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    By new rules, BitefightBot licensing activation/reactivation should NOT be requested by contacting admins or opening support ticket. ONLY exception is if new system doesn't work. Today, new system is finished, which allows you to manage licenses your self. You can: - Activate new license - Renew existing license(s) - Remove existing license(s) - See exact status of each license you own Everything packed in beautiful bootstrap based interface.... To start using new system, manage your BiteFightBot licenses, please proceed here: https://bitefight-bot.elite7hackers.net/license/manager I'm not gonna explain any further as whole system is self-explanatory and have hints on every step. It's simple, just login with your forum credentials (obviously, you need to have account), and have a fun! We're open for suggestions and comments. Please also vote in the poll.
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    Medenko bot.

    I play on Romanian server and i don't have any problem.
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    king of bitefight?

    That is way to see "king". I for myself play the regular BF where you want to be 1st in booty. But I know some prefers gold stolen.
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    king of bitefight?

    in my country, i think is this player https://s15-mx.bitefight.gameforge.com/profile/player/22479 low level with a lot of gold caugth
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    king of bitefight?

    This has no sense, Bitefight is divided in countries and counties. So there is one king per county. But you can't share this information, as we could easily find yourself on the ladder.
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    Medenko bot.

    Well this bot is mainly a story bot, you can choose what aspect to level, and the bot will tell you how much steps remains till the aspects are done, but also has an option for specific priorities, its the only bot I found free, didn't even think a site forum for bitefight bots exist, found this forum when i searched on bitefight update on google and some spy tool appeared on search list. Video mad by the bot owner:

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