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  1. Regarding hunting gold, there is one way that should be the best at low level is - hit chance and - dmg output on opponent. Because what matters the most is your health to chain grottos/stories. You could also go full defense to max your health but unfortunately you will lack so much damage that you will lose fights. Best items here are war items (health, chance, dmg, talent). Like building around those (paying) items : Norodia (armor) Basically it gives 6500 health at level 18, with minor upgrades like +3 supp dmg and +1 supp chance of touch. If you have 7 items like that you may get a bit of health but certainly not enough damages. Low level is pretty much strategy and focus, if you can afford to spend time in front of your account (like connecting every hour) then it can be easy with life. Else you will just focus on leveling to reach level 275 and get Absorption of life. Since this level you are free to go up to ~1500. Next step is to do a bestiary. You need to know what those mobs do or do not in story. Some have great stats but literally 0 damage and some have no stat and great damage. You need to find the balance to get the least damage income from them. You don't really need to overkill them but just assure you win (like 4000 to 2500). At high level, you can get to fights where monsters deal 1 dmg per attack (and you have 500k health). I've never played low level (I skipped it by farming lvl) so I can't really help you...
  2. @Peppe The situation where you can throw in a coin in the fountain is a certain situation, it is always "solved" the same way by the bot, as @fcsv said it, you have to put priority 30 in 1st position. It is random and pretty much unlikely to happen, like 1/1000. You can hope for an item nearly every 4 months, and more often if you are lucky
  3. I think we had a misunderstanding regarding terms used. I'm not a native english speaker, so I translate my own words. What is sure is that you can't depile an application without cracking the compiler code, wihch gives you full access to the code. Hex editting is not hacking nor cracking, it is just fiddling around. So my point was and still is: you can't modify an executable. If you do, you are generating a new version of itself, so it is not the same executable. I tried the extension and find a way to disabled the patch header, but I won't share my search. I did not understood it was a local patch, I thought it was an extension on a site. Yeah it has been patched, so it can be patched again, but you should gives credit to the team that patch things (eventually they love to put their mark on it). It is like removing the patch header from xZero, where is the point, to take credit from the patch you did not?
  4. Miss this :'( Has been 3 months without getting one!
  5. Usually, mobile games with online community can't be hacked. The only way is to intercept datas from the databases and change them. Like in a MITM attack. But this won't happen lol.
  6. To talk through that, if when you launch your game on your browser, your account is logged out, then your SID has changed for sure. You will be logged off if you log in on another computer, but it should anyway renew your SID everytime. So if you do not want to change your parameters everyday you need to log in BF every like 6h and your SID will be valid for some days (like 3 I guess). Else you need to reset your parameters
  7. Glad you mentioned the bonus talent items, it is something I noticed, the higher the level, the lower your chance to trigger Great Feast, which will lead you to lose some life (about 5k+ if your build is not good). If I'm not wrong this is valid for some particular opponents like the Gargoyle. BUT, at higher level, do not expect to out reach the debuff. Gargoyle will provide around -100 to -200 in primary chance (even in full chance build, you won't get it over 10,00%). Luckily for you, the Gargoyle has nearly no damage. It usually does around 100 HP of damge, which is near void! If I find time, I will enumerate the opponent, so that we can understand what to build against the story mode.
  8. Hi everyone, I am currently clearing the database with old serials. I am looking after everyone to be sure not to delete active ones but trust me there are too many! This message is just a piece of informations to let you know that if by mistake your serial is not working anymore, you just need to follow the regular way and send it to me again. It will be a pleasure for me to add it again But, please, do not send it to me if everything is working as before (if there is written 'your serial has expired' or things like that this is good, if you see 'Timeout or error encountered' then this is not our problem !). So long...
  9. Should be good now @TheSheriff, your bot need a link to our database, else it won't work
  10. @Persuader Just downloaded it again, and yeah it seems that there are at least 3 exe for the bot :O. I will ask sKyLo to provide a lighter version with only the necessaries. For now just use what is in the root
  11. Sadly for you @Mafiotu you tried your luck posting a random item that is PREMIUM and can't be dropped in the wells. You eventually tried yourself at photoshopping out the gems price. But you did not fooled Persuader! I did not had time to check it out, but here is it. Warning for you.
  12. Took me a while to test the links... But guys, this does not work anymore, stop commenting anything regarding this app as it no longer works. Check before commenting.
  13. Dare to elaborate on this topic? I only see one folder (provide a picture if possible, just send me a PM)
  14. @spam1993ro Nope dude, nothing will help you reach the fountain
  15. @spam1993ro Just check the message in HOT RED above... It is clearly explained what to do. Case solved.

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