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  1. Hello,if your licence is expired go here , then login and then u will see look all the way to the right u will see action and then u have 3 options u choose second option renew licence and thats it.i hope it helps
  2. nicee keep up the good work
  3. yes,too bad for grotto we cant use it anymore,i think gameforge is not really making effort on improving bitefight anymore
  4. i hate it when i get potions from the well,i just neeed items
  5. just like the @Thebestsimon says,i had the same problem
  6. if they suspected u that u are using bot u would get ban for life not only 7 days ban,so dont worry just keep playing
  7. enjoy
  8. i agree gameforge dont care about bf anymore so we are safe with bot
  9. watched it,great movie highly recommend it
  10. Hello Heisenberg please read the forum rules and dont spam the forum,im giving u a warning this time,if u continue to spam the forum u will get banned
  11. Hello guys i deleted topic music share by accident,i was thinking im deleting my post,im sorry,maybe xzero can bring it back,if not here its a new topic so we can share music again.have a good day people.
  12. i noticed that some orbs of 75-80 are stronger then some orbs of 100f,i really think it depends on luck mostly and maybe item u have activated,so there is really no way to create only strong orbs,its all about random and luck,sometimes i get really awesome orbs with 80-90f and sometimes i get shit orbs with 100f
  13. guys dont ask same questions again and again,its pretty clear,post once a week and u can use bot,if u dont post once a week your bot is suspended
  14. no, i mean when i put music on my usb and then put it in car it always plays music by alphabetical order from a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h but im asking is there any program or something when i put music it plays random not by alphabetical order,i dont know if u understand me
  15. u should post in music share topic not in new topic guys