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  2. Version with the Russian and English interface languages! | File Size : 2.12 GB Adobe Photoshop CC 2018- a new, next to the CC version of the program for processing raster graphics. Many graphic formats are supported. Adobe Photoshop allows you to create new images, and edit them. Photoshop is used to create photorealistic images, to work with color scanned images, for retouching, color correction, collage, transformation of graphics, color separation, etc. Adobe Photoshop has all the methods of working with bitmaps, while it has the ability to work with layers and uses outlines. The program is the undisputed leader among professional graphic editors due to its broadest capabilities, high efficiency and speed of operation. Adobe Photoshop provides all the necessary tools for correction, editing, New features of Adobe Photoshop CC 2015: Change resources once and update them in all projects using the Linked Resources function. Now you can link the resources of the Creative Cloud libraries, and after making changes to a particular resource, the workgroup members can choose whether to update them in Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign projects. Mounting areas to improve design efficiency. Ideal for flexible designs on multiple screens, the mounting area allows you to create multiple layouts of different sizes, place them in one document and view all at once. Copy and move the content between the artboards, export them one by one or several at a time. Quickly find the vector or bitmap image you need. New store Adobe Stock allows you to find and license images and videos of royalty-free, as well as manage them from the environment of Photoshop CC. Choose from 40 million resources, save them in the Creative Cloud libraries and use it in your projects. A convenient and optimized environment for designers. The new convenient tool Photoshop CC, Design Space (Preview), supports a special mode with new interaction techniques and functions, eliminating unnecessary mouse movements and simplifying the work of designers over mobile applications and web sites. Faster and easier export of images. Recycled export tools allow you to export a single layer, a mounting area or the entire document with a single click. In addition, you can use more efficient compression, additional preview options, including the size of the workspace and additional functions when retrieving the resource. Improved save function for browsing the Internet. Add additional layer styles to create the desired effect. You can easily add up to 10 instances of selected layer styles - including shadow, gradient overlays, color overlays, inner shadows and strokes - to a layer or group of layers and change any style at any time. You no longer need to rasterize effects or overlay in different layer groups. You can have no doubt that your Photoshop projects will look great on iOS devices. Perform an accurate preview of your mobile application or web design with real-time feedback in the context of the desired iOS device. Adobe Preview CC is an additional application for iOS that allows you to connect devices to Photoshop via USB or Wi-Fi and view projects as you work on them. Achieve realistic blur by overlaying noise. Add monochromatic and color noises to the blur filter library, as close to the original image as possible, and get rid of the stripes when viewing and printing. Restore images and apply patches to them much faster than before. Increase the performance of the restore brush (including point) and the "patch" tool thanks to the Mercury Graphics Engine. The results of applying the restoring brush are displayed in real time, and the effects from the dotted regenerating brush and the "Patch" tool are displayed up to 120 times faster than in CS6. The Glyphs palette provides convenient access to glyphs from all projects. The Glyphs palette in the new Photoshop CC, similar to the corresponding panels in Illustrator CC and InDesign CC, allows you to view the glyphs available for the font used, see alternatives to the selected glyph, and access the commonly used glyphs. Accurate control of moving and expanding objects. Improved move and expand operations based on content allow you to accurately scale and rotate the moved objects or expandable areas. Precisely set the end position of the object according to the scale and position of the image using the Transform on Drop function. Better quality panoramas with automatic filling with regard to content. Automatic filling with the content allows you to fill the corners of the panorama from several images, simply by setting one flag. Better image on HiDPI displays in Windows. Photoshop CC for Windows now supports the HiDPI screen format, improving the quality and resolution when viewing images. In previous versions, HiDPI support was implemented in the preview. Now it turns on automatically when the application detects the HiDPI screen. Simplify complex 3D models. Easily reduce the resolution of 3D models to improve the performance of Photoshop and the ability to use your 3D resources on tablets, smartphones and other devices. Automatic creation of relief maps on images. Automatically