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  2. File Size: 597 MB InCopy CC. Collaborate with copywriters and editors. InCopy lets copywriters and editors style text, track changes, and make simple layout modifications to a document while designers work on the same document simultaneously in Adobe InDesign CC - all without overwriting each other's contributions. Features: - Footnotes that span columns - Open type enhancements - Modernized user interface - Work with glyphs more easily - Place images into tables - Easy application of shading to text; includes controls for offsets and more - Place Gun for adding borders to tables - New Find Previous command - Shortcuts and preferences memory when you update to latest version - Footnote enhancements that respect text wrap - Color swatch folders for better swatch management - Drag-and-drop table editing - HiDPI and Retina display support in Windows - Adobe Typekit integration - Typekit font syncing - Quicker font searching - Simplified hyperlink creation - Different page views when editing - Improved copyfitting while you work - Save to Cloud command that makes your files available on any device - Recently used fonts - Middle Eastern language support What's new official site does not provide any info about changes in this version. Requirements: macOS 10.11 or later HOMEPAGE Download From Uploadgig Download From Rapidgator
  3. ESRI ArcGIS Desktop v10.3.0.4322 with addons 171120 ESRI ArcGIS Desktop v10.3.0.4322 with addons | 1.6 Gb Esri released the new version of AcrGIS 10.3. This major release that will help you discover, make, use, and share maps from any device, anywhere, at any time. ArcGIS 10.3 includes new apps and enhancements that will boost your efficiency and extend the impact of your work in your organization. Here are some of the highlights: ArcGIS Pro - Your New ArcGIS for Desktop App ArcGIS Pro reinvents desktop GIS. This brand new 64-bit desktop app lets you render and process your data faster than ever. With ArcGIS Pro, you can design and edit in 2D and 3D, work with multiple displays and layouts, and publish maps directly to ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS, making them available on any device. ArcGIS Pro is currently in prerelease and will be available to you as part of your ArcGIS 10.3 for Desktop license. Stay tuned for the final release in January. More Tools for ArcMap At 10.3, ArcMap is better than ever, with improvements such as new analysis and automation tools, infographics capabilities, and tools for managing your data more efficiently. You can even run any version of ArcMap side by side with ArcGIS Pro. ArcGIS for Server is now a complete Web GIS ArcGIS Online provides Web GIS, hosted by Esri. With ArcGIS 10.3, ArcGIS for Server delivers Web GIS in your own infrastructure. This is possible because ArcGIS for Server Standard or Advanced now entitles you to Portal for ArcGIS. Portal for ArcGIS unlocks the full suite of ArcGIS apps, including the new Web AppBuilder, so everyone in your organization can leverage your GIS work. 3D begins to roll out across the entire platform We are continuing to realize the vision of taking 3D information and bringing it to life in browsers and applications that run on devices. At 10.3, we're delivering a whole new 3D editing and visualization experience for the Desktop with the introduction of ArcGIS Pro. What's more, you can share the 3D scenes you create in ArcGIS Pro with anyone using ArcGIS Online, which now includes a new Web Scene Viewer. A web scene can have layers, including elevation layers, imagery layers, tiled layers, and feature layers. In addition to viewing scenes created and published using ArcGIS Pro, the ArcGIS Online Web Scene viewer can also be used to create 3D Scenes by mashing up existing layers in your Web GIS, right from your browser. Content that you have already captured can be brought into these scenes and displayed so users can work with that information in 3D. Over the next few months, subsequent releases will deliver even more 3D capabilities including the ability to publish and disseminate web scenes and layers using your own ArcGIS Servers, including support for sharing photo realistic 3D models (such as detailed buildings), and 3D-enabled mobile applications that work on devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Real-time GIS at 10.3 At 10.3, real-time, streaming data is fully integrated into ArcGIS. The GeoEvent Extension for Server delivers improved performance with increased throughput capability, faster spatial filtering, and the ability to scale-out by adding machines to a cluster. A suite of new spatial operators have been added to GeoEvent for even more powerful spatial filtering options, such as intersect, touches, and overlaps, all of which can be applied to any or all GeoFences. New spatial processors are included, such as Buffer Creator, Intersector, and Symmetric Difference, delivering an unprecedented array of real-time spatial analytics. Even more real-time spatial processors are available in the Esri Gallery on GitHub. You can even create your own. At ArcGIS 10.3, real-time web maps are here thanks to the introduction of the Stream Service and Stream Layer. Now, real-time layers can be configured, symbolized, and filtered directly in a web map and added to ArcGIS apps and custom applications. More opportunities for developers There are different aspects to developing with the ArcGIS platform, and 10.3 introduces new capabilities for developers across the board. First, web development gets better, more powerful, and easier with enhanced APIs, new layers for working with information such as real-time that is streamed into browsers, new visualization capabilities for working with these layers, and new functionality for working with proportional symbols and performing dot density mapping. All of this is available in the javascript API and in our web GIS developer model. Another area that is new in 10.3 is the introduction of Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, which not only allows users who are not developers to assemble applications, but also gives developers opportunities to build their own widgets that can be used with Web AppBuilder. 