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    Shutting down (Vote)

    xZero, that is something unexpected. You probably have good reasons for your line of thought.... but please be sure, your work and your site, I personally consider the best, and 'the' standard for how things should be, in this specific domain. I sincerely hope, you will be able to keep up the good work and keep this site up. BR, J&W
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    File has expired and does not exist anymore on this server Cant download it
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    Shutting down (Vote)

    You should do what is best for you, no matter of the result of the poll. Personal life comes first.. Rest we all are with you and your decision Regards Lori
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    Shutting down (Vote)

    Amazing people like @johnandwendy2 and fantastic staff is what drives my will to continue supporting this community. My personal life is not affected negatively by this forum (well, financially it is), and time I spent maintaining it and keeping things somewhat running is OK for me. Supporting side services is what I struggle with. Part of the problem is that I'm really bad with organising my own time. There are several factors that killed my will: Seeing staff members struggle to keep up with demand, and I'm usually to busy to help Seeing faithful staff members slowly lose their passion Community never become what I wanted it to,and it deviated strongly (not necessarily a bad thing, though) We get a tons of traffic, but in average we see only 1% of visitors to come back after initial visit. We get in average 3 registrations per day, but in average 0-1 will remain active for more than a day (they probably register because it was requirement elsewhere). Most visitors are here just to get what they want and to never return. Now, I have paid server for 3 years in advance, so forum doesn't have to necessarily go (it's covered for 3 full years). My will is also slowly reigniting seeing that majority of votes so far are strongly against this idea. Well, let's see how things will develop, but however it'll be, it will demand some fundamental and radical changes as @Thebestsimon said. I think that [*project Phoenix] has effectively failed, and will need to be reconsidered. * Project Phoenix was an idea to fundamentally "reboot" Elite7Hackers, rebuild the platform(done) and bring tons of improvements and new content. So far only platform has been rebuilt from scratch and future proofed. Not much has been done regarding community.

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