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  1. Items which i received from fountain

    Hmm.. I have been wondering about this fountain for a while. Were can you find it? I have never seen it, as far as I now.
  2. BiteFight BOT + Patch/Crack | BiteFight Evolution

    Ah, I forgot the script to change my host file. It works now, thanks!
  3. BiteFight BOT + Patch/Crack | BiteFight Evolution

    Hmm.. I get this thing too now,: I have not played for a while so I have tried to update my license and also saw that I needed to add a new serial number, so I changed that too. I deleted my old licenses to make sure they were not in the way. Tried to reinstall the bot and reopen it. Nothing works. Do you have any suggestions to why it is not working and how to fix it?
  4. GO Warning

    That is possible. I'm not going to say more about it than that because I don't want to risk anything. I hope you understand. Yeah, you have a point. But than again, there are people for everything.
  5. GO Warning

    I am going to check how it looks in the logs when i go through lots of story choices. Have checked before if you can see in the logs in the admin panel if someone is boting, and I could not see anything. But I don't think i looked so much at the logs timestamps. Edit: Have checked it now. There is no specifik log for story mode, but you can see what you have done in other logs, such as the gold log. There it says you got the gold from stories, and it shows what time you did it in, and include seconds. I had my bot delay at 1 and in the logs there was a delay of minimun 1 second for me. That means, it could be detectable through the time, but you can't be sure if someone used a bot or not, in my opinion. I believe it is possible to progress that fast manually if you have a fast enough computer and internet speed. Sorry that I wasn't more observant of that before. Did check it but completeley missed that detail. But if you set the delay to about 5 seconds or something like that it should be no problem, as you can easily do it manually in that time.
  6. GO Warning

    Well, they can't ban or warn you without proof. If someone report you for boting and have no proof, then they can't do anything. If they could, you could just report anyone you didn't like and they would be banned. The bot is NOT detectable, so if you don't tell anyone you are using bots, they have no proof.
  7. warning

    Well, then it is a good thing you are not @xZero. Sounds like a way to harsh punishment to me.
  8. BiteFightBot as WEB application - but better!

    Sounds awesome!
  9. New design - do you like it?

    I like this one more than the last one
  10. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you God Jul (in Swedish)
  11. New Equipments, III

    They probably chose such a high level so they don't have to add any new weapons and stuff for a long time, or ever
  12. Celebrations Coming !!

    Awesome gift Have not played much bitefight for a while now but I am thinking about starting again
  13. [QUESTION] How to know that you become a totem?

    I think it doesn't matter if you have bought hellstones or got them for free, as long as you have at least 1 hellstone, you won't become a totem. Do you remember your name? You could create a new account and search for the name it had and see if you find it, if you remember it.
  14. New design - do you like it?

    Great idea I think that thing is a bit annoying as it takes up so much space.