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  1. New Equipments, III

    Do someone has a build for level around 1300+ (including new row of item: Aeidal and others)?
  2. @ECCO, One thing that everybody should had understood from now is that if your bot is on 0 delay then it is its MAX speed. What can make it go faster is your internet connection, your distance from the country you play in and the country itself. Meaning that if you play from Vietnam on US server the bot will run so slowly that it won't be usefull anymore. Check your connection mate, that is all you can do...
  3. @ECCO Wut? 1 minute per situation??? You will need 1 full day to finish one stat. Just go regular they can't detect you anyways.
  4. @Kira if you mean working as connecting + launching stories then the last download bundle on the forum is working. If you meant the full working bot then it is not available on the forum. Anyways this bot is working, you just need to follow the 3 steps. Download it, launch the Patch and the QuickFix and you ready!
  5. Report errors, bugs forum slow downs

    Hi @Kira, is there any Captcha to solve during the recovery? Cause Chrome is a bit nervous with Captcha and tend to save the answer instead of the password. I highly recommend you to go into your settings and check what is the saved password. If it did not correspond then update it. It can also come from the fact that it is your previous password that is saved.
  6. @DarkSide You problem is still ongoing? i'm not sure that Team Viewer can work out of a network... but else we can try (use facebook to contact me through the Elite7 page) it is easier
  7. @DarkSide Execute it as administrator, thus why do you need a firewall access? You should not install it on a enterprise computer. @Begginer Try to patch it again. It should works (patch + quickFix).
  8. Bitefight Priorities

    Well using orbs is great but you must keep your frag. for war orbs Cause this is a team play Well I'm going on a good way there too, did not had to reheal since 5 days hehe
  9. Bitefight SpyMon [RELEASE!!!]

    @DarkSide Should so. Did not have time to test it yet...
  10. @DarkSide Had you checked the forum state? If it was online for reasons then the bot shouldn't work Try again now and update all of your parameter (User-Agent also!)
  11. @lewy9400 Yes it is. But it is only because the owner of the bot made an upgrade. xZero did not tried to crack the "new" version. On the original bot there is also a "get Cookie" button to make it easier to get your SID code xZero is trying to develop his own bot (web app) so that the bot will be 100% functional
  12. Bitefight Priorities

    @totem1 There is no way to keep your life full. You will always face the situation 20/21/42 and only 20 provides a chance not to lose life... If this was made differently I would say that it would be cheated cause you would earn more gold than grottos without even being endangered by losing your life.
  13. Bitefight bazaar

    @Rotagen That is your first post so it is good, but if you need help understanding anything, just ask
  14. Does anyone play server 3?

    @PsicoSe Good thing you tried to move up this forum but unfortunately people can't share their account here. There are too much risks of getting caught. So please don't share your server or account number. Always hide those information on the forum. But you can still share your location or server country
  15. BOT-Delay

    @BirdTheAirplane I would go for a 0 on .org. Those are the most crowded servers and btw very slow servers. You can't expect the bot to go faster than the server. So basically putting anything will result in the same... @ImTmoD No way yo accelerate it. it is based on your internet connection and server-side response. So if your connection is low the only way to fasten the bot is to updgrade your connection. Else the problem is not yours and you won't solve it anyway :'(