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  1. u should post in music share topic not in new topic guys
  2. Hello guys i need some help,is there any program or something when i put music on my usb to play is there any way that usb dont play in alphabetical order,its really annoying when i put like 100 songs it plays always from a to z,is there any program like shuffle or to play random songs it would be much better when listening music on my usb then going from alphabetical order
  3. just listening to this so why not share it with u guys on this good day
  4. hey guys i have boots palta 2 and what u think about boots oligan,im going for damage and not minus hit chance,should i buy oligan boots or should i wait something better
  5. it really sucks when u get item half of your level,example u are level 1000 u get item for 500 lvl, but better anything than nothing
  6. to start a good monday
  7. hello,please do not spam the forum,u have been warned
  8. there is a lot of topics where u can post,like music,movies,bitefight about talents equipments,presentation,so this topic is basically opened so u can post blabla bla and u can use bot,my opinion this topic should be deleted and u guys should take your time and write something that is not spam in some of the topics there really are a lot of topics so everyone can post somewhere, example music topic why is so hard for u guys to put some music in music topic,its better doing that then just saying in bfb bot topic and others bf topics( thank you for bot good work and always the same thing every week) too much spaming in bf topics
  9. good to have you on forum skylo
  10. This is going to be awesome
  11. thank you xzero
  12. Looking little posts in this sections it seems darkside is getting items every 2-3 days in story,something i dont believe its happening,more likely he is just spamming
  13. my grotto and story works fine,it took me some time to see that they changed . in - i was worried too why my bot is not working and i did everything fine but then i saw that little change and its working normal like before.
  14. please dont spam the forum with the same comments,there is a lot of topics which u can post to use the bot,not always comenting the same thing in the same section