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  1. Ok, thanks you. I searched a bit about these items but I didn't find anything, here are some posts to see and learn it? And these items will appear on what priorities? Regards and Happy xmas!
  2. Sorry but when and where can I find these items? And which lvl i need to start to find it?
  3. Can u give the priorities that u have? Thx.
  4. xZero. Is possible get the source code to add a new feature? Like buy and use potions Regards!
  5. The link to download the bot + patch isn't working https://download.elite7hackers.net/s/RvEpHfOCrCxUx4f Some here know why? Thanks. EDIT: I already found other link in this video from the user: .sKyLo. Here is the post: And the links are in the first video.
  6. iSm0keD

    Trainer - Guideline Hack 8 Ball Pool

      The trainer was patched :s.. i'll search a trainer working!
  7. iSm0keD

    Bitefight Priorities

    Best priorities to do Nature & Destruction:   Prio: 9 26 25 37 24 30 34 46 49 29 26 33 55 35 49 2 Blacklist: 36 10 11 44 42 21 53 8 22 8 52 6 1 9 2 47 38 1 6 8 23   Have fun!
  8. iSm0keD

    Talent's (Discussion)

      Show us
  9. iSm0keD

    Bitefight Priorities

    I are using this   Story : [ Nature + Destruction ] Priorities : 25 37 38 27 24 30 34 20 46 49 29 26 33 55 35 23  Blacklist : 36 10 11 44 42 21 53 8 22 8 52 6 1 9   And now my aspect of nature is going down, of 2985 to 2453.. 
  10. iSm0keD

    Talent's (Discussion)

      Hmm, u have reason.. Thank you for the tips, very useful! :smile: 
  11. iSm0keD

    Talent's (Discussion)

      Great talents but i have a question, ¿Why u don't have active talents?
  12. iSm0keD

    Icons for new posts

      Excellent!     Yep  :smile:!
  13. iSm0keD

    Icons for new posts

    Hello everyone!   My suggestion is this:   When you create a post in any sub forum, should have the option of putting an icon identifying whether the post is about a question, information, discussion, among others!   I hope to apply this method in the forum is very useful!   Regards!
  14. iSm0keD

    Talent's (Discussion)

    Hello everyone!   I come to this post here for you to share your opinions about passive and active talents.   Post here your talents and an opinion why all decide to get active or just have a variety of passive, or just a couple of them!   Post level and talents, and if you want to share your strategy can also, if that is not so for safety's fine, just discuss your level and talents!   My thing here:   1 [Active Talent] Extra hit   4 [Passive Talent] Target accuracy   4 [Passive Talent] Claws   5 [Passive Talent] Spirit Warrior   9 [Passive Talent] Poisonous saliva   12 [Passive Talent] Supernatural power   16 [Passive Talent] Cruelty   25 [Passive Talent] Inner beast   36 [Passive Talent] Fighting malicious   49 [Passive Talent] Venom   55 [Passive Talent] Profane hate   64 [Active Talent] Terrifying blow   64 [Passive Talent] Scissor bones   70 [Passive Talent] Heart of stone   81 [Active Talent] Deadly wind   81 [Passive Talent] Deadly Aura   90 [Passive Talent] Pulse of Wrath   100 [Active Talent] Combat Reflexes   100 [Passive Talent] Inhuman speed   110 [Passive Talent] Jump attack   121 [Passive Talent] Evil spirits   My skills:   Strength: (268)   Defense: (227)   Agility: (251)   Resistance: (238)   Charisma: (58)   Attributes: Strength: (268)   Defense: (227)   Agility: (251)   Resistance: (238)   Charisma: (58)   I accept suggestions!   Regards!

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