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  1. Not possible, all 'programs' that are on youtube and across the internet are 100% fake and will steal your account if you type in your real nickname and password of your BF account
  2. Indeed, and annoying
  3. First thing when you join a game in lol is 'I will report you' in chat xD
  4. Oh thanks, but how do you know that?
  5. A multihack for LoL. Actually x22 is a person, a coder. He has most popular cheats for games
  6. I am thinking about buying x22 for lol
  7. That would be cool for Karthus too. I have found some tools but they are pretty old. Tried few of them, nothing works :/
  8. Does anyone know some free/private and clean hack (no virus) for LoL? If yes, please drop the link In specific im looking for somekinda indicator for last hit or HP percentage for enemy team players
  9. Problem is much deeper, regards what you said about forum I agree with that but overall BF is dying, every day there are less and less players, so it means less people will search BF bot and less people will join our forum. It seems Gameforge doesn't care about BF anymore, so if it dies there is great chance that the forum dies to. Don't get me wrong please, I don't want this to happen but it is just a fact.
  10. Me personally, I don't even care about aspects. Have full HS gear and adjusting between aspects I consider that a waste of time
  11. You can hope to be the best on the server now
  12. Well it's kinda sad to see how forum dies slowly. If it was more active, people would participate in various discussions and there would be no need for spamming I really hope this will change in future. Also, the game itself is slowly dying without new players, new servers... there is no new players who need bot and thus it affects our forum
  13. So what's the point of entire forum if everybody will post here whatever they want?