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  1. @asdasdaa Seems like you created some accounts... Don't! You just didn't explained your problem, did you launched the quickfix? the patch? checked your param?...
  2. @MARIUS That is not the proper section to ask for this bug, here are some helps: - Go to BF Bot thread and apply the patch. Then the QuickFix. - You should be able to connect to forum using the right parameters. Check your SID and user-Agent. If you can see the line from forum: "BiteFight Bot - License approved for X | Expires: March 03, 2018 2:15am | Last Post: X days ago" Then you are connected and you must jsut activate your license maybe
  3. Mobile bot app

    @Schnitzer Seems pretty bizarre, I think I have immunity. In fact as we don't know who is the owner we can't really know at it is up to. Maybe the bot was free at the beginning and will stay like that for the ones who downloaded it at this period
  4. Bitefight Priorities

    @The Lion From The North The threshold is at 5k. @per_bg Yay I've noticed that it is not working. It seems like destruction is really difficult to up since every aspect has been mixed up. I've upgraded them a bit for more sustain but definitely not that great. Priorities: 35 25 37 29 34 20 7 26 2 27 24 46 45 55 12 4 3 30 9 Blacklist: 36 44 11 10 1 8 22 53 49 6 52 42 21 23 31 @tork31 Good move but you should also take into consideration that you don't need to put everything in the list: When facing a new situation, the bot will check the first number (for example the situation is 1 + 3). First the bot check if 1 is in the priority list, if yes it checks that 3 don't come in too and not before. Else it goes for 1. If 1 is not in priority it checks for 3. If 3 isn't either then it checks blacklist. If none of them are in both list, it goes for the first one: 1. So basically if you put 1 in the priority list, you don't need to put 3 in the blacklist (for this situation particularly). Just put everything in the priority list, then fill the blacklist for things you really don't want (like quit the adventure!). I've used this list and my order climbed to 7k lol... Never had I checked how to balance the list... I don't really care about the nature as my Order is tier 3 @azizowsky your list is not complete, you are lacking too much of primordial situations as 36 (quit) or 9 (Chaos, you will have too much order at the end).
  5. Items which i received from fountain

    Sajusse II (Votre inventaire: 1 Objet(s)) Prix (achat): 37.927.207 Énergie vitale: +104500 Dégâts supp.: +55 Chances supp. de toucher: +17 Talent supp.: +17 Prérequis : niveau 910 Got it today
  6. Bitefight Priorities

    @per_bg, As requested here are my priorities but keep in mind that they are designed to first LOWER my Order a bit so don't go blind for them. It seems that Destruction got reduced... Which means somehow Knowledge situation happened. I'm checking this out. Story : [ Destruction + Order ] Priorities : 35 25 37 29 34 20 7 2 27 24 46 45 55 12 4 3 BlackList : 36 44 11 10 49 9 6 52 42 21 23 31 53 1 8 22 30 53 EDIT: The fact that destruction is lowered by those are due to situation 1. There is a point when you have to choose between 1 and 3: Examine or Smash everything. Situation 3 - Smash everything is dealing damages to yourself... So I wanted to dodge this the most. Seems that it costs us all our Destruction, so I've put back 3 in.
  7. Bitefight-orbs

    Here is a bunch of tricks: - Orbs bonuses are based on the equipment stats. If an equipment gives basic damage, your orb is likely to gives basic damage (or nothing lol) - I have no clue on how it works when you have several equipment from a same type (e.g 2 helmets). - Always craft your orb on a high level equipment (e.g if you have a level 1000 helmet and a level 500 shield, don't craft on shield!!) - Prefer using a large amount of fragment. You can eventually craft some 20 frag orbs unless you get a null orb with only an effect and no bonuses like "Aura orb effect" - Using around 20 frag will result in a shitty orb (guess you asked for it lol) with a low duration and probably no effect and no item reinforcement.- If you look for war orb, make some on war items. - One dude made an experiment to check what was better and end up concluding that 27 fragments was the best deal. I'm not too much into this result but it seems like it works somehow.
  8. jayman, I really appreciate your efforts on the forum, you help me a lot handling this :) +1!!

  9. Bitefight Priorities

    @totem1Nah I want to keep Order at 5k but I prefer having some basic damage bonus from Destruction than +25 dext from Nature
  10. @nerubi Nope it won't come back. The bot won't evolve anymore as it is a cracked version which is not even possible to maintain. And as Bitefight won't go back to unsecured web pages then the bot is condamned to be used in stories...
  11. Presentation - MARIUS

    Hi my friend! It has been a long time since the last presentation Great to see one more If you need help for the bot everything is under control in the thread I will check this out today Have a good weekend
  12. Bitefight Priorities

    @per_bg I would say that you can use mine cause whatever you do it will at the end ALL go on Order... I'm at 7000 in Order and 1000 in Nature... I don't really look for priorities now on ^^ I only need the life bonus for wars. I wil try to go Destruction a bit to get 1750 now
  13. Bitefight Priorities

    @per_bg My first priorities are the only one to do it! Order+Nature, but obviously all kind of priorities that foster attacking are doing it. So basically all the first priorities like: 35 25 37 1 29 34 @xD2018, Check this out: Story : [ Chaos + Destruction ] Priorities : 35 34 30 3 25 9 26 5 7 11 12 29 38 6 28 38 BlackList : 36 44 31 10 49 52 42 21 23 3 53 37 1 20 22 31 Bonus: Here is the list of actions sorted by aspect KNOWLEDGE: 1 8 22 30 53 DESTRUCTION: 3 25 HUMAN: 4 10 28 32 BEAST: 5 7 11 12 29 NATURE: 21 24 29 CORRUPTION: 6 28 31 38 ORDER: 20 23 27 37 CHAOS: 9 26 Here is a way to get your priorities right without thinking of it: Always start with this: Priorities : 35 34 30 BlackList : 36 44 45 46 31 21 At this point you just put what you want in Priorities and the 2 aspects around also (but after). Like this: For HUMAN + ORDER (Plus the 2 around them: KNOWLEDGE, NATURE, CORRUPTION): Priorities : 35 34 30 4 10 28 32 20 23 27 37 1 8 22 53 21 24 29 6 28 31 38 BlackList : 36 44 45 46 31 21 9 26 3 25 On the blacklist I just added the rest: CHAOS, DESTRUCTION This should give a good grade in both HUMAN and ORDER. Then when everything seems to be put on those two you will need to adapt the situation using the no-aspect situation. But you can do it yourself
  14. Mobile bot app

    The mobile bot is free guys. There never been any license system. I use it like once a month since 1 year and it always worked...
  15. @ImTmoD Just download the DLL on the web and install it. Then launch the patcher again @MF-19, if you haven't read the post yet you should know that the grottos are no longer available since some months! @totem1, I would go for a clear of the bot. Just delete your profile and create a new one with the server etc. This sure could help to resolve this bug. Eventually it seems that the bot can connect to your profile but won't progress. Download it again and launch the QuickFix and the BFBTKit2 One is for the host file and the other to the crack.