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After working around the clock to optimize our database instances that were causing severe performance degradation and downtime, we finally got it to run smooth and stable.
Since changes done are major, it is of utmost importance to report here, any errors you might notice. Take screenshot if possible. 

Apologizes for inconvenience, Elite7Hackers Staff


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  1. Thank you for your feedback. Since Bitefight-Bot is currently being migrated to the new infrastructure, I would expect it to go live in few days (~ Tuesday). This is not definitive estimate and it might change anytime. It might even be done earlier.
  2. The forum is running on new infrastructure for few days already. Current known issues we're trying to solve: Some services are still down or unavailable - In progress Horrible slowness and lock-ups - Partially solved (?) Slow from time to time,primarily dependent of action you're trying to achieve and current load - Monitoring Occasional timeouts - Pending Some topics are listed, yet unavailable: "There are no posts to show" (Error code: 2F173/L) - Pending Visual glitches - Pending Known slow pages/actions: Search Starting new topic Posting a new reply Viewing some member(s) profiles Leaderboard Activity feeds Unread content Some particular topics and threads Clubs
  3. Hi @Alex55, can you be a bit more specific please?
  4. Dear members, Starting from tonight, 2020-01-29 20:00 UTC, I will start rebuilding our platform. For next few days, or even weeks, forum and majority of our services will be unstable or completely unavailable. Since I also have full-time work, my time is limited, so this will take a while. I will do my best to keep important services, including forum, up for most of the time. Please keep an eye on this thread, for service status: // xZero
  5. Hi @pepe142103. We're aware of severely degraded performance and we're working on resolution. In meanwhile, please take screenshots of errors you receive, that would be very helpful.
  6. xZero


    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Unfortunately, I had to remove snow because it was interfering with website functionality and occasionally even breaking the website. It was nice while lasted, though!
  7. Special rules extend but also might override certain core rules. Following rules applies for all new topics with target to contribute the community. One example is our Download Center. Our members with Supplier rank are NOT exempt of these rules. Topic title should be short, yet readable and easy to understand. No click-baits! All posts MUST deliver what they promise accordingly to the title. Posts must be in language accordingly to our core rules, unless section allows other languages. Posted links must NOT be commercial, unless clearly stated in the title and/or post. Posted links must NOT lead to dead ends, loops, or malicious websites, unless clearly stated in the title and/or post. Posted links must be visible/accessible for general public without no special requirements on target website. Eg. breach of this rule is download links that require premium membership on target website. Exempt for rule 6, applies only if CLEARLY stated and instructed in the topic title and/or post. Staff judgement is determinant, even if post might not directly breach guidelines above. For Suppliers: - Third warning leads to loss of the rank - Sixth-Ninth warning(s) leads to account suspension or temporary ban. - Anything outside these boundaries leads to permanent ban. For Everyone: - Old posts are not exempt of this action. We're going to automate removal of such.
  8. As of today, I'm officially dropping support for this function, and it's unlikely that there will be any updates. Further, usage is, therefore, discouraged. Reason: Weakness in algorithm
  9. Hello, In past 12-18 hours mails were not going out due to issue with integration with our service provider. This issue is now fixed and all emails we're resent. I hope they all successfully reach their destinations!
  10. xZero

    The new theme

    I'm glad majority of users enjoys new theme, therefore I'm concluding this poll with decision that new theme stays. Thank you for your great input!
  11. Dear users, due to our legal obligations we had to upgrade our forum platform, unfortunately new version breaks our login integration with various services: BiteFightBot Licensing Panel BiteFightBot SpyMon In general, all BiteFight related services Note that licensing is still working, but for now we have to manually activate or renew licenses for you. We're working hard on new login integration. I will update progress here.
  12. xZero

    The new theme

    I forgot to mention that you guys can adjust background yourselves from the predefined list. If you have suggestions for backgrounds let me know so I can consider adding them.
  13. xZero

    The new theme

    Finally, we decided to refresh our theme. Decision was brought based on multiple factors, primarily because of technical needs as old one is not compatible with a new platform version, but also because you all asked for a darker theme. Here you go!

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