create more accurate relief and standard maps on the texture of photos. In addition, you can control the height and depth of the relief created by the relief maps when you add this surface to the 3D models. Simple printing of 3D objects. Create ready-made files for 3D printing in PDF and SVX formats and directly from Photoshop CC send print jobs to the 3D Hubs network, which provides easy access to local 3D printing service providers. And much more. And also improved behavior when moving layers, reducing power consumption by up to 80% for idle times, updating information about prices of 3D print service providers, and much more. Among the most interesting innovations can be identified the following: "Smart" sharpening algorithms reduce the effect of halo and noise amplification when the microcontrast is increased. Intelligent upsempling is a powerful and versatile tool for increasing the image size, whether it's a picture from your phone or a quality photo that needs to be stretched to a poster format. Camera Raw 8 - applied as a filter to a layer or a file, including video files; It includes effects of gradients, automatic correction of perspective, elimination of defects, already shown in the beta version of Adobe Lightroom 5. Camera Shake Reduction is a long-awaited mechanism, capable, analyzing the image, to determine the "trajectory" of the lubrication caused by the displacement of the camera or the tremor of the photographer's hands, and "restore" the sharpness of the image (see the video below). Advanced Smart Object functionality. Now objects support non-destructive, parametric filtering of the Blur family. Conditional actions - incredibly useful in batch processing images of the Action scripts received the conditional operator "if, then." Allows you to automatically start various sequences of actions when you fulfill certain conditions. New features of Adobe Photoshop CC 2017: Search in the application. Using the new search bar, you can quickly find the Photoshop tools, panels, menus, Adobe Stock resources, reference materials and guides directly in the mobile application. Improved integration with Adobe XD. Now you can copy the SVG elements to the clipboard and paste the resources of the Photoshop projects into Adobe XD. Quickly create projects. To quickly create a new project, use the embedded templates or the free Adobe Stock templates available in the File> New menu. Stock patterns, 3D-objects and search. In the Adobe Stock store, templates for design and 3D objects are now available. Drag the stock items from the search results in the Library panel directly to the canvas and get to work. To perform a visual search for similar images, right-click on the stock image. Improved Properties panel. The Properties panel now displays not only information about the document, but also information about the main types of layers, which simplifies accurate editing. Support for SVG color fonts. All SVG fonts installed on the computer are now available in the "Font" menu in Photoshop. SVG raster and vector fonts are great for flexible design, as they support different colors and gradients. New features of Creative Cloud Libraries. Libraries in Photoshop now support Adobe Stock templates. Also, the function "Send link" is updated. Now you can grant access to public libraries in read-only mode. Traceable libraries are displayed in the Library panel and are automatically updated. Improvements to Creative Cloud Assets. Backup and restore and review the version history of all of your Creative Cloud resources, including files in the Creative Cloud Libraries, resources created in desktop applications for CC, and mobile projects. Access to the Typekit Marketplace. Get fonts from leading designers and use them in your Photoshop projects. Typekit supports the synchronization of fonts and web technologies that allow you to access the Marketplace fonts from any application and on any device. Overall performance improvements. The Photoshop application now works even more efficiently with performance improvements, such as the "Plastic" tool. And much more. Other improvements: "Face-sensitive plastic" function with the possibility of independent eye correction, improved user interface for the "Font Selection" function and much more. New and improved features of Adobe Photoshop CC 2018: Improved control of brushes. Change the location of the brushes and store them in a convenient manner. Using the drag-and-drop function, you can change the order of the elements, create folders (including nested ones), change the preview scale of brush strokes, switch between viewing modes, and save pre-created sets of brushes with the specified opacity, intensity, overlay, and color properties. Increase productivity when working with brushes. Do not waste extra time due to delays when working with brushes. Now you will notice a significant improvement in performance, especially when working with large documents and large brushes. Access to photos of Lightroom. Download photos from cloud services Lightroom Cloud directly in Photoshop using the search function or from the home screen. Closer integration between all desktop and mobile applications Creative Cloud for photo processing allows you