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  1. Regarding: Dear BitefightBot users should also benefit from this since BitefightBot gonna get replies from our server 100% faster!
  2. No need for further discussion. Lock
  3. Major upgrade has been performed, so there is expected 200% performance increase. Please take a moment and vote in the poll when you get good impression of overall site performance.
  4. That's a excellent idea, however nearly impossible to implement since I have no source code of BFB. I cannot just make changes and compile a new version. I cannot decompile current but I only can make "raw" changes using executables altering tools.
  5. Yeah, basically whole package, but only if you need to use BFBTKiT because only BFBTKiT is updated. BFBTKiT is (for now) used for patch installation, repair and removal.
  6. BitefightBot Toolkit has been updated to a new version. Please update.
  7. I have in plans building BitefightBot fully as a web application with all features original bot has but yet with all features you request. If there is enough of interested users, I'll start working on it. This is a huge project, so it will take a lot of time and effort. With this bot, you could forget about all the things you had to do with original bot. No more copying SID, browser and so on, you will only have to login to your BF through web app.
  8. Hey man, it took me forever to find you because I had to track you down through a ton of different sites cause so many people copied your method. Is the coinurl bot method of earning bitcoin still active? I have the fastvists bot running right now and I have a couple of proxies and its showing clicks but I am not getting any profit

    1. xZero


      Nah, it doesn't work any longer, it is completely saturated and fixed already. 
      I'll search for some other way. Keep up posted.

  9. Finally, after a while we are back on our "old" theme although this is new improved version with new features and tweaks. I'll leave it on for a few days, so please, leave your suggestions.
  10. "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."
    — Albert Einstein