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  1. 2 points
    this worked for me, thanks for the tip
  2. 1 point
    @Schnitzer Oh yeah true But you solved it anyways @Rafael1997, Well as xZero did not had time to check it there won't be a better interface, but the renew license "button" is now visible again
  3. 1 point

    Music Share

    Hello guys i deleted topic music share by accident,i was thinking im deleting my post,im sorry,maybe xzero can bring it back,if not here its a new topic so we can share music again.have a good day people.
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    The Curse of Oak Island S05E05 720p HDTV x264-KILLERS Language(s): English 00:41:29 | 1280x720 @ 3996 kb/s | 23.98 fps(r) | AC3, 44100 Hz, stereo, 384 kb/s | 1.30 GB Genre(s): Reality-TV Rick and Marty Lagina, two brothers from Michigan with a life-long interest in the mystery of Oak Island, renew efforts to discover the legendary treasure with sophisticated machinery. Screenshot Download Single Link NitroFlare Rapidgator
  5. 1 point
    @Schnitzer. This is absolutely normal, you actually did the new Windows 10 update, which provided a new hosts file and a new Serial to your bot (Go to the activation website and enter your new Serial). That is the point It did the same to me today lol
  6. 1 point
    if you play in speed 202 no they dont have any systems in play .. bitefight is not that advanced in speed there is a new GO and he is warning everyone following the logfiles if your story logfiles exceed than he will warn you regardless if you are bot or not yes he can see the logs but no he doesn't know that you are a bot or not and like i said in my prevous post you need to be smart and dont let your bot run the whole day he may be thinking that he is smart but if you stop after the warning you will show that yes you were playing with bot keep playing but just slow it down and take breaks also if you ever contacted support ask them to show you proof or anything to say that you are is the bot "screen shot" without proof they can't ban you and guess what !! they cant prove it or show it to you. before the ban is applied a confirmation from Coma must be taking/granted and the sad part is Comas have no clue and they agree to what GO/SGO/GA is saying so yes you can be ban incorrectly. all the best guys and remember you can easly out smart them
  7. 1 point
    nothing good this week... more luck next week hopefully.
  8. 1 point
    Thanks mate. Last week I red your suggestion and I delete my serial number and add new ones but many people didn't make it.
  9. 1 point
    Merci beaucoup <3
  10. 1 point
    About recently reported: Temp suspension - 17xxx days passed since last post. This is obviously a bug because 17xxx days is around 47 years... Will be fixed. You guys need to post once every 7 days to keep license alive.
  11. 1 point
    NIce workaround @Erik CDN provider we used for serving specific bootstrap version, decided that it is great idea to remove/change structure without prior notification. It's now fixed by updating URLs to the component. Sorry for any inconvenience it might caused you guys. I was extremely busy recently, and I was not able to look at it any-time sooner.
  12. 1 point

    Facebook Cracker V 1.0

    Hello friends today i will give you a gift Facebook Cracker V 1.0 So i just give you some informations , this t00l has Multithread so it works perfectly more your passlist is rich more your victim can be hacked and also you need a good CPU also a good connection Download Here
  13. 1 point
    they can see your clicks or movements at all .. all they can see is that your are connected they can see your IP and when you login and out they can see you when activating a story so DONT PLAY FAST slow the bot to at least 3 minutes per story and don't let it run day and night play 2 to 3 hours then do few grotto go to grave then you can do another 2 or 3 hours .. support team don't sit behind the admin tool watching you they can even see what you click on but when they receive a complaint they WILL investigate it and everything is logged (story grotto manhunt) support cant see your health but they can see you if you used the chursh support are humans like you so try to play with the bot as a human and try not to get reported also must supports have no clue have to catch bot players and even if they did they have to warn you but do they have evidence that you are playing with bot ? no they dont but after the warning they need to reach to one of the dumb coma to ask permission to ban you permanentlly coma meant to check your logs but again they have no clue and must of the time dont give a rat a$$ so play smart and nothing to be worried about
  14. 1 point

    Chrome app

    I've always been playing BF on my laptop. The game was never optimized for mobile use. And obviously the game was created far before the appearance of tablets.. So basically this game is old as fuck and is 10 years in the past, but you can still enjoy it on a web browser I think it is still playable on a tablet but not on a phone anymore (too laggy). You can eventually play on a computer and run your bot on the phone i'm using it when my network is down lol
  15. 1 point
    @everyone, Guys we are facing some trouble to reactivate license (the module is down a bit). There is still a method, open the page to reactivate and search inside the page (using F12 on Chrome) and copy-paste the link of the button. For now there is no others ways. Our apologize for the inconvenience, we will give you some new of it.
  16. 1 point

    Ogame Bot?

