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  1. Ty for news for involvement and for movies
  2. Is usefull , good tool . Maybe sometime will be and for win10
  3. Are many strong players with high level and strong items. Is not one who is the best , on fight depends of what items they have
  4. Puternic Sferă Diamantului Mănuşi Nivel: 1232 Durata efectuluii: 2 zile Obiect ranforsare 8% Daune normale (pe oponent): -27 Dauna bonus (pe oponent): -125 Sansa de Lovitura (pe oponent): -18 Șansa de a lovi bonus: +66 Viaţă: +200000 Apărare: +178 Apărare: +445
  5. 1100 and stop doing actions when bot running . Or they have found something new to find bot ...
  6. Stop doing other actions when bot running . Or speed server was changed and you need to change delay number to higher one +50 or +100

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