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Here you go!

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  1. Thebestsimon

    Bitefight En Español

    This forum is not in english for no reasons. We must all understand each other. I know spanish for my part but I'm quite sure not everybody does. You can post your orb and equipments in spanish (just check the threads, it is already posted in many langages: romanian, turkish, french, etc). Because it is content extracted from the game it is allowed. Posts and Threads are strictly english formed, those are basic rules on the forum, just check them out -> RULES. Extract from the rules: 1. Language used on this forum is English language !!
  2. Thebestsimon

    Finally BOT WORKS !!!

    @.sKyLo. Can you upload it again please? I'm away from my computer for a bit.
  3. Thebestsimon


    Man @DarkSide Thos orbs are only 6 and 12h, what a waste, Bitefight knows how to handle this aha
  4. Thebestsimon

    hake an account with a software "brute force"

    If you don't remember any of those informations, it means this account is well forgotten. Like it does not need to be reactivated, how can you forget that GO will just see you as the guy that try the level 1 hack lol
  5. @lewy9400 this can't be easily hacked. In fact you add it and then appears an interface to pay xZero has been notified with this, he will try to check it out when he has time He can maybe do something to hack it
  6. Thebestsimon


    Well it really depend on the country, and now it seems like it does not work anymore...
  7. @phuc051 new servers are up since 2010, in fact they are a copy of first version of Bitefight which was updated in 2007 to the version we know. Charisma has an important place on those new servers They are axed on raiding
  8. I activated it before yesterday 5:58pm... Please don't ashame people if you are not sure.
  9. Hi @DarkSide, due to the license being not renewed until their expiracy date I received 50+ messages and could not treat each of them, I then deleted them all. I may have deleted your message also, can you send it again? I will have a check this evening if possible. @azizowsky, no you have to send me your serial if it is a new one, if you just change to renew your expiracy date, then do nothing, I will care for that
  10. once again i want to thank thebestsimon to activate my account again 

    one of my friends are having problem registering here i wish u can try and fix this problem also and thanks

  11. Thebestsimon

    Can anyone hack this?

    .Net Framework is just to make it run on your computer. It is just writen in .Net (Core maybe). As we are not members of the forum we can't access the link/images. I don't think this bot can be hacked, but if it work for real then you could code it by yourself xZero has no time for this I guess... I'm tagging him if one day... @xZero
  12. hello i just want to thank thebestsimon for activating my account and without this program i cant keep up in this game cheers.

    1. Thebestsimon


      No problem my friend :)

  13. Your new serial has been added, check with it now
  14. Check again the QuickFix tool and that you parametered it well (User-Agent!)

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