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Everything posted by tudor

  1. tudor

    Conspiracy Theory

    i think ISIS was suported by USA at bigening and now is a big problem for them i have seen a video with 200 new cars Toyota and so on . Yes they make many money from petrol but at first the were poor
  2. tudor


    Good orb. Nice level
  3. Good tool, and easy to use
  4. tudor

    Conspiracy Theory

    what do you think about ISSIS? beeing USA child?
  5. tudor

    Items which i received from fountain

    Nice iteams guys...
  6. tudor

    Recommend a good movie

    Dexter or White collar nice serials
  7. tudor

    Talent's (Discussion)

    It is a good ideea, some players have lvl over 2000
  8. tudor

    Items which i received from fountain

    Nice iteams, a lot of romanian here:))
  9. tudor

    Planetary Annihilation

    I have played this game was good.
  10. tudor

    Items which i received from fountain

    Etaxalo I(Inventariul tău: 1 obiect(e))Valoarea de revânzare: 72.658.174Forță: +204Rezistentă: +307Cerinte: nivel 1470
  11. tudor

    Deadpool - System requirements and Review

    the game was nice, but is not the best graphic for marvel
  12. Is need to copy the browser again and the new SID, if you are logout automatic, mean the browser or SID is not right
  13. tudor


    I hate this orbs, 4 of 5 are bad orbs, and i have lvl 1800+
  14. tudor

    Deadpool - System requirements and Review

    Nice review! Keep doing i will try this game
  15. tudor

    Music Rhythm LED

    Is nice to find this kind of information here, i m engineer i just finished the college, your circuit is nice and simple:) Also you can use a breadboard if you don`t know how to handle a ledcon
  16. tudor

    Best strategy/tricks for newborn player?

    Try chance - , and after level 1300 chance - is the best choice
  17. tudor

    BitefightBot+License Tutorial

    Next time a video How to make a good story for gold
  18. tudor

    BitefightBot+License Tutorial

    what language is that? sound nice
  19. tudor

    BitefightBot+License Tutorial

    good job, nice tutorial! Keep doing what you do
  20. tudor


  21. tudor

    New Equipments, III

    missions and 4-5 colleagues is easy to take 1-2 iteams in 2 hours .I got and two items together once
  22. tudor

    New Equipments, III

    I have 8 new items already are very expensive each one is over 250 million
  23. that is bad...also if you have HS from gifts and buyed HS, first time when you buy iteams the script use your buyed HS not from gifts
  24. tudor


    Some time i have good orbs with 300 damage bonus

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