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  1. @jayman2010 I think that everyone here has this talent The problem is that the monsters are certainly stronger which means that they deal more damage and furthermore: you regen less life everyfight... I only regen around 7 to 10k HP per fight. @eXtreme you can set the bot to automaticaly go to church if your HP are under the threshold... I think it doesn't work on BF Bot, it works on phone
  2. Wulfring II(Votre inventaire: 1 Objet(s))Prix (achat): 16.299.204Force: +157Dextérité: +105Prérequis : niveau 640 Long time no see :DD
  3. What should be implemented is that if I delete their post they lost instanlty their license as if they didn't posted So they have to get here and post again If the post is still shit then I will ban them :). I usually put my low level life to 10k so if really it happens the bot will use church, else I should die
  4. Well it happened sometimes. Honestly that is just a bug and we can't force it. It happened to me last week, in a guild war, I've lost 340k HP during the first battle round and started the second round with full health, which caused me to continue to third round, but I did not recover all my health in between. So the game can bug at some point yeah and I think we need to be over accurate to click at the right timing not to lose our life. But on PvP it doesn't really matter, in guild war it is just a turning point as a dude like me with 660k HP can beast 3 rounds with full life everytime lol! So easy to win if we can do it. Another interesting point in guild war, you can actually benefit from war item without equipping them. Explanations here: I've tried an conclusive experiment, I equipped my war helmet which provides some health and when the war began I waited a bit like 1 minute and then equipped back my dmg helmet, and when the war ended I looked back at the fights and what happened is that I was fighting with my dmg helmet but with my high health amount (660k instead of 400k). Which means I had the bonus of both equipment! I didn't find a way to do it again but I'm sure it is easy to do
  5. @eXtreme, in fact the bot will try to continue if you are in a story, but if you died, then you are out of the story and the bot will stop That is all, and he didn't have a timer, it will try every 2 minutes and never stop! @DarkSide: This Android bot app is TOTALLY fine! I'm using it when I have a slow internet connection on my computer! It works well and easy to parameter, here are the tips: just send to you by Facebook your SID=... and your Browser (parameters in the bot). Then on your phone open messenger and copy paste the datas you sent previously and the bot will work on your phone. I recommend this app BUT beware of the only bug I found on it: it continues the story after buying stat! So you have to check it to be sure it didn't spend all you AP @Add: In story mode what is killing you are the situations where you lose life, cause it can deal from 100k to 400k of health and even with 1M HP the game will find a way to kill you lol. Recently I've been dying 1 to 3 times everytime I do story and can't finish 12M gold in under 1h30 and 126 AP... So yeah they changed things on the game. The item drop ratio is also significantly lower!
  6. Whey is actually fine to us as a complement, else others medications are terrible! If you want to do some muscles just type on Google The Rock's program, it will show you how a man with around 100 to 110kg can easily get a shape
  7. Hi @Williamhawk, it seems that you were both not at the same level prior to the palcement, I mean that last season he was near diamond and you were still in silver/gold So basically the game placed you accordingly with your previous rank
  8. I can really assume it @eXtreme but I would go for a 50/50! Because we die too often, which means that the ratio is high. And yeah as you said we basically encounter our fate in a raw. you usually die when this happen, in 40 moves you get 2 to 4 Brave situation. At this point if you are looking at your bot, just pause it and go to the church before dying With a bit of luck you can get back to your cycle As I've said I usually go straight on my story, but someday: 4 or more deaths in a raw. Last time I died 3 times that I didn't even had 3M.... Pathetic ^^
  9. Creatine has been part of some controversies... I wouldn't recommend it. Furthermore I would say that everybody must stay away from Synthol and Hormones. You can take Whey it is sort of "complement" even it is not medicaly acceptable. Just do it consciously Or else just don't, you can look good without taking anything. Whey is only for people that are in a hurry. Like "I want to look shaped for summer". Well take some whey, else just body train every now and then and go on more difficult training on the go
  10. @Matusalem27 Nothing more you can do.... Today I had to spend my gold on a charisma stat cause I died 4 times in a straight row.... I hadn't had to go to church since last week at least. Now 4 times I died with 550k HP.... This is so random, but it should be 50/50 on "try to brave"....
  11. Nope, they didn't change anything. The ratio is so low that it just rely on luck. You can get 2 in a raw but this is not supposed to happen.
  12. @Schnitzer If you want the grotto to work just pay for the real bot on lol... Here is the free version. xZero is working on a new version but he has not so many time IRL...
  13. Had you executed the script to change your "host" file? And check for the quick fix if you changed your OS version (there were a recent update of win 10 (SP2)) and I had to add a new serial too But it worked after the quick fix launch
  14. @Add Important thing that you mentionned there! DON'T USE THOSE SOFTWARES, those are jsut scams and hoax, get rid of every single one you get. This will just destroy your computer and account. And over all it will always ask you for money to unlock their add. I've tried it, not only it unlocks nothing it also take the money to granted. So if yo utried some just ask immediatly your network provider to refund you cause of mistake and scam (that is actually phising!). Don't touch this
  15. Good thing to abord I'm not doing sport and I'm assuming I wouldn't use supplement if I was doing some. Cause this is not necessary to success in sport But used in the right way it can help you regenerate faster and feels better after intense sport! If I had to talk about it I would say don't use it due to the quirks that are left behind. When you stop all activities and stop protein, you body will litteraly deflate lol! Your muscles are like "entertained" by this product and will just dissapear instantly when you stop it. So basically it is not dangerous for your health but it will leave you with a disformed body.... Which is not the goal after all