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    BiteFight BOT + Patch/Crack | BiteFight Evolution -| 05. August 2016 --- NEW UPDATE |- What is Bitefight bot? Bitefight is automated software which allows you but not limited to: - Automated story - Automated PvP - Automated house of pain - Automated Grotto - Automated Human hunt Small demonstration of this bot: BiteFight Bot Sales page: http://www.bitefight-bot.com If you look good, it is not cheap, and it's time-limited (monthly). PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT an author of Bitefight bot, I'm just a cracker here, just like SKIDROW or Razor1911 or TeamExtreme does crack for games so you can download it and play for free. How to get it for free? 1. Register on this(elite7hackers) forum. 2. Download BiteFight Bot + Patch here: LINK 3. Apply patch 4. Now you need to activate your license, follow instructions: Activation tutorial: Serial No. Is usually in this format: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX Just submit your serial here: LINK The whole system works like this, when you submit your serial, it's activated for one month, then after one month you need to come back here and Re-Activate your license for one more month. Everything is fully automated. There is an infinite number of Re-Activations, so you are able to Re-Activate it as long as you are active on this forum... Rules 1. All users have 10 licenses allowed to activate. So if you use it on 10 computers, activate it and use it on 10 computers without limits. For more than 10 computers, request additional permissions. 2. You are not allowed to activate licenses of other players, they have to come here, register and meet requirements. You are allowed to activate ONLY yours. Our system is taking logs, if you abuse, it will be detected.... 3. In order to keep the license active, you have to post at least one post each 7 days. Not respecting this rule will trigger a temporary suspension of your license, which disappears immediately after posting. 4. When posting, respect the forum rules. If you get banned on the forum, your license will be automatically banned too. Antivirus alerts If you have received any Antivirus alert, then it's false positive. Due to a method I use for packing BitefighBot Toolkit (patch) it may trigger a few less known antiviruses. To continue, add to exclusions, or simply turn off your antivirus for a while. Also, Antivirus companies are in the game of money, so they trying to prevent piracy by falsely flagging all crack, patches... Like patch offered by us. Here is detailed virustotal.com analysis: https://virustotal.com/en/file/23894a7e75cf787fbd7dc8394f388b093e05cb1eb965c2f0b54f36ef666f1ad6/analysis/1470354505/ As you can see on link above (or you can repeat scan) detection ratio is pretty low, but still, if you own any of those antiviruses, you know why oatch doesn't work for you. Avast! antivirus is also known for causing problems with patch, so either add patch to exclusions or turn Avast! off while using toolkit(patch). Useful links BitefightBot Help (updated) https://dc59141791cc594d0ea2.elite7hackers.net/BFBOTGuide License information (expiration date, etc.) https://bitefight-bot.elite7hackers.net/license/manager/ DISCLAIMER: We don't take any responsibility for your actions or eventual damage caused by using this software. If you like this software, support real respected authors with buying at least one-month membership here. They fully deserve that. - Of course, this is not required. That's a way to show a sign of good will. Please, take a minute and vote in the pool. Thank you! I just noticed few recent down votes on this poll, and none of those folks ever requested support nor reported the issue. This BFB works for majority of people (way more than registered in the poll), so, please, if you have issues running BFB, request support first. We'll do our best to help you. Enjoy
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    Yeah. It works amazingly well, even for grotto. Everything works just as it was used to. But how to deliver this to users? I will obviously have to make some kind manager software to run all this in background. [USER]<--------( http )------ >[LOCAL REVERSE PROXY - NGINX] <--------( https )------ >[BItefight/Gameforge]
  3. 2 points
    By new rules, BitefightBot licensing activation/reactivation should NOT be requested by contacting admins or opening support ticket. ONLY exception is if new system doesn't work. Today, new system is finished, which allows you to manage licenses your self. You can: - Activate new license - Renew existing license(s) - Remove existing license(s) - See exact status of each license you own Everything packed in beautiful bootstrap based interface.... To start using new system, manage your BiteFightBot licenses, please proceed here: https://bitefight-bot.elite7hackers.net/license/manager I'm not gonna explain any further as whole system is self-explanatory and have hints on every step. It's simple, just login with your forum credentials (obviously, you need to have account), and have a fun! We're open for suggestions and comments. Please also vote in the poll.
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    Hello guys, i will explain "Step by Step" how bitefightbot will work: 1. Download patch here : http://www81.zippyshare.com/v/y4QwNIXb/file.html 1.a . Dissable Anti-Virus program for installing BfbKit, it will work 100 % (Before download) 2. Extract with WinRAR the patch. 3. Into the files: Open the folder wich name is : tools 4. After open folder tools, open other folder instead of this : BiteFightBot Toolkit (patch) 5. Run BFBTKiT2 than wait about 10-15 seconds. The kit will show you: Repair/About/Exit. 6. Press key numer 1: Repair. After write 1, press Enter and wait BfbKit working. Photo: http://www99.zippyshare.com/v/IHIj9RGj/file.html 7. After this bot working, press numer 3: "Exit". Regards, Co-Founder .sKyLo. Elite7Hackers Team !
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    As you are aware, ever since Gameforge mirated to HTTPS, a lot of functions of bot became non-functional. Yesterday one user reported that he cannot use the bot, and by looking into his issue I noticed that in his case everything is broken because of the same thing. So I revived the project of restoring functionality even to old bot. I crafted a small config file for Nginx web server, which allows us to access site through http but still, bitefight server will see it as https traffic, therefore no redirect. For geeks: Local Nginx acts like reverse proxy, receiving requests on http port 80 and forwarding them to real BF server, https port 443. So far success, I managed to login and use bot just like before. One issue though, is that I'm not sure how to deliver this so it's acceptable and usable even for non-advanced users. You wouldn't like to: - Install and configure nginx - Modify config file so it matches your server url - Modify hosts file so it matches your server url - Do former two for every single server you play on I will update here how does it go.
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    Service Recovery - Status

