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Dear members, finally, we decided to refresh our theme. Decision was brought based on multiple factors, primarily because of technical needs as old one is not compatible with a new platform version, but also because you all asked for a darker theme.
Here you go!

Please head here if you want to vote https://www.elite7hackers.net/topic/411861-the-new-theme/


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  2. Top Paid Android Apps, Games & Themes Pack 180618 Top Paid Android Apps, Games & Themes Pack / 1.15 GB List : Apps APUS Flashlight v1.1.5.apk AccuWeather Platinum v3.4.0.11.paid.apk Badoo Premium v2.55.7.apk Battery Booster Lite v7.2.3.7 [Ad Free].apk Beam Player Pro(Folder Player) v3.2.apk Bird Mail PRO Email App v2245.49c.apk Bluelight Filter for Eye Care Full v1.87.apk BootManager Donate v2.5.2.apk Button Savior Non Root PRO v2.1.1.apk CM Backup - Safe,Cloud,Speedy v1.4.2.104.apk COL Reminder v2.65.8 & COL Reminder Donate v1.10.zip Call Recorder - ACR Premium v10.8.apk CamCard - Business Card Reader v6.0.0.20141208.apk Camera FV-5 v2.32.apk Camera Remote v1.1.apk Caynax Alarm Clock PRO v6.17.2 PRO (Patched).apk Chrome Browser - Google v39.0.2171.93.apk Chrome Reader (Voice) v1.5.9.apk Dash Drive Smart v1.0.22.apk Dictionary.com Premium v5.0.apk DiskDigger Pro (root) v0.998-2014-11-16.apk DynamicNotifications Premium v3.0 beta.apk EVA - Voice Assistant v3.31.apk Essential Endocrinology & Diab v2.3.1.apk Essential Reproduction, 7ed v2.3.1.apk File Explorer PlusRoot v4.0.0.20.apk FlashLight HD LED Pro v1.70.apk Floatify Notifications PRO v5.01 PROPER.apk Guitar Scales & Chords Pro v67 (Chords) - anroid-zone.ws.apk Hide Pictures - Gallery Plus Premium v2.2.8.apk InstaFetch PRO v2.3.9.apk InstaGetter Pro v1.4.2.apk Love Quotes? Pro v2.0.0.apk Lux Auto Brightness v1.99.9999.apk Magisto Video Editor & Maker v3.6.6601.apk Microsoft Remote Desktop v8.0.12.25288.apk Movie Mate Pro v5.0.apk My Webcam v4.3.apk MyATLS v2.1 [Unlocked].apk Nixie Time & Battery Widget [build 6] Viscount.apk Now Gesture Tweaks v2.1.apk OTG Disk Explorer Pro v2.2.apk OpusAMP Premium - Audio Player v1.0.3.0.apk Orpheus Music Player v2.1.0.apk Persist + Volume Control v3.40.apk Photo Tools Pro (Donation) v5.2.1.apk Plex for Android v3.8.4.296.apk Podcast Addict Donate v2.23.2 build 337.apk Popcorn Time v2.4.2 (build 18) Beta.apk Quick Reboot (Root) v1.3.1.apk RockPlayer2 FULL v2.3.1.apk Scientific Calculator v4.0.2 (CalcTastic).apk Sleep Lullaby Add-on v2.0.apk Sleep as Android FULL v20150106 build 974.apk System Tuner Pro v3.3.1.apk TSF Shell 3D Launcher v3.2 Patched.apk Titanium Backup PRO v6.2.0.2.apk Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car) v1.8.49.apk Unit Converter Plus v1.4.5.12.apk WeatherBug v3.6.53 [Ad Free].apk WiFi Manager Premium v3.2.1.apk Zooper by BEARD 2 v1.4.apk eDrawings v2.1.0 [build 10] Patched.apk gReader Pro Feedly News v4.0.1.apk jetAudio Music Player Plus v5.1.0 Build 41213.apk GAMES Mini Motor WRT v1.1.2 Mega Mod.apk Monster Dash v1.15.0.apk Pyramid Solitaire Saga v1.13.1.apk Slot Machine+ v6.4.3.apk Spider-Man Unlimited v1.2.0h Mega Mod.apk THEMES Aeon Icon Pack v3.1.0.apk Alos - Icon Pack v4.2.0.apk Audax - Icon Pack v2.8.apk Aurelia Icons Theme v1.0.2.apk Aurora UI - Icon Pack v1.2.1 Patched.apk Belle UI (Donate) Icon Pack v1.9.8.apk Biohazard Icon Pack v3.0.apk CM11 GALAXY S5 TW theme v1.2.3.apk Click UI - Icon Pack v3.3.apk Crystal Glass Icon Pack Theme v2.0.apk Dusty - Icon Pack v1.0.apk Elun - Icon Pack v3.5.0.apk Etched Vivid Icons v3.0.apk Glossy - Icon Pack v1.0.1.apk Goolors Square - icon pack v3.0.1.apk Influx - Icon Pack v1.1.1.apk Lustre - Icon Pack v2.8.apk Minimal UI - Icon Pack v3.4.apk Ortus Icon Pack Pro v1.1.apk Tang Icon Pack v1.5.apk The Infinity Project Icon pack v1.0.apk Toxic - Iconpack v1.0.2.apk Twisters Icon Pack v1.0.3.apk VIPER - Icon Pack v3.1.1.apk WoodBoard Icon Pack v1.0.0.apk WoodRustic Icon Pack v1.0.apk [INSTALL NOTES] (1): Please use 7Zip/WinRAR/Universal Extractor to EXTRACT FILES (2): Copy and paste to extSD and Install (3): Some Apps/Games need "Root" (4): Enjoy and Support Developers, Buy It, They Deserved It! Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/ccf88dc857f26ef808fe5d7179c65b89/Top.Paid.Android.Apps2015.part1.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/c1dc5005affb38169fb292424d3d7fd3/Top.Paid.Android.Apps2015.part2.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/WLa/Top.Paid.Android.Apps2015.part1.rar http://alfafile.net/file/WLm/Top.Paid.Android.Apps2015.part2.rar
  3. Monster High Freaky Fusion 2014 DVDRip XViD AC3-GLY FiLE SiZE: 698 MB ~ MOViE iNFO ~ Title: Monster High: Freaky Fusion (2014) Genre: Animation Rating: 6.9 (412 votes) Rated: TV-Y7 Director: William Lau, Sylvain Blais Writer: Keith Wagner Cast: Erin Fitzgerald, Haviland Stillwell, Geeg Friedman, Salli Saffioti Storyline: While attempting to help Frankie Stein learn more about her freaky cool scaritage, the fashionably fierce ghoulfriends travel back in time to the first day ever of Monster High! There, they meet Sparky, a skullastic teen with an obsession for creating life. But when Sparky follows the ghouls through a killer time portal to modern-day Monster High, the event results in eight of them fusing together into four creeperiffic hybrid Monsters. Now, they'll really have to work together to control their bodies in the big Bitecentennial Play and stop one of Sparky's experiments from destroying imperfectly perfect Monster High! ~ SCREENSHOTS ~ ~ Single Extraction | No password | No CRC ~ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3824344/ https://rapidgator.net/file/6ecac2fd30d74d4150211440fa6f85f1/Monster.High.Freaky.Fusion.2014.DVDRip.XViD.AC3-GLY-F35.rar.html
  4. @BOnev Why quoting this? This system is actually down. I managed your serial into our database.
