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  1. Should be good now @TheSheriff, your bot need a link to our database, else it won't work
  2. @Persuader Just downloaded it again, and yeah it seems that there are at least 3 exe for the bot :O. I will ask sKyLo to provide a lighter version with only the necessaries. For now just use what is in the root
  3. Sadly for you @Mafiotu you tried your luck posting a random item that is PREMIUM and can't be dropped in the wells. You eventually tried yourself at photoshopping out the gems price. But you did not fooled Persuader! I did not had time to check it out, but here is it. Warning for you.
  4. Took me a while to test the links... But guys, this does not work anymore, stop commenting anything regarding this app as it no longer works. Check before commenting.
  5. Dare to elaborate on this topic? I only see one folder (provide a picture if possible, just send me a PM)
  6. @spam1993ro Nope dude, nothing will help you reach the fountain
  7. @spam1993ro Just check the message in HOT RED above... It is clearly explained what to do. Case solved.
  8. @pepe142103 This forum is about an ILLEGAL way to play Bitefight. You should never ask for a profile nor show your own profile. Thus I will not show you my profile, but I'm only playing for booty, and not PvP, I'm around lvl. 1300 not that much. The highest level has also no sense, as servers are not the same age. Server 1 of any country may have the highest level (in term of duration). In the same way server 201 is a speed server, so everything should be 4 times ahead of any normal server, you should not compare to those servers. The account you posted is not the highest one actually. And again, the level has no means, what should be considered the king is the one that has the best ratio win/defeat on all the server (even if this profile is low level). There is no king on bitefight, but there are many kings, one on every server. There was a time where you could find a all server ranking on GameForge but they deleted it I guess.
  9. No, the bot is not owned by xZero nor any member of the staff. We do not have access to source code, thus it is impossible for us to modify the behaviour of the bot. This bug is minor but we really can not do anything to correct it. Only way to correct it would be to crack the new version of the owner, but I do not even know if this version works out of story.
  10. It is mentionned a bit everywhere that the bot no longer works for anything except the story/adventure mode. It is due to GameForge changing their URL to secured SSL ones. Which the bot did not follow (we are still using the first version of it).
  11. That is way to see "king". I for myself play the regular BF where you want to be 1st in booty. But I know some prefers gold stolen.
  12. Ahhh... i've tried it and it is really bad coded. It only works with english server. On every other server it stops when the decisions is token. It uses URL to reach a situation (like city/adventure/decision/7) so it works universaly. But for the rest it searches for a particular string in the HTML code, like "continue" and this will never work on a different server. Too bad I was placing a lot on this one to do well with attributes. If you want to maximize the gold income, then you will reach a lot of Order and only Order...
  13. This has no sense, Bitefight is divided in countries and counties. So there is one king per county. But you can't share this information, as we could easily find yourself on the ladder.
  14. @Persuader Eventually you can just take the priorities/black list for BFBot and put them together in opposite number for blacklist like : Priorities : 1, 2 Black list : 3, 4 Result in JavaBot MODE 1 : 1, 2, 4, 3. I will try this bot this evening.
  15. @Persuader You can actually do it in the BitefightBot also, you just can't really count on the program to follow it, 1 stat will be 1 stat, 2 stats will be infinite of it lol. But if you upgrade only one stat this works fine.

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