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  1. Hello @HaunteerZ1, the bot is still working. But some serial are not up to date and Database changed location so the Bot won't reach it anymore if we do not fix IP location on your computer. We are actually considering closing this platform and the BFBot licensing system for good. We will try to provide help to make the Bot work again in post-forum life but for now, that is just suggestion.
  2. Hi Boss, It is hard to heard about it, but I had taken this consideration much earlier. The forum is dead, regarding activity of users. People are not bringing life to it with 0 posts/thread a day... Honestly, as first I'd said we should get rid of Bitefight section, the bot is no more. Few people are asking for licensing on our base, but I do no longer want to carry about this. For the amount, I would literally delete this part of the forum. No more Bitefight here (but it was the only living part somedays ago). It would also help preventting bans (regarding weapons thread), either we shut down the licensing system or we provide a tool to auto-handle BFBot in local database (just a file.db). This way, people would get a free bot for life and for sure the creator of BFBot would be really sad, but who cares? I can't evaluate the rest of the forum (I mean download section), maybe some people download things from there but as they do not "thanks" or whatever we have no record of such activity. I'd say the forum had a longer life than it needed to have We should let him go now and keep in touch on Facebook page (which could suffise). If ever you consider doing a auto-BFBot for locals, we could provide little help/support through FB page. The bot is no use for it. That is my point of view, as someone who joined in early 2014 and was "interested" by the forum (thus becoming manager/admin/root trhough years). Now with my position and my rights here I feel it very empty ... We can discuss on private about it (on FB). Eventually I'm still there if needed! See you guys, Simon
  3. Hi @ruby_24_ we do not provide assistance with this extension as we did not make it nor take credit from it. We just propose it as an alternate from original BFBot.
  4. I renewed licences as the database was up again. We changed configuration in server and IP changed, we need to release a new version of the patch to handle this. For now we are working on it and we kindly ask you to wait for further announcments regarding this.
  5. Hmm sorry Mirac, can't do much on the core... @xZero Can you check that when you have time?
  6. @xZero I experienced the same around the same time. Posting requiered a lot of time as the server was charging. And 1/2 error was occuring. It should not happen again now I think.
  7. @Total Repair Yes, link I provided was a too old version of the patch. I uploaded a new version which is working for me. Edit: Provided a new link that should do the trick! Feedback appreciated.
  8. Up, Yes file has expired, I uploaded it again. I would appreciate feedbacks on the content (archive may not be the latest version of the bot).
  9. Thebestsimon


    Hope everyone had time to see it Anyway, Happy New Year everyone and you xZero
  10. Thebestsimon


    Hi folks, Just a little message to wish you a merry Christmas from all the staff of elite7hackers, a bit late (forum had issues). For this particular reason, we offer you a bit of snow on the forum Thanks xZero for this!
  11. Aiedail (Votre inventaire: 2 Objet(s)) Prix (achat): 59.721.545 Chances de toucher (sur l'adversaire): -14 Chances supp. de toucher (sur l'adversaire): -52 Prérequis : niveau 1230 Wow never ever thought I could goet twice the same!! Well it has been a long time without dropping one, that is a really good gift for Christmas
  12. I've came up with 1200 as a pretty realistic delay (it is slower than me as it takes around 3 to 4 seconds to perform one action). I've evaluated myself and I can come up to 2s max between two situations (really fast internet and clicking fast as hell on the predicted position of buttons), it is really fast for human (but guess possible as I can do it) but you have too low control on what you do (I miss a lot of situation as I click yoo fast ) 3 minutes is really slow for 40 actions as you may requiere 1000 actions to get one start, but they will never know you are boting with such delays lol. Some deductions we got from Game Operators on different countries: - Do not use Bitefight when the bot is running. - If you want to use BF (check message, profile, go to church or else), stop the bot before doing it, then launch it back. - Always compare the speed of the bot and your internet connection, if it is fast, put a delay (800 to 1200 should be ok). - If you somehow get disconnected while boting/playing, it means that Game Operators are testing your account and connected into it. Log back and finish your stories manualy or put a high delay (>2000) to make sure it will pass their test (they can't do differently to test the accounts). - Never talk about the bot in the game, only use this forum. Respecting this immune yourself from bans.
  13. Hi DarkSide, sorry for the late reply (regarding your DM also). Yes I'm the only one to activate licenses here. If you did not get any answer in 2 to 3 days, you can DM .sKyLo. to let him know that I should check the forum BUT, please do not send .sKyLo. your serials, only DM me with. Quick edit: Do not contact .sKyLo., he is so busy with life that he will take longer than me to reply lol.
  14. Thebestsimon

