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  1. UC Merced - ENGR130 Thermodynamics [Spring 2017] .MP4, AVC, 1350 kbps, 940x720/672x500/1300x900 | English, AAC, 96 kbps, 2 Ch | 15+ hours | + PDF | 8.51 GB Instructor: Po-Ya Abel Chuang, Ph.D. This online Thermodynamic course is an introduction to the concept of energy. It provides the basic tools necessary for the analysis of any engineering system in which energy transfer or energy transformations occur; thus, thermodynamics is an important part of the training of almost all engineering disciplines. The online option allows student to learn all fundamental contents anywhere at any time. Further, the course adapts smart textbook for effective online learning. Students will learn the fundamental content more effectively and efficiently without the physical boundary of the classroom. COURSE LEARNING OUTCOMES: This course will focus on the basic principles of Thermodynamics. Upon completion, students should be able to: 1. Explain the basic concepts of thermodynamics such as system, state, state postulate, equilibrium, process, and cycle. 2. Define the concept of heat, work, first and second law of thermodynamics, energy conversion efficiencies, and compressibility. 3. Illustrate the P-v, T-v, P-T property diagrams and P-v-T surfaces of pure substances. 4. Apply the ideal-gas equation of state in the solution of typical problems. 5. Develop the general energy balance applied to both close and open systems. 6. Analyze processes involving ideal gases and real substances as working fluids in both closed systems and open systems or control volumes to determine process diagrams, apply the first law of thermodynamics to perform energy balances, and determine heat and work transfers. 7. Analyze systems and control volumes through the application of the second law and concepts of energy and exergy. Buy Premium From My Links To Get Resumable Support,Max Speed & Support Me Download ( NitroFlare ) [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] Download ( Rapidgator ) Alfafile
  2. Sacred Living Geometry - The Theories of Viktor Schauberger VHS-Rip | English | MP4 + MP3 + PDF Guides | 624 x 480 | AVC ~549 Kbps | 29.970 fps AAC | 126 Kbps | 44.1 KHz | 2 channels | 10:39:45 | 3.01 GB Genre: eLearning Video / Self Improvement Viktor Schauberger (30 June 1885 in Holzschlag, Upper Austria - 25 September 1958 in Linz, Austria) was an Austrian forest caretaker, naturalist, philosopher, inventor and biomimicry experimenter. Schauberger developed his own ideas based on what he observed in nature. Viktor Schauberger was an Austrian inventor and naturalist who built and patented a water ram pump involving a spiral flow which he claimed to have learned from a visit to the Egyptian pyramid. Schauberger is considered the father of implosion technology. Many of his inventions are based on his study of fluidic vortexes. Viktor Schauberger - Biography Viktor Schauberger was born in Holzschlag, Austria in 1885. Growing up in a family of forest workers led Schauberger to study the physics of the forest. He researched water flow and other natural phenomena. Beginning in 1929, Schauberger began patenting inventions based on water engineering. Schauberger built a water turbine to produce hydroelectricity. During World War II, Schauberger was forced by the German SS to continue his research into vortex technology to aid in the design of German planes and even a type of flying saucer (the Repulsine). The stress led to his mental breakdown and hospitalization. After the war, Viktor Schauberger began his research on vortex technology and invented water-power turbines. In 1958, at the age of seventy-three, Viktor Schauberger died in Linz, Austria. Viktor Schauberger - List of Patents (Issued in Austria) 113487 Construction for Creating Wild Brooks and Flow Regulation 122144 Artificial Channel for Transporting Logs 134543 Conduction of Water in Tubes & Channels 136214 Installation & Correction of Flow in Draining Channels 138296 Water Conduction 142032 Construction for Fabricating Tap Water 166644 Plow 196680 Tubing for Flowing & Gaseous Media Viktor Schauberger - Timeline 1885 Viktor Schauberger born in Holzschlag, Upper Austria, into a family with a long tradition of caring for the unspoilt Alpine forests. 1914-18 Soon after the birth of his son Walter, Viktor was enlisted in the Kaiser's army. 1919 Appointed forest warden and gamekeeper. 1920 Became head warden ('forst meister') in Brunnenthall-Steyerling, the property of Prince Adolph van Schaumburg-Lippe. 1922 Radical designs of new log flume at Steyerling, which greatly reduced cost of bringing trees out of inaccessible mountains, with no damage to the timber. 