to synchronize all photos and access them from any device. Smoothing strokes of the brush. The new anti-aliasing algorithm gives images a more professional look. Change the degree of smoothing to get clearer lines, even while working with the mouse. This function is available in the Tool Options panel next to the intensity and opacity settings. Variable fonts. Thanks to new font technologies from Adobe, Apple, Google and Microsoft, you can create variations of each supported font with different thickness, height, slope and other properties. The "Quick Access" menu. Send consolidated copies of the work or links to them by email, text messages, social networks, etc. This function uses send mechanisms operating in the OS, including already authenticated services. Tool "Perot of curvature". Faster, more intuitive and precise contouring. Move the segments directly, without changing the Bezier manipulators, just as with the Curvature tool in Illustrator. To switch between types of points, double-click is sufficient. Improved contours. Improved design of the outlines. Choose the color and thickness of the lines to make them more visible. Copy and paste layers. Copy and paste the layers in groups, keeping their order and location. Now you do not need to change the order of layers by dragging. Copy the layers to the clipboard and paste them into the desired place on the panel, in documents or between Photoshop documents. Improved tips. Learn more about Photoshop tools without leaving the application. Thanks to the improved prompts that appear when you hover over the mouse, you can see the description of the tools. Work with 360-degree panoramas. Edit and export 360-degree panoramas. Photoshop stores important metadata for working with third-party viewers. You can move around the image, approach and move away from it in a spherical workspace for a realistic preview. Improvements to the Properties panel. Get more detailed information about the resources in Adobe Stock, including the name and status of the license. Browse images and find similar on the site Adobe Stock. Edit the properties of the fonts at the same time for several selected layers, change the leading, and so on. Support for Microsoft Dial. Built-in support for Microsoft Dial allows you to quickly access important controls without the mouse. Manage brush settings, including size, stiffness, opacity, intensity and smoothing. Insert text without formatting. Now you can insert text without applying styles. You no longer need to waste time re-formatting the text after pasting. HEIF support. Photoshop now supports High Efficiency Image File (HEIF) format, introduced by Apple in macOS 10.13 and iOS 11.0. Thanks to the depth information provided by the iPhone 7 Plus smartphones and newer device models, you can create a depth-of-field effect with the Lens Blur filter. Improved feature "Selection and Mask". Improved algorithm and higher performance make it possible to obtain more accurate and realistic results, especially in cases where the background color is close to the color of the image. Other improvements in the user interface and user-friendly features include faster operation of the Quick Mask function and more convenient viewing mode setting. Overall performance improvements. Thanks to the improvements in the basic architecture, Photoshop has become faster and more flexible, so you can do your daily work in less time. Get up to speed even faster with faster downloads. And much more. In addition: improved performance and stability, accelerated saving of large files, improved face recognition for the function "Face-sensitive plastic", improved functions "Crop based on content" and "Fill with content". List of changes: The original 32-bit and 64-bit distributions are reworked and integrated within the old good installer with the choice of components and language of the program interface. In the resulting distribution, only Russian and English language packs are saved. Others are excluded. The resulting distribution does not include the installer of the Creative Cloud service, which is installed by the original distributions without fail. A number of original installer files are replaced with patched (cracked PainteR). The distribution is integrated with the update for Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 64-bit to version The distribution is integrated with the update for Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 32-bit to version The distribution is integrated with an update for Adobe CoreSync Plugin to version The distribution is integrated with the update for Adobe Camera Raw to version The module Adobe CoreSync Plugin from the category of mandatory for installation is translated into the category of recommended. Now you can not install it. The distribution kit includes a stub preventing the mandatory installation of a spyware update for Adobe Application Manager up to the version of Update 14. The installer has been edited to circumvent the conflict of the installed and installed version of Visual C ++ 2015 Redistributable. In the folder Crack inside the image there is a set of tools and detailed instructions that allow you to register Adobe Photoshop CS 2018. In the folder