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  1. Bitefight Priorities

    @YellowClaw Actually the proposed priorities for Order + Nature aren't quite well working.. My Order upped to 7k... I think that you should do some manuel stories to balanced this a bit. But changing your priorities won't eventually get it to lvl 2 :/There are way more options to get Order :/
  2. @Schnitzer Oh yeah true But you solved it anyways @Rafael1997, Well as xZero did not had time to check it there won't be a better interface, but the renew license "button" is now visible again
  3. Bitefight Priorities

    @YellowClaw You are not explaining any issues there... If you want us to help you, we need more informations than just a screenshot. What is your problem? you want your order to be lowered a bit and get your Nature to 1750 I guess, right?
  4. Bitefight SpyMon [RELEASE!!!]

    @Erik Yeah right this isn't the true form of the SpyMon system. According to recent psot from xZero his provider modified the sources they use for "Appearance" (CSS) and so on the webpage now shows quite differently from what it should have. This is just a bug but xZero has no time to recode the font So it will remains like this until some time lol
  5. @Schnitzer. This is absolutely normal, you actually did the new Windows 10 update, which provided a new hosts file and a new Serial to your bot (Go to the activation website and enter your new Serial). That is the point It did the same to me today lol
  6. Conspiracy Theory

    ISIS is just a mind state. There is no headquarters of things like that. ISIS is just the backfire of Anonymous, they exist to oppose themselves to Anonymous. you won't let a pirate play alone...
  7. Well xZero worked on it a bit, the problem should be solved right now Just PM @.sKyLo. if you are facing any troubles again Thx for your understanding
  8. Chrome app

    I've always been playing BF on my laptop. The game was never optimized for mobile use. And obviously the game was created far before the appearance of tablets.. So basically this game is old as fuck and is 10 years in the past, but you can still enjoy it on a web browser I think it is still playable on a tablet but not on a phone anymore (too laggy). You can eventually play on a computer and run your bot on the phone i'm using it when my network is down lol
  9. @everyone, Guys we are facing some trouble to reactivate license (the module is down a bit). There is still a method, open the page to reactivate and search inside the page (using F12 on Chrome) and copy-paste the link of the button. For now there is no others ways. Our apologize for the inconvenience, we will give you some new of it.
  10. Ogame Bot?

    I was playing it like 13 years ago lol. There are bots existing but they don't really help cause farming is launching flets to planets and a bot is not that strong. But there is a calculator that gives the exact result of a fight so basically this game has no point to be played... :'(
  11. Well, @Erik is right, the buttons to renew your license are still there but "hidden", you can catch them by searching on the HTML code and then copy-paste the URL that they return Else the bug has been upped to xZero, he will fix it when he will find time for
  12. Bitefight Priorities

    @hoppacuppa Just stay based on those priorities and do manual stories to upgrade them Like changing the order of priorities
  13. BitefightBot Problems?

    Go to the thread "Bitefight Priorities" you will find what you want
  14. BitefightBot Problems?

    You need to renew your cookie on the parameters (SID=...). If it didn't work as well change also the browser data cause you upgraded your browser version
  15. BitefightBot Problems?

    @drake Your post is in the wrong section. And the license is active for one month as far as you post at least once a week. You will need to renew it after a month by using the webpage mentionned on the Bot page (thread in BF section)