1924-28 National consultant for timber flotation, building successful flumes in Austria, Bavaria and Yugoslavia. 1929 First patent applications for water engineering and turbines. This was a very creative time, and for the next few years he wrote a lot . 1930-32 Experiments with producing electrical energy directly from water, converting degraded into pure water and the prototype of the 'trout turbine' based on his observations of a trout's behaviour in a fast flowing stream. Study of comparative agricultural methods in Bulgaria, sanctioned by King Boris. 1933 Publication of his only book, Unsere Sinnlose Arbeit "Our Senseless Toil - The Cause of the World Crisis"; subtitled 'Growth through Transformation, not Destruction, of the Atom'. Meeting with Hitler to discuss Viktor's ideas about power generation and agricultural methods. 1936-7 Arnold Hohl made detailed records of his visits to Viktor Schauberger, with contemporary writings, letters, notes and comments which were published in 1993 in a special edition of Mensch und Technik - naturmass (Humanity & Technology - in accordance with Nature). 1938 Constructs with his son Walter a replica of Lord Kelvin's Falling Water Experiment of capillary research, generating a voltage of 20,000 volts. 1940 The first Repulsine (flying saucer) built first in Berlin and then in Vienna, where the prototype broke from its mooring and smashed through the factory's ceiling. Heinkel steals Viktor's copyright and builds his Schriever 'Flying Top' in the Rostock factory. 1943 Himmler gives the SS the task of producing secret weapons. Viktor gets sucked into the Nazi machine against his will. 1944 Schauberger drafted into the SS and ordered (on pain of death) to develop an improved Repulsine and a submarine engine for Germany's war effort, at the Mathausen concentration camp. All prototypes and working models of the Repulsine subsequently ordered by Field Marshall Keitel to be destroyed on the collapse of the German armies. 1945 Invading Russian intelligence team removes Viktor's research papers and his models from his Vienna flat. Held for a month in 'protective custody' by American forces in Austria who decided he was not to be deported to the USA, as were countless other German atomic scientists, engineers and physicists. Viktor starts work on his Klimator, for domestic air conditioning. 1945-50 Focuses on research to increase soil fertility and agricultural production. 1958 Karl Gerchsheimer and Robert Dodd persuaded Viktor and Walter to go to Texas to discuss a project in which Viktor's research would obtain substantial funding in America to develop energy-saving projects 'which could transform human living standards'. Within a few weeks, disillusioned with the whole project, Victor refused to cooperate. Desperate to get back to Austria, he unwittingly signed a contract which gave away everything for which he had striven, really destroying his life. He arrived back in Austria on September 20th, and within five days he died, a broken man. audiobook The Energy Evolution - Viktor Schauberger - Callum Coats.mp3 ebooks english Alexandersson - Living Water, Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy, 1990.pdf The Manual of Free Energy Devices and Systems, 1991.pdf Viktor Schauberger - Hidden Nature - The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger.pdf Viktor Schauberger - Implosion, The Path of Natural Energy.pdf Viktor Schauberger - Living Energies with Callum Coats.pdf Viktor Schauberger - Nature as teacher - New principles in the working of nature (1998).pdf Viktor Schauberger - Repulsine Redesign.pdf Viktor Schauberger - Self-organizing Flow Technology - In Viktor Schauberger's Footsteps.pdf Viktor Schauberger - The Energy Evolution.pdf Viktor Schauberger - The water wizard - The extraordinary properties of natural water (1997).pdf german originals Implosion, Heft 148, 2005 01 Jan, Schauberger, Biotechnische Nachrichten.pdf Olof Alexandersson - Lebendes Wasser, Über Viktor Schauberger.pdf Radlberger - Der Hyperbolische Kegel nach Walter Schauberger, 2002.pdf Viktor Schauberger - Diverse Aufsätze.pdf Viktor Schauberger - Unsere Sinnlose Arbeit, 1933.pdf Viktor Schauberger - Wasser, Das Blut Der Erde 2004.pdf Viktor Schauberger, Implosion, Heft Nr 154.pdf Viktor Schauberger, Implosion, Heft Nr 155.pdf Viktor Schauberger - Water Ways of Life.pdf Viktor Schauberger - World Living Water Systems Ltd.pdf patents US1775871 Apparatus for Assorting Timber.pdf videos Implosion, Cymatics, Zero Point Energy and the Work of Victor Schauberger.mp4 Nature Was My Teacher - The Vision of Viktor Schauberger.mp4 Sacred Living Geometry Sacred Living Geometry, part 1 - Theories of Viktor Schauberger.mp4 Sacred Living Geometry, part 2 - Theories of Viktor Schauberger.mp4 The Extraordinary Nature of Water - Based on The theories of Viktor Schauberger.mp4 The Many Discoveries of Viktor Schauberger.mp4 The Secrets of Water - Viktor Schauberger - Comprehend and Copy Nature.mp4 Viktor Schauberger and the Nature of Reality.mp4 Buy Premium From My Links To Get Resumable Support,Max Speed & Support Me Download ( NitroFlare ) [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] Download ( Rapidgator ) Alfafile