More_Langs inside the image there is an installer that allows you to easily and quickly add a few additional interface languages in Photoshop CC 2018 with the possibility of their regular switching. To the installer added a menu similar to the Box-version. It is made in the image and likeness of a similar menu for the products of the line of CS4. System requirements: Processor Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® 64 (2 GHz or faster) Microsoft® Windows® 7 with Service Pack 1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 2 GB RAM 2 GB of free hard disk space for installation; During installation, additional free space is required (not installed on removable storage devices based on flash memory) The monitor with a resolution of 1024x768 (recommended 1280x800), support for 16-bit color and 512 MB of video memory System with OpenGL 2.0 support Checksums : MD5: 4a4340445306e46e24352c70840d6b4b SHA1: eacccfcb951b18da9d45efa11c0851e79be1ec22 Download From UploadGig http://uploadgig.com/file/download/64B6e87BC43B3a46/BaDshaH_A.P.CC.2018.u3.x86-x64.RU-EN.part1.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/f0cb2B880d39c148/BaDshaH_A.P.CC.2018.u3.x86-x64.RU-EN.part2.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/35e50ef3cd552293/BaDshaH_A.P.CC.2018.u3.x86-x64.RU-EN.part3.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/5ce570c2Ae72cb77/BaDshaH_A.P.CC.2018.u3.x86-x64.RU-EN.part4.rar Download From Rapidgator http://rapidgator.net/file/fb94d689525a8e5a82366e3e9d1d24e2/BaDshaH_A.P.CC.2018.u3.x86-x64.RU-EN.part1.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/fa157e79ac4c755033a2c94e1f2c83f5/BaDshaH_A.P.CC.2018.u3.x86-x64.RU-EN.part2.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/659334e6f28636c0b4e39c171e9e3513/BaDshaH_A.P.CC.2018.u3.x86-x64.RU-EN.part3.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/d85b8379f69b9ec8f4c8024246d4116c/BaDshaH_A.P.CC.2018.u3.x86-x64.RU-EN.part4.rar.html
  3. Active File Recovery Ultimate 180225 Active File Recovery Ultimate | 683.4 MB [email protected] File Recovery for Windows provides the ability to effectively detect and recover files and disks lost due to accidental deletion, disk formatting, virus and other reasons. [email protected] File Recovery Professional package also includes integrated Disk Editor (HEX Viewer) - utility for low-level data inspection, [email protected] Partition Recovery - tool used to recover deleted or damaged volumes, and [email protected] File Organizer - utility to organize/rename files after a catastrophic data loss. Features: * Support for exFAT, Unix UFS, Apple HFS+ and Linux Ext2/Ext3/Ext4fs file systems * Support for 4096 byte sector size HDDs * Support for RAW-Compressed images and RAW images manually composed from several chunks * Support for VMWARE & VirtualPC HDD images: open and work as with regular HDDs * New built-in signatures supported (Adobe *.pdf, RAR archives *.rar, Flash *.swf, QuickTime *.m4). User-defined signatures can be created and loaded * Support for multi-tasking: user can QuickScan found volumes and recover data while SuperScan is in progress * SuperScan progress: displays a map of scanned sectors and found meta-data while scanning * Configuration parameters stored locally and re-loaded upon next use * Recovers from virtually connected volumes, like TrueCrypt encrypted disks * Improved SuperScan algorithms - detects more deleted partitions and reveals more files for recovery * Scan speed increased 2 to 4 times, with significant reduction in system memory consumption * Keyboard shortcuts added - many operations can be performed without use of a mouse * Integrated [email protected] Disk Editor (HEX Viewer) and [email protected] Organizer utilities * Search results displayed with full path and support hierarchical structure * SuperScan process displays various details, including sector info, time elapsed and time remaining, as well as found meta-data * Advanced filtering of volumes found by SuperScan * Full support for multi-language character sets (Unicode), recovers files and folders having names containing non-English characters (ex. Spanish, Chinese, Korean, etc.) * Reconstructs and recovers severely damaged MFT records on NTFS [email protected] File Recovery Ultimate installation package in addition to Professional features contains [email protected] Boot Disk Lite - a bootable Windows 7-based ISO Image that you can burn to CD/DVD/Blu-ray or write to USB Flash Disk using supplied Bootable Disk Creator. Windows PE boots from this CD/DVD/USB and you are able to recover partitions as well as recover particular files and folders from the lightweight Windows recovery environment. This is crucial for unbootable systems. Starting from v. 13 Ultimate package includes Linux-based bootable [email protected] LiveCD, being able to boot all the latest x86 & x64 UEFI secure boot systems. OS : Windows 8, 7, Vista, Server 2012, Server 2008, Server 2003, XP Language : English Home Page - http://www.file-recovery.net/ Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/5dbd4fe4ccbd08ae551d72ca5f620e14/ti086.Active.File.Recovery.Ultimate. alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/5VS/ti086.Active.File.Recovery.Ultimate.