  5. Looney Tunes-Porkys Railroad [1937] iNTERNAL DVDRip x264-REGRET FiLE SiZE: 72.4 MB ~ MOViE iNFO ~ Title: Porky's Railroad (1937) Genre: Animation, Family, Short Rating: 6.6 (277 votes) Rated: APPROVED Director: Frank Tashlin Writer: N/A Cast: Mel Blanc, Billy Bletcher Storyline: Porky is the engineer on the most pathetic train in the fleet. After some routine episodes (using pepper to get the engine to sneeze itself up a hill, chasing a cow off the tracks, only to ... ~ SCREENSHOTS ~ ~ Single Extraction | No password | No CRC ~ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0029429/ http://rapidgator.net/file/adb1fc41c28ee5181066f5d3903ae977/Looney.Tunes-Porkys.Railroad.1937.iNTERNAL.DVDRip.x264-REGRET-F35.rar.html
  6. ProtaStructure Suite Enterprise 2016 SP6 180618 ProtaStructure Suite Enterprise 2016 SP6 | 321.0 mb Prota Inc. has released update of ProtaStructure Suite 2016, is the all-in-one package for 3D finite element analysis, code-compliant design, seismic assessment and detailing of reinforced concrete and steel structures. ProtaStructure Suite combines the power of ProtaStructure together with the full detailing capability of ProtaDetails for the ultimate building design and detailing solution for structural engineering professionals. What's New in ProtaStructure 2016 ProtaStructure 2016 is a fantastic new release containing many new features and enhancements for you to enjoy. Key benefits of this include: - Slab Meshing in Building Analysis Include slabs, ribbed and waffle slabs at any storey(s) in building analysis model by automatically meshing them with a shell elements. Use rigid or semi-rigid diaphragms with ability to choose slab load decomposition options, mesh sensitivity and slab stiffness. - P-Delta Analysis Consider second-order slenderness effects by performing P-Delta analysis. - Enhance Visual Interrogation Easily check slab and member sizes, loads and other model properties - Seismic Analysis, Design & Detailing Analysis and design can be carried out in compliance with EC8 for Malaysia & Singapore National Annex. Detailing requirements of EC8 from Low to High Ductility classes are fulfilled. - Soil-Structure Interaction Enable foundations to be integrated into building analysis model for more accurate assessment of building behaviour. - Pile Cap Design & Detailing A comprehensive pile cap design solution has been implemented which automatically design piles arrangement, pile cap depth & reinforcements. This covers both regular and eccentric pile positions. Rationalisation of design with grouping can also be easily performed. Pile cap detail drawings, pile cap schedules & quantity extraction can all be seamlessly generated in ProtaDetails. - Model Merging Build large models quickly with 2 or more engineers working on separate model or parts of the building and "merge" these together for analysis and design for fast project delivery. - New Report Manager Fully integrated reports into one repository. Insert custom reports including 3rd party documents, create custom report sets, and insert QR codes and company logos to produce a professional design report. - Curved, circular & multi-segment sketch lines Make use curved & multi-segment sketch lines to model irregular slab edges or columns. - Eccentric Pad Footings Columns can eccentrically sit on a pad footing. Additional moments are automatically considered in footing design. - Base Isolator analysis and design Model Lead Rubber Bearing (LRB) or Friction Pendulum System (FPS) seismic isolators anywhere along a column. Check isolator displacement limits with summary reports. - Enhanced model and view export Plan & 3D views can be exported to DXF/DWG directly from ProtaStructure. All 3D and plan views can be exported as picture (jpeg) format. A member can be exported as STL file for 3D printers. - Faster column/wall & beam design (storey by storey) New options to design only active floor members for faster design & detailing especially for large models. - BRC mesh reinforcement for slabs BRC mesh reinforcement (e.g. A & B series) is implemented for slab design & detailing. - Finite Element Slab Pattern Load Slab load pattern can be defined on the floor slabs. This is especially useful for flab slab system to capture design envelopes due to different load patterns. - Contour Export from FE Floor Post-processor The moment & reinforcement contours of slabs analysed using FE Floor Analysis can now be exported & integrated into the main model view for easy review or checking. These can then be exported to DWG or DXF format for further detailing & final drawing production. - Finite Element Design of Foundation Systems and Foundation Beams Pad footings, pile caps, strip footings and mat foundations can be modelled together in a single structure. Mixed foundation systems can alternatively be analysed and designed by finite element method. Foundation beams can be check-designed by analytical or FE methods. - New Strip foundation Eccentric strip footings can be modelled. Strip footing design, detailing and reporting is enhanced. - Enhanced Section Database Comprehensive Continental Singapore and Malaysian steel profiles are included. - Faster modelling Significant speed enhancement in model creation, modification and manipulation. - Faster analysis and design Analysis and design processes are optimized to deliver results quickly. - Enhanced Integration with Revit ProtaStructure utilizes native integration with Revit and now fully supports integration with both Revit 2016 and 2015 versions. Integration is enhanced with drop panels of flat slab model correctly imported into Revit. ProtaStructure Enterprise Suite extends professional edition with advanced time-history, staged construction and nonlinear analyses, seismic isolators, nonlinear link elements and seismic assessment/retrofitting. About PROTA Inc. At Prota we've been delivering innovative solutions to structural engineers and drafting professionals since 1985. With revolutionary software solutions including the new ProtaStructure, ProtaDetails and ProtaMobile, thousands of engineers, CAD technicians and project innovators across the world choose Prota software for their steel and concrete building design and detailing. Name: ProtaStructure Suite Enterprise Version: 2016 SP6 Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit Interface: english System Requirements: PC Supported Operating Systems: ShiChuang 7even / 8.x / 10 Size: 321.0 mb Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/bacddbd22e8303f6c71632dc136dae76/5af0d.ProtaStructure.Suite.Enterprise.2016.SP6.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/CYDB/5af0d.ProtaStructure.Suite.Enterprise.2016.SP6.rar
