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  1. I'll ask carders. Does it work with any laptop model?
  2. Fallout 2

    Not 3 or new vegas. We leave that fancy graphics to kids. What do you think? I love Fallout 2. It's just amazing. There are quite a few mods that extend the gameworld and even change it completely. Right now I'm waiting for the newest version of one of the best mods.
  3. obviously, to check the vulnerabilities or to practise....
  4. Funny BiteFight Screenshots

    guys, you can go for four aspects simultaneously. I wonder why you don't: PS I quit playing. It's too boring to burn my time
  5. Linux on an USB

    I started with Debian. Now i Use it on all my web-servers. Amazingly stable and easy to configure.
  6. Domain Registrator suggestions

    I've chosen for now. It's a pretty good registrar. Although I use moniker and godaddy as well as a few russian registrars. However, the question is always actual.
  7. Hello, guys. I would be really thankful if you suggested me a good domain registrar. Here are some basic requirements: Registrar from North America or EU;Reasonable Prices;Possibility of setting custom: NS, TEXT, A, MX records;Possibility of transferring domains to and from;Possibility of hiding the registration data in whois;NOT a low-level unreliable reseller. PS godaddy sucks since the prices are ridiculously high.
  8. Minecraft

    I have some
  9. Funny BiteFight Screenshots

    The key is a high priority for eating and hiding. Actually, I lowered the priority for hiding, preferring to confrontate and attack; while the priority for eating was the highest among the other variants.
  10. Funny BiteFight Screenshots

    lets post some funny ones: I'll start [imgx=Image title and/or description][/imgx] the longest chain I love the story mode
  11. Presentation Cthulchu

    well, it's too pretty for a hacker forum, you know... Usually hacker forums have much simpler designs and functionality is... well, the best engine for any forum is absolutely vbulletin because of its functionality and amount of plugins/mods/templates/etc written. Actually, I don't even know why would anyone take anything else. Maybe because it's not free and, actually, vbulletin is quite expensive. However, it makes sense to use a nulled version on a hacker forum I use one on a few forms. Although, when a project grows, it makes sense to buy a license just to show some support to the decent developers.
  12. he's a father of SE
  13. WEP Hacking with CommView

    for what type of encryption?
  14. Minecraft

    What do you think about the game? I'm gonna to make a server for english-speaking users with some good mods
  15. Minesweep

    It's great! Recently installed Windows: