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  1. D3F3ktu

    New Theme on e7h

    i like this theme
  2. i think is a bad idea ... all server will be death no activity and all players will hide in house of pain.
  3. same i use win8 I'm satisfied exception start menu and annoying buttons
  4. the settings are done correctly , cokie, server, browser agent. but whend i start, this erorr come http://postimg.org/image/i9tqr43kf/ http://s30.postimg.org/br0we6re9/click_here.png if i check on : right click on my computer -> manage ->event wiewer -> aplication i can see the error what ca i do in this case is same problem got Izochor but him maybe have error reporting disable from advance my computer -> properties-> advanced-> eror reporing
  5. dosen't work for me i folow all the step this is so frustrating. i spend time and resorce ...... i send a video xZero and i truly hope you will find where is the problem
  6. sound good i will try this game and i will return with feedback
  7. it's not about that , i'm not a hacker, and all i can do it's "great" "good job" "nice job" 25 times. But tnks i will try that Legenden because i post all forum and to avoid dobllepost its only thingh i could do or to wait another one to post . Activity is low here that so hard
  8. Blue montaine state is a good one to wach whit friends
  9. D3F3ktu

    New Logo

    i prefer curent logo
  10. i see this movie , a few day ago . I recommend
  11. I'm also new here, but also I'm very lazy 25 post for me is ...a chalenge. My only hope for me is to find interesting things and a lot of luck. Some advice please , an easier way ... some treath easily to post ? I will never get a license....
  12. first of all hello to everyone, how can i use license for this bot? I will have from start a free month or need to make 25 non spam posts first?

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