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  1. * Initialising.. * Unknown error encountered. Try again. Please help?
  2. That would be awesome. I have few suggestions about the bot which are easy to implement
  3. Got a warning from admin for using a bot. . I have been botting for almost 4 years with no problem. I guess they have new tracking system for bot users. Since my acc is very valuable and high level I have no choice but to stop using bot at all...
  4. Chrome app

    Yup, this game was definitely meant to be a pc browser game
  5. acc's for sell

    That's right. Links, details about accs and every other info should be discussed over PM.
  6. BOT-Delay

    On US servers is 15 sec delay as default. LOL
  7. acc's for sell

    Guys just be careful when posting links of your accounts. You never know who might be reading this forum.
  8. Thanks for answer. The higher lvl I am the more health I lose. I thought I was doing something wrong lol
  9. Guys, lately I am experiencing rapid drop to 0 health when doing Story mode. This didn't happen before. I have just kept bot running, but now I have to heal every few min and manually continue story. It's really annoying. Can I solve this thing somehow or?
  10. HellStones

    Not possible, all 'programs' that are on youtube and across the internet are 100% fake and will steal your account if you type in your real nickname and password of your BF account
  11. Indeed, and annoying
  12. First thing when you join a game in lol is 'I will report you' in chat xD