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  1. Love listening when i”m high!:)
  2. Vladi


    I often make orbs by 80 fragents. Not always, but usually are better than the one made of 100. Here is an example: 80 fragm: Basic damage ( on opponent): -27 Bonus damage ( on opponent): -123 Object reinforcement 6% basic chance to hit(on opponent): -9 Bonus chance to hit (on opponent): -22 Personality: +218 health: +196500 defence: +174 defence: +437 and here's from 100 fragm: health: +159000 defencee: +141 bonus damage: +56 bonus chance to hit: +17 bonus talent: +17 personality: +141 Strength: +212 agility: +141
  3. Nice to hear this! I look forward to try it.
  4. Vladi

    Finally BOT WORKS !!!

    Hi guys! I have windows 10 and it doesn't work. I deactivate all the windows security functions and deleted the antivirus and steel doesn't work. It opens the bfb patch but just for a second and than it vanishes. Is there someone in the same situation?
  5. Like they all said, great job!:)
  6. I didn't like this movie, very weak it was!
  7. One of the best comedies! I laugh a lot!

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