  7. Looney Tunes-Porkys Pastry Pirates [1942] DVDRip x264-REGRET FiLE SiZE: 51.8 MB ~ MOViE iNFO ~ Title: Porky's Pastry Pirates (1942) Genre: Animation, Family, Short Rating: 6.5 (79 votes) Rated: N/A Director: Friz Freleng Writer: Dave Monahan (story) Cast: Mel Blanc, Kent Rogers Storyline: Porky owns a bakery. A hungry fly stares in through the window, as a bee shows up and tells him he should just go for it. The bee enters and at first intimidates Porky; when Porky finally gets angry enough to try swatting the bee, the bee electrifies the flyswatter. The bee then coaches the fly: with a little help from the trash bin, the fly is soon disguised as a bee himself. But the costume falls off the first time the fly faces Porky, and the fly finds himself on the wrong end of the swatter. The bee returns for a dinner snack, only to find the angry fly wielding the swatter. ~ SCREENSHOTS ~ ~ Single Extraction | No password | No CRC ~ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0035203/ http://rapidgator.net/file/6ccfabd9817cbdde59c3b5b3aab61ce9/Looney.Tunes-Porkys.Pastry.Pirates.1942.DVDRip.x264-REGRET-F35.rar.html
  8. CyberLink Media Suite 14 Ultra 14.0.0819.0 Multilingual 180618 CyberLink Media Suite 14 Ultra 14.0.0819.0 Multilingual | 3.14 GB Media Suite 14 has something for everyone in the family, and every occasion. Whether you are editing wedding photos, creating a highlight video of your last holiday, or simply kicking back and watching the latest movies in cinematic quality, Media Suite has you covered. With 15 multi-award winning products packed into one killer software suite, you won't find better value-for-money or a more convenient way to handle all your digital media needs. The ultimate entertainment experience on PC and TV With over 300 million copies sold, PowerDVD is the worlds number one movie and media player. And its immersive PC entertainment experience is now available for your big-screen TV, too! - Take your home theater to the next level with a dedicated new TV Mode. - Immerse yourself in better-than-original-quality video and audio playback on TV and PC with exclusive TrueTheater Technologies. - Enjoy smooth, lag-free playback of Ultra HD 4K video on the latest UHD displays. - Play almost any media with support for the latest video, audio and image formats and codecs. Organize, Find & Share Your Photos Effortlessly organize and find all your personal photos and videos with FaceMe face tagging technology. Create outstanding media slideshows, and share your media content quickly on disc. Easily turn home videos into movies you will cherish PowerDirector 14 is an unbelievably fast and powerful movie maker whose intuitive interface makes it accessible to users of all skill levels. - New Express Projects makes creating pro-quality home movies as easy as drag and drop! - Easily add video effects, transitions and more thanks to the simple interface. - Create titles, menus, PiP motion, and particle effects in a full screen editor. - Import and export a wide array of video and audio formats. All the creative tools you need to make any photo wow! From innovative tools to import and organize huge image collections, through to artistic filters and intuitive layers for more advanced editing, PhotoDirector has it all! - The inuitive Layer Editing module makes this advanced editing technique simple and intuitive, even for beginners. - Touch up group shots & portraits with unique Face and Body Beautification tools. - Easy Adjustment with Filters, Effects and Blurs. All the tools you need to edit, adjust, and enhance your shots to turn them into spectacular photos. - Easy Object Removal lets you instantly get rid of photobombers or annoying, unwanted objects in your shots. - Create dramatic, stunning HDR and panorama images quickly and easily with preset tools. Personalized DVD & Blu-ray Discs Complete disc authoring tools to turn your photos and videos into Hollywood-style Blu-ray and DVD discs. Supporting the latest media formats and rendering videos faster than ever before, its the only disc authoring tool you need. Precision Audio Editing WaveEditor lets you record voice, and use the trim, cut and mix tools to edit audio files. You can also reduce noise or enhance digital audio with rich effects. Save and convert tracks in different formats including wav, wma, mp3, and m4a files, and turn your favorite music into mobile ringtones! All-in-one disc burning software for the whole family - Leading burning software trusted by leading PC & burner hardware manufacturers - Download videos directly from YouTube or Vimeo with Social Media Download - Drag & drop desktop widgets for super quick burning - 256-bit encryption keeps your data safe once its on disc - Mount and view ISO files without the need for any additional software. Fast Media Conversion & Transfer to Mobile - Convert media files from your PC or laptop to play on your portable devices fast - Pre-configured profiles for over 100 of the latest smartphones, tablets and portable players - Smart Detect automatically selects the optimal file format / resolution for your media based on your device - Convert videos to and from the new HEVC (H.265) format - Conversion that actually improves the quality with TrueTheater enhancement technologies Ultra HD 4K Video Conversion MediaEspresso can convert 4K video files! Your 4K videos can be converted to H.264 (for wider compatibility) or H.265 (for more efficient storage) versions. Enjoy your ultra-high-resolution videos regardless of device or original format. Easy Plug 'n' Play Conversion MediaEspresso's Smart Detect technology means you do not have to remember confusing file formats and resolutions. As soon as you connect your device to your PC, Smart Detect recognizes it and sets the optimal output formats and resolutions for converted media, ensuring you always enjoy your videos, photos and music in the best possible quality. Operating System: - WeiRuan-->WeiRuan ShiChuang 10, ShiChuang 8.1, ShiChuang 8, ShiChuang 7. What's New in CyberLink Media Suite 14 http://www.cyberlink.com/products/cyberlink-media-suite-ultra/features_en_US.html?