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  1. .sKyLo.

    Finally BOT WORKS !!!

    We are sorry for disturbing, bot working right now, i have upload a pictures, download it from here and read all steps(upload pictures). You have all necesarry in arhive !!! Download : https://www61.zippyshare.com/v/GSzW7T8E/file.html Run BFBTKiT2.exe : Follow the steps from .rar file, download here and open photos in order: 1,2,3...etc : https://www32.zippyshare.com/v/xHefbi9b/file.html
  2. Solved.

  3. .sKyLo.

    Finally BOT WORKS !!!

    Solved. Both links are uploaded.
  4. .sKyLo.

    Bitefight Priorities

    I would ask many people to share with us many opinions about bitefightbot : priorities and blacklists to make more money and more experience in the story..Last one day i saw a player with 50 milions blood in my back , and today i saw he`s got just 10 milions blood in my back. I need a good list with priorities and blacklist. Thanks !!!!
  5. .sKyLo.

    Licenses Announcement !

    Hello for all users from Elite, the old system is back from licenses ( manually ), so who have problem and can not add own license contact ONLY ME on PM because @xZero have alot of work with site/family/job. I wait your issues on private message. Thanks alot and have a good day !
  6. I can not acces License Manager and i explain Zero the problem. He will solve as soon as possible guys, just be patient
  7. .sKyLo.

    Presentation .sKyLo.

    Name (IRL) : Bodgan Age : 19 ( 06/16 ) Location : Romania - Bucharest Email (if you want) : Email in PM. How you find this forum : Searching for BitefightBot Sports : Snooker, Football Interests : Bitefight, Football Do you play Bitefight : Yep, level 950 + What do you think about the bot : Awesome What you think about this forum : Perfect Political opinions : Nevermind Friend on forum (If you have) : All staff like xZero, Simon is my friend.. Thanks, best regards!
  8. .sKyLo.

    The Best Mana

    Hello guys, its easy. Who recive best/greates mana in fight will be able to win the contest. I need screenshot and the fight details(rounds of fight) Note: Event going offline in 7 days !! Prize : 2 months license booting.
  9. Hello guys, i will explain "Step by Step" how bitefightbot will work: 1. Download patch here : http://www81.zippyshare.com/v/y4QwNIXb/file.html 1.a . Dissable Anti-Virus program for installing BfbKit, it will work 100 % (Before download) 2. Extract with WinRAR the patch. 3. Into the files: Open the folder wich name is : tools 4. After open folder tools, open other folder instead of this : BiteFightBot Toolkit (patch) 5. Run BFBTKiT2 than wait about 10-15 seconds. The kit will show you: Repair/About/Exit. 6. Press key numer 1: Repair. After write 1, press Enter and wait BfbKit working. Photo: http://www99.zippyshare.com/v/IHIj9RGj/file.html 7. After this bot working, press numer 3: "Exit". Regards, Co-Founder .sKyLo. Elite7Hackers Team !
  10. .sKyLo.

    BitefightBot Problems?

    Hello, many people contact me and tell me the bot doesnt work. So here its solution : http://www2.zippyshare.com/v/lQGCMorY/file.html Download it, and copy-paste hosts in : C -> Windows -> System32 -> drivers -> etc . Delete old hosts and replace with that i uploaded. It works 100 %, i tested it. Have a nice day !
  11. .sKyLo.

    BitefightBot Solved ( Explicit Steps )

    @xZero can help you how you made it work, really i explain step by step, it is weirdo by the way.



  13. .sKyLo.


    Romanian language: Dragi jucatori, dupa cum bine stiti, Craciunul este aproape. Vrem sa va multumim ca si anul acesta sunteti alaturi de noi si va multumim. Va uram toate cele bune alaturi de familie/prieteni si persoane dragi. Echipa Elite7Hackers va multumeste !! English language: Dear players, as we know, Christmas its close. We want to thanks for all players wich use boting on this year being with us and we appreciate. We wish all the best with family/friends and loved ones. Team Elite7Hackers thanks for all !!
  14. Who can not reactivate serial, PM me on forum !!! 

  15. Who can not reactivate serial, PM me on forum !!! 

  16. Who can not reactivate serial, PM me on forum !!! 

  17. Who can not reactivate serial, PM me on forum !!!

  18. .sKyLo.

    BitefightBot+License Tutorial

    Hello everyone, after two hours of movie, i decided to made a tutorial for all newbies wich want to use bot, have a good watching: Have a nice night, hope to like videos and my work.
  19. @BFBotDev: Eu nu te inteleg, de ce esti atat de frustrat? Crezi ca programul tau nu poate fi spart sau codul nu poate fi copiat? Chiar nu iti inteleg frustrarea sa vi aici sa postezi fel de fel de cacaturi, amenintandu-ne ca luam ban si asa mai departe. Crezi ca asa iti faci rost de "clienti"? Prietene, noi ( echipa ) oferim boting MOCA, nu cerem 5 euro lunar ca hotii. Noi oferim permanent boting cu 0 euro. Sper sa intelegi chestia asta ca nu facem aici pentru bani, o facem pentru a ajuta jucatorii si pentru a ne dezvolta comunitatea. Sper sa intelegi, sa dai dovada de maturitate si sa nu vi aici sa te lauzi ca nu este detectabil botingul tau, totul tine de DELAY prietene. Daca te duce capul, pui delay 750-850 bootezi frumos si te doare la pula ca nu iei ban, iti garantez asta pentru ca folosesc boting de 5 ani de zile aproape. Sa ai o seara buna si sper sa nu te mai bagi in seama aiurea.
  20. .sKyLo.

    Report errors, bugs forum slow downs

    xZero works alot and many people told me offline and i watched my laptop and check every 10 mins this forum No problem, alot of work but its ok now. Server can handle many informations.
  21. .sKyLo.

    Report errors, bugs forum slow downs

    Server down, i try to handle online xZero working...
  22. .sKyLo.

    Happy New Year

    Happy new years too and for all players/staff !!
  23. .sKyLo.

    BitefightBot Problems?

    have all links in description
  24. .sKyLo.


    Delay depends on internet connection, i use delay about 750-860, DEPENDS on internet connection !!!!

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