  4. Version with 14 languages to choose from, including Russian and English! | File Size : 809MB Adobe Acrobat XI Pro is not just a popular PDF converter. It contains many intelligent functions that provide additional opportunities for interaction. Easy, fast, professional. Evaluate the effectiveness of Adobe® Acrobat® Dynamic PDF technology to create and share PDF files of a new generation. Work together with colleagues, customers and partners through the use of electronic document review sessions, PDF forms filled in and Acrobat.com services. Combine different types of files in one perfectly organized professional PDF portfolio. Set passwords and permissions to protect documents. Increase the attractiveness of documents with the help of multifunctional content. Functions: Convert and scan to a PDF file. It does not matter what kind of content is converted or scanned into PDF format - paper documents, emails, photos, spreadsheets, websites, videos compatible with Adobe® Flash® Player, or other types of content - all work is easily accomplished using software provide Adobe Acrobat® X. Create and share PDF files that you can view on mobile devices and smartphones. Export and edit PDF files. Easily edit PDF documents and export them to Word and Excel. Now you do not need to enter data from the keyboard each time, you can reuse the ready-made content. Use Acrobat X to reduce errors, improve productivity and shorten project development time. Combine files from multiple applications. You no longer need to send a large number of emails with multiple attachments. Create professional PDF files that are easy to send, open and view. Improved productivity and consistency of work. Use innovative productivity improvement features to simplify complex processes, prepare and display high-quality content and achieve good results. Optimized review of documents online. Effectively collect feedback from colleagues and customers and reduce the time spent on approving projects. Use the means of joint online review and commenting of PDF documents to simplify the joint work on the project. Data collection with PDF forms. Easily create, distribute and track convenient interactive PDF forms, similar to "paper" - you do not need the help of the IT department. Protect PDF files and documents. Easy-to-use security features allow you to protect sensitive information. Passwords, digital signatures and patch functions enable reliable electronic processes to be implemented. Compliance with PDF standards and support for advanced access. Ensure compliance with corporate, regional and state standards, and add opportunities for enhanced access for use by people with disabilities. Read PDF files, search for them and share files. With the free Adobe® Reader® software, give all users the ability to view, print, and search PDF files. Work on PDF files with colleagues and customers - even if you use different file formats, platforms, browsers and devices. Benefits of Adobe Acrobat Professional DC: Your office will be as mobile as you are. The Acrobat DC application, supplemented with Document Cloud services, includes many tools for converting and editing PDF documents, as well as adding signatures to them. You can use it anywhere. Start creating a document in the office, adjust it on the way home and send the final version for approval already from home - it's easy, fast and convenient. Acrobat DC works wonders. Now you can edit any document, even if you have only a paper version at hand. Just take a picture of it with your smartphone and open it in your desktop application. Acrobat in front of your eyes will turn the photo into a PDF file, which you can edit on the tablet. You can use additional fonts of the same type as in the source document. Electronic signatures. Everywhere. Acrobat DC services for adding electronic signatures are used in more than a billion devices around the world. Any user can put a legally binding signature on the document by simply swiping his finger across the touch screen or by making a few clicks in the browser. Acrobat DC is not just a convenient application for adding signatures. It allows you to easily send, monitor and store signed documents. Sign documents as soon as possible. Attractive touch-based user interface. The new Acrobat DC touchscreen user interface simplifies access to the necessary tools and takes into account all the features of mobile devices. Try it, and you will not trade it for any other. Combine files. Keep all the materials in one document. Combine and organize documents, spreadsheets, e-mail messages and other files within a single PDF document. Scan to PDF. Convert paper documents to editable PDF files with search capability. Copy and paste the text for reuse in multiple documents. Standardization of daily operations with PDF format. The sequence of actions for creating PDF files is always the same. Just follow the step by step instructions on the screen. Protection of PDF files. By sharing files, be sure of their security. Block the functions of copying and editing the contents of your PDF documents. Creation of filled forms. Convert existing paper documents, Word files and PDF forms to electronic forms that are easy to fill and sign. Access to tools from any device. Access PDF tools and recently opened files from your office, home computer or mobile device. List of changes: Updates are integrated, thanks to which