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  1. I droped 3 items and 3 potions in last 2-3 days, no HS items of course
  2. Made corruption prorities but it's still doing the same old ones, whats going on
  3. To be honest I liked bitefight more before the talents/aspects and bonus stuff on items haha
  4. mind shooting me up with priorities list for corruption that gives exp/gold
  5. Human0-Knowledge4-Order2379Defense: +5Nature5607Dexterity: +25, Bonus hit chance: +10Beast3-Destruction2-Chaos4-Corruption1- how can i get more order? and less nature? :|
  6. Where can i find this fastvisits bot?
  7. holy shit the drop rate must be fantastic..
  8. I see, i will be hitting order & nature then :) Order2238Defense: +5Nature5559Dexterity: +25, Bonus hit chance: +10
  9. 10 days of botting and not even 1 drop?
  10. some guy told me groto medium is best for exp?
  11. What Priorities are the best for leveling fast'? = gaining exp?
  12. Guess we're doomed haha Btw. anyone has a priorities list to pump up ORDER quick? i need it for wars
  13. nothing works for me :| this is so complicated
  14. its too complicated to be honest we got same stats/same items ( i copied his build ) and i still cant win against him..
  15. Btw. Could you make the bot log "Throw a coin" response? so I can see in bot if i got anything