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  1. using dns or proxy will get you baned to lol if the administrator team is active dont cheat at all
  2. use 2 talents for healt regeneration The rush of Victory +12500 Health points after winning Great feast +5 Talent Bonus +48 Damage Bonus + 100% Taking health use at least 2 items to increase your health, use 2 items to increase bonus talent stats (will trigger often Great feast talent against a few deamons) and use items that increase your dmg dealt to deamons watch out for pvp fights because you are very vulnerable with the above equipment!
  3. looks like some people use this forum only because of the bot... there is mach more on this forum beside the bot nice work xZero
  4. still this forum contends some usefull infos like program links, games atc. not only bf bot
  5. if you have enaught hit chance on your opponent, and your opponent has a high bonus hit chance you need to use Heartruby use yugl if you need some hit chance and need to take down opponents basic hit chance
  6. boss


    Diamond Sphere Malice Armor Level : 898 Duration of effect : 3 Daysorb imageBasic damage ( on opponent) : -24Bonus damage ( on opponent) : -99The base chance to hit : +18Bonus chance to hit +34Agility : +69Object reinforcement 4 %Health : +175000Defense: +138Endurance: +138Personality : +207
  7. on the bf bot site it says that the bot is fixed, maybe a new crack is needed?
  8. better to increase the time from 8 days to 15-30 days to awoid neccesery spam
  9. Kokosi2 isnt worth the hellstones, you can get better non-premium items on that lvl
  10. Anadul II (Your inventory: 1 item(s))Defence: +207Charisma: +138sale price: 147.739.142 Resale value: 36.934.785 Requirement: level 900
  11. Anadul II (Your inventory: 1 item(s))Defence: +207Charisma: +138sale price: 147.739.142 Resale value: 36.934.785 Requirement: level 900
  12. boss


    i think it is pure random, sometime you get good orbs sometime bad

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