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  1. You're right, but as issue is not solvable without having source code, it is likely to remain that way untill new version is released. I'm aware that paying broken bot is questionable, but maybe I haven't been clear that one license for one device will remain free, only paid for enabling multiple licenses. Considering that and the price, sounds like fair offer to me. I pay a lot of money to host all this, a lot of effort, and why for? For 99% of people who wouldn't even care about his forum if they didn't had to post? They still don't care. For 90% of people who don't even appreciate my work? Does that sounds fair? Of course this is not directed to handfull of people who are actualy doing their best to help me.
  2. Announcement: Due to high server hosting costs, and even higher demand, I'm forced to require some support from community, therefore, very soon, registering additional license for BitefightBot will require premium subscription (here on forum) which will cost 2 USD (not yet decided) per month. One license will remain free for a while. Same rules will apply for a new BitefightBot once released. Considering that 1 license is free (one computer) and that cost will be only 2USD month to enable multiple licenses, it's still much cheaper than original BitefightBot, and yet still you gain premium membership benefits here on the forum and other services. All additional licenses activated before today, will remain free, until next renewal, unless otherwise decided. Happy Hunting!
  3. Good news: I got some time so this project is in progress again!
  4. There is private repo on BitBucket. Send me your email on PM and I'll invite you.
  5. There is a lot of things going on for me, I have a lot of work to do before deadlines, and I got a daughter recently, so I'm to busy with RL to be able to spend some useful time working on this project. At least I manage to invest some little time administrating the system forum and all services are running on. @Thebestsimon I could use some help with interface, absolutely.
  6. I guess you guys want to know how are things going, since I haven't released test version as I said in beginning. I working on it, but progressing slowly, since things changed in meanwhile.I'm 200% more busy than then, working overtime on my daily job (tight deadlines) therefore I have no time except some little during the weekends to work on this project. Not to even mention other RL happenings. This projects is NOT going to be suspended like BFSpyMon was, but alpha release is not going to happen anytime before mid April.
  7. No worries. Your donation covered a whole month of hosting. That helps. A lot!
  8. what i can doing to get working bot

    Your license expired. Go on website( and buy a new one..

    1. gxdngusz


      you just have to post on this forum once a week to keep your key alive. if you didnt activate a key let me know ill provide info.

  9. Exactly, I was just going to say that! Thanks a lot @eXtreme !
  10. Well, since it will be in-browser interface, I doubt that it would be practical to use that one. It's old and ugly anyway . My idea was something more modern by using bootstrap in it's full glory! Modernizr gonna come handy to! I found some modern app templates we could adjust to our needs. If you're interested in helping out, you could modify template and structure it with options BitefightBot have now, and I would have more time to work on core logic. I have private Git repository on Bitbucket so work is well organised.
  11. Development started, follow up here:
  12. PROJECT STATUS: Stalled. Insufficient time. In progress I'm glad to finally announce that I officially started development of new BiteFight Bot (Mentioned here)! Due to last changes in Bitefight, I decided to (probably) give up on Tiberium's Bitefight Bot and develop brand new bot. I don't consider effort in cracking newest BitefightBot as worthy choice as there is not so many improvements over version we use today, and further more, I see Bitefight Bot as much easier to use inside web browser. Web apps are future. Because my expertise is PHP and WEB development, I will write WEB Interface in HTML/JS/CSS and bot core in PHP. Plan is to release app with mini PHP server which will then run app locally and you will be able to use interface inside your favourite browser. This implementation will allow you to use bookmarklets to add targets (enemies) to Bitefight Bot which will run just in another tab, and all that with single click! Great isn't it? Also worth mentioning: - Support for all existing features of Tiberium's newest bot, minus bugs - Story mode auto-start, therefore you don't have to start story manually each time - Hassle-free setup, download, start, and run! Setting it up with your account will be a lot easier. - Missions (in later versions) - Browser plugin/addon for extended interaction with BF (later versions) - And much more! Also, great news for mac and Linux users: New bot will be cross platform, so not only Windows users will have benefits of Bitefight Bot. Another great feature worth mentioning that you will also be able to use Bitefight Bot just inside your mobile phone browser (which would communicate with server on your computer)! Also I plan to implement more natural human behaviour mimicking, therefore detect rate should be 0% unless you speak out loud about using bot, of course . This is what I call Bitefight Bot REVOLUTION! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I also considering it to be open source. Still to decide though! First alpha-demo release can be expected in a week or two delayed. It will probably run only on Windows (just this version), and support only Grotto mode (which we currently miss on BitefightBot). Right now I cannot say when I will release next version, because I work as full -time back-end developer, and having another coding job at home isn't always fun after long working day. If you're willing to contribute in development, contact me or post here. I will definitely need some help designing interface, because I'm not really good with front-end stuff (CSS/JS) so working alone will take me much longer and final result may not be so nice. PHP in other hand, is my expertise, so extra help is not required, but welcome to faster accomplish the goals and team work is almost always more fun! Happy hunting!
  13. @BFBotDev By the way, why I should make our own bot, when we have you to make one for us? Do not reinvent the wheel.
  14. He is tracking Elite7Hackers, awww, how kind of him! @BFBotDev Well, I can kinda understand that poor guy is frustrated. Bot is available cracked for around 4 years, that's 4 x 12 months = 48 months total, per user. 48 x 5 EUR = 240 EUR in 4 years /per user. We provide license (For free) to around 150 ACTIVE users. That's 36 000 EUR lost in sales for him. Assuming that our version wasn't used by 150 users immediately, but was used by more of 400 users during the 4 years (including inactive), that's ~40 000 EUR lost or more. Poor guy. He would be rich (and 400+ users robbed) by now if not Elite7Hackers to ruin his business. Funny fact Oh, 400+ is probably not final, since I don't have most of old licenses in database any longer. Consider at least 200 on top of that (lost records). If I decided to sell license for half the price, I would earn at least half of that. Everything I requested from him is at least year for free (for me) and I wouldn't release crack. That's 60 EUR. He declined, and now he lost at least 40 000 EUR. Expensive mistake it seems. But I'm happy, I made it for my self, and service of many Oh, I also asked to lower prices and then he bacome rude. Ccccc EDIT: About bans he mentions - It is possible, because bot will leave thousands of http request, however that proves anything. Maybe user has a stubborn browser which wouldn't like HTTPS so forcing HTTP instead. Also, for user to be detected, someone need to report him, so they notice log...
  15. Unfortunately, developer who made bot, has hard-coded http:// protocol, therefore you cannot have anything else in URL. In your case https://. If dev has coded bot with possibility of moving to https in mind, we (probably) wouldn't have any issues now. At least, he could let it detect if URL has protocol specified and use that instead. But no, he is too stupid to consider ongoing trends. For now, we are stuck with that. I haven't found workaround yet. Some servers are almost abandoned, by team, as well as players, that's how huge bug like that may occur. EVERYTHING is calculated server-side, nothing in user browser, that's what makes it very difficult to hack.... Of course, even back-end can be easily hacked if SysAdmin is an idiot. HTTPS is good thing, however real developer/owner of BFB is an idiot, so he HARDCODED fucking HTTP, otherwise we would be able to switch easily!