&r=1 Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/67ef70260b24f28d7944a0a55ee3137b/4b832.CyberLink.Media.Suite.14.Ultra.14.0.0819.0.Multilingual.part1.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/fe0997184d1410802dc809a22ff32b13/4b832.CyberLink.Media.Suite.14.Ultra.14.0.0819.0.Multilingual.part2.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/925a17b057a8521e6e4a86dcd30fa1ae/4b832.CyberLink.Media.Suite.14.Ultra.14.0.0819.0.Multilingual.part3.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/cbc4f3953faa73a0a066650298e8623e/4b832.CyberLink.Media.Suite.14.Ultra.14.0.0819.0.Multilingual.part4.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/CYMt/4b832.CyberLink.Media.Suite.14.Ultra.14.0.0819.0.Multilingual.part1.rar http://alfafile.net/file/CYM5/4b832.CyberLink.Media.Suite.14.Ultra.14.0.0819.0.Multilingual.part2.rar http://alfafile.net/file/CYMa/4b832.CyberLink.Media.Suite.14.Ultra.14.0.0819.0.Multilingual.part3.rar http://alfafile.net/file/CYMW/4b832.CyberLink.Media.Suite.14.Ultra.14.0.0819.0.Multilingual.part4.rar
  9. Popeye-Spree Lunch 1957 iNTERNAL DVDRip x264-REGRET FiLE SiZE: 40.5 MB ~ MOViE iNFO ~ Title: Spree Lunch (1957) Genre: Animation, Comedy, Short Rating: 6.4 (130 votes) Rated: APPROVED Director: Seymour Kneitel Writer: Jack Mercer (story) Cast: Jackson Beck, Jack Mercer Storyline: Popeye opens a diner; Bluto pulls one up right across the street. Wimpy comes along, and they compete for his business. The competition escalates, until finally they are throwing things at ... ~ SCREENSHOTS ~ ~ Single Extraction | No password | No CRC ~ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0152571/ https://rapidgator.net/file/d5e26ccc471f1b1531ce97c837148da9/Popeye-Spree.Lunch.1957.iNTERNAL.DVDRip.x264-REGRET-F35.rar.html
  10. Looney Tunes-Porkys Naughty Nephew [1938] DVDRip x264-REGRET FiLE SiZE: 72.4 MB ~ MOViE iNFO ~ Title: Porky's Naughty Nephew (1938) Genre: Animation, Family, Short Rating: 6.4 (61 votes) Rated: N/A Director: Robert Clampett Writer: Warren Foster (story) Cast: Mel Blanc, Bernice Hansen Storyline: Porky and Pinky go to the beach. As Porky tries to nap, Pinky keeps whacking him with his little shovel. Then he fakes drowning in a shallow puddle. Porky enters a swim race, and Pinky sets a fake shark to follow him. ~ SCREENSHOTS ~ ~ Single Extraction | No password | No CRC ~ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0030609/ http://rapidgator.net/file/794ffa997edfd7421cb8bcc65372c203/Looney.Tunes-Porkys.Naughty.Nephew.1938.DVDRip.x264-REGRET-F35.rar.html
  11. iFastime Video Converter Ultimate 180618 iFastime Video Converter Ultimate | 40.7 Mb Convert all SD/HD/2K/4K video to your desired formats, devices and programs optimized file formats, encode and decode H.265/HEVC codec, output M3U8 for streaming with local HTTP server, create 3D effect movies from both 2D or 3D resources. Convert to Various Format Files Input for more than 200+ format videos * Converting a variety of media formats including AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, FLV, MPEG, 3GP, VOB, Xvid to your desired format files. Convert HD videos and 4K videos * Perfectly convert HD Video including Tivo, MXF, MTS, etc and even 4K video and 4K source files to various common video formats. Perfectly support for H.265 video * Encode video with H.265/HEVC codec, then you can stream media files in perfect quality with small file size and less bandwidth. Enjoy Media Files Anywhere Anytime * Output videos for all popular devices: optimized file for all your desired devices including iPad, iPhone, Android, Xbox, PSP, PS3, Nexus, Kindle Fire, etc. Make 3D Movies for Grand Visual Experience * Convert 2D/3D resources to 3D movies in 3D MKV, 3D MP4, 3D MOV, 3D WMV and 3D AVI format to watch on 3D devices with Side by Side, Red/Blue and Top/Bottom 3D effects. Enhance and personalize your media files * Professional editing functions are provided to you: split, merge, trim, crop, add watermark, adjust video effect, edit audio and insert subtitles. Split video into more segments by file count, time length or file size; merge separate video into single one video, trim the selected video to your desired parts; crop the video to get off the black bars or change the output aspect ratio; personalize video good-looking text/image/video watermark; apply special effect or change video brightness, contrast, saturation; remove or replace original audio in video or set audio face out/in effects; insert additional *.srt/*.ass or *.ssa subtitle files to the videos as hard subtitles. Customize video and audio parameters * Change output video codec, size, frame rate, bitrate and audio codec, sample rate, bitrates and channels for better display quality. You can choose specific video and audio codec for the output video, change output file resolution to make it more adaptable with the device that you are going to play with, lower the video frame rate to make the video play smoothly, you can select Mono, Stereo or 5.1 Channels when the output file is MPEG, VOB, TS or MKV and when the input file has Dolby Digital 5.1 channel. 6x faster conversion speed * Do not want to wait an eternity to convert a single clip? iFastimeVideo Converter Ultimate surpasses other tradition video conversion application with 6x faster conversion speed. It is capable of accelerating the video encoding and decoding speed with the advanced NVIDIA CUDA technology and AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP). Just save your precious time and energy for most important and amusing things in life. Home Page - http://www.ifastime.com/ Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/1650a14906797f7f07422109ce9db12c/2wlor.iFastime.Video.Converter.Ultimate. alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/CYMJ/2wlor.iFastime.Video.Converter.Ultimate.
  12. Gunter Babysits 2017 720p BluRay x264-FLAME FiLE SiZE: 153 MB ~ MOViE iNFO ~ Title: Gunter Babysits (2017) Genre: Animation, Short, Comedy Rating: 5.9 (106 votes) Rated: N/A Director: Adrien Borzakian, Eric Favela Writer: Ted Travelstead (screenplay by), Eric Favela (story by) Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Nick Kroll, Nick Offerman, Oscar Jennings Storyline: Gunter offers to watch all of Rosita's 25 piglets for the night, trying to prove he's the best babysitter ever. ~ SCREENSHOTS ~ ~ Single Extraction | No password | No CRC ~ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6536766/ https://rapidgator.net/file/1e28f3491bbb3144037da2e10d293366/Gunter.Babysits.2017.720p.BluRay.x264-FLAME-F35.rar.html
  13. System software for ShiChuang v2.9.3 (2016) 180618 System software for ShiChuang v2.9.3 (2016) | 2.27 GB How often do you run the game or program due to the lack of one or another system component, routine reinstall your operating system and all its components? For You created a small utility to automate the process of installing the major components without which it is difficult to imagine for example a PC game. By default, the selected components are suitable for any configuration of computer. For normal work program need to disable UAC! Autor: CUTA Interface language: Russian Installation: Run the file Installer.exe click to select the components to install, wait for the installation to complete the installation click Finish. Description of the components: -DirectX (Full version) -WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Visual ??++ (2005-2008-2010-2012-2013-2015 x86 and x64 + Visual Studio 2010 F# Runtime 2.0 + F# Runtime 4.0 + Visual Basic 6.0 Extended Runtime + Visual J# 2.0 Redistributable Package + Visual Basic 7 Runtime) -WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Visual C++ 2005-2008-2010-2012-2013-2015 Redistributable Package from Lisabon (01.07.2016) -NET Framework Version 1.0 SP2 for ShiChuang XP -NET Framework Version 1.1 SP1 -NET Framework Version 3.5 SP1 -NET Framework Version 3.5 (for ShiChuang 8 and 8.1) -NET Framework Version 3.5 (for ShiChuang 10) -NET Framework Version 4.0 (for ShiChuang XP and Server 2003) -NET Framework Version 4.6 Final (for ShiChuang Vista sp2) -NET Framework Version 4.6.1 Final (for ShiChuang 7 sp1 and newer) -ShiChuang Media Video 9 VCM -OpenAL 2.1.0 -Rapture3D 2.7.4 -NVIDIA PhysX 9.16.0318 -NVIDIA PhysX Legacy 9.13.0604 -NVIDIA PhysX Legacy Full by CUTA -RuntimePack Lite 15.7.22 -RuntimePack Full 16.4.17 -Games for ShiChuang - LIVE Final -Java Platform SE 7 U80 -Java Platform SE 8 U92 -Java Platform from Lisabon SE JDK JRE v6 U115 -Java Platform from Lisabon SE JDK JRE v7 U101 -Java Platform from Lisabon SE JDK JRE v8 U92 -Adobe Flash Player for Internet Explorer -Adobe Flash Player for Firefox and Netscape -Adobe Flash Player for Opera and Chrome -??ddon Adobe Shockwave Player -Adobe AIR -WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Silverlight 5.1.50428.0 -WeiRuan-->WeiRuan XNA Framework Redistributable (1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, 4.0) -WeiRuan-->WeiRuan XML v4.0 SP3 -WeiRuan-->WeiRuan XML v6.0 SP1 -ShiChuang Media Player Firefox Plugin -Unity Web Player -Social Club -Uplay -Origin -Steam Client -Indeo Codecs 5.11 repack by cuta -NVIDIA CUDA Video Encoder Changes in v2.9.3 - Updated RuntimePack Full to version 16.7.4 - Updated NET Framework Version 3.5 fof ShiChuang 8 and 8.1 - Updated NET Framework Version 3.5 fof ShiChuang 10 - Updated Adobe Flash Player to version for Internet Explorer - Updated Adobe Flash Player to version - Updated Uplay to version - Excluded choice NET Framework Version 4.6.1 for ShiChuang 10 Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/18492f6b907f7dca087ac0e64da2195a/314ju.System.software.for.Windows.v2.9.3.part1.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/8b3620e530b28f7934f39049269f965d/314ju.System.software.for.Windows.v2.9.3.part2.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/d8316aee23aa83f62edd1c62f84976ef/314ju.System.software.for.Windows.v2.9.3.part3.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/Xbxg/314ju.System.software.for.Windows.v2.9.3.part1.rar http://alfafile.net/file/Xbxc/314ju.System.software.for.Windows.v2.9.3.part2.rar http://alfafile.net/file/XbxR/314ju.System.software.for.Windows.v2.9.3.part3.rar
  14. Freedom35

    Porky's Pet (1936) DVDRip x264-REGRET

    Looney Tunes-Porkys Pet [1936] DVDRip x264-REGRET FiLE SiZE: 46.3 MB ~ MOViE iNFO ~ Title: Porky's Pet (1936) Genre: Animation, Family, Short Rating: 6.3 (57 votes) Rated: N/A Director: Jack King Writer: N/A Cast: Joe Dougherty Storyline: Porky and his pet ostrich, Lulu, get invited to perform on Broadway for $75/week. But first they have to get there, and the train conductor won't let the ostrich board. Porky sneaks her on. She gets loose and eats a sleeping woman's wig, a boy's toy airplane, and a concertina. Porky hides her in a guitar case, but she gets out as the conductor comes by, and they are both thrown off. They enlist a hand cart and a cow to outrun the train. ~ SCREENSHOTS ~ ~ Single Extraction | No password | No CRC ~ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0028126/ http://rapidgator.net/file/2031cbc2951061c0687ba7314cc38abe/Looney.Tunes-Porkys.Pet.1936.DVDRip.x264-REGRET-F35.rar.html
  15. Promaja

    Artificial Intelligence By Example

    Artificial Intelligence By Example by Denis Rothman English | 30 May 2018 | ISBN: 1788990544 | 490 Pages | EPUB | 14.37 MB Be an adaptive thinker that leads the way to Artificial Intelligence Key Features AI-based examples to guide you in designing and implementing machine intelligence Develop your own method for future AI solutions Acquire advanced AI' machine learning' and deep learning design skills Book Description Artificial Intelligence has the potential to replicate humans in every field. This book serves as a starting point for you to understand how AI is built' with the help of intriguing examples and case studies. Artificial Intelligence By Example will make you an adaptive thinker and help you apply concepts to real-life scenarios. Using some of the most interesting AI examples' right from a simple chess engine to a cognitive chatbot' you will learn how to tackle the machine you are competing with. You will study some of the most advanced machine learning models' understand how to apply AI to blockchain and IoT' and develop emotional quotient in chatbots using neural networks. You will move on to designing AI solutions in a simple manner rather than get confused by complex architectures and techniques. This comprehensive guide will be a starter kit for you to develop AI applications on your own. By the end of this book' will have understood the fundamentals of AI and worked through a number of case studies that will help you develop business vision. What you will learn Use adaptive thinking to solve real-life AI case studies Rise beyond being a modern-day factory code worker Acquire advanced AI' machine learning' and deep learning designing skills Learn about cognitive NLP chatbots' quantum computing' and IoT and blockchain technology Understand future AI solutions and adapt quickly to them Develop out-of-the-box thinking to face any challenge the market presents Who This Book Is For Artificial Intelligence by Example is a simple' explanatory' and descriptive guide for junior developers' experienced