the original version of has become version 18.011.20038. To the installer is added the adapted menu of the Box-version. It is made in the image and likeness of a similar menu for Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended. The folder Crack contains detailed instructions and additional tools for activating the program. System requirements: The processor with a clock speed of 1.5 GHz and higher Microsoft Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit versions); Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit versions), Windows Server 2008 R2 (32-bit and 64-bit versions), Windows Server 2012, or Windows Server 2012 R2 512 MB of RAM (1 GB recommended) 4.5 GB of free hard disk space Screen resolution 1024x768 Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 (not earlier than Windows 8) or 11; release with enhanced Firefox support Video hardware acceleration (optional) ISO checksum : CRC32: D92ED8C0 MD5: EB158F12C201CD1C499AD645DECE60D5 SHA-1: 7B2FF8944080DF7AC5866E19C1A116E996B1FD78 Download From UploadGig http://uploadgig.com/file/download/205Ab2c95abcfceb/BaDshaH_Adobe.Acrobat.Pro.DC.v18.11.Multilingual.part1.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/D40107f15E50F23A/BaDshaH_Adobe.Acrobat.Pro.DC.v18.11.Multilingual.part2.rar Download From Rapidgator http://rapidgator.net/file/7917d884633c68776e0641be961377d8/BaDshaH_Adobe.Acrobat.Pro.DC.v18.11.Multilingual.part1.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/0055c157f4db99bb8bb9cf1c94895879/BaDshaH_Adobe.Acrobat.Pro.DC.v18.11.Multilingual.part2.rar.html
  5. The Foundry MODO 10.1v2 (Win/Mac OSX) 180225 The Foundry MODO 10.1v2 (Win/Mac OSX) | 418+442MB MODO is your starting point for creative exploration. Whether you're creating addictive real-time experiences, innovative product designs, compelling advertising images, or engaging film and video content, MODO's artist-friendly tools let you iterate freely to realize your ideas' full creative potential. Faster iterations With powerful 3D modeling and sculpting tools, and an advanced photorealistic viewport and preview renderer, MODO lets you iterate faster for better concept and production models, look development and interactive design reviews. Consistency guaranteed With consistent workflows, modular tool assembly and an intuitive UI, MODO lets you apply the knowledge you gain in your first days of exploration to fulfilling the most complex, sophisticated tasks down the road. Out-of-the-box value MODO offers modeling, sculpting, painting, effects and animation tools in one cohesive, easy-to-use content creation package, with unlimited network rendering capabilities and MeshFusion Boolean tools included. Seamless pipeline integration MODO fits right into your pipeline, with Python and C++ APIs; a Python TD SDK; a fully customizable UI; and support for industry-standard formats like OpenSubdiv, OpenColorIO, OpenEXR, OpenVDB and Alembic. What's new in MODO 10.1 - MODO 10.1-the second installment of the MODO 10 Series-introduces a powerful, flexible and robust new procedural modeling system that works side by side with MODO's best-in-class direct modeling toolset. With MODO 10.1 you can: Iterate more freely, with the ability to manipulate, reorder, disable, delete or animate modeling operations at any time in a flexible layer stack - Create infinite variations, with procedural operations that can be driven by textures and falloffs, or connected to dynamically changing inputs - Accommodate change requirements without having to start from scratch, with the ability to edit selections and swap out input meshes after the fact Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/00ed68e0356de264771551c88fc290b7/TheFoundryMODO10.1v2Mac.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/ea1a1658f9e7f62aa383ab63531cec0b/TheFoundryMODO10.1v2Win.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/Lq8P/TheFoundryMODO10.1v2Mac.rar http://alfafile.net/file/Lq8q/TheFoundryMODO10.1v2Win.rar
  6. Conspiracy Theory

    i think ISIS was suported by USA at bigening and now is a big problem for them i have seen a video with 200 new cars Toyota and so on . Yes they make many money from petrol but at first the were poor
  7. File Size : 424 MB/434.5 MB Substance Designer - a powerful program that is designed to create, edit and process complex textures. The program allows you to mix and manipulate bitmaps, vector images and procedural elements. Textures created with Substance Designer are dynamic, that is, they can be freely modified at any stage of creation. In this case, the user automatically receives different cards on the output - diffuse, normal, specular, etc. The developers of the program built in it a large number of templates and filters, which greatly simplifies the work of the designer. There are, for example, such filters as "Bit material in material", "Dynamic shadows", "Cover with rust", etc. The "Substance Designer" package also includes the "Substance Player" application for viewing the textures you have created, as well as the training textures included in the package. Substance Designer supports the import of textures from such programs as Photoshop, 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Unity 3.4 (and higher). The program allows you to make changes and apply effects in real time. In addition, the Substance Designer supports vector format images and can work with layers. The new version has a complete redesign of the stack of layers, added new effects, a drag-and-drop function and a preview of the mask. The functions of the Paint tool have also been improved. Main features: Photoshop Workflow Paint in Adobe Photoshop and visualize your layers directly in Substance Designer! Substance Designer lets you load and link .PSD files right within your graph and pick the layers you want to use as independent nodes. Do a modification in Photoshop, the corresponding layer will automatically be updated in Substance Designer! 