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  1. on the bf bot site it says that the bot is fixed, maybe a new crack is needed?
  2. groto battles fixed jet?
  3. if server 1-5 have beeen marget to s5 i can only acces my s5 accounst but cant access my s1,s2,s3 and s4 account can you post a ss how you set up the bot app?
  4. tried it, doesent work on all my accounts only my new multys not my main accounts
  5. best problem for detecting missing drivers?
  6. better to increase the time from 8 days to 15-30 days to awoid neccesery spam
  7. 2 min for 40/40 5mp connection here
  8. just use an older version of your browser that supported double click
  9. the bot is detectable, its only a mater of GO activity. On a balkan server a whole clan got baned a few monts ago. They baned4live players regardless of lvl or premium. If you get caught your account is done so just be smart and dont over use it
  10. why cheat on such a game xD just play and enjoy
  11. Kokosi2 isnt worth the hellstones, you can get better non-premium items on that lvl