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Mono Manoules

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  1. Ex. Gameforge's game - Warpfire

    This game was paused by GF due to lack of players if I recall Hope your friend changed his mind cause that game sucked a bit
  2. Presentation .sKyLo.

    Best person during my experience in this forum... Thumbs up !
  3. Items which i received from fountain

    Am I the only one in here getting spammed by elixirs ? :/
  4. I make this post just to say this: .sKyLo. you are the best bro! I asked him for his help and it took him less than 5 mins to do a good job. Thumbs up !
  5. Bitefight Priorities

    Hello, let me share with you my priorities/blacklist priorities 25 35 37 38 49 7 34 46 30 26 12 29 33 55 11 blacklist 1 20 42 8 22 53 47 21 52 36 I use them for destruction(5.000 + ) - nature (2.300) Its a bit slow, but steady. Tell me your opinions if u use it.
  6. Hey there ppl, im an oldy in this one
  7. Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012 video game)

    this was like a game point for me.. next versions were a bit, meh. Still got this game somwhere in my old laptop tho ^^
  8. [Review] Far Cry 3

    addicted to it , i confess
  9. C++

    dead languages
  10. Jump into C++

    last time i used this language was 6 years ago or so :/
  11. DDoS/DoS Attack Prevention, tracking and stopping

    hahaha, oh well there is usful info here so..
  12. Basic apps to check your PC health

    could be usefull keep updating the list plz
  13. whats worst about windows??

    im still using xp, call me crazy but i do >.>
  14. Why males love summer? Let's see main reason.

    there are many many more reasons to be added here