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  1. What do you mean by king ?
  2. Is that some BattleKnight there Well JavaScript is made exactly for this, it prevents you from injecting code in the page and is executed server-side, so it is not reachable unless you know the functions names. What you want to do is the first approach of boting, you want to inspect the entire page and look for the information you want, then act like a human by selecting/filling the forms. That eventually is not the right approach but it will always works as the browser can't prevent that (the bot is truly acting like a human). The right apporach is to connect to the server using your normal logins and request the actions on the page. As for the Bitefight Bot it connect to the web site with your SID and browser user datas and then can interact freely with the application through URL and stuff. What you can't do for now (I've tried to do my own Bitefight Bot and it could eventually swap your equipment automaticaly, drink pot everyday and collect eggs on Easter...). But my bot was not connected, it was just clicking here and there... But if you want to inspect the page, you should find the "document" in the console, and then you can use function like "GetByName". For example, if you run this command in the console : document.getElementById("ips_uid_7509_4").title you will get the message that shows when you hower over your name on your previoous post "Go to muxodeiv's profile". It was just and example to reach the informations you want. There are some "get" functions to retrieve tagname, class, name or Id. Then you just have to read the content, go check some javascript classes to know how to use them. Later you will reproduce it with an application, like an Angular app or an ASP.Net app. Your turn now
  3. @Sniper Do not post here BEFORE your license get activated by myself. Until you get a PM of acknowledgment, you have to wait for me. Then you can try and tell if it is not working. Your bot seems fine and patched, I activated your serial, just check it out
  4. Hi everyone, Recently i've been drowned under stupid questions and people that do not read the answers (really guys?). I've been explaining to them detailed responses on how to manage some tricky points on installation, but they just replied with the same question again... So I decided that every single question addressed to me will reward a temporary ban of 1 day. Now, starting from today, you will use the forum as it is meant to be used: Ask your question on the forum, open new threads and wait for people and admins to answer your questions. A lot of users have the same questions or have faced those problems before. Don't disturb me everytime you can. And more of all, NEVER CONTACT MEON MY PERSONAL FACEBOOK ANYMORE. Looking forward your first threads (eventually, there are rules asking you to post regularly, just in case you missed those rules. I will make a new thread on this point, where license will steadily being removed for people not using the forum but only the bot...). See you guys.
  5. You just have rules regarding selling items and attacking. You can't be in the same guild and that is it (you can't help for doors also).
  6. @pepe142103 No dude, multi accounts is not tolerate on the game. And you will get a def ban until 2038. Regarding your 1st point, I may think that it is a bug on your server because, I may have done over 1000000 story since the beginning of the mode and never have I double gold. I regularly monitor the bot as I keep dying, so I can say this is not even possible on my version. Eventually nobody ever talked about that on the forum also!
  7. Use a vpn. You can opend as much as you can with different vpn access. BUT you need to access every account with its specific vpn... Which is quite of boring. Why would you open several accounts? There is no point doing this. That is why it is forbidden also.
  8. That is retro-engineering, not hacking. Then just ask for this lol. I do this all the time and can't call it hacking. because there is no "security", it is just a compiled code. hacking is really finding a code or a key to enter a full content or at least a huge part of the content. Cracking is hacking for game, as there is nothing to earn in the game. You are hex editing app all the time but can't remove an extra menu item. Then you are not doing it all the time.
  9. @pepe142103 No just no, that is bullshit. You can't get double gold by clicking like a dumbass At this point the bot may be clicking 100 times per second and does not get 2x gold lol. What happen when you multi click on story is that sometimes it skips the next screen and goes directly to the next situation... Same for you @Arsenal, You can get 3x more gold than normal grotto when doing story. For 3 AP you can get around 6 to 7 difficult grottos.
  10. Hacking is not "changing something on a website". Hacking is connecting to the website in being administrator, or changing something in the direct database or source of datas. What you want is to modify the extension itself. It is the same as for example trying to change the interface in Microsoft Word, you can't modify an executable. As xZero did for the Bitefight Bot, he did not modify the .exe itself, he modifies the datas that are fetched by the bot in the owner database, and redirected it to his own database. Which means that we can inject whatever we want in the bot, but not modify its structure... If "K'ed by TNT Team" is something that is fetched somewhere then it is crackable..
  11. Then answer is you can't. Else it would be too easy to change everything on any app/website...
  12. Hope you can read, it is written: "Test your settings again". It clearly mentions that your serial is up to date. So the problem is in your side. Before posting, be sure to check EVERY single parameter, not only SID. Thx
  13. Then they did not added it, it is part of the patched app. It is a normal behaviour! It is like if Facebook had no logo...

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