    Bot delay

    Hello everyone, I know this thread already exists, but I wanted to create a new one to speak with you about the delay. I recently got a new connection (optical fiber) and it is fast enough to make the bot really become a bot! So, using 0 as delay is not possible, it is too risky for this game. Any of you already got a ban (soft: 15d) for boting? If you had, can you tell us how much delay you had. Using 0 with such a connection with inevitably awards you a ban! I will try to put 2000 and evaluate the time between action (we need to consider more than just the delay of the bot itself). @xZero If you can help us sniff the real delay to evaluate what should be considered as "human" in the future, it would be so great! Anyways, guys enjoy the bot and not the ban
  15. You need to focus on how the game works... Leveling up will grant you +4 Battle Value. So your battle value is higher but you are definitly NOT stronger. Which also means you will face stronger opponents the longer you level up. What you want is to up your stats without levelling up (+1 in a stat is +1 in Battle Value). Second point is that there still are talents between 220 and 300, and among them there are the best you need. You may want to reach them before focusing on your stats. Anyway, you can't really beat stronger (in battle value) opponent if you do'nt have the opposite equipment, which is not very much possible at low level (like if they are full damage and you lower their chance to hit it is absolutely win).
  16. Thebestsimon


    You can find your SID by opening developping tools (F12) and then on the main page, search for the cookie. If you find a solution, maybe you can talk about it a bit? If anyone has the same problem it would help
  17. @fcsv The cookie viewer is not made by Elite7Hackers team. So we do not provide help for this component. You should search on the web for help. You can eventually create a new thread for that. We will be glad to look for you
  18. @fcsv Dude, after level 300 there is no more talent, so basically all the talents that are explained here are for level 300+. So take the one you prefer on this thread @fcsv Dude, after level 300 there is no more talent, so basically all the talents that are explained here are for level 300+. So take the one you prefer on this thread @fcsv Dude, after level 300 there is no more talent, so basically all the talents that are explained here are for level 300+. So take the one you prefer on this thread
  19. What you can do that works everytime, is to track your opponent. Just fight them in casual equipment (let's say +dmg only). And just screen their equipments, then prepare the opposite equipment according to it. Eventually at low level you can't really counter someone... Like if I'm playing full +dmg, if you can lower my chance of touching to 25% I will certainly lose, but at level 65 you won't be able to lower under -15% I guess. So it won't really be significant! I'm not a low level player so it is just guessing from me
  20. Regarding hunting gold, there is one way that should be the best at low level is - hit chance and - dmg output on opponent. Because what matters the most is your health to chain grottos/stories. You could also go full defense to max your health but unfortunately you will lack so much damage that you will lose fights. Best items here are war items (health, chance, dmg, talent). Like building around those (paying) items : Norodia (armor) Basically it gives 6500 health at level 18, with minor upgrades like +3 supp dmg and +1 supp chance of touch. If you have 7 items like that you may get a bit of health but certainly not enough damages. Low level is pretty much strategy and focus, if you can afford to spend time in front of your account (like connecting every hour) then it can be easy with life. Else you will just focus on leveling to reach level 275 and get Absorption of life. Since this level you are free to go up to ~1500. Next step is to do a bestiary. You need to know what those mobs do or do not in story. Some have great stats but literally 0 damage and some have no stat and great damage. You need to find the balance to get the least damage income from them. You don't really need to overkill them but just assure you win (like 4000 to 2500). At high level, you can get to fights where monsters deal 1 dmg per attack (and you have 500k health). I've never played low level (I skipped it by farming lvl) so I can't really help you...
  21. @Peppe The situation where you can throw in a coin in the fountain is a certain situation, it is always "solved" the same way by the bot, as @fcsv said it, you have to put priority 30 in 1st position. It is random and pretty much unlikely to happen, like 1/1000. You can hope for an item nearly every 4 months, and more often if you are lucky
  22. Miss this :'( Has been 3 months without getting one!
  23. To talk through that, if when you launch your game on your browser, your account is logged out, then your SID has changed for sure. You will be logged off if you log in on another computer, but it should anyway renew your SID everytime. So if you do not want to change your parameters everyday you need to log in BF every like 6h and your SID will be valid for some days (like 3 I guess). Else you need to reset your parameters
  24. Glad you mentioned the bonus talent items, it is something I noticed, the higher the level, the lower your chance to trigger Great Feast, which will lead you to lose some life (about 5k+ if your build is not good). If I'm not wrong this is valid for some particular opponents like the Gargoyle. BUT, at higher level, do not expect to out reach the debuff. Gargoyle will provide around -100 to -200 in primary chance (even in full chance build, you won't get it over 10,00%). Luckily for you, the Gargoyle has nearly no damage. It usually does around 100 HP of damge, which is near void! If I find time, I will enumerate the opponent, so that we can understand what to build against the story mode.
  25. Hi everyone, I am currently clearing the database with old serials. I am looking after everyone to be sure not to delete active ones but trust me there are too many! This message is just a piece of informations to let you know that if by mistake your serial is not working anymore, you just need to follow the regular way and send it to me again. It will be a pleasure for me to add it again But, please, do not send it to me if everything is working as before (if there is written 'your serial has expired' or things like that this is good, if you see 'Timeout or error encountered' then this is not our problem !). So long...

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