10.3 marks the beginning of a wave of releases that will further help developers build mobile applications using ArcGIS Runtime. This will allow developers to take advantage of the same technology that Esri uses to build our mobile applications including Collector, Explorer, and Operations Dashboard. These releases will expose the new 10.3 capabilities for working with 3D, real time, mapping, and offline to developers building native applications for the different mobile platforms. Last but not least, developers working with ArcGIS Pro can leverage Python to automate tasks. Developers will also be able to extend ArcGIS Pro with add-ins using the ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET. About Ersi When Esri was founded in 1969, we realized even then that geographic information system (GIS) technology could make a difference in society. Working with others who shared this passion, we were encouraged by the vast possibilities of GIS. Today, our confidence in GIS is built on the belief that geography matters-it connects our many cultures and societies and influences our way of life. GIS leverages geographic insight to ensure better communication and collaboration. As you explore our Web site, you'll discover how our customers have obtained the geographic advantage by using Esri software to address social, economic, business, and environmental concerns at local, regional, national, and global scales. We hope you will be inspired to join the Esri community in using GIS to create a better world. Name: ESRI ArcGIS Desktop Version: Interface: english OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven / 8 / 8.1 Size: 1.6 Gb Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  4. Element 3D v2.0.7 Build 2008 Plugin for AE 171120 Element 3D v2.0.7 Build 2008 Plugin for AE | 297/307MB Video Copilot has released Element 3D, an After Effects plug-in that lets you import and animate 3D models, even as a particle array, and extrude text and mask shapes in real time. It's useful for all of us, for newbies and old hands & for straight 3D and more abstract experimentation, at least if you have a more recent OpenGL graphics card. Development of the company VideoCopilot, specializing in additional tools for creating video effects and training materials on this topic in the program AfterEffects. Element 3D allows you to work with three-dimensional objects directly in AE. Home Page - Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  5. Embarcadero RAD Studio XE7 U1 Multilanguage 171120 Embarcadero RAD Studio XE7 U1 Multilanguage Size: 5.42 GB Type: VA Supplied.: NEWiSO Release-Name..: 2015 Packaged.: NEWiSO Release-Date..: 23/01/2015 Size.....: DvD Release-Type..: RAD Files....: 59 OS............: Windows Rating...: You decide! Language......: Multi Embarcadero.RAD.Studio.XE7.U1.Multilanguage-NEWiSO 1. Unrar, Burn or mount the files 2. Start Setup and install 3. Follow instructions from \NEWiSO\inst-niso.nfo Embarcadero RAD Studio XE7 is the complete software development solution for rapidly building native applications for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android from a single codebase. Modernize existing Windows applications and create highly connected apps for gadgets and wearables. Deliver high performance, compiled native applications that easily connect with enterprise data, cloud services, devices, sensors, and gadgets. Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  6. Neiworks v2.1 Sp1.0 For Solidworks (2008-2015) (x86/x64) 171120 Neiworks v2.1 Sp1.0 For Solidworks (2008-2015) (x86/x64) | 462 MB NEi Software, a world leader in CAE innovation, presents NeiWorks 2.1 SP1.0, which one provides SolidWorks users with an embedded finite element modeling tool. It features the familiar SolidWorks look and feel for all menus and functions, providing seamless integration between design and analysis. NEi Works features true geometry associativity, which means your loads, boundary conditions and even meshes are updated interactively whenever changes are made in SolidWorks. With Nastran being one of the most widely used solutions, SolidWorks users can now communicate their FEA data to most standard pre- and post-processors through support of the Nastran file format. This provides versatility to a product which is already easy to use and backed by the renowned Nastran solution. NEi Works Basic gives product development professionals the most widely used and needed analysis capabilities - linear statics, steady state heat transfer, normal modes, buckling and prestress, plus additional capabilities for handling composite material analysis, performing optimization analysis, and modeling assemblies with contact. See how NEi Works can bring engineering insight to your design process and help you spot problem areas, optimize performance, and virtually test before building expensive prototypes and fixtures. In short, save time and money while building more innovative, higher quality products. About Noran Engineering, Inc NEi Software is a world leader in CAE innovation supplying Nastran Finite Element Analysis (FEA), engineering simulation, and virtual testing software solutions for 20 Years. Engineers gain insight with digital prototypes, images, contour plots, graphs, and animations of linear and nonlinear structural stress, composites, deformation, dynamics, vibration, kinematics, impact, heat transfer and fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations. Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  7. iExplorer 4.1.10 macOS