3D View The unique 3D Views allows you to have a visual feedback of your substance directly on your mesh. Visual Feedback Textures are meant to be used on 3D meshes. With 3D View, you can get an instant feedback of your work-in-progress texture directly on your mesh, saving you lots of time. Now supporting tesselation and multi-material, the 3D View lets you see what the final material will look like, with the shader of your choice. Extracting Maps from the Mesh Substance Designer allows you to directly extract the following maps from your mesh: High poly: low poly Tangent maps Position Convert UV to SVG Ambient Occlusion Normal Map Worldspace Curvature Map Bitmap + SVG + Procedural Painting Use what is needed, whatever the situation and your preference: save hundreds of hours by not having to constantly go back and forth between different applications. Our new bitmap painting editor comes in 3.1 with a bunch of unique features to help you creating textures faster than ever: Our unique Tiling Mode makes your brush seamlessly tile automatically! This tiling paint works with the brush but also the stamp tool. Never ever has it been that easy to paint tiling textures. The stamp tool finally allows you to pick your source on every node: you will also love this killer feature. Substance Batchtools Thanks to Substance Batchtools, replicate your most common operations on all your assets, helping you save tons of time. This batch/scripting capabilities are truly unique in the industry! NB: Substance Batchtools can be used only with Substance Designer license, and cannot be shared/distributed with any other program. Embedded Content A lots of content is embedded with Substance Designer, allowing you to create wonderful graphical effects for your textures: Parametric noises Parametric grunge maps Parametric generators: wood, parquet, brick walls, stone, etc. Filters for blending, tiling, adjustment, etc. Mesh adaptive filters Special effects Graph Editor The graph editor is the core of Substance Designer, allowing you to produce content in a non-linear / non-destructive authoring process. Non-Linear Authoring Workflow You are free to make any change you want at any time, and all your changes will automatically be applied to all the outputs of your substance (diffuse, specular, normal, etc), so you can create and edit complete texture sets in a much faster way than with traditional tools. Non-Destructive Authoring Workflow Non-Destructive authoring workflow means you can revert all the actions you are making without losing any of your work. No more "I can't come back to that point"! Layer System Our familiar layer based system is here to help any artists to create content in an easy and friendly way. Familiar Workflow Layers based system has been made for artists not so familiar with the graph editor. This system allows you to create textures and add effects as you would do in other authoring tools. And in case you want to have more controls, Substance Designer will automatically create the corresponding graph when you create effects in the layer mode. Automatic Tiling Substance Designer allows you to make all your textures tile in an automatic way. You don't need to rework your photo to make it tile before creating your texture. Just import your resources into Substance Designer 3 and make them tile automatically! Bitmap2Material Lite Bitmap2Material Lite is an incredibly powerful filter that helps you generate full, seamlessly tiling materials from any bitmap image. This Lite version of Bitmap2Material is embedded with Substance Designer, to create materials from any picture or photo. Features: Diffuse control. Sharpen the diffuse output, control HSL and levels. Normal control. Several controls over the normal map intensity and edges. Specular control. Several controls on the influence of the diffuse map over the specular map. Height map control. Control frequencies and levels of the height map. Ambiant occlusion control. Get control over the spreading, strength and levels. Depth Balance. Balancing size of background/foreground elements. And you can of course use regular Bitmap2Material inside Substance Designer for more control on your materials! Advanced Noise Graph Editor (FXMaps) The unique FXMaps technology allows you to create animated and parametric noises. Parametric Noises FX-Map allows you to create procedural images. It is one of the most powerful features of the Substance technology. The most common uses of FX-Maps are creating repetitive patterns, such as stripes and bricks, and noises, such as Perlin, Brownian and Gaussian. Noises are particularly useful in creating organic, natural-looking textures like dirt, dust, liquid spatters and so on. What's new: Changed: [Content] Typos in function.sbs [Content] Reduce default range of perlin noise and gaussian noise [3D View] Adjust default range for "Height Scale" Parameter [AXF] Update mdl templates Fixed: [3D View][Bakers] Normals are not recomputed if the model has no normals [Graph] Non Square bitmap resource is empty once instantiated [Content] Perlin noise gives different result between CPU and GPU engine ОS: Windows 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 - 64-bit. Download From UploadGig http://uploadgig.com/file/download/9Cae3b8e09b0A3b7/BaDshaH_Designer.2017.2.5.993.