  3. Masterclass - Kevin Spacey Teaches Acting .MKV, AVC, 3750 kbps, 1920x1080 | English, AAC, 128 kbps, 2 Ch | + PDF Workbook | 5 hours | 7.77 GB Instructor: Kevin Spacey Kevin Spacey asks you to engage in the craft of acting in his first ever online class as he teaches you the approach that has won him two Academy Awards. The star of The Usual Suspects, American Beauty, and House of Cards teaches the practical techniques that have made him a stage and screen legend. Start your class today. More Info Buy Premium From My Links To Get Resumable Support,Max Speed & Support Me Download ( NitroFlare ) [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] Download ( Rapidgator ) Alfafile
  4. How to Read a Book By Farnam Street .MP4 | 1920 x 1080 | 868 MB Genre: Video Tutorial You know how to read a book. You probably learned how in elementary school. But do you read optimally? Do you get the most out of every hour you invest in a book? If you're like most people, the answer is "not even close." And, there is a huge opportunity to become more skillful at reading, retention and understanding. If you're a knowledge worker there is no better investment. You are paid to use your brain -- it pays to make your brain as powerful and high performing as possible. Imagine making better decisions just a few times a week... What would that mean for your career? Your life? Module One: Farnam Street Ethos Struggling to hit your reading goals? Learn the simple truths that increase your productivity Apply Farnam Street's six core principles to instantly improve your ability to draw insight from what you read Debunk common reading myths that hold you back Understand the different levels of reading and explore how to use them for wisdom and insight Get the inside track on the Farnam Street team & how our partnership came to be Module Two: Identifying Winners Learn how to think about your library and why you should own more unread books than read ones Use Farnam Street's funneling process to make your books compete for attention before you even think of reading them Weigh reading a book versus an article quickly and effectively You'll never forget to ask yourself the most important question about a book after you see how we frame it Banish book overwhelm by implementing the four filters Farnam Street uses when deciding to read a book Module Three: Before We Begin Most books don't demand to be read in their entirety... we'll show you how to decide which do Why you should start by creating a map of the book -- and how to do it in about 15 minutes How to evaluate a book in 5-10 minutes online or in a bookstore Engage with a fascinating conversation about reading habits and why Shane reads several books at once What the Marshmallow Test can teach us about reading effectively How to spot the single biggest opportunity for most readers. It's simple, yet powerful Module Four: Critical Thinking Find out why note taking matters and the surprising 'non-system' system that works for us Understand the three key steps of analytical reading, including the one almost everyone skips Evaluate how well you stand up to Shane's definition of the job of a reader, it's probably not what you think Learn to identify when you need to read with extra caution -- hint: it's not when the reading is challenging Quickly probe at your depth of understanding with our favorite deep reading question: Do I agree with the author? Channel your learning effectively once you've finished the book Module Five: Exponential Leaps Our favorite module! This is where exponential wins start stacking up Generate deep understanding through our process of refereeing the conversation Hone your ability to spot when a good narrative is covering up faulty logic or misleading facts Become skilled at the tricky task of comparing and contrasting ideas across context and perspective Use combinatory play while reading to aid your quest for insight Learn to spot and gain deep understanding of building blocks and cornerstone ideas Effectively parse out your own ideas, opinions and insights from your reading Develop novel insights naturally, as the result of the process A BONUS WEBINAR: 60+ Minutes of Great Questions Watch or listen to our no holds barred Q&A webinar. We answer dozens of the most pressing and interesting questions about books, reading, Farnam Street... we even get personal. This is a rare opportunity to go behind the scenes with Farnam Street and fellow Farnam Street readers. You asked. We answered. Buy Premium From My Links To Get Resumable Support,Max Speed & Support Me Download ( NitroFlare ) [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] Download ( Rapidgator ) Alfafile
