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Dear members, finally, we decided to refresh our theme. Decision was brought based on multiple factors, primarily because of technical needs as old one is not compatible with a new platform version, but also because you all asked for a darker theme.
Here you go!

Please head here if you want to vote https://www.elite7hackers.net/topic/411861-the-new-theme/


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  1. xZero

    Email outage [20181122 - 20181123]

    Hello, In past 12-18 hours mails were not going out due to issue with integration with our service provider. This issue is now fixed and all emails we're resent. I hope they all successfully reach their destinations!
  2. xZero

    The new theme

    I'm glad majority of users enjoys new theme, therefore I'm concluding this poll with decision that new theme stays. Thank you for your great input!
  3. xZero

    Non-functional services

    Dear users, due to our legal obligations we had to upgrade our forum platform, unfortunately new version breaks our login integration with various services: BiteFightBot Licensing Panel BiteFightBot SpyMon In general, all BiteFight related services Note that licensing is still working, but for now we have to manually activate or renew licenses for you. We're working hard on new login integration. I will update progress here.
  4. xZero

    The new theme

    I forgot to mention that you guys can adjust background yourselves from the predefined list. If you have suggestions for backgrounds let me know so I can consider adding them.
  5. xZero

    The new theme

    Finally, we decided to refresh our theme. Decision was brought based on multiple factors, primarily because of technical needs as old one is not compatible with a new platform version, but also because you all asked for a darker theme. Here you go!
  6. xZero

    Bitefight SpyMon [RELEASE!!!]

    Tested today after a long time. Works perfectly fine.
  7. xZero

    Bitefight Bot extensions

    Unfortunately didn't had much time to play with this more. Going to take closer look this weekend. I nearly cracked it - managed to extend my own trial to indefinite, but doesn't work for everyone.
  8. xZero

    Bitefight Bot extensions

    Update: I think I already cracked it by now, although I still have to verify under different conditions before claiming win. It was a quickie. Very basic obfuscation, and absolutely no protection against tampering (it seems). Crack will work the same way as for classic BitefightBot. You will be able to use BitefightBot Toolkit for this. Note: Right now you can download extension from the store, unfortunately once author finds out his license validation has been compromised, he will probably patch it. It is likely I will be able to crack it again, but if not, at least current version will work. Since I de-obfuscated most of the code, we basically have a source to develop upon, so we can issue bugfixes and even new features. I will upload To the author: Great work you have done, however I'm open source developer, and you're asking way too much money, and I don't support or appreciate that kind of monetization. What worries me, though, is what data extension is collecting and sending to author... It sends following bitefight data to author: - Race - Server - Email - Account ID - Battle value - Level - High Score position (at a time). There is no cookie or other data sent, but this alone raises red flags - as this data is none which should be of author's business. It might be used it for license verification, but it's still a concern. I do not recommend using his extension without my (oncoming) patch as it will eliminate data leak.
  9. xZero

    Bitefight Bot extensions

    Seems like real deal. Your link was expired so I removed it. For security reasons, I've extracted CRX my self, so you guys know it's safe. File is attached to this post. (Hint: Unpack with unzip) Price is quite high, but considering that activation code is for life but works only on one device (what happens when you change your device???) , I still think it's quite good deal compared to original BiteFight Bot, not to mention that this one is much more convenient to use as it integrates in the game. --- I looked into it and source is apparently obfuscated, which was to be expected considering that it's not free of charge. I'll see what I can do. Probably a lot more, since this is JS, and not assembly. bfaa_extension_2_4_6_0.crx
  10. I do not know if this msg was by msg box then etou posting here if you have not received


    hello my brother, I'm having problems in the forum ..
    I'm Brazilian and the forum page translates to automatic for me
    so I'm blocked in the forum for posting in Portuguese more with no more intentions
    So my bot has stopped and I can not post in the forum
    can you help me?
    I'm using google translator, sorry for the mistakes.

    thank you so much!

  11. We have created our chat channels, where you can join and discuss. Welcome! Slack: https://elite7hackers.slack.com Ryver: https://elite7hackers.ryver.com Note: You will need to ask for invitation to join. If you're already member, you can invite others.
  12. Yeah. It works amazingly well, even for grotto. Everything works just as it was used to. But how to deliver this to users? I will obviously have to make some kind manager software to run all this in background. [USER]<--------( http )------ >[LOCAL REVERSE PROXY - NGINX] <--------( https )------ >[BItefight/Gameforge]
  13. As you are aware, ever since Gameforge mirated to HTTPS, a lot of functions of bot became non-functional. Yesterday one user reported that he cannot use the bot, and by looking into his issue I noticed that in his case everything is broken because of the same thing. So I revived the project of restoring functionality even to old bot. I crafted a small config file for Nginx web server, which allows us to access site through http but still, bitefight server will see it as https traffic, therefore no redirect. For geeks: Local Nginx acts like reverse proxy, receiving requests on http port 80 and forwarding them to real BF server, https port 443. So far success, I managed to login and use bot just like before. One issue though, is that I'm not sure how to deliver this so it's acceptable and usable even for non-advanced users. You wouldn't like to: - Install and configure nginx - Modify config file so it matches your server url - Modify hosts file so it matches your server url - Do former two for every single server you play on I will update here how does it go.
  14. xZero

    Service Recovery - Status

    It is last version.

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