. 44: (a) The Queen [0:02:38.10] 03. Coronation Ode Op. 44: (b) Daughter of Ancient Kings [0:02:27.12] 04. Coronation Ode Op. 44: Britain, Ask of Thyself [0:03:52.50] 05. Coronation Ode Op. 44: Hark, upon the hallowed air [0:08:49.55] 06. Coronation Ode Op. 44: Peace, Perfect Peace [0:04:11.55] 07. Coronation Ode Op. 44: Finale: Land of Hope and Glory [0:04:18.70] 08. The Spirit Of England Op. 80: I - The fourth of August [0:08:50.55] 09. The Spirit Of England Op. 80: II - To Women [0:06:39.35] 10. The Spirit Of England Op. 80: III - For the Fallen [0:15:05.30] Performers: Teresa Cahill - soprano Anne Collins - contralto Anthony Rolfe-Johnson - tenor Gwynne Howell - bass Scottish National Chorus Scottish National Orchestra Sir Alexander Gibson - conductor Download link: https://rapidgator.net/file/2a2caabfbc8aaf319bd59d740dc827de/lgrbv.Sir.Alexander.Gibson..Elgar.Coronation.Ode.The.Spirit.of.England.2006.rar.html http://nitroflare.com/view/89225BF3A75447F/lgrbv.Sir.Alexander.Gibson..Elgar.Coronation.Ode.The.Spirit.of.England.2006.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/176f415e59361B3B/lgrbv.Sir.Alexander.Gibson..Elgar.Coronation.Ode.The.Spirit.of.England.2006.rar Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction
  11. Schiller - Sleepingroom Volume 1 (2004) EAC Rip | FLAC (tracks+.cue+log) - 331 MB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps (LAME 3.93) - 146 MB | Covers - 509 MB Genre: Downtempo, Chillout, Ambient | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Sony Music (519277 2) This release contains parts from the original pre-show soundtrack from the legendary Schiller Live events. All tracks by Schiller under various names. Almost an album and almost a compilation. Sleepingroom consists of material specially written for Schiller's gigs, which were grandiose, with sophisticated lights and singers from the albums. While all the equipment was being tuned, a beautiful instrumental piece of music with crickets was played for about nine minutes in the venue. Other people explain why: in order to make the wait less boring and more pleasant for the audience. Sleepingroom comes from the name of the label, which was formed after the success of the first single by Christopher von Deylen and Mirko von Schlieffen, who were a duo back then. After two albums, Christopher completely replaced his partner and for many years the stage name in honour of the beloved poet has been associated only with him. Sleepingroom released all Schiller's albums, their deluxe and rare versions, DVD editions as well as booklets with many pages and beautiful printing. Christopher likes to make everything look nice. Separately, after the decision to organise live performances as well, the music that precedes the shows has been put on the discs. The ambient appetiser piqued the interest of the major label Sony - before that, the CDs were only sold in the gig venues and in the author's online shop (and only in Germany). Now it had a chance to appear on the store shelves. In the compilation of thirteen tracks, only half were known to the audience. Tracklist: 01. Sleepingland - Sunset 02. Arcolan - Night in Tangiers 03. Everdream - Tuning Into You 04. New Balance - Interludium 05. Mindmasters - Rising High 06. Source Selector - 10 P.M. 07. Exposed Beauty - Ways of Wonder 08. Sleepingland - Livingroom (Part I) 09. Apogee - Do You Remember? 10. Courier 23 - Living in Dreams 11. Dreamcatcher - Quiet Earth 12. Dragonhunters - In the Mood for It 13. Sleepingland - Sunrise Total time: 01:00:57 Download link: https://rapidgator.net/file/30eb78207ebbeb8f1f67dc9def5fd28a/uuswx.SSV1.04.M.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/0d80e5f83ac9d09e28954a7100c2b823/uuswx.SSV1.04.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/acc7f1e715b3c3c7f457c42dab071434/uuswx.SSV1.04.sc.rar.html http://nitroflare.com/view/474F7E97F8B0B5D/uuswx.SSV1.04.M.rar http://nitroflare.com/view/8CB63DFAD5FB6D2/uuswx.SSV1.04.rar http://nitroflare.com/view/60EFCA0947DF37E/uuswx.SSV1.04.sc.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/90B2dC6f1808B57d/uuswx.SSV1.04.M.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/342A6D2684e2E42f/uuswx.SSV1.04.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/c9A255a91133916c/uuswx.SSV1.04.sc.rar Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction
  12. Salvatore Adamo - 30 Ans: Ses 20 Plus Grandes Chansons (1997) EAC Rip | FLAC (Img) + Cue + Log ~ 488 Mb | MP3 CBR320 ~ 179 Mb Scans Included | RAR 5% Recovery French Pop, Chanson | AGAT Co. Ltd. | Unofficial Release Salvatore, Knight Adamo, known commonly as Adamo, is a musician and singer known for his romantic ballads. Adamo was born in Italy and his family's ancestry is Italian, but he grew up from a very early age in Belgium and has made that country his homeland. He first gained popularity throughout Europe and later in the Middle East, Latin America, Japan, and the United States. He has sold more than 80 million albums and 20 million singles making him one of the most commercially successful musicians in the world. He mainly performs in French but has also sung in English, German, Italian, Spanish and Turkish. "Tombe la neige", "La nuit", and "Inch'Allah" remain his best known songs. He is currently the best selling Belgian musician of all time. Track List: 01. Tombe la neige [3:03] 02. Vous permettez, Monsieur [3:01] 03. La nuit [3:10] 04. Elle [3:05] 05. Mes mains sur tes hanches [2:59] 06. Le barbu sans barbe [2:41] 07. Les filles du bord de mer [2:52] 08. Quand les roses [2:32] 09. J'aime [3:07] 10. Comme toujours [2:57] 11. Une meche de cheveux [3:03] 12. Inch'allah [3:29] 13. Une larme aux nuages [3:02] 14. J'avais oublie que les roses sont roses [3:26] 15. C'est ma vie [4:03] 16. Les collines de Rabiah [4:21] 17. Maintenant ou jamais [4:43] 18. Plus fort que le temps [4:37] 19. Pomme et cie [3:59] 20. Je te dois [4:22] Download link: https://rapidgator.net/file/4f3d92634aa3288cb87af2e6ba8c377c/7bjwh.SlvtrAdm30AS20PGC97.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/febd2d139e811a296fc52c3edd10f05f/7bjwh.SlvtrAdm30AS20PGC97mp3.rar.html http://nitroflare.com/view/7F7DBEE714646A3/7bjwh.SlvtrAdm30AS20PGC97.rar http://nitroflare.com/view/E105892BEAEE548/7bjwh.SlvtrAdm30AS20PGC97mp3.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/78101971424c97B9/7bjwh.SlvtrAdm30AS20PGC97.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/Fb204eb26Aa180Ef/7bjwh.SlvtrAdm30AS20PGC97mp3.rar Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction
  13. Saga - Silent Knight (1980) {1987, Reissue} XLD Rip | FLAC (Img) + Cue + Log ~ 314 Mb | MP3 CBR320 ~ 170 Mb Full Scans | RAR 5% Recovery Progressive Rock, Crossover Prog | BMG Ariola / Bon Aire #258 162 Silent Knight is the third studio album by the Canadian progressive rock band Saga and was originally released in August 1980. Two of the songs, "Don't Be Late (Chapter Two)," and "Too Much to Lose (Chapter Seven)," were part of a series of eight (but later sixteen) songs that Saga included within their first four albums called "The Chapters" which told the story of a young Albert Einstein. These songs were later included on The Chapters LIVE, an album that the band recorded in 2005. To date, there's been no official compilation of the chapters in their studio incarnation. Silent Knight is certified Gold in Canada, having reached #42 in the charts. The Einstein Tower in Potsdam was used as a template for the album cover. Track List: 01. Don't Be Late (Chapter Two) [6:02] 02. What's It Gonna Be? [4:33] 03. Time To Go [4:28] 04. Compromise [3:26] 05. Too Much To Lose (Chapter Seven) [4:44] 06. Help Me Out [5:53] 07. Someone Should [4:11] 08. Careful Where You Step [4:25] Personnel: Michael Sadler - lead vocals, keyboards, bass guitar Ian Crichton - electric and acoustic guitars Jim Gilmour - keyboards, backing vocals, vocoder, Moogs Jim Crichton - bass guitar, Moog bass synthesizer Steve Negus - drums, percussion Download link: https://rapidgator.net/file/91f181cd9e8e767a3ab7bb6780bf14aa/b6eke.SgSlntKnght8087.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/b70fcaa6b0c4ba8c36d5345faecba3c5/b6eke.SgSlntKnght8087mp3.rar.html http://nitroflare.com/view/E9FBF95D7F09CF1/b6eke.SgSlntKnght8087.rar http://nitroflare.com/view/FFCC7858AEDC33C/b6eke.SgSlntKnght8087mp3.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/d49f9c9E7F1202b7/b6eke.SgSlntKnght8087.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/754d6269Af7a2c94/b6eke.SgSlntKnght8087mp3.rar Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction
  14. Ryan Joseph - Four Strings Attached (2019) WEB FLAC (tracks) - 369 MB | Tracks: 14 | 53:35 min Style: Country, Bluegrass | Label: Four Strings Records Well-known fiddle player and multi-instrumentalist, Ryan Joseph, has been performing since he was 2 1/2 years old. Born in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, PA, he began playing violin with his Grandfather (who was also a fiddler) and his family's polka band. Ryan was featured in this band and was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2004. Ryan appeared on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee when he was just 11 years old- singing and playing several instruments including fiddle, saxophone, guitar, bass, and piano. After losing his Dad unexpectedly in 2006, Ryan decided to take time to pursue his musical passion and moved to Nashville in 2007 to chase his dream. Ryan currently tours with country music legend, Alan Jackson, playing fiddle, mandolin, and singing harmony vocals. He has also performed, toured, or recorded with artists such as Billy Ray Cyrus, Jimmy Buffett, Laura Bell Bundy, Jimmy Fortune, Craig Morgan, Jamie O'Neal, Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Bonnie Raitt, Lee Ann Womack, Zac Brown, Dierks Bentley, Chris Cagle, Kacey Musgraves, Brad Paisley, Kellie Pickler, Marty Stuart, and Carrie Underwood. He has toured all over the world including the United States, Europe, Australia, South America, and on Caribbean and Alaskan cruises. Performance credits include the CMA Awards, Academy of Country Music Awards, ACM Honors, Good Morning America, the Today Show, the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Late Show with David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The View, Live with Kelly and Michael, Fox and Friends, Army Wives, ABC's Nashville, and many times on the Grand 'Ole Opry. With an undergraduate degree in Music Education from Duquesne University (Pittsburgh, PA) and a Master's degree in Instrumental Pedagogy from Belmont University (Nashville, TN), Ryan is now also a professor at the Belmont University School of Music, where he teaches commercial and classical violin and is the Bluegrass Ensemble Director. Additionally, he is a national clinician for Eastman Music Company and a frequent guest clinician at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Ryan always aims to sincerely communicate his love of music and the violin, and make a positive difference in the lives of his audiences and students. Ryan has been blessed to have many professional dreams come true throughout his life and loves to see the dreams of others also come true. He continues to draw audiences around the world and performs with the musical ideals that were given to him by his Grandfather, and the moral and personal ideals that were given to him by God, his parents, family, and friends. Tracklist: 01. Four Strings Attached 02. Mountaineer 03. Gravy 04. Jerusalem Ridge 05. Knockin' on Your Heart 06. Celtic Prog-Grass 07. Ashokan Farewell 08. Symptoms 09. The Brick 10. The Weatherman 11. Sunset 12. She Misses Him on Sunday the Most 13. Orange Blossom Special 14. Pappi's Knee Download link: https://rapidgator.net/file/e67380775ac6b6293f7213297fadc96b/3sa3r.Ryan.Joseph..Four.Strings.Attached.2019.rar.html http://nitroflare.com/view/0DCEC73756364AD/3sa3r.Ryan.Joseph..Four.Strings.Attached.2019.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/6a1549568fbe1Ad9/3sa3r.Ryan.Joseph..Four.Strings.Attached.2019.rar Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction
  15. Quadro Nuevo - Tango (2015) EAC Rip | FLAC (image+.cue, log) ~ 358.37 Mb | 01:13:48 | Cover Latin Jazz | Country: Germany | Label: Fine Music - FM 196-2 Quadro Nuevo has always played tango. But things are different now - the days in Buenos Aires changed everything. Inspired by Argentinian musicians, famous dancers and wonderful people, the nostalgic atmosphere of the dance halls and the zeitgeist of a 15-million metropolis can be heard in every note - this is pure tango. Track List: 1 Por Una Cabeza 2 Garcias Tango 3 Canción De Ausencia 4 La Cumparsita 5 Buscándote 6 Buenos Aires Taxi Drive 7 Casa De Los Sueños 8 El Día Que Me Quieras 9 Taquito Militar 10 El Titiritero 11 Gallo Ciego 12 Vuelvo Al Sur 13 Fuga Y Misterio 14 Como La Vida Cambia 15 El Cielo Bandoneon, Accordion [Vibrandoneon] - Andreas Hinterseher Bass, Percussion - D.D. Lowka Design [Graphic Design] - Olaf Becker (2) Harp [Grand Concert Harp], Psaltery [Salterio] - Evelyn Huber Mastered By - Dieter Pimiskern Photography By - Mike Meyer (4) Piano - Chris Gall Recorded By, Mixed By - Philipp Winter Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Guitar - Mulo Francel Download link: https://rapidgator.net/file/0a8370a63a2cd408b6e777dfd057f1dc/zh0l4.Quadro.Nuevo..Tango.2015.rar.html http://nitroflare.com/view/33BE22B22A4D15B/zh0l4.Quadro.Nuevo..Tango.2015.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/3052750a5F7c8fd8/zh0l4.Quadro.Nuevo..Tango.2015.rar Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction

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