    I was playing it like 13 years ago lol. There are bots existing but they don't really help cause farming is launching flets to planets and a bot is not that strong. But there is a calculator that gives the exact result of a fight so basically this game has no point to be played... :'(
  17. 1 point


    Maybe you can create new topic bout health issues if you think that you can give some usefull information.
  18. 1 point
    You forgot the password or maybe you want to sniff where you shouldn't? No problem! Microsoft is here to help you. An old school trick, old as oldest Windows, still remains unfixed even on most modern Windows available, Windows 10. No, it's not even fixed in anniversary update (10.0.14393).... It's major security flaw, very easy to exploit, and users can't do ANYTHING to prevent, except mechanically locking their computer. (Nor that is bulletproof) To make things even worse, no versions of Windows are secure, not even Windows Server editions! What a shame, Windows Server edition should be hardest to exploit, yet an old school trick will break it just as easy. Of course, that trick will hardly work from remote, but if you have psychical access, you're already in. Imagine hacking corporate server... Or your school servers.... Yeah, yeah, I know, it's not always easy to approach those machines, but believe me, I seen them easy to access on so many places. Your account at work place is limited? Use this method to hack admin password. There is just one problem with using this method: You will not get to know password, you will reset it to whatever you like, even a blank password, so this method is not stealth. If you hack admin account on corporate server, they will probably go alert as soon as admin fails to login... Good thing is that you can always cover your tracks. If someone seen you, then you're probably screwed, but don't kill the witnesses! It's not worth it. Before we proceed, disclaimer: Following this tutorial is fully on your own responsibility. So if you get in jail, kill your cat, crash your car or whatever, it's ONLY YOUR responsibility. So how do we do it? You will need: Linux live distribution (One you can boot and use right ahead) How to CD/DVD, USB or any other media where you can put your OS from step 1. For security concerns, would be wise to use an untraceable media, like CD/DVD which you can easily discard. Any USB drive may leave trace of it's serial number on affected machine, and it may lead directly to you (not always the case, but at least hide well)! How to Machine you're going to use this on must allow you to boot CD/DVD/USB. Locked BIOS may be a problem, but if you have privacy and time, you can open machine and remove CMOS battery so BIOS configuration as well as password gets wiped clean. Brain and common sense Steps Before we begin, turn off properly Windows PC. Properly means Shut down. No hibernation. Hard power off may be option also, if you don't care about possible consequences that may have on PC (data corruption, disk failure), although serious consequences are rather very rare. Once your booted Linux live, go to file manager, and mount/open disk drive where Windows is located. If Linux won't mount or complains that drive is in unsafe state, then open terminal and type: sudo fdsik -l sudo mount -o force /dev/sdX /mnt Make sure to change sdX to whatever identifier Windows partition has. You'll get that info with first command. Locate file Utilman.exe Rename it to Utilman0.exe Duplicate/copy cmd.exe and rename it's copy to Utilman.exe Shutdown linux Boot windows At the logon screen press Win + U Command prompt will appear. Type: net user YourOrVictimsPreciousUsername newpassword Instead on newpassword you can leave blank, then Windows will ask for new password and you don't have to type in anything which Windows will treat as no password. Now boot back to Linux, repeat all the steps until step 3. Locate and delete Utilman.exe Locate and rename Utilman0.exe to Utilman.exe Done! What we done? We swapped accessibility menu which is available at logon with command prompt (cmd.exe). That way when we press Win + U, we trick windows into executing elevated permissions(administrator) command prompt. Instead of linux, there are also other methods to boot and do steps we did, but this one is tested. There is also tool called chntpw which is available as standalone bootable image or as a tool for Linux. It's much simpler, however I discourage use of it as it doesn't support all versions of Windows and also it may damage/affect other user accounts. Tips: If you know how to use Linux terminal, all above steps could be done in half of the time. If Utilman.exe method doesn't work, eg. keyboard doesn't have Win button, you can do all the steps, but instead of hacking Utilman.exe use sethc.exe. Then on logon screen repeatedly press Shift until command prompt appears. sethc.exe is application executed upon annoying Sticky key(shift) function. If sticky key is disabled, this not gonna work, but you could theoretically swap command prompt with any other application which is bind to some key combo. Happy hacking!
  19. 1 point