developers' technology consultants' and those interested in AI who want to understand the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and implement it practically by devising smart solutions. Prior experience with Python and statistical knowledge is essential to make the most out of this book. Table of Contents Become an Adaptive Thinker Think like a Machine Apply Machine Thinking to a Human Problem Become an Unconventional Innovator Manage the Power of Machine Learning and Deep Learning Don't Get Lost in Techniques Focus on Optimizing Your Solutions When and How to Use Artificial Intelligence Revolutions Designed for Some Corporations and Disruptive Innovations for Small to Large Companies Getting Your Neurons to Work Applying Biomimicking to Artificial Intelligence Conceptual Representation Learning Automated Planning and Scheduling AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) Optimizing Blockchains with AI Cognitive NLP Chatbots Improve the Emotional Intelligence Deficiencies of Chatbots Quantum Computers That Think Appendix - Answers to the Questions http://nitroflare.com/view/1D77F7BB7387B90/1788990544.epub https://rapidgator.net/file/ebf11e1852a22cfd6a831e84cb7ef2c2/1788990544.epub.html
  16. PHP & MySQL in easy steps, 2nd edition - updated to cover MySQL 8.0 by Mike McGrath English | 22 Jun. 2018 | ISBN: 1840788275 | 192 Pages | EPUB | 16.13 MB PHP and MySQL in easy steps, 2nd edition teaches the user to write PHP server-side scripts and how to make MySQL database queries. It has an easy-to-follow style that will appeal to: anyone who wants to begin producing data-driven web pages. web developers wanting to add database interaction to their web sites. the programmer who quickly wants to add PHP and MySQL to their skills set. the hobbyist who wants to begin creating scripts for upload to their own ISP. the student, and to those seeking a career in computing, who need a fundamental understanding of server-side programming with PHP and MySQL. PHP and MySQL in easy steps, 2nd edition demonstrates by example how to produce data-driven web pages using the powerful PHP scripting language and the popular free MySQL database server. The book examples provide clear syntax-highlighted code showing how to selectively insert and extract data from databases for presentation on your web browser. PHP and MySQL in easy steps, 2nd edition begins by explaining how to install a free web server, the PHP interpreter, and MySQL database server, to create an environment in which you can produce your very own data-driven server-side web pages. You will learn how to write PHP server-side scripts and how to make MySQL database queries. Examples illustrate how to store and retrieve Session Data, how to provide a Message Board, and how to create an E-Commerce Shopping Cart. This book assumes you have no previous experience of any programming or scripting language so is ideal for the newcomer to PHP and MySQL technologies. Covers MySQL 8.0. Contents Getting started Performing operations Controlling progress Producing forms Assembling tables Handling data Connecting databases Registering users Providing forums Processing shops http://nitroflare.com/view/12F7E596F3021B1/1840788275.epub https://rapidgator.net/file/cb54a53ecfe66387cf02e840a8b34dc0/1840788275.epub.html
  17. Asterix And Cleopatra [1968] AC3 DVDRip XVID-FHW FiLE SiZE: 700 MB ~ MOViE iNFO ~ Title: Asterix and Cleopatra (1968) Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy Rating: 7.2 (9349 votes) Rated: N/A Director: René Goscinny, Albert Uderzo Writer: René Goscinny (comic book), Albert Uderzo (comic book), Jos Marissen (adaptation), Eddie Lateste (adaptation), Pierre Tchernia (screenplay collaboration) Cast: Roger Carel, Jacques Morel, Micheline Dax, Jacques Balutin Storyline: Popular animated hero Asterix and his faithful sidekick Obelix travel to ancient Egypt to help Cleopatra build a new summer home. Cleopatra and Julius Caesar have made a bet, with Caesar wagering the project cannot be completed in a few weeks time. With the help of a magic potion, Asterix comes to the rescue of the Queen of the Nile as Caesar and an angry architect plot against them. ~ SCREENSHOTS ~ ~ Single Extraction | No password | No CRC ~ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0062687/ http://rapidgator.net/file/cbe5378887eaf4fee0a758d2c12500c1/Asterix.And.Cleopatra.1968.AC3.DVDRip.XVID-FHW-F35.rar.html
  18. Jeppesen Cycle DVD 1701 Full World 180618 Jeppesen Cycle DVD 1701 Full World | 2.78 GB The program for the planning and calculation of the route of the airplane (helicopter) programs included with the card company Jeppesen aeronautical information, allows you to automatically lay and directions for a specific type of aircraft. It consists of three parts. Updated every two weeks. JeppView program - background material in electronic form, you can also print out the necessary circuit aeroportov- all Jeppesen (maps, airport diagrams, etc.), FliteStar - program for automatic calculation of flight planning and route, in-flight magazine printing flight calculation is also possible connect the GPS and use it as a navigator, FliteDeck - GPS navigator for use in flight (requires GPS receiver). It includes everything you need to install. Extras. Information: Jeppesen - the American company, which is one of the world leaders in the market of providing aeronautical information. Also provides services for flight planning and educational services in the field of aviation. The company is a unit of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Headquartered in Inverness (Colorado, USA). The company has offices in various countries, including Germany, the UK and Australia. Spcl tnx to goshish1976. Release Date: 2017 Version 1701 Developer: Jeppesen Developer website: jeppesen.com Language: English Tablet: Not required System requirements: ShiChuang Coverage: Full World Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/579597550737cc93581b4cc3809d012c/w9wow.Jeppesen.Cycle.DVD.1701.Full.World.part1.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/4556a9376f02142114cebe393ecef009/w9wow.Jeppesen.Cycle.DVD.1701.Full.World.part2.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/cbc297e7b86c3fcf47508df2aca1b128/w9wow.Jeppesen.Cycle.DVD.1701.Full.World.part3.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/e24T/w9wow.Jeppesen.Cycle.DVD.1701.Full.World.part1.rar http://alfafile.net/file/e2wZ/w9wow.Jeppesen.Cycle.DVD.1701.Full.World.part2.rar http://alfafile.net/file/e2w8/w9wow.Jeppesen.Cycle.DVD.1701.Full.World.part3.rar
