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  1. Hit chance orb for pvp, health/regeneration orb for stories..
  2. When you want to have good stories, I mean to finish 186ap, use 100 fr orb, as i said before, health orb give me around 150000health, and good regeneration, regeneration is more important cause when you get damage from monster you need quick regeneration.. Yesterday I did 186ap without single healing... Somedays I heal 2-3 times..
  3. I use health orbs and regeneration when do stories
  4. account

    S21 acc sold!
  5. grotto mode wont work for me,,i put example 100 to do,it show that working ,but gold and ap didnt change....what to do?
  6. account

    All are wolfs in my range... That fights was before..
  7. account

  8. account

    Bump Anyone?
  9. account
  10. account

    Cmon, need to sell acc... Any offer?
  11. Which server that happen? I use Bot for years and my friends, don't know that someone even get a warning
  12. @Rafael1997 make sure time after time you buy some hellstones,cause users with BOT are most active and they are high lvls like me 1500+ ,so we need hellstones,they are not stupid to ban someone who are good customer...
  13. account

    S202 is speed server, this is regular server, latest one...
  14. account

    s21.en acc ,with little effort can get to top 3...
  15. i get 1 item every like max 2 weeks...around resell 60-70 mill which is usefull for buying new gear