  5. FxpHD - Previz for Commercials MYA223 | .MP4, AVC, 800 kbps, 1440x900 | English, AAC, 128 kbps, 2 Ch | 5.8 hours | 2.28 GB Instructor: Matthew Workman In this course we will be previsualizing a liveaction Nike skateboarding commercial, as a solo previs artist in Maya. We'll be creating shots based on a sample agency storyboard and a sample director's treatment. We'll be creating a custom 3D character using Autodesk Character Generator and rigging him with a skateboard for animation. We'll be customizing his texture and learning how to light using Viewport 2.0. We will examine how a previs artist fits into a modern live action commercial production pipeline and how to accurately represent a real world camera in Maya. We'll do some basic 3D character animation and examine how a real world camera is moved using a tripod, dolly, and technocrane. By the end of the course we will have a finished animatic that we'll edit in Adobe Premiere as well as a storyboard of that we'll create in Adobe Indesign. We conclude by learning looking at previs related jobs at The Third Floor and Halon Entertainment. More Info Buy Premium From My Links To Get Resumable Support,Max Speed & Support Me Download ( NitroFlare ) [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] Download ( Rapidgator ) Alfafile
  6. Dental Marketing Confidential By Jim Mack .MP4 | 1920 x 1080 | 111 MB Genre: Video Tutorial Yes...That is $15,000 to $20,000 A Month Bringing Dentists More Patients...And I Will Teach You Step By Step - Signed, Jim Mack If you can read this letter, write a simple sentence, and can 'cut and paste'. you can do this. I had a call today with a dentist who has two locations in two different cities here in the Kansas City area. If they buy (and they will!) Then I will earn $3,000 a month from just that one client. Not too shabby for a 15 minute call huh? I just want you to understand the scope of this opportunity and how unlimited it truly is. If I said you could make 20K per month, it would scare most off. However, it's true and realistic. Take a look at my PayPal account for the past couple of weeks. Look, if you can take just 20 to 30 minutes each day to send emails out for the next 4 weeks I guarantee that you will land at least 3 high paying clients that will generate at least $7,500 a month. Imagine in a short 90 days, you have 3 clients on board, each paying you $2,500. That is more than enough to start earning $7,500 a month in recurring income (that's almost $100,000 a year). With just a little more effort, you will have 5 to 10 clients paying $2,500 for monthly lead generation, online marketing, and other digital services; easily growing into a six figure business in just a few months. What if you could make this work? What would you do with an extra $7,500 a month? Would you go on vacation, pay some bills, or would you finally get your spouse off your back and prove to them that you can do this work from home thing and that you've made it work?! Why is that important to us? There are more and more Dental School graduates each year. With more and more dentist's out there, the competition is fierce. Dentist's are looking for cost effective ways to market their practice. And marketing that works. We can deliver and dentists will gladly pay us month after month. And dentists can afford us. No more chasing chiropractors who are starving. No more dealing with gatekeepers in a plastic surgeons office. Introducing ... Dental Marketing Confidential The Complete Guide To Earning 6 Figures In The Dental Market Your Ability To Drive Traffic, Leads For Dental Clients On Facebook Can Be Worth More Money To You Than Being A Doctor! I'm going to show you every step for running ads on Facebook, but you don't even have to run ads yourself to earn big. You don't even have to do any ads at all. Our last client did not come from an ad at all. The last client came from a method you've never heard about. Again, if you can breathe and walk and talk you can do this. And this method will 100% get you through the gatekeeper. You will get ALL our secrets, all of our test results, all our formulas and methods for producing money. Even if you don't have any credibility, no testimonials, no experience, no ad budget, no skills, no