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  1. Major upgrade of the forum core

    Our forum core is now upgraded to the latest version. Since this upgraded included jump over dozen of regular updates and one major update, this upgrade is quite major and is considered as potentially unstable. Please reports issues as soon as you spot them. New upgrade is bringing pretty cool stuff, and a lots of bugfixes.
  2. Yeah, I ended up rewriting everything I done. I already have wrote new code-base with completely new structure, but I haven't updated bitbucket yet. Keep posted, I'm gona update it shortly. For base I decided to use Silex micro framework, which is based on Symfony. I mean, Symfony is amazing, but absolute overkill for this project, so why not to use only what is needed (Silex has the most stuff needed and other stuff is added separately). As part of the new structure, I decided to separate bitefightbot in two parts (two separate git repositories): Silex framework for GUI and routing (implements 2) Bitefight bot core functionality, which is nothing else but a raw bot
  3. You want to contribute?
  4. Another update: In meanwhile, since my last update in this thread, project stalled again for a solid amount of time. Recently I started putting my efforts again. So far, grotto component of bot is ready and will be released soon as separate app, just for testing. I successfully run whole actions-points/health just in the grotto. Best thing is, whole core is developed and I ran over biggest obstacle (HTML parsing/processing). Future looks bright, as further development should be fairly easy from now on. Bot will be capable of doing many stuff, including donating gold to clan if conditions are satisfied. Also I plan to introduce safe-stop option, which will after everything is finished, and gold is left on minimum, spend that gold in some way (or donate), so you cannot be robbed. This will not be so useful if you have a HS chest, of course. Safety: For your safety, bot will mimic user actions, avoiding going directly to links, but going step-by-step instead, like most humans would do. Also, it would randomly select delay (small variations) between actions, so it will make your actions even more legitimate than before. Still, some huge problems remains: There is no GUI. Not yet, at least. There is no contributors, either, so many features are likely to wait implementation. Project is most-likely going to be open-source, so jump in if you want to contribute.
  5. You're right, but as issue is not solvable without having source code, it is likely to remain that way untill new version is released. I'm aware that paying broken bot is questionable, but maybe I haven't been clear that one license for one device will remain free, only paid for enabling multiple licenses. Considering that and the price, sounds like fair offer to me. I pay a lot of money to host all this, a lot of effort, and why for? For 99% of people who wouldn't even care about his forum if they didn't had to post? They still don't care. For 90% of people who don't even appreciate my work? Does that sounds fair? Of course this is not directed to handfull of people who are actualy doing their best to help me.
  6. Announcement: Due to high server hosting costs, and even higher demand, I'm forced to require some support from community, therefore, very soon, registering additional license for BitefightBot will require premium subscription (here on forum) which will cost 2 USD (not yet decided) per month. One license will remain free for a while. Same rules will apply for a new BitefightBot once released. Considering that 1 license is free (one computer) and that cost will be only 2USD month to enable multiple licenses, it's still much cheaper than original BitefightBot, and yet still you gain premium membership benefits here on the forum and other services. All additional licenses activated before today, will remain free, until next renewal, unless otherwise decided. Happy Hunting!
  7. Good news: I got some time so this project is in progress again!
  8. There is private repo on BitBucket. Send me your email on PM and I'll invite you.
  9. There is a lot of things going on for me, I have a lot of work to do before deadlines, and I got a daughter recently, so I'm to busy with RL to be able to spend some useful time working on this project. At least I manage to invest some little time administrating the system forum and all services are running on. @Thebestsimon I could use some help with interface, absolutely.
  10. I guess you guys want to know how are things going, since I haven't released test version as I said in beginning. I working on it, but progressing slowly, since things changed in meanwhile.I'm 200% more busy than then, working overtime on my daily job (tight deadlines) therefore I have no time except some little during the weekends to work on this project. Not to even mention other RL happenings. This projects is NOT going to be suspended like BFSpyMon was, but alpha release is not going to happen anytime before mid April.
  11. No worries. Your donation covered a whole month of hosting. That helps. A lot!
  12. what i can doing to get working bot

    Your license expired. Go on website( and buy a new one..

    1. gxdngusz


      you just have to post on this forum once a week to keep your key alive. if you didnt activate a key let me know ill provide info.

  13. Exactly, I was just going to say that! Thanks a lot @eXtreme !
  14. Well, since it will be in-browser interface, I doubt that it would be practical to use that one. It's old and ugly anyway . My idea was something more modern by using bootstrap in it's full glory! Modernizr gonna come handy to! I found some modern app templates we could adjust to our needs. If you're interested in helping out, you could modify template and structure it with options BitefightBot have now, and I would have more time to work on core logic. I have private Git repository on Bitbucket so work is well organised.
  15. Development started, follow up here: