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  1. Thebestsimon

    bitefight hack

    @pepe142103 No just no, that is bullshit. You can't get double gold by clicking like a dumbass At this point the bot may be clicking 100 times per second and does not get 2x gold lol. What happen when you multi click on story is that sometimes it skips the next screen and goes directly to the next situation... Same for you @Arsenal, You can get 3x more gold than normal grotto when doing story. For 3 AP you can get around 6 to 7 difficult grottos.
  2. Hacking is not "changing something on a website". Hacking is connecting to the website in being administrator, or changing something in the direct database or source of datas. What you want is to modify the extension itself. It is the same as for example trying to change the interface in Microsoft Word, you can't modify an executable. As xZero did for the Bitefight Bot, he did not modify the .exe itself, he modifies the datas that are fetched by the bot in the owner database, and redirected it to his own database. Which means that we can inject whatever we want in the bot, but not modify its structure... If "K'ed by TNT Team" is something that is fetched somewhere then it is crackable..
  3. Then answer is you can't. Else it would be too easy to change everything on any app/website...
  4. Hope you can read, it is written: "Test your settings again". It clearly mentions that your serial is up to date. So the problem is in your side. Before posting, be sure to check EVERY single parameter, not only SID. Thx
  5. Then they did not added it, it is part of the patched app. It is a normal behaviour! It is like if Facebook had no logo...
  6. @ruby_24_ Dare to explain why? It works for me...
  7. Well that should considered as a virus by your computer, sometimes trust it (not for Bitefight Bot, it is obviously not a virus!). Eventually try getting uBlock Origin it may solve the problem. Else you are ready to delete the patcher itself and reinstall your browser
  8. Thebestsimon

    New donation from Nimrod

    Thank you Nimrod We greatly appreciate your support! See you around!
  9. Thebestsimon

    Bitefight SpyMon [RELEASE!!!]

    @xZero Seems like we can't log in anymore. Could you throw in some time to check it?
  10. Thebestsimon

    New Equipments, III

    Hi everybody, As you may have seen, thay implemented new sets of equipments between Lvl. 900 and 9000 !!! I wanted to have your opinion on them and if you find some attractive ! And if you have picture of the equipments above Lvl. 2000 I've seen some of a good one : Hvass (Votre inventaire: 0 Objet(s))Dégâts primaires: +92Dégâts supp.: +434Prix (vente): 227.800.825 pièces d`or + 99 Pierres Démoniaques Prix (achat): 56.950.206 pièces d`or Prérequis : niveau 1530 Klov(Votre inventaire: 1 Objet(s))Dégâts primaires: +103Dégâts supp.: +206Force: +129 Prix (achat): 44.394.640 pièces d`orPrérequis : niveau 1220
  11. @pepe142103 Ah it could be it then, I did not tried it for some 8 or 9 months. But I would say it still work. Will give it a try when I have time.
  12. @pepe142103 The bot is still working on Androïd for me for free. Never had to pay nor renew my license...
  13. Thebestsimon

    Bitefight Bot will expire , HELP !

    Hi @xD2018hack, Good to see that you opened a thread to talk about that. Even if you already know the answer, but I will say it again: - The license is automaticaly updated for 1 more month every time it has to expire. I actually update it by myself, but consider it automatic
  14. @pepe142103Thx for your feedback We will look forward this if we find time. There are a lot of files (like 10...) because we prefered bundling everything in one archive than making several archives.
  15. Don't think he had time to try...
  16. Thebestsimon

    Finally BOT WORKS !!!

    Maybe you are lacking some DLL? Or maybe you still have an activated antivirus. Download again the patch.
  17. @ruby_24_ Check content of forum before asking question (there is a research tool in fact...). So for your question: yes since some years the bot only work in story mode. It comes from Bitefight changing their URL.
  18. Thebestsimon

    Finally BOT WORKS !!!

    @beelzebub DO NOT SHARE YOUR SERIAL! This serial is actually not in the database, there is no way it will work. Then you need to check your SID again I guess...
  19. Thebestsimon

    Finally BOT WORKS !!!

    Dude I told you by PM that your serial was not yet activated. Why are you posting on the forum if I already told you I will check it as soon as possible!!! Your serial is now up.
  20. Thebestsimon

    Finally BOT WORKS !!!

    @beelzebub, dude are you serious? This is your first post, you did not even checked the main post which provides the bot...: Check this before going any further.
  21. Thebestsimon

    Finally BOT WORKS !!!

    Send me the content of your Hosts file by PM
  22. Thebestsimon


    @Peter What was the equipment(s) used for this orb? Are you using a all stat equipment like: Pest Force: +28Défense: +28Dextérité: +28Endurance: +28Charisme: +28 Seems like the orb gave 2x the bonus. It seems that you have 2 or 3 weapons on storage also.
  23. Thebestsimon

    Items which i received from fountain

    @Peter On speed server the chance of dropping an item are 4x bigger (to be verified by GO), which makes it relatively easy to get some per month. On normal server the drop rate is too low to hope for a 1 item/month. So basically, on speed server you have AP x4 and chance of dropping x4. It makes it a x16 item than normal server. If you get 2 items per month (on normal use, not buying elixirs at all) then on normal server we should get 1/8 item per month. From my user experience I can say that my ratio of item is 1/3 months.
  24. Thebestsimon

    Finally BOT WORKS !!!

    @optimusMCS Your serial is already up to date. Licensing service does not work anymore (check highlight message!). Your bot is not parametered correctly for now. Check again.
  25. Thebestsimon

    Items which i received from fountain

    @Peter I pretty skeptical with what you said. GameForge already told french forum that the wells drop were random and that no stat were afflicting it. For example I have a decent charisma: 731 and I did not get any item since October! This is pure random. And same for the wells situation, random. What is sure is that you need to be in forest or mountain to find one

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