experience. nothing! The best part is making money with this system requires: NO cold calling - Every business you contact is a warm lead who NEEDS something. I will show you an awesome way to make a cold call turn into a warm call. With this technique, the gatekeeper will love you! You won't spend your time being told no. You will speak to only interested business owners. All you do is drop in, leave a present and come back in and get a thank you. I kid you not. Then set the appointment. NO Experience needed - This program is designed to take you from day 1 and walk you through exactly what to do each day to be guaranteed 3 new clients in just 30 days. Everything is given to you in a copy/paste format that will have you sending out real proposals and real emails and earning real money each week of the challenge. You don't have to be an SEO expert. You don't have to know web design. You don't have to be tech savvy. You will learn how to use LinkedIn to get dentists asking you to come see them. The same day! I prove it. NO Technical Skills Needed - Just follow the instructions to learn by doing and land 3 clients in the process. You will get day-by-day instructions from ground zero, all the way to landing 3 clients in 30 days' time. No website , phone lines are needed. Without start up costs you will be able to get started immediately. Making money in that first week. Giving you time and money freedom. Easing the burden and worry of the daily grind and paying bills. Here Is What You Get In This All Inclusive Package... MODULE 1 How to get your first client paying you 1k to 2k per month in less than 2 days! How to bust-out and secure a 10k+ per month income in your very first month! (Step by step) No need running ads for yourself. A simple, easy to do method to get through the gatekeeper and get that appointment with the dentist or office manager. Simple and to the point, this is as easy as it will ever get for you in business. Cheat sheets, step by steps, all laid out for you, just follow the directions! Nothing held back. Look over my shoulder and watch how I do it in front of you! How to make sure you succeed! Module one is all you need and is worth the price of admission alone. Make a mad dash to earn 10k in the next 30 days or less! Repeat the same system in your second month and shoot for doubling your revenue from 10k to 20k per month!! Don't stop, keep going higher! MODULE 2 Using LinkedIn as a prospecting tool. How to get an appointment in 4 hours. Facebook Ads. The Basics and How To Capture Leads For Your Client! All Facebook Ads, All Day Long! How to get started, with detailed and carefully crafted tutorial videos on how to go from A to B to C to D and every step to Z! Example ads. Ad writing formulas Secret sauce methods for winning ad campaigns How to keep it all simple as pie and don't go complicated to kick off High end versus low end offers to promote and how to make each work (they are different) How to boost desire and put the right offer in front of desperate buyers The definitive method for earning quick cash with Facebook ads. What type of freebies to give away that work and the one's that are useless The best ads and why they work The FB pixel Your dashboard Tools we use (secret tools!) Services we use and outsourcers MODULE 3 How to get clients How to be picky and only work with these types of clients, where to find them, how to get them! How to tell in less than 2 minutes if your prospect is a bad apple, and how to NOT TAKE THEM on as a client or accept money from them 3 different ways we get clients! (The first method to get clients you never thought of, but man does it work!) The way to be the hunted instead of the hunter! How to close prospects into high-end buyers who STICK! (And why low end buyers don't stick) How to turn your clients on to FB advertising How to run your agency How to manage clients How to free up your time and live without a schedule! How to automate your life! (oh and your business) How to intake your new clients and get them set up How to use business manager to manage your clients easier and effectively How to scale up and manage the growth properly Tons more! MODULE 4 What not to do (we learned the hard way and still learn methods, this is a new method for us but is working like a charm!) Sample templates, look over my shoulder, case studies, real world screen shots of prospects reaching out to us, etc. How this is an unlimited method and the sky is the limit, so don't worry about competition learning this method (it's so good you'll want to keep it quiet!) How it only requires a little bit of effort, less than an hour a day, to produce big revenue! None of this is advertising by the way Buy Premium From My Links To Get Resumable Support,Max Speed & Support Me Download ( NitroFlare ) [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] Download ( Rapidgator ) Alfafile
