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  1. Bitefight Priorities

    Well, my enemies sleeping since new year eve... So my goal is just growing Pity that mobile Bot is not free...
  2. Bitefight Priorities

    If you want 186AP to finish all almost without reheal, use health orbs, that's how I do...
  3. Mobile bot app

    Order and nature
  4. Mobile bot app

    Put same as desktop.... @Thebestsimon Mobile Bot after month is not free for me
  5. Items which i received from fountain

    Still didn't get item from Fountain like from November :-(
  6. Mobile bot app

    mobile bot you can use like month,after is 5 euro monthly...
  7. Mobile bot app

    @BirdTheAirplane BA domain, there is no humanized way, your bot do same break between stories, in minute or 1hour same time break between stories, and they ban everyone on this domain for using bot.
  8. Mobile bot app

    Just expired said. Bot cost 5€ monthly
  9. Mobile bot app

    Jealous noob reported me for Bot i think, what I should do now to stay alive? Play manual few days?
  10. Mobile bot app

    I tried, not bad, but point is in my Chrome it logs out from acc, and when health is done I need to login again
  11. Mobile bot app

    @Thebestsimon Sometimes I don't have time for pc, is okay to use android bot? You said someone can steal your acc?
  12. BOT-Delay

    anyone to start new server? let me know so we can play together
  13. Bitefight Priorities

    im 1555 lvl,didnt get item from fountain over month,using nature and order priorities,any suggestion?