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  1. Thebestsimon

    Items which i received from fountain

    @phuc051 It has been a whole 4 months without me getting an item also... So I guess they dropped the rate!!
  2. Thebestsimon

    Visual Studio Code

    Important to notice that this is a free product Not like the enterprise VS17 version
  3. Well it seems that it is working for only a month for some (for myself it is still working). And yes it does not increase stats according to gold... but it has a better managment of the life/church I recommend to use it with a BF page open and check regularly your gold to upgrade by yourself your stats.
  4. @DarkSide Send me your serial to activate by PM
  5. Seems like not really understandable english but the equation are ok Thanks for the info
  6. @bbicu I don't understand your post? @Kira, we have no clue as the serial is calculated in the original Bitefight Bot. If you wants to know more you should post a mail on the real site. xZero did not changed anything in the bot itself. It is just a random piling of letters and digits. nothing scientific here
  7. Thebestsimon

    Non-functional services

    Hi @Begginer, xZero did not had time recently to post, so I guess the project is still going. We apologize for the inconvenience meantime. Thanks.
  8. Thebestsimon

    Bitefight Priorities

    Story : [ Nature + Destruction ] Priorities : 25 37 38 27 24 30 34 20 46 49 29 26 33 55 35 23 Blacklist : 36 10 11 44 42 21 53 8 22 8 52 6 1 9 I had this posted earlier you can try them...
  9. Thebestsimon

    Bitefight Priorities

    that my friend you can't... If you want so it will make you lose half the gold you earnt. Cause fighting gives Nature so you won't be able to downgrade Nature without losing gold. I recommend to keep an eye on the evolution of aspects. Mine went crazy and now I'm stuck with 6500 in Order, impossible to re-balance them... Destruction is really difficult to upgrade. If you don't do stories to upgrade stats then you can force Destruction to lvl 3 and then never story again. Else it won't be possible.
  10. Thebestsimon


    @totem1 It has always been like that. English servers (so is s202) are always slow af. Nothing can be done to change that :/
  11. Thebestsimon

    Bitefight Priorities

    @ACAB77 Check the post right above, there is a list for Destruct & Nature.
  12. Thebestsimon

    New Equipments, III

    @totem1 Well I'm working on this one I only have 200 pebbles to spare so only 2 items I already have Vetka
  13. Thebestsimon

    New Servers

    They merged all the forum into one. So I guess they are working on making international server from all countries old servers...
  14. @redmoon Try to download CCleaner to help you fix the dlls
  15. Thebestsimon

    Items which i received from fountain

    This should be posted on the priority thread... but anyway just put the "throw in a coin" situation and stay in forest... Quite every bundle does it

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