    Forum https://www.elite7hackers.net Download https://download.elite7hackers.net Content Delivery Network https://cdn.elite7hackers.net Support https://support.elite7hackers.net BitefightBot Licensing Service https://bitefight-bot.elite7hackers.net Bitefight Tools/apps [SpyMon, License manager] JetBrains Licensing Service [NOT PUBLIC] Rainloop Licensing Service [NOT PUBLIC] Web Apps Repository https://apps.elite7hackers.net ImgX Hosting Service https://imgx.elite7hackers.net NTP Service [Part of pool.ntp.org] Hosting Service [NOT PUBLIC] Email Client Service https://mail.elite7hackers.net Random Quotes Website https://www.random-quotes.xyz Online Chess https://checkmate.elite7hackers.net Paste https://paste.elite7hackers.net This is list of our public services (7 & 8 are available on request) and their status, represented by color. Notes: 15 is terminated and there is no plans of recovering it any time soon. Last updated: 2 Legend: Up Down Unstable Slow Debug mode (Working, but might be unstable, slow, or limited)
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    Service Recovery - Status

    Then your patch is correct. However, I can confirm that I discovered issue with our licensing server, so unrelated to patch. It seems that it randomly fails with empty page, mostly for newer licenses. I am working on this, and I'll update here. UPDATE: Reason identified, now trying to fix.
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    Service Recovery - Status

    BitefightBot Licensing Service is BitefightBot obviously, and is up. You now need to use BFB Toolkit to fix your, now obsolete patch, and then BitefightBot will work. Regards
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    @Schnitzer Oh yeah true But you solved it anyways @Rafael1997, Well as xZero did not had time to check it there won't be a better interface, but the renew license "button" is now visible again
  11. 2 points
    @Schnitzer. This is absolutely normal, you actually did the new Windows 10 update, which provided a new hosts file and a new Serial to your bot (Go to the activation website and enter your new Serial). That is the point It did the same to me today lol
  12. 2 points
    this worked for me, thanks for the tip
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    Talent's (Discussion)

    1 - Coup supplémentaire 16 - Cruauté 36 - Combat haineux 36 - Berserk 49 - Empoisonner 64 - Ciseaux à os 70 - Cœur de pierre 81 - Aura de mort 90 - Pouls de la colère 100 - Rapidité inhumaine 121 - Mauvais esprits 128 - Vol d`énergie 144 - Thaumaturgie 144 - Défense adroite 150 - Vétéran de la nuit 169 - Avidité du précipice 169 - Bouille de la mort 180 - À pas d`ombre 196 - Pure malice 196 - Griffes de cristal 196 - Volonté de mourir 200 - Maître de la chair 225 - Mots de la puissance 230 - Exaltation de la victoire 250 - Magie majeure 250 - Maître de la nuit 260 - Plus sombre que la nuit 275 - Tempête des ombres 275 - Peau d`acier 285 - Mangeur d`âmes 290 - Moloch 300 - Le festin macabre 300 - Prince des ténèbres     Sorry it is in french :P
  14. 1 point
    jayman, I really appreciate your efforts on the forum, you help me a lot handling this +1!!
  15. 1 point
    Still didn't get item from Fountain like from November :-(
  16. 1 point
    there is not any code to get gold,you can set your priorities to stay in forest there u get more gold then on mountain or cave or city,and please do not spam topic,u have topic about aspects and everything
  17. 1 point
    camer94 dont spam,this is a warning next time u will get suspended
  18. 1 point

