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Everything posted by redmoon

  1. Simo, still having the same problem xD I've tried with CCleaner, install manually, istall with .exe... but the toolkit can't load php5ts.dll .-. what I have to do? XD Pls, for now disable ALL my licenses as I solve this problem I'll let you know my new one tnx
  2. yep, done it... but it's not working yet :(
  3. I had a problem with my pc... and had to reset it... now, I've download again the bot, but... when I go to run the Toolkit, it always says "cannot load php5ts.dll" I've downoaded again the dll and put ir in the sysem32 directory but the toolkit isn't working... I've already tried to run the toolkit as administrator, but nothing.. I cant' do the patch... and the bot, naturally isn't working :(
  4. redmoon

    Items which i received from fountain

    Silpix II (Your inventory: 1 item(s)) Resale value: 18.192.850 Basic talent: +6 Bonus Talent: +20 Charisma: +136 Requirement: level 670
  5. redmoon

    Items which i received from fountain

    The past 7 days was so so luckly Darnam III (Your inventory: 1 item(s)) Resale value: 53.080.367 Defence: +163 Dexterity: +244 Requirement: level 1105 Gorgoth II (Your inventory: 1 item(s)) Resale value: 18.851.179 Defence: +110 Dexterity: +165 Requirement: level 680 Ikafati I (Your inventory: 1 item(s)) Resale value: 50.181.500 Strength: +391 Requirement: level 1050 Rudon II (Your inventory: 1 item(s)) Resale value: 33.117.575 Health: +149500 Defence: +133 Requirement: level 860 Klov (Your inventory: 1 item(s)) Resale value: 59.187.668 Basic damage: +70 Bonus damage: +140 Strength: +88 Requirement: level 1220
  6. redmoon

    Recent change of Bitefight URL/address

    Also church and Player vs Player are not working for me
  7. redmoon


    is a vice that can't get out eh? maybe you also want my password? I want to see when will this story will end with you. You don't have to try steal accounts of others. PLAY and GROW if you want to be competitive, with your own strength, not taking advantage of the hard work of others! I think this week you've had of ban is not served at all. I hope @xZero take more serious steps towards you
  8. redmoon


    Merry Christmass to everyone
  9. redmoon


    Strange I've not presented yet .-. Name (IRL) : Patrick Age : 27 (19/06/1989) Location : United Kingdom (Originary from Italy) Email (if you want) : just PM me How you find this forum : Was searching for BF Bot Sports : BiteFight count as sport? XD Interests : Music, TV Series, Film, BiteFight Do you play Bitefight : yup For now I have 3 pg, sometime ago, I had 12 xD now the biggest is a 1100+ lvl What do you think about the bot : Is awesome What you think about this forum : Simply perfect Political opinions : I don't care about politic anymore Friend on forum (If you have) : Zero, naturally Issues (If you need help) : I'm an issue xD Notes :
  10. redmoon

    Items which i received from fountain

    Seraphim I (Your inventory: 1 item(s)) Resale value: 43.662.319 Bonus damage (on opponent): -59 Bonus hit chance (on opponent): -37 Requirement: level 965
  11. When I'm doin story I wear all my war equipment, arriving at 1.000.000 energy and with victory rush active, never goes under 500.000
  12. redmoon

    Items which i received from fountain

    Never taking an Item in the fountain... today 2 equips and 3 potions xD Brandestoc II (Your inventory: 1 item(s)) Resale value: 25.007.760 Basic damage: +24 Bonus damage: +72 Strength: +152 Requirement: level 765 Obilerema I (Your inventory: 1 item(s)) Resale value: 42.051.410 Dexterity: +361 Requirement: level 950
  13. I tried his version for first... I have to say that we have less problems with server that him xD
  14. redmoon

    Items which i received from fountain

    I'm the only one that doens't fint anything -.-
  15. redmoon

    We're having major service outages

    This morning still 2-3 hours of downtime
  16. redmoon

    bot-multiple use?

    yes, you can
  17. redmoon

    Bitefight SpyMon [RELEASE!!!]

    Please add also the thing that you can be also at the home of SpyMon for have the notifications XD
  18. works fine also for me in speed servers
  19. redmoon

    Present your PG

    Hi all I saw that was a 3ad where we can present our Bitefight Account. But I want to create this one for let all present our Account following simple rulues! 1) No nick name, you can say the server you play, but NOT your nick!!! 2) All stat have to be a bit censored: Ex. Defence (8xx) Looted gold 15.xxx.xxx Fights win: 12.xxx Etc... So, please, present your account, but don't give so much informations. We remember you that using Bitefight Bot is not allowed by GameForge AG. My Acc: S202 EN: Llv: 1.0xx BV: 8.xxx STR: 8xx DEF: 8xx DEX: 9xx END: 8xx CHA: 6xx Blood: 7.xxx.xxx.xxx Fights: 51.xxx Victories: 29.xxx Defeats: 22.xxx Draws: x Gold captured: 37x.xxx.xxx Gold Gold lost: 6x.xxx.xxx Gold Damage caused: 2.xxx.xxx.xxx Hit points lost: 1.xxx.xxx.xxx Aspects: Nature lvl 3 & Destruction lvl 2 (but soon will be Destruction lvl 3 and Nature 2)
  20. redmoon

    Bitefight Priorities

    With mine priorities, in less then a month I've done Destruction lvl 3 and Nature lvl 2 Human 2 - Knowledge 2 - Order 2 - Nature 2509 Dexterity: +25 Beast 4 - Destruction 5087 Bonus damage: +30, Basic damage: +12 Chaos 194 - Corruption 200 - I'm playing this speedserver since 24th August And I'm taking a new pg lvl 1025 in te next week
  21. redmoon

    New Equipments, III

    I like that they are implementing new items... but they have abandoned all the old style BF... Also for the new style I don't see so much activity... and, iu you go on the gameforge.com homepage, Bitefight is not listed anymore in their games... I'm worried that we are the next game GF will close..
  22. redmoon

    Ex. Gameforge's game - Warpfire

    Is impossible have the source of WarpFire, as is impossible have the resource of MetalDamage (if someone reminds this a game similar at bitefight but with cars xD)
  23. I am usig this one for Destruction aspect: Priorities: 35 7 9 12 3 5 26 25 11 Blacklist: 4 29 41 53 1 38 39 42 22 30 33 8 40 and this one for the Nature: Prio: 35 7 3 24 29 5 25 11 21 Black: 6 4 26 53 1 38 39 42 32 28 31 10 23 8 I always take the destruction to lvl 3, Corruption goes to lvl 2 automatically, so I give all Corruption points to Nature
  24. Recently I'm encountring a little problem. Sometimes when is in a Story, around 300-350th actions, also if the life is full, the bot automatically exit the story, also if is set to consume all AP (-1). Did someone other have the same problem?
  25. redmoon

    BiteFightBot as WEB application - but better!

    wow... awesome idea xZero

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