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  1. Yeah You may be at your max speed for now... Only BF can do something. But now that the servers are that slow we are not protected anymore against attacks. Cause it will take more than 1h to do the story and someone could easily attempt to fight you in this meantime... :'(
  2. Nothing more to say ^^ Hope for the wells
  3. Maybe the cookie viewer is not up to date... Try to search manually for the cookie by pressing F12 and go to "Network" and search for SID
  4. VPN to US is safe enough as Bitefight is not asking for credentials and bank credentials. So nothing to lose. Using the VPN should make the game slower if you are located in US. But if you came from around the world it can be a good solution. Concerning my 20 minutes story, it is not all my 126 AP but only the needed to reach around 12M gold (so it si around 100 AP). And it all relies on the good story, sometimes I end up dying twice and losing a lot of AP/time... But to come back to VPN, not worth it at all I would say. But nvm you can take a try
  5. @leakerftw Well the project is at its beginning so maybe xZero can give you a look Let him answer. I will tag him here to get him to check: @xZero
  6. Ok many ways to achieve this. The best way is having a clan and rely on them. How to? Buy weapon around 10M everyday (instead of stats) and stack them. You can stack around 10 of them easily. Prepare some good quest to get around 50M by your own. And then sell those weapons at max price to your clan (they will then sold them back to the merchand for some 1M gold). And if you can't afford to buy the weapons, make some great orbs, you can sell them to max 50M for certains. People in your clan should be able to provide around 10 to 20M per person. Which means if you have a good clan so far they can provide you 200M in under 1h. For my part, with my clan of 30 members wa achieve to get 500M all together to make 2 people buy new items at 250M piece. So that is good. Any other solution would be to stack dropped equipment from the wells in the story, if you are lucky enough you can get level 1000 item which have a retail value of around 50M (nice so). And if you can get 4 of them you have your 200M. I did provide 130M by my own on the last banking (cause I had some equipments left)
  7. Nah @leakerftw you should try to launch the 2 patchers. The one that "quickfix" your HOSTS.files and the one that patch the bot. Then activate your license on the page made for. And you are done the bot should work if you parametered it well
  8. Not really @Erik it truly depends on the server speed which is tbh very low for US servers... Due to the new SSL URL the server is not responsive enough. And on French server it is way slower than before too. But guess I can make story in less than 20 minutes But @Schnitzer There is no way to reduce it... We are working on a new Bitefight Bot for our own but the project is a 1% for now lol
  9. You've managed to send me the link I registered on your BitBucket I will try to check this out a bit when I have free time to spare (I'm not a fan of PhP lol)
  10. When the bot isn't working I recommend to try to go on the forum, if the forum is off then you know why it is not working And you have to wait a bit (not more than 2h)
  11. eXtreme, are you using XP? Cause maybe it comes from that...
  12. Well @User1204 that is right, BF is a old game! They did refund it but it was long ago. Now with the secured connection this game is becomming a threat to play :/
  13. Yeah @Schnitzer US servers are really really slow... Don't go on them And eXtreme honestly I think that secured connection from US is different from the one in Europe. That is why also it is slow and more people on the server. But the secured connection is a threat for high speed request... Even AJAX request are slowed by this... But anyways, it protects us from pirates
  14. Right actually the game may count around 300 active players per country. But at least around 200 players are doing PvP, so SpyMon is a chance for them. but as they play "fair" I guess they did not try to look for tools. As I said on this forum the bot really helps me as I can upgrade my stats only doing grotto (the reward is too low to get enough in 126 AP). So yeah I guess the people here are a bit bored by the game too and have no time to go on this forum, sadly...
  15. Yeah right, putting 99 or 100 will result in the same. What is to be considered is that the more frag you put in the more powerful the orb can be (but it will not :P). So you can get really monstruous orb, as you can get heavy turd.