    macOS 10.10 or later | Language: English | Size: 28 MB iExplorer is an iPhone browser for Mac lets you view the files on your iOS device. By using a drag and drop interface, you can quickly copy files and folders between your Mac and your iPhone or iTouch. It works with both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones and works quickly with a standard USB cable. Features - All the best technology from Phone to Mac, Phone Disk, and iExplorer 2, and then some - One-click recovery of music and videos straight to iTunes - Explore and export photos and videos (even from older iPods) - Mount any folder or category, including playlists and photo albums, then browse in Finder and open with other apps - Browse any iTunes backups (encrypted too). Export: Messages (including attachments), notes, voicemail, call history, contacts, calendar .. etc. - Works with all types of iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch, and regular iPod Transfer Music, Playlists, Movies and More from any iPhone, iPad, or iPod to Computer. • Transfer Music from iPhone, iPad & iPod to iTunes • Keep Your Metadata, Ratings & More • Copy Playlists from iPhone to iTunes • Recover iTunes Library from iPhone, iPad, or iPod • Auto TransferAutomatically Transfer Your iTunes Library • Find tracks in iTunesDetect Tracks Already in iTunes • Detect DuplicatesPrevent Duplicates • Rebuild PlaylistsRebuild Playlists Export Messages, Contacts, and Voicemail from iPhone. • Export Text Messages & SMSs to Computer • Many Export Options • Save iPhone Voicemails • Export iPhone Address Book Contacts • Copy Voice Memos Disk Mode & File Browsing for your iPhone & iPad + iTunes Backup Access. • Disk Mode for iPhone, iPad, or iPod • Browse iTunes Backups • iPhone & iPod Photo Access • File Manager App Integration Export Notes, Calendar Events, & Call History from iPhone, iPad, & iPod. • Access iPhone Notes from Computer • Export iPhone Call History • Safari History & Bookmarks • Export iPhone Calendar Events Whats New : Requirement: OS X 10.10 or Later HOMEPAGE Download From Uploadgig Download From Rapidgator
  8. LiveCD / USB ESET NOD32 11.03.2016 171120 LiveCD / USB ESET NOD32 11.03.2016 | 215.5 Mb LiveCD / USB ESET NOD32 is a rescue boot disk from the company ESET, which allows you to restore a disabled operating system, and also gives you the opportunity to clean your PC from viruses, potentially dangerous files and malware that can not neutralize in normal mode. There is the possibility of the boot disk to USB flash-drive. Additional Information: The procedure to download ESET NOD32 LiveCD 1). Download the ISO image of the LiveCD. 2). Burn the ISO image to a CD-ROM - Added "boot disk ESET� on CD (DVD)-ROM: In Windows 7/8 is the ability to record disc images in ISO format regular operating system tools. If you use another operating system Windows, you have to use additional software to burn ISO-images (many of which are free). Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  9. MixVibes Cross DJ v3.3.11 171120

    MixVibes Cross DJ v3.3.11 171120 MixVibes Cross DJ v3.3.11 | 166.03 MB CrossDJ is based on the acclaimed pro DJ software Mixvibes Cross and Mixvibes 10 years DJ software technology; this new mixing software is now available on Mac App Store. Whether you are a professional, mobile, or beginner DJ, CrossDJ will satisfy the needs of everyone in a nice and intuitive environment. With the instant iTunes access, finding the right track and building your DJ playlist has never been so easy! Get access to all these professional DJ features: Perfect mix including the 100% optimal BPM analysis and synchronization technology Automix playlist High quality effects: Flanger, Reverb, Low-Pass with ultra-knob control 2 colored DJ decks plus a preview player Intuitive Mac Laptop / Desktop keyboard shortcuts 6 precise Cue-points to set and store up Smart music and playlist management with artwork browsing Instant mix recording in low, mid, high quality format more than 35 pre-mapped class industry DJ controllers such as Pioneer, Numark, Hercules, Vestax, etc. Advanced MIDI Learn AIFF, WAV, MP3, FLAC, and AAC audio file support Compatible with any external audio interface (USB, Firewire, etc.) for high resolution sound quality. Mac App Store: Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  10. Golden Software MapViewer 8.0.212 171120 Golden Software MapViewer 8.0.212 | 92.5 Mb MapViewer is an affordable mapping and spatial analysis tool that allows you to easily produce publication-quality thematic maps. Precisely display your data distribution with the most intuitive functions and features. Your data is unique and you need the best mapping software for the job! MapViewer is an affordable and mapping and spatial analysis tool that allows you to easily produce publication-quality thematic maps. No data set is too complex to make an eye-catching Description. MapViewer helps you discover data trends and patterns in your data to help you make the right decision every time! Create one of than 16 unique and fully-customizable map types. Color your boundaries based on a data variable with the hatch map and territory map types. Create unique bar charts, pie charts, or line/scatter Descriptions in each boundary with the bar map, pie map, and multi-graph map types. Grid your data and create gradient maps, contour maps, and vector maps from the grid. Re-size your map areas based on a data value with the three cartogram map types (contiguous, non-contiguous, and dorling) and the prism map type. Use the density map, symbol map, flow map, and line graph map types to display points, line graphs, or arrows on your map based on your data value. Add base maps and pin maps to your Description to display boundaries and point locations on your thematic maps. Whats New: New and Improved User-Interface Create Multi-Graph Maps Create Bivariate Symbol Maps Create Contiguous Cartogram Maps Create Proportional Pin Maps Download Online Maps Query Across Multiple Layers Use Text Columns for Territory Map Territories or Hatch Map Classes Increased Customization of Data Labels Unlimited Attribute Support Embed Data in GSM Files Improved Coordinate System Dialog Font/Format Support for Legend Entries New Import/Export Formats New Coordinate Systems, Datums, and Projections Additional (64-bit, Uniquote, New Text Editor Dialog, Object Transparency) Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  11. Architect 3D Ultimate v17.6 (Portable) 171120 Architect 3D Ultimate v17.6 (Portable) | 1.86 GB Architect 3D is a Home Design application that allows you to design, equip and decorate your home and garden in 3D. Design your creative project step by step and room by room, from the basement to the loft space. Draw up plans of your house, equip your interior and exterior areas and add your own personal touch to your living space. A virtual tour and extremely realistic 3D rendering allow you to review the results. Architect 3D Ultimate brings you all the professional tools you need to design your home and garden. New Features Over 300 new 3D furnishing objects New ranges of windows, doors and shutters Interior and exterior columns! Achieve a dramatic effect by adding columns to any of your rooms. It's simple to do as they automatically resize to match the ceiling height. Set Cap, Shaft and Base styles independently from a library of column components. Drag and drop objects directly into 3D view! Plants, furniture and accessories can be dropped directly into the 2D and 3D view. The Quickstart tool will automatically find the top of the surfaces (countertops, table tops, etc.) or allow you to set the right angle so objects are flush against the wall. Multiple monitor support You now have greater visibility and accessibility by being able to work within the 2D and 3D windows simultaneously. Every change you make will automatically occur in both views. tairs, ceilings and cellars: up to 20 levels and an easy set up tool Architect 3D Ultimate 2014 is now even easier to setup with the new automation tool. You can also insert up to 20 floors on your new projects. Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
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  13. Slender 2.2.1 | MacOSX 171120

    Slender 2.2.1 | MacOSX 171120 Slender 2.2.1 | MacOSX | 5.53 MB Slender - Understand Every Byte. Expose wasted space and catch common mistakes. Slender is one of those rare tools that fits neatly between development and design. Slender will scan your Xcode or Web projects and provide information on how image assets are being used. Exposing retina issues, unused assets, wasted space, and designer mistakes. - Scan hundreds of file types for iPhone, iPad, Universal, Web, and Image projects. - See how assets are being used whether static, dynamic, of fuzzy. - Find warnings and errors on images including retina problems. - Detection of duplicate images by filename or content. - Quickly see what is taking up space in your project. - Advanced image compression techniques. - Automated removal of unused assets. - Version Control friendly. - Real time searching and filtering. - Multiple project support with per source file information. - Automatic detection and handling of embedded projects. - Full support for Xcode Workspaces. - Generate beautiful PDF reports on asset errors to share with your team. Understand how your project uses assets Advanced Detection Automatic Cleanup Unused assets can be removed with the click of a button. Unused assets are automatically unlinked from your Xcode project then removed from your file system. Everything can be easily undone through Slender's automatic backup or through version control. Your Assets, Managed See how and where assets are used in your app, broken down by project, workspace, target, or file. Once located, Slender can use multiple methods of image compression to give you space without sacrificing quality. Retina Insurance Stop worrying about retina assets. Slender ensures all dimensions are proportionate between different densities, and that all densities are present and accounted. File Support Slender can analyze every popular type of source code file, including: Objective-C, Swift, C, Interface Builder, Storyboards, Asset Catalogs, Plists, HTML, PHP, javascript, Ruby on Rails, Python, and . Slender also supports SceneKit and SpriteKit based games. Executive Reports Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor Home Page - Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  14. K-Lite Codec Pack Standard Update 10.9.2 + Build 10.9.0 171120 K-Lite Codec Pack Standard Update 10.9.2 + Build 10.9.0 | 31.24 MB K-Lite Codec Pack - a package of codecs, DirectShow filters and tools associated with them. This set differs from other similar packages, the lack of conflicts between codecs, easy to install and use that deservedly made him the most popular. The components of this set can make to play all the popular and the large number of rare video and audio formats Compare versions of the package: K-Lite Codec Pack Basic - contains everything you need to play the most common video files such as AVI, MKV, MP4, OGM, or FLV. This package has the smallest. K-Lite Codec Pack Standard - has everything to play most multimedia files. This package should be enough for the average user. K-Lite Codec Pack Full - except codecs, filters and tools that are standard also contains all the necessary things for encoding video and audio. May be useful for advanced users and professionals. K-Lite Mega Codec Pack - This version of the package contains all the codecs and programs that are included in the full version, plus QuickTime Alternative and Real Alternative. Details: Features of the package: The latest versions of the best codecs. All the components are chosen so that there were no conflicts between them. Installation is very simple, if you wish, you can choose only those codecs and tools that you really need. At any time you can completely or partially remove the package, leaving at the same time, no trace of his stay, including the registry keys. Each pack is tested for the presence of possible conflicts between codecs and other programs. K-Lite Codec Pack is trying to avoid problems between new and already installed codecs on your computer, and can even solve some of the existing ones. Changelog: Updated MPC-HC to version Updated LAV Filters to version 0.63-21-g3e5b692 Updated VSFilter to version Updated x264VFW to revision 2491 Updated Codec Tweak Tool to version 5.9.4 Updated Icaros Thumbnail Provider to version 2.2.7 b3 Updated Icaros Property Handler to version 2.2.7 b3 Update 10.9.2 Updated Media Player Classic Home Cinema to version Updated LAV Filters to version 0.63-40-ga616d Updated VSFilter x86 to version Updated VSFilter x64 to version Updated X264VFW to revision 2525 Updated madVR to version 0.87.12 Updated Codec Tweak Tool to version 5.9.5 Updated Icaros Thumbnail Provider to version 2.2.7 Updated Icaros Property Handler to version 2.2.7 Software version: 10.9.0 Version Update: 10.9.2 Official Site: Codec Guide Language: English Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  15. Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate Multilingual 171120 Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate Multilingual | 37.81 MB Xilisoft DVD Ripper features a range of versatile editing tools, giving you the ability to clip a video, split a video into segments, and merge several of them into one. You may also crop the video frame, adjust image effects, add watermarks/subtitles/soundtracks to videos, and do much more. Xilisoft DVD Rippers support for multithreading, NVIDIA CUDA and ATI APP technology delivers a 5X faster performance in home DVD ripping. Rip DVDs to High/Standard-Definition (HD/SD) Video Formats Rip DVDs to AVI, MPEG-1/MPEG-2/MPEG-4, WMV, DivX, MP4, H.264/AVC, RM, MOV, M4V, XviD, 3GP, VOB, FLV, SWF; convert DVDs to HD videos: HD AVI, HD MPEG-2/4, HD H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, HD WMV, HD Quick Time, HD VOB, HD ASF, etc. Rip DVD Soundtracks to Audio Formats Extract audio from DVDs and save them as MP3, WMA, WAV, RA, M4A, AAC, AC3, OGG, AU, etc. Take Movie Stills Set an interval and capture pictures from a DVD movie in batches or take snapshots while previewing and save them as BMP, JPG, PNG or GIF image format. Rip DVDs to Multimedia Devices Watch DVD movies and videos on any player: iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, PS3, Xbox, Zune, NDS, Wii, 3GP mobile phones, Windows Mobile devices, PMPs, plus many others. Transfer Files to Multimedia Devices Transfer converted files to iPod, iPhone, iPad and PSP directly after ripping DVD. Clip DVD into Segments Clip a title/chapter to extract the desired segments and optionally merge them into a new title/chapter. Merge Titles and Chapters Merge several titles/chapters into one; insert transitional effects in between. Split Title or Chapter Split a title/chapter into several chunks accordingly so you can fit it onto your multimedia device. Crop Video Frame Cut off unwanted borders from a video frame to feature a highlight. Edit Image Effects Adjust the image brightness, contrast and saturation. Create special effects such as "Black and White" and Old Film. Add and Adjust Subtitles Add subtitle files and adjust transparency, vertical position, font, color, size, style, line spacing and time delay to get a good effect. Add and Adjust Soundtracks Add audio files and sync it with the video. Add Watermarks Personalize your video with watermarks (picture or text) and add copyright to avoid piracy. Preview and Compare Preview the original file and the edited version side-by-side for easy comparison. Classified, Optimized and Customizable Conversion Profiles A selection of conversion profiles with optimized parameters are available for a wide range of multimedia devices; create new profiles by customizing existing ones. Rip DVD into Several Formats at A Time Select multiple output formats for a DVD title or chapter, or clone a DVD title, then set several output formats and rip them all in one go. Compute Output File Size with Bitrate Calculator Get the output file size precisely by using the Bitrate Calculator to calculate the corresponding video bit rate . Advanced Profile Settings Parameters are grouped by video, audio, picture and tag, enabling you to change them more conveniently. Optimized for NVIDIA CUDA & ATI APP Support for NVIDIA CUDA & ATI APP technology which can deliver huge gains when ripping DVDs and up to 5X faster performance in processing. Multithreading, Batch Conversion and Multi-Core Processing The application of multithreading, batch conversion and multi-core processing offers highest possible conversion speed. Auto DVD Info Retrieval Xilisoft DVD Ripper will auto retrieve DVD information from the Internet and display the information such as artist name, DVD cover, DVD chapters and titles and more. Quick, Comprehensive, Easy Multi-core CPU support maximizes conversion speed; comprehensive video editing features; user-friendly interface. Other Features Manage system power; preview videos with the resizable built-in player and take snapshots during preview; Run tasks in the background; set application to auto exit or auto shut down, hibernate, stand by the system after a task is complete; view file properties; display file list in selected columns; change interface language to English, Portuguese,French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, traditional Chinese or simplified Chinese. What's new in Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate 7.8: 1. Fixed some bugs 2. May include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes. Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  16. Serif DrawPlus X8 171120 Serif DrawPlus X8 | 497.33 MB Create amazing logos, drawings and designs, paintings and sketches to make you, your business, club or charity stand-out above everyone else. Its so easy to get started right away with the helpful start-up assistant, informative tutorials and the ability to import your existing designs. Enjoy all this, and so much more in DrawPlus X8. New Features Defining the lines Enjoy a new way of drawing lines onto your digital canvas using B-Splines, one of our most requested new features. Its quicker, easier and more natural than ever before. Simply click each point and manipulate the curves to create your perfect drawings. DrawPlus X8 provides greater line accuracy too. A new hairline option gives you all the precision you need when working with intricate designs and lines. Hairlines allow you to output the thinnest possible line width, perfect for special printing cases, such as producing artwork for cutters. Making shapes from your lines is so easy too, as they simply lock together as if by magic! You will have complete control, and be able to create the most unique and fantastic designs using these intuitive line tools. Shaping your creativity Quickshapes are so easy to create, and can be used for a variety of tasks, such as stand-out logos and designs for you or your business. Duplicate, rotate and space any shape or design with just one click using the new Replicate Tool, and make drawings with multiple images so quickly and easily, which is perfect for posters, flyers, greeting cards and so much more. Resizing multiple objects is now even more intuitive with the Smart Sizing feature that allows you to manipulate the size of the objects, without losing their original position. This is a fantastic tool to use when making charts, flowcharts and diagrams, so objects can be resized without disrupting the overall layout, creating a lot less work for you in the long run. When designing logos, you can take advantage of the improved contours feature to create a stunning offset effect, making your companys logo stand out above the competition. Draw it, fill it Filling in shapes, and even incomplete shapes with any colour has never been easier with the new Flood Fill tool. With just a few simple clicks you can accurately fill an object or collection of lines without any complicated processes. Its perfect for filling in auto-traced pictures, such as black and white sketches that would usually take a lot of time and effort to fill in accurately. Stunning Pattern Fills Ever dreamt of filling shapes with your own custom patterns made from any design or drawing? Well now you can with DrawPlus X8s intuitive Vector Pattern Fills! Easily add preset fills, hatching or your own custom pattern fills. Perfect for sketches or technical drawings such as maps. Easily import and export DrawPlus X8 gives you the most professional output, now including CMYK effects and new native EPS export. There are so many options to choose from too; with colour space control, transparency details and options to output text as curves or to embed fonts. And do not worry, PDF import is only a few clicks away, making sure all of your important documents can be opened in one place Paint like a Pro Painting and sketching has been enhanced further in DrawPlus X8 with a new set of brushes available at your creative fingertips. Enjoy new charcoal, pen and sponge brush effects, which are great for blurring, smudging, or sharpening, healing or erasing elements of your design to produce the perfect digital artwork. Slideshows that make an impact Creating a stand out presentation or slideshow that will impress has never been easier. Make an impact using the new Rostrum Slide Show feature that allows you to add simple but stunning effects, such as pan and zoom to make smooth transitions between each section and then export as a movie or flash file to share with others. Create the perfect picture Visually stunning photo art is so easy to create in DrawPlus X8 with photo effects like no other drawing software. The powerful PhotoLab has more creative possibilities than ever before, including the new Clone tool plus Vibrancy, Split Tone and Clarity filters allowing you to further enhance your photos and create breathtaking imagery. Adding the finishing touches to your artwork is now easier as you have finer control over settings when converting your drawings to a picture and apply a full range of image effects to your designs to take your digital art even further. System Requirements Minimum system requirements Windows-based PC with DVD drive and mouse Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP SP3 (32 bit) operating system 512MB RAM (Windows XP), 1GB RAM (Windows Vista and 32-bit Windows 7 and Cool or 2GB RAM (For 64-bit Windows 7 and Cool 665MB free hard disk space, 1GB free hard disk space for download install (additional space required during installation) Resolution of 1024 x 768 (at 100% scaling) Optional requirements Windows-compatible printer. TWAIN compatible scanner and/or digital camera Pressure-sensitive pen tablet Internet account and connection required for accessing online resources Install Notes: 1. Unpack and install it. - Included retail installer is the EN - US version. 2. Generate your registration data and use it during install. 3. Enjoy! Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  17. Apple Logic Pro X v10.2 Multilingual MacOSX Retail-CORE 171120 Apple Logic Pro X v10.2 Multilingual MacOSX Retail-CORE Team CORE | August 27 2015 | 1.14 GB Logic Pro X is the most advanced version of Logic ever. Sophisticated tools for professional songwriting, editing, and mixing are built around a modern interface that's designed to get creative results quickly and also deliver more power whenever it's needed. Logic Pro X includes a massive collection of instruments, effects, and loops, providing a complete toolkit to create amazing-sounding music. What's New in Version 10.2 * Introducing Alchemy - the ultimate sample manipulation synthesizer Alchemy comes to Logic Pro X Alchemy, the ultimate sample-manipulation synthesizer, comes to Logic Pro X. The enormous library, keyword browser, advanced synthesis tools, and easy-to-use Performance Controls let you discover, create, and transform sounds like never before. Combining this powerful new synth with exciting features introduced in Logic Pro 10.1, such as Note Repeat and Spot Erase, 10 new EDM and Hip Hop Drummers, and Drum Machine Designer, this is the most powerful version of Logic Pro X ever. - Next generation synthesizer plug-in with multiple sound generators