  19. Terms of Appropriation: Modern Architecture and Global Exchange Routledge | English | 2018 | ISBN-10: 1138940038 | 292 pages | PDF | 95.60 MB by Amanda Reeser Lawrence (Editor), Ana Miljački (Editor) This collection focuses on how architectural material is transformed, revised, swallowed whole, plagiarized, or in any other way appropriated. It charts new territory within this still unexplored yet highly topical area of study by establishing a shared vocabulary with which to discuss, or contest, the workings of appropriation as a vital and progressive aspect of architectural discourse. Written by a group of rising scholars in the field of architectural history and criticism, the chapters cover a range of architectural subjects that are linked in their investigations of how architects engage with their predecessors. About the Author Amanda Reeser Lawrence received her PhD in history and theory of architecture from Harvard University. She is a tenured Associate Professor in the School of Architecture at Northeastern University. Lawrence is founding coeditor of the award-winning journal, PRAXIS. She is the author of James Stirling: Revisionary Modernist (Yale University Press, 2013). Ana Miljački is Associate Professor of Architecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she teaches history, theory, and design. She holds a PhD in history and theory of architecture from Harvard University. Her work focuses on the relationship between politics and the products and circumstances of architectural labor. She is the author of The Optimum Imperative: Czech Architecture for the Socialist Lifestyle 1938-1968 (Routledge, 2017). http://nitroflare.com/view/0A0DE0D56CC9FFD/Terms_of_Appropriation.pdf https://rapidgator.net/file/0d2ddd42e7894eb84d1999dd7efafa10/Terms_of_Appropriation.pdf.html
  20. Looney Tunes-Porkys Spring Planting [1938] DVDRip x264-REGRET FiLE SiZE: 78.8 MB ~ MOViE iNFO ~ Title: Porky's Spring Planting (1938) Genre: Animation, Family, Short Rating: 6.6 (54 votes) Rated: APPROVED Director: Frank Tashlin Writer: George Manuell (story) Cast: Mel Blanc Storyline: Porky and his dog, Streamline, plant a large garden in creative ways. The neighbor chickens see the garden as one big buffet/cafeteria. ~ SCREENSHOTS ~ ~ Single Extraction | No password | No CRC ~ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0030613/ http://rapidgator.net/file/c38ce9693d938d0651a51088daa37423/Looney.Tunes-Porkys.Spring.Planting.1938.DVDRip.x264-REGRET-F35.rar.html
  21. The 30-Day Thyroid Reset Plan: Disarming the 7 Hidden Triggers That are Keeping You Sick by Dr. Campbell Becky English | 1 July 2018 | ISBN: 162414571X | 208 Pages | EPUB | 172.99 MB After years of feeling sick and being misdiagnosed and misunderstood by conventional medical practitioners, Dr. Becky Campbell began exploring functional medicine. Now a practicing and board-certified Doctor of Natural Medicine, Dr. Campbell has shared her experience with and expertise in functional medicine on her blog, Dr. Becky Campbell, and now in The 30-Day Thyroid Reset Plan. Dr. Campbell breaks down the functional medical approach to Hashimoto's thyroiditis and other thyroid disorders and explains the seven hidden root triggers that cause sickness - which includes gut infections, leaky gut and food sensitivities, vitamin deficiencies, HPA-axis imbalance and heavy metal toxicity. It features a highly-effective 30-day diet reset plan that doesn't sacrifice on flavour, recipes for toxin-free household cleaning products, and more. The 30-Day Thyroid Reset Plan has everything you need to jump start your journey to thyroid health. This book will have 60 recipes and 60 photos. http://nitroflare.com/view/E8FFF52D7A8083E/162414571X.epub https://rapidgator.net/file/78081038678575b457313889637d445c/162414571X.epub.html
  22. Digital Vision Nucoda 2016.1.046 (x64) 180618 Digital Vision Nucoda 2016.1.046 (x64) | 525.29 MB Nucoda colour grading and mastering solutions have been used on many of the best known films, commercials, documentaries, music videos and television programs around the globe. At Digital Vision, we understand that our customers need more than just leading toolsets to create sophisticated look enhancements. More importantly our solutions need to work with multiple camera and file formats, allow for collaborative workflows and deliver finished content for different viewing platforms, including stereoscopic 3D. In a nutshell, Nucoda was designed to offer a lot more than just colour grading. Nucoda Nucoda combines a creative tool set with a very tight integration to the Avid workflow, including full support for Interplay. Setting new standards in the highest quality, Nucoda is a fully featured ACES grading system, featuring HDR grading and real time EXR file format support. With an industry leading colour toolset used by clients such as Keep Me Posted, Encore, Pixar and Disney, Nucoda creates complex looks and visual styles for animation, working in 2K/4K and stereo. Included with Nucoda is a range of image processing tools called DVO Classic, consisting of DVO Grain, DVO Aperture, DVO Regrain and DVO Brickwall. Nucoda Look An entry level grading solution based on the industry-leading Digital Vision image science technology and Nucoda colour tools. Nucoda Look is ideally suited for use as a pre-grade assist station, either in the post production facility or on-set. It can be used as a preparation station for the Nucoda grading system to ingest or conform video or film content directly onto the timeline. It is also an excellent post-grade deliverables system. Core Features: * 64 bit native application makes use of all available system memory and cope with even the biggest images, including 4K. * Familiar non-linear timeline layout and processing material in a natural and flexible way, with multiple video and audio tracks. * Timeline and shot bookmarks allow for better organisation and retrieval of information. * Versioning, easily add different versions of shots to the same timeline. * Import and conform support for a large number of image formats including standard list formats like AAF, and EDL * Automatically extract metadata and conform sequences. * A powerful library for managing all imported and referenced material with sorting, searching and sophisticated metadata handling. * Automatic library folder creation and item naming options on file import based on user configurable metadata extraction. * World class interoperability with third-party systems supporting industry standard formats like Avid DNxHD, AAF, MXF and QuickTime. * Read and write DPX, Avid DNxHD, MXF and QuickTime formats. * Every tool has extremely powerful isolation and routing functionality. * Isolation can be matte based, user-defined shape based or undertaken via sophisticated keyer functionality. * Layers can be selectively cached to streamline operations and greatly enhance user interactivity. * Multi monitor support with different resolution configurations makes working on complex timelines a breeze. * Effect save and recall - save and recall effects using notes, from single effects to complicated multi-layered effects. * Create a library of notes and apply to any segment on any timeline in any project. * Rendering engine - unobtrusive background rendering ensures you always have the best results available without interruption. * GPU acceleration - realtime Master Layer accelerates rendering for Pan & Scan and Colour Correction work. * Multiple formats can be used and delivered from the same timeline. * Globally apply final crops or resizes. * VTR I/O Ingest and output. PAL, NTSC, HD, 2K and 4k monitoring * Support for RAW files from Canon , Sony, ARRI ,RED, Silicon Imaging SI-2k, Phantom and Cinema DNG Precision Control Panel The Precision control panel represents the next-generation of integrated work surfaces for Nucoda grading and finishing solutions. As a comprehensive colour-correction system for file-based image processing, the new panel offers unprecedented flexibility and dramatically improves the performance and productivity of colourists. Tangent Element Control Modular and expandable The Tangent Element is a modular and affordable control panel. It is expandable to suit any requirements and is very robust. The balls and rings are sensitive and allows for fine control.It includes software to customise the tool layout and mapping. Nucoda fully supports custom mapping on the Element Panels. Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/38786386ad2bc35ec3c8b6371cdf094f/7pvqy.Digital.Vision.Nucoda.2016.1.046.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/B8ai/7pvqy.Digital.Vision.Nucoda.2016.1.046.rar
