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  1. did you enter the right sid and cookie? browser,check everything twice and re enter new cookie and browser and it should work, try closing the bot and start again
  2. Bitefight Priorities

    depends what level are you? if you are 1000+ level its ver hard to keep your life in one piece because there are so many situations that destroys your helt by 300k health, i struggle with health too,i have 1.3m health and still i have to use potions and church
  3. jayman, I really appreciate your efforts on the forum, you help me a lot handling this :) +1!!

  4. u are reported and u will not be able to use bot because of spamming, i think it was enough spamming on this forum
  5. alex guerreiro please write only in english,this is the last warning guys,you will not be able to use bot if u just spam the forum on foreign languages,only english is allowed
  6. there is not any code to get gold,you can set your priorities to stay in forest there u get more gold then on mountain or cave or city,and please do not spam topic,u have topic about aspects and everything
  7. BitefightBot Solved ( Explicit Steps )

    camer94 dont spam,this is a warning next time u will get suspended
  8. BitefightBot Solved ( Explicit Steps )

    i did everything correctly and still dont work for me, guys if bot dont work for you too please write here so maybe we can fix the problem somehow
  9. mine still dont work,its patched 4/4 and runned the quick fix but still get the same error time out or other error occured
  10. Service Recovery - Status

    Thank you xZero for your work
  11. Hi,


    Same error appear: * Timeout or other error ocurred.

    1. jayman2010


      Boss will fix it when he have some free time.

  12. BitefightBot Problems?

    is anyone of u guys have problem with bf bot,i have error initiallising and then timeout or other error occured,anyone have the same?
  13. Music Share

    lol guys what u think about this song hahahah

    Merry Christmas to all wish u all the best
  15. BitefightBot Problems?

    yes i agree,please just dont spam the forum so u can play bot,u have a lot of topics im sure u can find one atleast music share once a week so u dont spam the forum,thank you and have a good day