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  1. i think ISIS was suported by USA at bigening and now is a big problem for them i have seen a video with 200 new cars Toyota and so on . Yes they make many money from petrol but at first the were poor
  2. tudor


    Good orb. Nice level
  3. what do you think about ISSIS? beeing USA child?
  4. Dexter or White collar nice serials
  5. It is a good ideea, some players have lvl over 2000
  6. Nice iteams, a lot of romanian here:))
  7. I have played this game was good.
  8. Etaxalo I(Inventariul tău: 1 obiect(e))Valoarea de revânzare: 72.658.174Forță: +204Rezistentă: +307Cerinte: nivel 1470
  9. the game was nice, but is not the best graphic for marvel
  10. Is need to copy the browser again and the new SID, if you are logout automatic, mean the browser or SID is not right
  11. tudor


    I hate this orbs, 4 of 5 are bad orbs, and i have lvl 1800+
  12. Nice review! Keep doing i will try this game

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