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  1. your welcome, little by little help matters :P
  2.     Well, "practice" on bilingual girls :))) works very good in learning new words "class", after many classes should know enough words to speak something .... 
  3.   HAHAHA, well, it took a few hours to get rid of the 150+ AP. Yes, I know a bit of french, before I moved to New Zealand I was really good but I couldn't continue to learn french in school and forgot everything so after 2 years when i was allowed to do a international language I choose to stick with spanish because it was easier and could remember more than french. Need to find a french girl to "practice" hahaha
  4.   Damn, I should have asked the question about delay time ages ago :( ... I started with 1200 and went down to 900 ... I thought it was supposed to be high but yea.. I've got it now and I've put 0 as well to run as fast as possible as you've said. Looks like I can finally make a lot of gold in a short period of time and won't lose gold when someone attacks me .... Merci beaucoup Monsieur Simon
  5.     Nice, but as I've said. I am not going to change my talents and be the same as yours for now. I will not be able to win against you probably if I do it so I will keep mine for now and get some fragments of you for every attack :))
  6.     Yes show us. Well, you can give me your talents but if I change to have the same as your then I won't be able to win against you in PVP hahaha
  7. I have those but still there is something missing. Some players are on chance and some on damage and I always have to change items depending on the opponent.   Talents Level  Talents 1 Additional Corner     9 Anger unleashed   16 Clothes night   16 Cruelty   36 Fight premeditated   49 Poison   64 Bone Scissors   70 Stony heart   100 Inhuman speed   110 Iron Bones   121 Evil spirits   144 Pure Power   144 Wonderworker   144 Clever evasion   150 Aura night   169 Abyss Greed   169 Face death   196 Pure venom   196 Crystal tines   200 Magic wyrm   200 Lord Meat   225 Spell   225 Word power   230 Fossilization   230 Anger Victory   250 Master night   260 Darker than Black   275 Storm Shadow   275 Iron Leather   285 Soul Eater   290 Ogre   300 Grand feast   300 Prince of Darkness  
  8. JimmyChu

    New Donation - tudor

    thank you tudor :)
  9.     Maybe it was a bug in the game. A lot of people wanted to make good orbs with 100 fragments but all came really bad.
  10.     HAHAHAHA, that's true, can't argue with that. Those people that "fly" from the buildings or mountains like bats, 75% of the time they are just cm away from hitting something. Some people are gifted and they can do amazing stuff, for us people that are lazy it looks awesome :D
  11.     Yes, that's my car :P ... here is a short video of it that someone put together ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8miZANtCsk .. (just showing off, lol) ... It's nothing special tho :smile: ..... I've heard that JDM cars are a bit too expensive for Europe but on this side of the world they are alrite price and the gas it's affordable so it's easier to get own one :smile:
  12.     Well, not sure if you can see my profile photo but my favorite car is a Toyota Supra MK4 which I own one at the moment but it's still stock power for now. Can't wait for more HP :D... I also like Ferrari, Aston Martin, Audi (some) ... and that's about it..... I don't like the v8 cars or AWD/4WD cars because they aren't fun at all ...
  13. Welcome Luis.   Enjoy your time!!!
  14.     Hi, thanks for this. I have changed the link to a different video. Enjoy !!
  15.     Something like that. It also depends what are you using the orbs for. For PVP it might be worth making some with less fragment but for war I prefer the 100 fragment orbs for max power :P

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