including; additive, spectral, formant, granular, sampler, and virtual analog - Over 3,000 presets for all types of electronic music including electronic dance, hip hop, rock, and sound for picture - Integrated keyword preset browser for finding the right sounds quickly - Performance controls like the Transform Pad make it easy to explore and reshape sounds - Combine up to four synth modules to create complex multi-layered sounds - Virtual analog oscillators produce authentic recreations of iconic synth sounds - Wide selection of modeled analog and special effect filters for producing sounds with vintage character and tonal complexity - Create animated, dynamic instruments using over 100 modulation sources that include flexible LFOs, AHDSR and MSEG envelopes, and step sequencers - Manipulate and combine samples in new ways using a collection of morphing and resynthesis tools - Import EXS24 instruments or create your own using a robust set of sampler features - Apply independent arpeggiators to each of the 4 sound sources to transform simple chords into elaborate performances - Integrated effects rack with reverb, modulation, delay, compression, and a range of distortion effects home page Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  18. Diskeeper Pro 2015 18.0.1104.0 171120 Diskeeper Pro 2015 18.0.1104.0 | 43.9 mb Diskeeper Professional provides essential performance and efficiency increases that all business desktops and laptops need to function productively. Diskeeper prevents the majority of fragmentation (scattered file fragments randomly placed across the hard drive) before it can happen and instantly defrags the rest. Diskeeper Professional has a new, more intuitive user interface, runs unobtrusively in the background, elevates PC performance, and requires no scheduling and absolutely no user intervention. It lowers the total cost of ownership and frees up more budget allocation for proactive initiatives. In fact, Diskeeper is proven to cost less than running a network without it. Diskeeper Professional now comes standard with HyperFast solid state drive optimizer so it will increase PC performance for systems with solid state drives in addition to hard drives. Key Benefits - Optimizes PC, laptop, and server performance - Proactively eliminates performance-robbing fragmentation - Easily deploys across the network with a central management console - Low overhead with resource monitoring for continuous optimization without hampering resources - Improves business productivity by ensuring applications run at peak performance Whats New : Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  19. Cori G3F-V7 by -Valkyrie Daz/Poser | 3D models | 111 MB Product Name: Cori G3F-V7 System Requirements: ************************************************************ This product was tested in DAZ Studio. This product was not tested on a Mac. ************************************************************ Included in this Package: ************************************************************ 1 Head and 1 Body Apply for Genesis 3 Female - Cori Head Apply - Cori Head REM - Cori Body Apply - Cori Body REM *DAZ STUDIO Iray MAT - 01 Cori Iray Full MAT - 10 Iray Eye Colors - 10 Iray Lip Colors - 10 Iray Makeup Options Detail link:
  20. i13 Nonchalant Pose Collection for the Genesis 3 Male(s) Daz/Poser | 3D models | 12 MB Enjoy this collection of relaxed and natural nonchalant poses for the Genesis 3 Male(s)! 471 partial poses also included so you can get the most out of this pack. What's Included and Features i13 Nonchalant Pose Collection for the Genesis 3 Male(s): (.DUF) 30 full body poses 30 mirrors 30 upper body poses 30 upper body mirrors 30 lower body poses 30 lower body mirrors 60 right arm poses 60 left arm poses 60 right leg poses 60 left leg poses 50 poses for head and neck 20 eye positions 11 poses for feet 501 poses total, 1000s of possibilities! Notes This product includes: 1 DSON Core Installer Detail link:
  21. IMSI TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2016 (x86/x64) 171120 IMSI TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2016 (x86/x64) | 623 MB | 656 MB TurboCAD Pro Platinum is premium, professional 2D/3D CAD. It includes all the speed and technology of TurboCAD Pro for drafting, detailing, modeling, and photorealistic rendering, plus advanced architectural and mechanical toolsets & file sharing for greater control and flexibility. Premium, Professional 2D/3D CAD Software TurboCAD Pro Platinum is premium, professional 2D/3D CAD. It includes all the speed and technology of TurboCAD Pro for drafting, detailing, modeling, and photorealistic rendering. Plus, get advanced architectural and mechanical design toolsets, superior rendering, programming and more for greater flexibility and control. - Premium, professional features you want at a more affordable price - Low learning curve, especially when switching from other CAD - Advanced architectural and mechanical design tools - Exceptional performance features for superior productivity - Over 40 industry standard file formats supported Key Features & Benefits: - Advanced Architectural Tools and Simple BIM Support Speed design with an extensive collection of parametric doors, windows, roofs, slabs, stairs, and rails, compound walls, schedules, section and elevation tools, and IFC file support. - Advanced Mechanical Tools -Access advanced 3D surface and ACIS solid modeling tools and smooth surface mesh tools. The thread tool, twisted extrude, extrude to face, imprint tool, parametric holes, imprint and more enable the easy creation of your more complicated professional designs. - Advanced Part Tree Expand on the Part Tree technology in TurboCAD Pro. Often referred to as history-based editing, the Part Tree can be used as a selective undo/redo tool. - Parametric Constraint Tools Advanced constraints include midpoint and patterns / associative arrays as well as the geometric and dimensional constraints in TurboCAD Pro. - Advanced Photorealistic Rendering UV Mapping to create more realistic renders, new Redsdk rendering engine with photorealistic enhancements and improved render management of materials, luminances, environments, and advanced render styles. - Compatible and Programmable Ruby Scripting and SDK programming, plus compatible with over 40 industry standard file formats including AutoCAD .DWG, .DXF, Sketchup .SKP, IFC for simple BIM, 3D .PDF, and .STL for 3D printing System Requirements: TurboCAD Pro Platinum is delivered in a 64-bit version to take full advantage of your hardwares available computer memory to load, process, and render CAD files. A 32-bit version is also available if required by your hardware. 