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  1. Well. After reading the forum you should have seen that the bot was no longer working as we changed the IP of the forum, thus your bot is no longer connected to the database. We need to release a new QuickFix to put the new IP on your bot, but xZero has a lot to do on other plans. For now the bot is down.
  2. Hi everyone. As it was mentioned before, I see a lot of people posting high level items found in the well. As explained elsewhere, this is used by GameForge operators to trace back your account. For memory, if you are on english server s3 (s3-en) and you are top 3, you most likely will drop item from range 1500 to 2500. So if you drop a pretty high level item and you post it here. EN operators will check every account on every county on EN server to see if they can find this specific item (which nobody would buy because it is shit). If they find it on your account, there is like 100% chance that you are the one posting here, then you will be banned for life (once 15 days then direct lifetime ban) with no reasons. You can ask if you want, the reason is: "We can't be sure that you are the one posting on this forum, but you are the only one on EN server to have this exact item which should be enough to prove that you are the one posting". They won't ask for your opinion, it will be a direct IP ban (which also means that if you creat another account it will be banned and will not be able to create anymore regarding TCU). TCU mention that after a lifetime ban you need to ask (on support) to play the game again. If you fail to ask they will always refuse to let you play. This said, I closed this topic because it was too dangerous...
  3. @HaunteerZ1 xZero is working on a new version of the release. Currently, the file in this download link was not working anymore, so it is ok if the link is dead because we should not download this. We will upload the new package when it is ready. Thanks for the patience
  4. To go further on this. Only story mode is working now on the BFBot. Apparently, the original version (paid) is working fine with other modes. But the version we have here only provide story mode. Well, appart from PvP that is your only need for BF
  5. Hello @HaunteerZ1, the bot is still working. But some serial are not up to date and Database changed location so the Bot won't reach it anymore if we do not fix IP location on your computer. We are actually considering closing this platform and the BFBot licensing system for good. We will try to provide help to make the Bot work again in post-forum life but for now, that is just suggestion.
  6. Hi Boss, It is hard to heard about it, but I had taken this consideration much earlier. The forum is dead, regarding activity of users. People are not bringing life to it with 0 posts/thread a day... Honestly, as first I'd said we should get rid of Bitefight section, the bot is no more. Few people are asking for licensing on our base, but I do no longer want to carry about this. For the amount, I would literally delete this part of the forum. No more Bitefight here (but it was the only living part somedays ago). It would also help preventting bans (regarding weapons thread), either we shut down the licensing system or we provide a tool to auto-handle BFBot in local database (just a file.db). This way, people would get a free bot for life and for sure the creator of BFBot would be really sad, but who cares? I can't evaluate the rest of the forum (I mean download section), maybe some people download things from there but as they do not "thanks" or whatever we have no record of such activity. I'd say the forum had a longer life than it needed to have We should let him go now and keep in touch on Facebook page (which could suffise). If ever you consider doing a auto-BFBot for locals, we could provide little help/support through FB page. The bot is no use for it. That is my point of view, as someone who joined in early 2014 and was "interested" by the forum (thus becoming manager/admin/root trhough years). Now with my position and my rights here I feel it very empty ... We can discuss on private about it (on FB). Eventually I'm still there if needed! See you guys, Simon
  7. Hi @ruby_24_ we do not provide assistance with this extension as we did not make it nor take credit from it. We just propose it as an alternate from original BFBot.
  8. I renewed licences as the database was up again. We changed configuration in server and IP changed, we need to release a new version of the patch to handle this. For now we are working on it and we kindly ask you to wait for further announcments regarding this.
  9. Hmm sorry Mirac, can't do much on the core... @xZero Can you check that when you have time?
  10. @xZero I experienced the same around the same time. Posting requiered a lot of time as the server was charging. And 1/2 error was occuring. It should not happen again now I think.
  11. @Total Repair Yes, link I provided was a too old version of the patch. I uploaded a new version which is working for me. Edit: Provided a new link that should do the trick! Feedback appreciated.
  12. Up, Yes file has expired, I uploaded it again. I would appreciate feedbacks on the content (archive may not be the latest version of the bot).
  13. Thebestsimon


    Hope everyone had time to see it Anyway, Happy New Year everyone and you xZero
  14. Thebestsimon


    Hi folks, Just a little message to wish you a merry Christmas from all the staff of elite7hackers, a bit late (forum had issues). For this particular reason, we offer you a bit of snow on the forum Thanks xZero for this!
  15. Aiedail (Votre inventaire: 2 Objet(s)) Prix (achat): 59.721.545 Chances de toucher (sur l'adversaire): -14 Chances supp. de toucher (sur l'adversaire): -52 Prérequis : niveau 1230 Wow never ever thought I could goet twice the same!! Well it has been a long time without dropping one, that is a really good gift for Christmas

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