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  1. Dont make it open source, bf developers could check the code and implement measures to detect it.
  2. @Thebestsimon Point 5) I know the story is to random, the idea is the bot saves input in a database each 3 points, thats 40 actions, every 3 points it calculates how much money you make, and then calculate the average, the more input it has the more precise it becomes and maybe you can add some checkbox to be optimistic or pesimistic, imagine after 20000 iterations the average gold gained for 40 actions is 220000, if you dont check any boxes the game calculates each 3 points to give 220000 if you are optimistic the game calculate each 3 points to give at least 220k or more, if you check the pesimist box the bot will assume you are going to earn a 25% less each iteration, thats maybe the safest way. the key here i think is make the bot learn from the input. I'd like to add another idea: Dynamic priorities: You all know there are actions with a chance to fight, like 1, 27, 29, the idea is if i put the priorities 1 27 29, maybe 27 have higher chances to start a fight, so the game record inputs and after 1000 iteratios of each action it sees, that of 1000 actions of 1, 156 end in a fight, of 1000 actions of 29 201 ended on a fight and after 1000 actions of 27 320 ended in a fight so the bot dynanically adjust the priorities to 27, 29, 1 so i will have more chances to fight and get health and money.
  3. Nice idea, im excited about it. Can i suggest you some improvements over the current bot? About story mode: Divide actions into neutral actions, that is actions doesnt give or drain your health, health actions, thats actions that health you like devour or fight, and risky actions, thats actions that can drain your life like ignore. The current bot stops action when your current life is under the Min life but this should only occurr when you face a risky action, why to stop if you have a devour or a Full attack ahead, maybe the health you can get can make you healthy again, so the idea is stop the bot only if health low AND next action is a risky one. Make Min Life variable instead of fixes, that is, the program keeps monitoring the max health you lost doing some risky action, like action 20 lose 230000 health action 21 lose 89000 so the game adapts itself and if you have 160000 life it will continue if facing action 21 but will stop if facing action 20. Make healing with potions, not only church, and give priorities so it can use big potions, full health potions and christmas gift for healing. You can make the bot to autostart too, so it keeps suspended but monitoring your account every some minutes, and when it detects an attack vs you, thats an hour of safety it will start. Make bot monitor things like, how many average actions points take to earn some fixed gold value, like after monitoring for 2 months you need 23 actions points to earn one million so it can calculate itself if will have enough remaining points to raise the next stat. Make bot autostart graveyard when not enough points Autoequip should be nice too, equip your life equipment before doing story, then go back to your pvp equip when you finish. Autobuy and use +10 AP potions How my bot would work: I activate it, so it check whats the next stat to raise, it cost 14 millions and the bot calculates i still need 20 actions points to secure reach it so it enter graveyard for 5 hours so i can regain 4x5 20 AP, the graveyard ends and then the bot equip me with some health equipment and start story, keeps doing until some bad luck down my life to under 100000, the next action is ignore and the bot calculates based of his previous monitoring i never lose more than 87000 health in previous ignore actiosns so it continues but bad luck again and i lose another 80k, so my life is 20000 now, but luckily there is only neutral actions and some healing so i recover to 190000 health, next action can drain me up to 277000 health so bot stop and checks how can it health me, as i'm just protected and have about 55 minutes ahead of safety the bots calculate a +50000 life potions will be enough and my life will be recover enough in 4 minutes so wait and continues, if the safe time was about to expire then the bot should use a potion strong enough to allow me to face the actions safely, after some minutes the gold is enough to raise a stat, the bot equips me again with pvp equip and keeps doing graveyard until my AP are enough to start a story again.
  4. you should try to read the conditions and rules to use the bot, it's all explained in the OP.
  5. Did you play it? It's good? i dont have much spare time so i must pick my games very carefully.
  6. I just saw Man of steel, don't waste your money, lots of CGI and effects, awesome actors, ruined by a retarded plot. I used to think that Superman Returns was mediocre, but after watching MOS i think is a masterpiece.
  7. So we should wait for the last version? Also i have some trouble testing the bot, no serial number appears and when i use the bitefightbot patcher it says it can not find some script file and then closes. The file is patch_worker.vbs
  8. I never played a TR game, well i tried to play but i dont like it very much, but this have a good point i'll play it someday.
  9. and a lot of old people always there
  10. But in one domain he sells the bot by suscription, and in the other you pay once and get the bot forever.
  11. I always use firefox since it was called phoenix, before netscape dissapeared, but i decided to give a chance to ie10 since everyone said ms learned and did a good browser, my fault.
  12. I already did but i found that i must change the policy settings and some behaviour i dont want to touch, as is broken i decided to stop using it, ill keep for security and compatibility purposes but using firefox, dont want to try proxies right now but later in a VM.
  13. Your welcome, i hope you found something useful
  14. I recommend Eden Lake. Very intense.

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