  7. David Snyder's - Killer Influence (2017) .MP4 | 1920 x 1080 | 10 .5 GB Genre: Video Tutorial Experience the single MOST POWERFUL covert influence techniques known today through the Killer Influence course. Learn the secrets of covert hypnotic influence and discover how you can use these techniques to create a tremendous amount of influence in your personal and professional life. Instantly allow yourself to heal, grow, and make all of your dreams happen. The Killer Influence system will expand on the lessons learned in the Conversational Persuasion & Influence course, and give you even more awareness and control over your internal emotional states - and what that means for exerting influence in the world. Once you are ready, Killer Influence will teach you... How To Create DEEP And Powerful Connections With People How To Control Your State At Will How To Connect With Another Human Beings Nervous System, How To Use That Connection To Send Feelings To Them Have Them Be More Open To Your Influence How To Manage Their Emotional State From Across The Room How To Tap In To The Secret Processes They Use To Make Decisions How To Automatically Target The Emotional Triggers And Hot Buttons That Make Them Do EXACTLY What You Want Them To Do How To Be A Master Hypnotist Learn The Hidden Secrets Of Social Hypnotic Operators Learn How to Cold Read Any Human Learn The Hidden Secrets Of Proxemic Hypnotic Operators Learn The Most Powerful Language Patterns On The Planet How To Influence Attraction Learn The Four Pillars Of Hypnotic Influence Learn Exactly How To Get People To Comply To You If you are one of the lucky few that are ready to take your influence skills to the next level, take action now with Killer Influence. Join David Snyder in expanding your hypnotic and influence skills in ways you never before thought possible. Buy Premium From My Links To Get Resumable Support,Max Speed & Support Me Download ( NitroFlare ) [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] Download ( Rapidgator ) Alfafile
  8. Bruce Frantzis - Old Yang Style Tai Chi WEBRip | English | MP4 | 640 x 360 | MPEG-4 ~999 Kbps | 29 fps AAC | 122 kbps | 44.1 KHz | 2 channels | 18:41:18 | 10.4 GB Genre: eLearning Video / Martial Arts Here is a quick learning progression in tai chi in general. Classically you start by learning the physical movements and body alignments. Then you slowly start to fold in the energetics. Just as you have external alignments, you also have internal alignments, which are physically invisible. In the intermediate stage, the energetics become more detailed and you slowly put the techniques into the form. Then you start to get into application tracks because everything up to this point is general or learning the basics. The type of application - healing, martial arts or meditation - will determine how and what you do. What is important about the Old Yang Style is it will help you learn what is inside tai chi. It helps you take what is in the dark into the light so that you can know what to focus on and how to activate it in your body. Here is a quick overview of the different areas of study that you can look at within tai chi: Precise physical alignments The 4 primary energies (and 13 total) 16 Taoist Neigong (inner energy work) principles Yang Chen Fu's 10 Principles Internal energetic alignments Martial art applications move by move Other applications All of this makes up the original source code of tai chi.This is not an intellectual study however, but rather a study of how energy specifically moves in the body. The original tai chi forms are optimized to have the biggest health and energetic results on your body. This is why learning tai chi can be both fun and addicting because after you do your practice your body feels better, vital and more alive. This is not by accident but is very conscious and intentional. I am excited to be sharing with you this upcoming video series and telling you more about this in the future. What was once secret is now openly available for everyone to study and learn. Buy Premium From My Links To Get Resumable Support,Max Speed & Support Me Download ( NitroFlare ) [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] Download ( Rapidgator ) Alfafile
