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  1. Ultimate Spreading EBook By Regulater Information Hello, this is Regulater and I am selling my guide to spreading any server. This isn't one of those fancy ebooks, with many pictures and stuff like that to take up a huge amount of space. This is an ebook that gets straight to the point with steps and details, and includes as much information as possible. It does include pictures but the pictures are not oversized as some other ebooks do. This guide can easily get you 1k+ slaves a day if you follow the different methods. There is over 16 methods and I will constantly be adding more and more methods. It comes out to over 30 pages of pure text and small pictures in step-by-step format, none of these huge pictures, stuff like that to make the ebook seem bigger than it really is. All these methods currently work, and can get you a huge amount of slaves fast. All these methods are methods that I have used in the past, with my servers. I have to versions of the ebook: Standard, and Elite. Standard is just the ebook alone 700 KB. Elite includes the ebook and added programs that can help greatly with spreading, but are not needed for the ebook methods. This ebook is the best spreading ebook currently on HackForums. Purchase Standard (Paypal) - $30 Elite (Paypal) - $40 Purchase through Bitcoins and receive at a discount. Bitcoin Address - 1LUepqQ8CaYNkxoxZPJwdrxDfi4T3zafzQ Standard - Elite - I will be offering full support for my ebooks that are purchased, and I will give out my support contacts upon purchase to the buyers. All buyers will receive lifetime updates to this ebook, which I guarantee there to be updates in the future. Anyone that is able to make me a thread design, signature, etc. will receive a bigger discount upon purchase. Vouch Copies will be given to very Trusted Uber Members who have done reviews in the past.
  2. Botnet Guides and Help

    I am here to help anyone out with botnet needs. I will answer all questions I possibly can to help anyone out in need. Just post them in this thread, and I will reply with a detailed answer. If you need help with monetizing a botnet, I could help you out with that too. I can describe botnets, and help you choose a botnet that would be best for you.