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  1. As you are aware, ever since Gameforge mirated to HTTPS, a lot of functions of bot became non-functional. Yesterday one user reported that he cannot use the bot, and by looking into his issue I noticed that in his case everything is broken because of the same thing. So I revived the project of restoring functionality even to old bot. I crafted a small config file for Nginx web server, which allows us to access site through http but still, bitefight server will see it as https traffic, therefore no redirect. For geeks: Local Nginx acts like reverse proxy, receiving requests on http port 80 and forwarding them to real BF server, https port 443. So far success, I managed to login and use bot just like before. One issue though, is that I'm not sure how to deliver this so it's acceptable and usable even for non-advanced users. You wouldn't like to: - Install and configure nginx - Modify config file so it matches your server url - Modify hosts file so it matches your server url - Do former two for every single server you play on I will update here how does it go.
  2. Service Recovery - Status

    It is last version.
  3. Image Hosting platform upgraded [MAJOR]

    Platform we're using here is actually paid, therefore naturally comes with translations which are mostly done by professional translators.
  4. Dear users, As part of our recovery process, I have upgraded our image hosting platform. This is major upgrade, incompatible with old version, therefore previously uploaded images are still there, but cannot be modified, or accessed through GUI. https://imgx.elite7hackers.net
  5. Service Recovery - Status

    Use Google translate buddy. If I were to help everyone privately, what do you think how much time I would need to? Sorry, but you have to follow instructions like everyone else. Non-understanding language is not an excuse.
  6. Service Recovery - Status

    Because of complexity of current problem, and limited time, I decided to disable anti leech protection, which means that for a while, you will be able to play without being active, nor your forum account status will limit you in that. This will last for a few days, until I get enough time to fix this issue. In turn, this may negatively impact performance as there will be no protection enabled and we have way to much leechers. Regards
  7. Service Recovery - Status

    Then your patch is correct. However, I can confirm that I discovered issue with our licensing server, so unrelated to patch. It seems that it randomly fails with empty page, mostly for newer licenses. I am working on this, and I'll update here. UPDATE: Reason identified, now trying to fix.
  8. Service Recovery - Status

    Ok guys, I just tested it my self on 2 PC-s. Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. It worked perfectly well. Toolkit detected damaged patch without any problems. Elite7Hackers BFBTKiT - Patcher v2.2.10 # EREGID: 2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxfd2 # Status: Damaged # Patch blocks: 2 / 4 1. Repair 2. About 3. Exit Option number: 1 After running repair function, I'm back on tracks again. No problems whatsoever. Just make sure to disable your antivirus, download LATEST version and run it. It's virus free, it's just that AV makers don't want you to use pirated software.
  9. Service Recovery - Status

    Well said, @boss. BFBTkit is supposed to detect and fix issue. I'll check it myself. What are you talking about? BFBToolKit is public and it was always been public. Maybe you miss-read the list?
  10. Service Recovery - Status

    BitefightBot Licensing Service is BitefightBot obviously, and is up. You now need to use BFB Toolkit to fix your, now obsolete patch, and then BitefightBot will work. Regards
  11. Service Recovery - Status

    Forum https://www.elite7hackers.net Download https://download.elite7hackers.net Content Delivery Network https://cdn.elite7hackers.net Support https://support.elite7hackers.net BitefightBot Licensing Service https://bitefight-bot.elite7hackers.net Bitefight Tools/apps [SpyMon, License manager] JetBrains Licensing Service [NOT PUBLIC] Rainloop Licensing Service [NOT PUBLIC] Web Apps Repository https://apps.elite7hackers.net ImgX Hosting Service https://imgx.elite7hackers.net NTP Service [Part of pool.ntp.org] Hosting Service [NOT PUBLIC] Email Client Service https://mail.elite7hackers.net Random Quotes Website https://www.random-quotes.xyz Online Chess https://checkmate.elite7hackers.net Paste https://paste.elite7hackers.net This is list of our public services (6 & 7 are available on request) and their status, represented by color. Last updated: 10 Legend: Up Down Unstable Slow Debug mode (Working, but might be unstable, slow, or limited)
  12. Dear users, We have scheduled major maintenance for today evening. We're upgrading our platform and applying security patches for Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities. We will also change server once again as we are upgrading to a much stronger infrastructure. Expected are downtimes, and stability issues in time noted. All services will be affected. BitefightBot users will be permanently affected, which means they will have to use our BitefightBot Toolkit to repair their patch to be compliant with our new structure.
  13. About recently reported: Temp suspension - 17xxx days passed since last post. This is obviously a bug because 17xxx days is around 47 years... Will be fixed. You guys need to post once every 7 days to keep license alive.