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  1. Botingul s-a modificat de cand s-a bagat s17-ro sau orice alt exemplu. Poti face doar poveste...
  2. hello i need some info on how to post stuff on this site. example new videos/porn links/new categories for new content which is not available on this site. my main problem is i cant find how to , i dont see anywhere START NEW THREAD or START NEW TOPIC 

    1. .sKyLo.
    2. gxdngusz


      i thought i was going bananas. thanks for resolving the issue

    3. ahmed mhmed

      ahmed mhmed

      Thank you so much

  3. @BFBotDev: Eu nu te inteleg, de ce esti atat de frustrat? Crezi ca programul tau nu poate fi spart sau codul nu poate fi copiat? Chiar nu iti inteleg frustrarea sa vi aici sa postezi fel de fel de cacaturi, amenintandu-ne ca luam ban si asa mai departe. Crezi ca asa iti faci rost de "clienti"? Prietene, noi ( echipa ) oferim boting MOCA, nu cerem 5 euro lunar ca hotii. Noi oferim permanent boting cu 0 euro. Sper sa intelegi chestia asta ca nu facem aici pentru bani, o facem pentru a ajuta jucatorii si pentru a ne dezvolta comunitatea. Sper sa intelegi, sa dai dovada de maturitate si sa nu vi aici sa te lauzi ca nu este detectabil botingul tau, totul tine de DELAY prietene. Daca te duce capul, pui delay 750-850 bootezi frumos si te doare la pula ca nu iei ban, iti garantez asta pentru ca folosesc boting de 5 ani de zile aproape. Sa ai o seara buna si sper sa nu te mai bagi in seama aiurea.
  4. For all players wich get a problem with FORUM or BOT, contact me on PM or let me a message on facebook. Have a nice day !


    1. ahmedhded


      Hello everyone how are the subject of an excellent

  6. Hello everyone, after two hours of movie, i decided to made a tutorial for all newbies wich want to use bot, have a good watching: Have a nice night, hope to like videos and my work.
  7. @Update: Seaching for SEO/Designer/Super Moderator job`s !!! All CV`s in my PM !! !!!!! 

  8. @Update: Seaching for SEO/Designer/Super Moderator job`s !!! All CV`s in my PM !!!! ( Volunteer Job ) !!

  9. @Update: Seaching for SEO/Designer/Super Moderator job`s !!! All CV`s in my PM !! !!!!!

    1. ahmedhded


      This orbs is power thank you very much

  10. @Update: Seaching for SEO/Designer/Super Moderator job`s !!! All CV`s in my PM !!

  11. We are looking for Designer/Game Operator/SEO/Super Moderator.All CV`s in my PM !!!

    1. xZero


      For applicants: This is voluntary(unpaid) job although may be paid in future(if website grows).

  12. We are looking for Active Staff, if anyone consider it`s good for the job, send me a PM with CV(information) about experience in : Game Operator/Super Moderator/Designer/SEO!!!!

  13. Hello guys, i'm gonna to mountain untill Sunday. If anyone get a new idea from event just pm me on the forum i will answer as soon as possible. Good luck for all and have a nice weekend!

    1. ahmed mhmed

      ahmed mhmed

      Thank you so much

  14. Hello, i just got a idea and i wait your votes. I expect much people to vote this, thank you !