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Dear members, finally, we decided to refresh our theme. Decision was brought based on multiple factors, primarily because of technical needs as old one is not compatible with a new platform version, but also because you all asked for a darker theme.
Here you go!

Please head here if you want to vote https://www.elite7hackers.net/topic/411861-the-new-theme/


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  1. Add

    Non-functional services

    Okay thank you
  2. Add

    Non-functional services

    I don't know what the problem is but I can't login with my info to BFB Licencing System, so it means I cant re-activate my licence and I can't use the bot. Any help please?
  3. * Initialising.. * Unknown error encountered. Try again. Please help?
  4. That would be awesome. I have few suggestions about the bot which are easy to implement
  5. Got a warning from admin for using a bot. . I have been botting for almost 4 years with no problem. I guess they have new tracking system for bot users. Since my acc is very valuable and high level I have no choice but to stop using bot at all...
  6. Add


    On US servers is 15 sec delay as default. LOL
  7. Thanks for answer. The higher lvl I am the more health I lose. I thought I was doing something wrong lol
  8. Guys, lately I am experiencing rapid drop to 0 health when doing Story mode. This didn't happen before. I have just kept bot running, but now I have to heal every few min and manually continue story. It's really annoying. Can I solve this thing somehow or?
  9. Problem is much deeper, regards what you said about forum I agree with that but overall BF is dying, every day there are less and less players, so it means less people will search BF bot and less people will join our forum. It seems Gameforge doesn't care about BF anymore, so if it dies there is great chance that the forum dies to. Don't get me wrong please, I don't want this to happen but it is just a fact.
  10. You can hope to be the best on the server now
  11. Add

    Bitefight bazaar

    Well it's kinda sad to see how forum dies slowly. If it was more active, people would participate in various discussions and there would be no need for spamming I really hope this will change in future. Also, the game itself is slowly dying without new players, new servers... there is no new players who need bot and thus it affects our forum

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