64-bit System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 7 (64-bit), Vista (64-bit) - 4 GB RAM. 32-bit System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP - 4GB RAM. TurboCAD is designed for desktops or laptops that meet the indicated system requirements. Windows RT technology used on some tablets is not supported. 32-bit version of TurboCAD Pro will run on XP and Vista platforms; however, these platforms are no longer being officially supported. Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  22. People of Earth: Faces of Asia Genesis 2 Male Daz/Poser | 3D models | 2 MB Something like half the people of planet Earth live on the Asian continent. Of course, no set of morphs can represent the incredible variety of people and faces that those billions represent - every kind of feature in the world are found here - but there are looks and faces that are hard to make with existing morph sets. This set aims to fill those gaps in your Genesis 2 Male library. This set of 37 morphs, 25 facial presets, and a pose control helper lets you choose from faces representing existing nationalities, or make your own from scratch with these dials. What's Included and Features Shaping Presets: (.DUF) China: Enlai Fengge Jianyu Wei India: Bharat Layak Ravindra Vratesh Yajna Japan: Daisuke Jun Masami Reiji Toshio Korea: Do-Hyun Jun-seo Min-jun Woo-jin Ye-jun Thailand: Chanarong Daw Mongkut Sunan Virote 94 Custom Morphs for Genesis 2 Male(s): (presets are composed of dial values of these): Eyes Closed Epicanthic Folds Asia Almond Eyes 01 Asia Almond Eyes 02 Asia Inner Eye 1 Asia Inner Eye 2 Asia Nose 01 Asia Nose 02 Asia Nose 03 Asia Nose 04 Asia Nose 05 Asia Nose 06 Asia Nose 07 Asia Nose 08 Asia Nose 09 Asia Nose 10 Asia Nose 11 Asia Outer Eye 1 Asia Outer Eye 2 Asia UnderEye Asia Epicanthic Fold 1 Asia Epicanthic Fold 2 Asia Epicanthic Fold 3 Asia Face Shape 01 Asia Face Shape 02 Asia Face Shape 03 Asia Face Shape 04 Asia Face Shape 05 Asia Face Shape 06 Asia Face Shape 07 Asia Face Shape 08 Asia Face Shape 09 Asia Face Shape 10 Asia Lips 01 Asia Lips 02 Asia Lips 03 Asia Lips 04 Asia Lips 05 Asia Lips 06 Notes This product includes: 1 DSON Core installer Detail link:
  23. [MF] i13 Executive Poses

    i13 Executive Poses Daz/Poser | 3D models | 25 MB Get to work with this hot new collection of office poses for the Genesis 3 Female(s) and Genesis 3 Male(s)! Includes every pose you need for a wonderful office scene now! Working at a desk, getting supplies, chatting with co workers, it's all covered here! What's Included and Features i13 Executive Poses for the Genesis 3 Female(s) and Genesis 3 Male(s): (.DUF) 25 full body poses 25 mirrored versions 25 go to versions 50 upper body partial poses 50 lower body partial poses Notes This product includes: 1 DSON Core Installer Detail link:
  24. Z Exercise Time - Poses for Genesis 8 Female and Victoria 8 Daz/Poser | 3D models | 4 MB Z Exercise Time is a new and fun pose collection of exercise poses that have been positioned on a flat surface. You can use them with various different scenes, as they are extremely versatile. All poses have been carefully adjusted for Genesis 8 Female and Victoria 8. The set includes 25 Poses with Mirrors. They were made to look lifelike and beautiful. Each pose was created with a focus on the little details such as lifelike hands, natural positioning and feminine touch. What's Included and Features Z Exercise Time - Poses for Genesis 8 Female and Victoria 8: 25 Exercise Poses for Genesis 8 Male 25 Exercise Poses for Victoria 8 Notes This product includes: 1 DSON Core Installer Detail link:
  25. Shipwrecked Board Shorts for V4 Daz/Poser | 3D models | 52 MB Shipwrecked on a deserted island, Vicky has to make due with what's available. This ripped up bikini is her last remaining protection from the elements. The detailed rips and tears are modeled right into the shorts, and will look great in any ocean disaster scene. The shorts also contain all applicable CrossDresser adjustment morphs for easy posing. What's Included and Features Shipwrecked Board Shorts for V4: (.CR2 and .OBJ) Shorts Abs Buttocks Buttocks Crease Buttocks Down Buttocks Top Crotch Down Crotch Front Hip Joint Front Hip Side Inner Thigh Back Inner Thigh Front Knee Lower Back Lower Back Down Lower Side Lower Stomach Down Upper Leg Upper Leg Inside Upper Leg Outside Whole Body Textures Include: 2 Texture and Bump Maps (1024 x 1024 to 4096 x 4096) Poser Custom Material Presets (.PZ2) Notes This product includes: 1 Poser Core Installer Detail link:
  26. Z Urban Icon - Poses for Genesis 8 Female and Victoria 8 Daz/Poser | 3D models | 6 MB Z Urban Icon is an intricate pose collection of fashionable poses that have been positioned on a flat surface. You can use them with various different scenes, as they are extremely versatile. Both High Heels and Flat Feet Versions of the Poses are included in this product. The set includes 20 Poses with Mirrors. They were made to look lifelike and beautiful. Each pose was created with a focus on the little details such as lifelike hands, natural positioning and feminine touch. What's Included and Features Z Urban Icon - Poses for Genesis 8 Female and Victoria 8: (.DUF) 20 High Heel Poses with Mirrors 20 Flat Foot Poses with Mirrors 01 Reset Poses Notes This product includes: 1 DSON Core Installer Detail Link:
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