  9. Academy of Sacred Geometry By Scott Olsen .MP4 | 1920 x 1080 | Duration: Course is 4 Days | Price: $450.00 | 6.76 gb Genre: Video Tutorial Course Details Duration: Course is 4 Days Price: $450.00 Nature's Elegant Ratio and the Canon of the Human Body With Scott Olsen, Ph.D and Lance Harding Ph.D This 4 day workshop will cover the foundation principles of Sacred Geometry and the advanced practise of the Canon of the Human Body, and the Divine Proportion & Nature's Elegant Principles of Design. To those who know how to approach her, Nature will lift her veil revealing a stunning system of elegant aesthetic delights. The Golden Section appearing at the center of it all, may well be the foundation of the most beautiful ratio in Nature, and the very bond that holds everything together through ratio, resonance and self-similar harmony at all levels. Includes a special evening lecture : Divine Proportion & the New Renaissance The Elegant Principles of Design To those who know how to approach her, Nature will lift her veil revealing a stunning system of elegant aesthetic delights. The Golden Section appearing at the center of it all, may well be the foundation of the most beautiful ratio in Nature, and the very bond that holds everything together through ratio, resonance and self-similar harmony at all levels. In this intensive program, students will be introduced to how the Golden Section, the Divine Proportion, is the root source of Nature's Eurhythmic Principles of Design. Scott and Lance will demonstrate the beauty, wisdom and pervasiveness of this golden mean in everything from DNA, plants, animals, humans and the solar system, to music, quarks, pyramids and hurricanes. Known to Plato and the initiates of classical Greece, the Golden Section's ubiquitous presence in all things provides the means for our progressive unfoldment into higher states of consciousness, in what the ancients referred to as initiation into the mysteries. Special evening with Scott and Lance, featuring a visual presentation and lecture/discussion. Lecture Topic: Divine Proportion & the New Renaissance PROFOUND NEW INSIGHTS into the dominating role of the DIVINE PROPORTION is taking the world of both science and aesthetics by storm. For example, on January 7, 2010 teams of physicists collaborating in England and Germany reported their empirical observation of the Golden Section as the principle of symmetry at the heart of Quantum Mechanics. In this visual presentation and discussion we will examine both the ANCIENT TRADITIONS and some of the recent STUNNING DISCOVERIES into the underlying role of a GOLDEN SECTION centered SYSTEM OF DYNAMIC SYMMETRY. It now appears to be central to PHYSICS (winding number, fine structure constant, quark masses), the PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEMENTS, BIOLOGY (including PLANT PHYLLOTAXIS, GENETICS and DNA structure), HEART physiology, COMPUTER technology, ENCRYPTION, ASTRONOMY, MUSIC, WEATHER TURBULENCE, BEAUTY and the unfolding of CONSCIOUSNESS itself. A deep recognition is arising amongst many scholars, scientists, aestheticians and leading thinkers that the underlying MATHEMATICS OF HARMONY permeates all aspects of life. We are literally on the threshold of a NEW RENAISSANCE in consciousness studies, the sciences, and arts. Perhaps the most striking feature for many is that the SAME GOLDEN PRINCIPLE lies at the HEART of both BEAUTY and OPTIMAL FUNCTION in all fields. Principles of Sacred Geometry: Theory & Practice Scott A. Olsen, Ph.D. and C. Lance Harding, Ph.D. BOTH 2-DAY WORKSHOPS WILL BE TEAM TAUGHT BY OLSEN & HARDING Olsen and Harding, long-time students of Keith Critchlow and John Michell, will teach you foundational drawings and geometrical constructions in both plane and solid geometry. Woven around an ancient Egyptian, Pythagorean - Platonic philosophical background and honoring Nature's fractal principles of design, we will examine the seven transformational (infinite and irrational) numbers of sacred geometry. The fundamentals and application of the Vesica Pisces, Rectangle of Genesis and the Golden Mandala will be explored. We will delve into the significance and application of the three Greek mean proportions. And finally participants will develop a deep understanding of the role of the Golden Section and Fibonacci and Lucas numbers in Nature and principles of design. We intend to cover the foundational principles of Sacred Geometry in this 2-Day Workshop. It will be a grand introduction for anyone with some experience or even those new to the field. And it will serve as a thorough refresher and extension of important new insights for anyone already familiar with geometric drawings and constructions. We will be integrating into the workshop the basic Pythagorean/ Platonic insights of the most profound Ancient Wisdom taught anywhere on the planet. And we will introduce the use of the Golden Chalice Design Template. Participants will become thoroughly grounded in both geometric drawings and 