    Service Recovery - Status

    It is last version.
  19. 1 point

    Service Recovery - Status

    Obvious reaction ^^ Yeah well I did read NOT PUBLIC one inch too high We can download it on the BFBot thread in fact. Not sure if it is the last version though.
  20. 1 point
    good to hear hopefully we do see something different soon-ish
  21. 1 point
    sadly no HOP or PVP or Manhunt or church stick to story mode and auto training
  22. 1 point
    @ahmedara i think the answer you want to hear is also to keep the license active and like simon said to give back a little a very very little to Zero if you like the bot try and support the forum and the owner with a small donation
  23. 1 point
    if you play in speed 202 no they dont have any systems in play .. bitefight is not that advanced in speed there is a new GO and he is warning everyone following the logfiles if your story logfiles exceed than he will warn you regardless if you are bot or not yes he can see the logs but no he doesn't know that you are a bot or not and like i said in my prevous post you need to be smart and dont let your bot run the whole day he may be thinking that he is smart but if you stop after the warning you will show that yes you were playing with bot keep playing but just slow it down and take breaks also if you ever contacted support ask them to show you proof or anything to say that you are is the bot "screen shot" without proof they can't ban you and guess what !! they cant prove it or show it to you. before the ban is applied a confirmation from Coma must be taking/granted and the sad part is Comas have no clue and they agree to what GO/SGO/GA is saying so yes you can be ban incorrectly. all the best guys and remember you can easly out smart them
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    You forgot the password or maybe you want to sniff where you shouldn't? No problem! Microsoft is here to help you. An old school trick, old as oldest Windows, still remains unfixed even on most modern Windows available, Windows 10. No, it's not even fixed in anniversary update (10.0.14393).... It's major security flaw, very easy to exploit, and users can't do ANYTHING to prevent, except mechanically locking their computer. (Nor that is bulletproof) To make things even worse, no versions of Windows are secure, not even Windows Server editions! What a shame, Windows Server edition should be hardest to exploit, yet an old school trick will break it just as easy. Of course, that trick will hardly work from remote, but if you have psychical access, you're already in. Imagine hacking corporate server... Or your school servers.... Yeah, yeah, I know, it's not always easy to approach those machines, but believe me, I seen them easy to access on so many places. Your account at work place is limited? Use this method to hack admin password. There is just one problem with using this method: You will not get to know password, you will reset it to whatever you like, even a blank password, so this method is not stealth. If you hack admin account on corporate server, they will probably go alert as soon as admin fails to login... Good thing is that you can always cover your tracks. If someone seen you, then you're probably screwed, but don't kill the witnesses! It's not worth it. Before we proceed, disclaimer: Following this tutorial is fully on your own responsibility. So if you get in jail, kill your cat, crash your car or whatever, it's ONLY YOUR responsibility. So how do we do it? You will need: Linux live distribution (One you can boot and use right ahead) How to CD/DVD, USB or any other media where you can put your OS from step 1. For security concerns, would be wise to use an untraceable media, like CD/DVD which you can easily discard. Any USB drive may leave trace of it's serial number on affected machine, and it may lead directly to you (not always the case, but at least hide well)! How to Machine you're going to use this on must allow you to boot CD/DVD/USB. Locked BIOS may be a problem, but if you have privacy and time, you can open machine and remove CMOS battery so BIOS configuration as well as password gets wiped clean. Brain and common sense Steps Before we begin, turn off properly Windows PC. Properly means Shut down. No hibernation. Hard power off may be option also, if you don't care about possible consequences that may have on PC (data corruption, disk failure), although serious consequences are rather very rare. Once your booted Linux live, go to file manager, and mount/open disk drive where Windows is located. If Linux won't mount or complains that drive is in unsafe state, then open terminal and type: sudo fdsik -l sudo mount -o force /dev/sdX /mnt Make sure to change sdX to whatever identifier Windows partition has. You'll get that info with first command. Locate file Utilman.exe Rename it to Utilman0.exe Duplicate/copy cmd.exe and rename it's copy to Utilman.exe Shutdown linux Boot windows At the logon screen press Win + U Command prompt will appear. Type: net user YourOrVictimsPreciousUsername newpassword Instead on newpassword you can leave blank, then Windows will ask for new password and you don't have to type in anything which Windows will treat as no password. Now boot back to Linux, repeat all the steps until step 3. Locate and delete Utilman.exe Locate and rename Utilman0.exe to Utilman.exe Done! What we done? We swapped accessibility menu which is available at logon with command prompt (cmd.exe). That way when we press Win + U, we trick windows into executing elevated permissions(administrator) command prompt. Instead of linux, there are also other methods to boot and do steps we did, but this one is tested. There is also tool called chntpw which is available as standalone bootable image or as a tool for Linux. It's much simpler, however I discourage use of it as it doesn't support all versions of Windows and also it may damage/affect other user accounts. Tips: If you know how to use Linux terminal, all above steps could be done in half of the time. If Utilman.exe method doesn't work, eg. keyboard doesn't have Win button, you can do all the steps, but instead of hacking Utilman.exe use sethc.exe. Then on logon screen repeatedly press Shift until command prompt appears. sethc.exe is application executed upon annoying Sticky key(shift) function. If sticky key is disabled, this not gonna work, but you could theoretically swap command prompt with any other application which is bind to some key combo. Happy hacking!
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    I am sorry for the mistake

    I am sorry for the mistake

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