  23. Freedom35

    Puppy (2017) 720p BluRay x264-FLAME

    Puppy 2017 720p BluRay x264-FLAME FiLE SiZE: 224 MB ~ MOViE iNFO ~ Title: ''Puppy!'' (2017) Genre: Animation, Short, Comedy Rating: 5.9 (354 votes) Rated: G Director: Genndy Tartakovsky Writer: N/A Cast: Asher Blinkoff, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg, Adam Sandler Storyline: Trouble ensues at Hotel Transylvania when Dennis gets a new monster-sized pet. ~ SCREENSHOTS ~ ~ Single Extraction | No password | No CRC ~ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6450752/ https://rapidgator.net/file/d69b789f401aed9087bc2731c021f69a/Puppy.2017.720p.BluRay.x264-FLAME-F35.rar.html
  24. Promaja

    Why We Need Religion

    Why We Need Religion Oxford University | English | 2018 | ISBN-10: 0190469676 | 272 pages | PDF | 10.40 MB by Stephen T. Asma (Author) How we feel is as vital to our survival as how we think. This claim, based on the premise that emotions are largely adaptive, serves as the organizing theme of Why We Need Religion. This book is a novel pathway in a well-trodden field of religious studies and philosophy of religion. Stephen Asma argues that, like art, religion has direct access to our emotional lives in ways that science does not. Yes, science can give us emotional feelings of wonder and the sublime-we can feel the sacred depths of nature-but there are many forms of human suffering and vulnerability that are beyond the reach of help from science. Different emotional stresses require different kinds of rescue. Unlike secular authors who praise religion's ethical and civilizing function, Asma argues that its core value lies in its emotionally therapeutic power. No theorist of religion has failed to notice the importance of emotions in spiritual and ritual life, but truly systematic research has only recently delivered concrete data on the neurology, psychology, and anthropology of the emotional systems. This very recent "affective turn" has begun to map out a powerful territory of embodied cognition. Why We Need Religion incorporates new data from these affective sciences into the philosophy of religion. It goes on to describe the way in which religion manages those systems-rage, play, lust, care, grief, and so on. Finally, it argues that religion is still the best cultural apparatus for doing this adaptive work. In short, the book is a Darwinian defense of religious emotions and the cultural systems that manage them. Review "Balanced in its approach and careful in its research, Asma's fine book will appeal equally to religious and non-religious readers, and provides a genuinely fresh perspective on tired old discussions."- Publishers Weekly "A fascinating if unsettling read for those interested in religion or science."- Library Journal "The assumption of the 'new atheists' that religion does more harm than good has always been just that-an assumption, never backed by sound argument or persuasive evidence. Now Stephen Asma shows how much argument and evidence there is on the other side of the question. Why We Need Religion is a refreshingly original take on an old but urgently contemporary question. And it is a severe challenge to the naïve belief that secularization will be our salvation."-Robert Wright, author of The Evolution of God "Asma combines a deep and broad knowledge of religious traditions with the best that contemporary psychology, anthropology, and evolutionary biology have to offer. He makes a powerful case for the essential role of religion in helping us to manage our emotional lives and our relations with one another. And he does it with prose that is informal and engaging. This book gave me something to think about on almost every page."-Barry Schwartz, author of Practical Wisdom and Why We Work About the Author Stephen T. Asma is a Professor of Philosophy and Founding Fellow of the Research Group in Mind, Science, and Culture at Columbia College, Chicago. He is the author of On Monsters: An Unnatural History of Our Worst Fears and Stuffed Animals and Pickled Heads: The Culture and Evolution of Natural History Museums. http://nitroflare.com/view/84043F9B13C0DEC/Why_We_Need_Religion.pdf https://rapidgator.net/file/ecc8d2e7203a59290c5aeb06f62d893c/Why_We_Need_Religion.pdf.html
  25. Environmental Pollution in China: What Everyone Needs to Know® Oxford University | English | 2018 | ISBN-10: 0190696117 | 304 pages | PDF | 12.55 MB by Daniel K. Gardner (Author) When Deng Xiaoping introduced market reforms in the late 1970s, few would have imagined what the next four decades would bring. China's GDP has grown on average nearly 10 percent annually since, and its economy is now the second largest in the world. Forty years ago, the Flying Pigeon bicycle ruled the roads; today, China is the world's largest car market. And if forty years ago you looked out across the Huangpu River from the Bund in Shanghai, you would have seen farmland and a few warehouses and wharves; now you see the stunning, futuristic cityscape of Pudong. The material progress of the past forty years has been staggering - a source of pride for the Chinese people, as well as a source of legitimacy for the ruling Chinese Communist Party. But that progress has come at great cost: the extreme pollution of China's air, water, and soil has taken a stark toll on human health. In Environmental Pollution in China: What Everyone Needs to Know®, Daniel K. Gardner examines the range of factors - economic, social, political, and historical - contributing to the degradation of China's environment. He also covers the public response to the widespread pollution; the measures the government is taking to clean up the environment; and the country's efforts to lessen its dependence on fossil fuels and develop clean sources of energy. Concise, accessible, and authoritative, this book serves as an ideal primer on one of the world's most challenging environmental crises. About the Author Daniel K. Gardner is D.W. Morrow Professor of History at Smith and the author of several books on China, including Confucianism: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford). http://nitroflare.com/view/BEAD8D625166FCC/Environmental_Pollution_in_China.pdf https://rapidgator.net/file/2eb33f2d3e090c2171b439da20b0889f/Environmental_Pollution_in_China.pdf.html
  26. Looney Tunes-Porkys Romance [1937] iNTERNAL DVDRip x264-REGRET FiLE SiZE: 92.2 MB ~ MOViE iNFO ~ Title: Porky's Romance (1937) Genre: Animation, Family, Comedy Rating: 6.7 (242 votes) Rated: APPROVED Director: Frank Tashlin Writer: N/A Cast: Mel Blanc, Billy Bletcher, Joe Dougherty, Bernice Hansen Storyline: The introduction cartoon for Petunia Pig deals with Porky's courtship with her. Once he's won her hand in marriage, he fantasizes about his future with her, which doesn't seem very appealing. ~ SCREENSHOTS ~ ~ Single Extraction | No password | No CRC ~ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0029431/ http://rapidgator.net/file/9b69237289c666e5204a32f5de0a1b09/Looney.Tunes-Porkys.Romance.1937.iNTERNAL.DVDRip.x264-REGRET-F35.rar.html
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