3-dimensional model constructions. This 1st Workshop will provide all the necessary background and prerequisites to get the most out of the 2nd Advanced Workshop. Course outline Day 1 VISUAL BACKGROUND: PYTHAGOREAN & PLATONIC TRADITION; DIVIDED LINE; PLATO'S GREAT MYSTERY IN THE TIMAEUS FOUNDATIONAL DRAWINGS: BASIC POLYGONS - TRIANGLE, SQUARE, HEXAGON, PENTAGON, VESICA PISCIS, OCTAGON, DECAGON, & DODECAGON ROOT & GOLDEN RECTANGLES THE SEVEN TRANSFORMATIONAL NUMBERS (INFINITE & IRRATIONAL) FIBONACCI AND LUCAS NUMBERS: NATURE'S METHOD OF DIVINE PROPORTION MEASUREMENTS OF PARTICIPANTS (VOLUNTARY) PRIMER ON RATIO, PROPORTION & APPLICATION OF THE THREE GREEK MEANS: ARTITHMETIC, HARMONIC & GEOMETRIC Day 2 VISUAL INTRODUCTION: THE NEW GOLDEN PARADIGM: HOW IT MANIFESTS THROUGHOUT NATURE & THE COSMOS APPLICATIONS OF THE GOLDEN MANDALA, RECTANGLE OF GENESIS & VESICA PISCIS THE GOLDEN CHALICE OF ORION: WORKING WITH THE DESIGN TEMPLATE AS A TOOL THAT INTEGRATES and RESULTS OF MEASUREMENTS VISUAL INTERLUDE: MATHEMATICS OF HARMONY & THE GOAL OF EUCLID'S ELEMENTS CONSTRUCTING GEOMETRIC SOLIDS: 5 PLATONIC (REGULAR) & 13 ARCHIMEDEAN (SEMI-REGULAR) SOLIDS OVERVIEW & SUMMATION OF THE PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS OF HARMONY MATHEMATICS Day 3 Advanced Principles of Sacred Geometry & THE CANONS OF HUMAN PROPORTION: THEORY & PRACTICE with Scott A. Olsen, Ph.D. and C. Lance Harding, Ph.D. Our focus will be the ideal Canon of the Human Body using sacred geometry. Participants will become familiar with canons from ancient Egypt (including the Old Kingdom, Amarna, and New Kingdom), Greek and Roman canons, Byzantine Christian, Medieval and Modern canons. Specifically we will examine and employ individual canon studies from Vitruvius (and his 10 measurements of the man in the square and circle), Leonardo da Vinci (geometry of his man in the square and circle), Cesariano (two drawings of man in the square and man in the circle), Desiderius Lenz (his canon of male and female geometry compared with Vitruvius), and Corbusier (golden proportion modular). Finally we will study both Harding's application of the Golden Mandala to various historical works of art and design, and Olsen's construction of the Golden Chalice of Orion (fusing together,, , , , and 1/) in one very practical design template. Note: Workshop participants should bring a sketchpad, straight-edge, good pair of compasses (in American lingo simply called a compass), and pencils (regular & colored), and/ or pens, sharpener & eraser, transparency paper, masking tape and scissors. We will have some extra compasses, straight-edges and pencils available. In this Advanced Workshop we will penetrate into the very sacred mysteries of the Canons of Human Proportion. These secrets were revealed during the initiatory experiences in the halls and temples of the ancient mystery traditions. But it was absolutely forbidden (on penalty of death) to reveal these tremendous revelations to the un-initiate. Having trained with the best sacred geometers in the world, studied the ancient traditions, and undergone our own inner revelations, we shall weave together what we know of these ancient mystery schools, and the deep insights and epiphanies engendered into the SECRET MYSTERIES OF NUMBER. And because "the whole Universe is enfolded into each part," as David Bohm used to say, it follows that understanding the human canon allows one to know the Universal Canon. This is one Workshop you will not want to miss! ESOTERICA 1. SACRED GEOMETRY & INITIATION INTO THE EGYPTIAN & ELEUSINIAN MYSTERIES TWO CANONS OF EGYPTIAN PROPORTION POLYCLITUS & THE GREEK CANON OF PROPORTION VITRUVIUS THE INITIATE: 10 MEASUREMENTS OF MAN IN THE SQUARE AND CIRCLE THE RENAISSANCE: THE CENTRAL ROLE OF LUCA PACIOLI'S DIVINA PROPORTIONE CESARIANO, DURER & LEONARDO DAVINCI'S VITRUVIAN MAN ESOTERICA 2. THE SECRETS OF SYMMETRY & ASYMMETRY: DEEP INSIGHTS FROM SCHWALLER DE LUBICZ'S THE TEMPLE OF MAN, AND THE MAHATMA LETTERS IN THE BRITISH LIBRARY Day 4 ESOTERICA 3. HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE, FRACTALIZATION & THE GOLDEN SCIENCES THE CANON OF PROPORTION OF FATHER DESIDERIUS LENZ THE PHI CANON OF ADOLF ZEISING LE CORBUSIER AND THE PHI MODULAR MODERN CANONS OF KEITH CRITCHLOW & PAUL RICHER ESOTERICA 4. THE ESOTERIC TETRAKTYS, AND GEORGE HENRY FELT & THE ROOTS OF THEOSOPHY ESOTERICA 5. DIVINE PROPORTION: RESONANCE, MICROTUBULES AND THE GREAT MYSTERY OF CONSCIOUSNESS & ITS TRANSFORMATION Buy Premium From My Links To Get Resumable Support,Max Speed & Support Me Download ( NitroFlare ) [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] Download ( Rapidgator ) Alfafile
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