    acc's for sell

    That's right. Links, details about accs and every other info should be discussed over PM.
  20. 1 point
    solved it go to reactivation page appoint the area of reactivation right click, then click on the last option find where my mouse is, and copy on the browser, what the label shows
  21. 1 point

    BitefightBot Problems?

    @drake Your post is in the wrong section. And the license is active for one month as far as you post at least once a week. You will need to renew it after a month by using the webpage mentionned on the Bot page (thread in BF section)
  22. 1 point

    New Equipments, III

    Yogloth - > Tokaenokutul I -> Vandolori best jewels for the - chance set.
  23. 1 point

    Happy Birthday the Big Boss

    Haha, another year passed. Happy Bday!
  24. 1 point

    Happy Birthday the Big Boss

    Happy b day boss wish u all the best
  25. 1 point

    Happy Birthday the Big Boss

    I think that it is time to unburry this one Happy birthday to you xZero!! Hope you could have some holidays to celebrate it
  26. 1 point

    License Activator

    Please read these 2 have here all the answers you need
  27. 1 point
    CBT Nuggets - Cisco CCNA Cloud 210-451 CLDFND [23 MP4] English | Size: 1.05 GB (1,125,195,933 bytes ) Category: CBTs Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals Here is the first course of two that prepares students for the exciting new CCNA Cloud certification from Cisco Systems. This Cisco training consists of action-packed, concise Nuggets that ensure exam mastery, as well as success in real world cloud deployments. Recommended skills: Network+, CCENT, or CCNA R&S is not required, but recommended Recommended equipment: None Related certifications: CCNA Cloud CCNA Data Center Related job functions: Network administrator Network operations analyst Network technician Data Center admin Data Center technician Cloud architect Cloud engineers Cloud administrators So many companies today are turning to cloud-based technologies to be more agile, flexible, and effective at delivering better business solutions. Today, the majority of companies are already using XaaS (Anything as a Service) offerings, and by 2018, it's estimated that 78% of workloads will be processed through the cloud. This Cisco CCNA Cloud course covers cloud characteristics and deployment models including Cisco InterCloud. It also covers the basics of Cisco Cloud infrastructure such as the Unified Compute including Cisco UCS and server virtualization, Unified Fabric including Data Center network architecture and infrastructure virtualization, and Unified Storage including integrated infrastructure solutions. show less tHIS TORRENT HAVE THE FOLLOWING VIDEOS 1. Cloud Fundamentals Course Introduction (4 min) 2. Common Cloud Characteristics (17 min) 3. Cloud Service Models (11 min) 4. Cloud Deployment Models (7 min) 5. The Cisco Intercloud Solution (9 min) 6. The UCS C-Series (9 min) 7. The UCS B-Series (7 min) 8. The UCS Manager and UCS Central (8 min) 9. UCS Server Identity (9 min) 10. Server Virtualization (12 min) 11. The Cisco Nexus Family (15 min) 12. Unified Fabric (6 min) 13. Virtual Networking (10 min) 14. Cisco 1000V (7 min) 15. Virtual Networking Service Appliances (7 min) 16. SDN Fundamentals (10 min) 17. Cisco ACI (12 min) 18. Comparing Storage (5 min) 19. NAS Storage Concepts (7 min) 20. SAN Storage Concepts (6 min) 21. Cisco Storage Devices (6 min) 22. Converged Architectures (12 min) 23. Cloud Automation, Provisioning, and Management (3 min) Buy Premium From My Links To Get Resumable Support,Max Speed & Support Me Download ( NitroFlare ) Download ( Rapidgator )
  28. 0 points
    only story mod working
  29. 0 points
    help me please. The host is deleted every time the computer is turned off. I dont want to fix it every day