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  1. Bump, still have acc for trade
  2. I have acc for sell or trade PM me for details
  3. Schnitzer

    Acc's trades

    I have acc for sell or trade, all in PM
  4. Hi all, didn't play for longer time, is Fountain still good? I'm 1600+lvl, need few items from fountain to get new gears
  5. Well, my enemies sleeping since new year eve... So my goal is just growing Pity that mobile Bot is not free...
  6. If you want 186AP to finish all almost without reheal, use health orbs, that's how I do...
  7. Still didn't get item from Fountain like from November :-(
  8. Schnitzer


    anyone to start new server? let me know so we can play together
  9. im 1555 lvl,didnt get item from fountain over month,using nature and order priorities,any suggestion?
  10. @Thebestsimon Hehe you are right, made new serial, but point is it was 2 bots in my windows that was problem
  11. I got in Bot licence is not activated, but it is not expired, tried jew one same msg, bug or what?
  12. Without Bot lvl up will be very difficult, back to past st least 5 years
  13. I logged over android to renew but there is no button for it? Classic mode or mobile same display..
  14. Schnitzer


    Us servers are so slow, only for US players is good speed...
  15. Hit chance orb for pvp, health/regeneration orb for stories..
  16. When you want to have good stories, I mean to finish 186ap, use 100 fr orb, as i said before, health orb give me around 150000health, and good regeneration, regeneration is more important cause when you get damage from monster you need quick regeneration.. Yesterday I did 186ap without single healing... Somedays I heal 2-3 times..
  17. grotto mode wont work for me,,i put example 100 to do,it show that working ,but gold and ap didnt change....what to do?

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