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  1. hello i need some info on how to post stuff on this site. example new videos/porn links/new categories for new content which is not available on this site. my main problem is i cant find how to , i dont see anywhere START NEW THREAD or START NEW TOPIC 

    1. .sKyLo.
    2. gxdngusz


      i thought i was going bananas. thanks for resolving the issue

    3. ahmed mhmed
  2. ow forgot to update my post . i got it working after changing browser info , Peppe was right
  3. anyone having issues today? as soon as i put the set:cookie i get a logout from bf page and bot is not working. bot pops this msg * Profile is not setup properly. Couldn't retrieve informations
  4. a little story which i always related with bitefight
  5. thanks all for the effort and time they put on this. now i need to test some setups
  6. as far as i know no one can see the AP of other player though
  7. Beautiful , upgraded and new? cant wait for it cheers!!!
  8. any idea if we can get ban from this? if yes then the bot has no use lol
  9. @ Thebestsimon its working now , no idea why it wasnt before
  10. OLD: trying now hope it works and Thank You xZero NEW : not working