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  1. @boss Yeah but we mentionned a lot of time that we DO NOT PROVIDE a new one Cause it is clearly better to do our own Bitefight bot using a web application instead of .exe one Keep in touch in the WEB thread
  2. @Add Not only it is a waste of point but if you are over level 1000 and not Shadow lord you can't get a stat from grotto, you wil need 160 AP at least to upgrade one, so stories are your last way to get there
  3. @xZero I recently started working on WEB application for my job and if you need help I can try I had to work on ASPX, CSHTML (razor) and for sure CSS and Bootstrap
  4. @professor Maybe your parameters are invalid now check everything and be sure that the forum is online when you bot
  5. Right @IndianulTalpalute that is a point cause this app has acces to your data and can send them to the owner. The bot can't cause it seems that it has no sending module in it
  6. It is relatively true as a secured connection requiered more time (the time needed by your computer to make a key using the public key and sending it to the server). So yeah that is normal but here in France the bot is working quite fastly 11M in under 10/20 minutes
  7. This problem has been explained on the Bitefight Bot topic @Suiram90 it cames from the new URL used by GameForge, the bot is not longer able to do grotto and PvP. But stories are still available
  8. So that is it @DarkSide lol
  9. they swapped to a secured version (with the s: https). As Elite7Hackers forum. This ensure you not to get hacked easily I'm not a pro on this but I think that Wikipedia knows the difference To make it simple, the s stands for SSL (encryption: Secure Socket Layer), it is a VPN-like but only for the connection, not for the whole computer. But how does it work? The server will first send a public key to all the users. Your computer will make an encrypted key using this key. Then it will send it to the server, and now can begin the data exchanges between the server and the client That is easy Before that there were only a public key, meaning that everybody can see anyone's datas :)... That is why it is really important for bank or else! For the other changes (sXX.en became sXX-en) I thin that it came also from the https, I mean, there should be a compulsory form for URL Or maybe they just regrouped all of their game under a basic URL: server " - " country " . " game URL
  10. US servers has always been really slow as there is a lot of people on them
  11. @DarkSide If you have more than 1 glove on your account it will not make an orb on the "equipped" one but on one of the glove. So sometimes you can see Dexterity on pure Attack gloves lol
  12. @ViorelLis Listen to DarkSide Usklad III is only made for WAR. Using it in PvP will cost you the fight Vetka is the best one
  13. @eXtreme I have seen no problem with the bot so far Yeah right, xZero is absent those days, maybe he has a lot of works IRL Hope everything is fine with him and that he had a good easter Also happy easter to everybody There will be no new cracked version though...
  14. Nah @boss we can't fix it as the bot needs to be re-worked. xZero isn't the owner so he can't work on it. He is currently working on a new solution
  15. Janish I(Votre inventaire: 1 Objet(s))Prix (achat): 43.662.319Force: +146Endurance: +219Prérequis : niveau 965 40M again lol. I have 140M for bankin ^^