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  1. I'll ask carders. Does it work with any laptop model?
  2. Cthulchu

    Fallout 2

    Not 3 or new vegas. We leave that fancy graphics to kids. What do you think? I love Fallout 2. It's just amazing. There are quite a few mods that extend the gameworld and even change it completely. Right now I'm waiting for the newest version of one of the best mods.
  3. Cthulchu


    I have some
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Mitnick he's a father of SE
  5. Cthulchu

    WEP Hacking with CommView

    for what type of encryption?
  6. Cthulchu


    What do you think about the game? I'm gonna to make a server for english-speaking users with some good mods
  7. Cthulchu

    SE McDonald's | FREE GOODS!!!

    that's funny. thanks. Although I don't eat there
  8. I read all your posts here and before you didn't mention that it's better to give them a prepaid card number. Does it make sense to do it always or just in this case? and why is it better to give them a prepaid card? What could they do with a real one? find you when they find out it's a fraud? but they can find you since they know the shipment address.
  9. Cthulchu

    [SE] 4K Dell Monitors | FREE | US ONLY

    Would it work for Canada as well?
  10. Cthulchu

    [SE]Logitech HD Pro C920 Webcam | FREE

    amaizing... I hope these topics are only for registered users...
  11. but will they take the money from the seller? what if I buy the access for a quarter to some service? Would they ban me? However, the thing is totally great! PS OMG, I really like your posts here. Never have I liked the Social Engineering even though I read Kevin Mitnick's books, but these posts are absolutely cool
  12. OMFG!!! That is... That is... Kevin! Is it you? Does it work with all razer products?
  13. Cthulchu

    [SE] Amazon GiftCards for FREE

    good thing, but I don't think anyone would give the code, However, this should work with money cards like Webmoney. Lol. I should try it.
  14. It is risky, They will look for the carder who stole the card. And they will find out the fraud pretty fast. You don't want the troubles.
  15. Cthulchu

    Siterip program

    lol) you cannot get the php-files since they are on the server. Obviously, all these "rippers" can't be really helpful if you want to copy a web-site, unless the site is some kind of a shitty functionless html-pages. Well, actually, you can download the php-files if you have access to the FTP, but if you have it, you wouldn't need any rippers. Sometimes rippers are useful to copy information to store it locally, but it's a rare case.

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