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  1. Lol are you fan of watchdogs? ^^
  2. The delay is not really impactfull. In fact I tried different values and it ended up being the same... If you encounter such errors then you can't do anything more than trying to get a better connection and ping. I have this kind of error everytime I use the bot on my hotspot (mobile shared connection). But if it happens I just swift to mobile version of BFBot Just send me WEB+Cookie on facebook to myseld and get them on my phone lol
  3. Well usually some options will never happen. Like when you choose to Attack in first position you will never get the second one which is something like 37 - Confront the enemy. but honestly that is the most important part: 32-25-37-34-55. Cause you will fight the most in the forest and never quit it if not mandatory.
  4. You should notice that URL became https and that the URL also changed domain name as following: sXX-en instead of sXX.en. So make sure to put the good URL (paste it from your browser :)). if you have struggles to make it work feel free to PM me!!! And if you can put a screenshot in the mail so that I would be able to help you instantly
  5. I'm a strong ARAM only player and people keeps flaming "I will report you" and just don't do it. Usually they quit the ending screen without even looking at the damage dealt. So basically I'm the only one to report lol
  6. Nah the only way to get Hellstones is to get some in the wells during adventure or doing the Easter adventure (25 HS on French servers). And then the ultimate way is doing surveys if it is available in your country. I do some time to time and get like 5 to 10 HS for a good month (cause the surveys dissapeared then).
  7. Honestly I'm on french server and I will assume that there are around 2 botters (including) me on all 3 merged servers. Or else they don't talk about it. But mainly people don't use it cause they are too much "into the game" yet, they didn't realized the time earnt by using such a tool. And they don't even know that it exists a bot that work good. And some people even use the real version which is $10 a month or something like this lol
  8. @Rafael1997 No chance of getting caught if nobody reports you. The banning system in Bitefight is human made, if someone (not even opponent race) reports you for anything they will look after your account, if thy have enough clues of boting (like getting one 1000+ stat in under 10 minutes with low range exp: meaning you didn't do grottos) then they can apply a really bad decision which is ban until 2038 (considered as definitive ban cause Bitefight will close in 2038). So don't fear to use it free at max speed There are many case of people using the bot and getting ban but I will assume that they have not been ban for boting but much clearly for flaming and racism in game (cause you just can't know from what they did get ban :))
  9. Just don't get too much reported lol Use it in Aram cause nobody reports in aram ^^
  10. Ok here is a solution if this continues not to work. Click on the posting blank then hit "submit reply" directly, it will open the blank and write under it "This fiels is required" then you can post
  11. Concerning the bot: no, it is not detectable as it doesn&;t seek datas from the server (that is why it is also slow...). So the ban cames from elsewhere, maybe nsut someone reported you (for sure). Sorry for the double post but the forum is bugging. Also for the ban. 1 week means that you helped someone to do a banking (using opposite race to attack) or you attacked a friend in the codex. If the reason of the ban is boting then it is a def ban: until 2038. So here you just get a little ban of 1 week meaning that it is not the bot. Don't think it is the bot cause you use it. It has no chance to be this
  12. What is that?
  13. account

    Precise if weither or not it is speed server
  14. Yeah as it is obviously denied by the developpers. And actual community around pro players don't want to see those bots/hacks so it is better without And in fact it is too easy to detect lol
  15. @eXtreme You are right, I know some people got banned even on French server. But they don't really care. Those people were denounced by other players. GO can easily type in Google "Bitefight Bot" and search for some result. Once arrived here they will check a bit of players (like me and you) and follow their paths to the game. If I'm playing on their servers then they could ban me. But nobody from GameForge ever came here, and even the Bitefight owner didn't denounced this site (Cause on his site there is no logs of players, cause it is not a forum). So again you can be safe using your bot nobody will ever denounce you. Just don't talk to anybody apart from your clan We are some players here to been using the bot since 2012 at least!! And it is the only think that help the game if you don't pay a Shadow Lord...