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/d5e0201AB0d8E2e1/BaDshaH_Designer.2017.2.5.993-Port.rar Download From Rapidgator http://rapidgator.net/file/ca83c957d38de20d5da8e8f96827a872/BaDshaH_Designer.2017.2.5.993.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/4b53ae7943c0fc45f64624fc291e4c5d/BaDshaH_Designer.2017.2.5.993-Port.rar.html
  8. Lexicon Collins COBUILD Resource Pack Portable 180225 Lexicon Collins COBUILD Resource Pack Portable | 584.7 MB Collins COBUILD Resource Pack comes with Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's English Dictionary for Advanced Learners, Word Bank of 5 million words of authentic text samples (written and spoken) from the Bank of English corpus, Collins COBUILD Guide to English Usage, Collins COBUILD English Grammar and Thesaurus containing over 130,000 synonyms. Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's English Dictionary offers detailed treatment of today's language. Based on the evidence from the Bank of English corpus, which now contains over 524 million words, contains the most important new words and meanings which have come into the language over the past two years, as well as thousands of new, updated examples, taken directly from the corpus. Not just a dictionary this is what is included: - Collins COBUILD English Dictionary for Advanced Learners (4th and edition published in 2003) - Collins COBUILD Guide to English Usage - Collins COBUILD English Grammar - Word Bank of 5 million words of authentic text samples (written and spoken) from the Bank of English corpus - Thesaurus containing over 130,000 synonyms - over 70,000 high quality audio pronunciations of headwords, phrases, derived words, and inflected forms are spoken With fast and powerful searching across all components, this CD-ROM offers an unrivalled guide to the English language today. Much more than just an electronic dictionary, it contains: Collins COBUILD English Dictionary for Advanced Learners including: - 2,000 new words that have come into use - improved coverage of American English - updated definitions to make them simpler and provide a clearer understanding. - full installation to the hard drive option for fast and easy reference without using the CD. Requires 50 MB free if the audio is not installed and 600MB of free hard disk drive space to install everything. - Collins COBUILD Guide to English Usage - rapid access to additional information on how to use the word - Collins COBUILD English Grammar - For a full explanation of English Grammar terms. - Fast reference to the grammar symbols in the help file Simple easy to understand definitions for the grammar symbols so you can fully understand how the word is used. - quickly retrieve examples of the use of words in real English text, written and spoken from the Word Bank of 5 million words of authentic text samples - Thesaurus containing over 130,000 synonyms - over 70,000 high quality audio pronunciations of headwords, phrases, derived words, and inflected forms - new record and playback feature so users can compare their own pronunciation with the high quality recording on the CD-ROM - full text search over all the contents of this comprehensive CD-ROM - one-click hyperlinking so the user can link quickly and easily move between the dictionary, grammar, usage, thesaurus and Word Bank What's New in Collins COBUILD Resource Pack: - Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's English Dictionary for Advanced Learners - Word Bank of 5 million words of authentic text samples (written and spoken) from the Bank of English corpus - Collins COBUILD Guide to English Usage - Collins COBUILD English Grammar - Thesaurus containing over 130,000 synonyms OS : ShiChuang XP, Vista, 7, 8 Language : English Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/47af20d14491f44debed9c66a6b917f2/tfxcs.Lexicon.Collins.COBUILD.Resource.Pack. alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/5ox/tfxcs.Lexicon.Collins.COBUILD.Resource.Pack.
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  11. Tecplot 360 EX 2015 R1 v15.1.0.57526 x64 MacOSX-DVT 180225 Tecplot 360 EX 2015 R1 v15.1.0.57526 x64 MacOSX-DVT | 142.126 MB Get to your results of interest faster with the major usability and performance improvements implemented in Tecplot 360 EX. Using 92% less memory when processing modern high-fidelity CFD solutions, engineers are now able to load and analyze data once reserved for only the largest HPC facilities Install Notes 1. Unpack & Install 2. Copy patcher to installation directory and apply it 3. Start application and as license type select "Single-user or evaluation license" 4. Click "Open License File." and select provided "tecplotlm.lic" Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/12e51ce287bf0534f8654abeda333997/Tecplot.360.EX.2015.R1.v15.1.0.57526.x64.MacOSX-DVT.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/Jue/Tecplot.360.EX.2015.R1.v15.1.0.57526.x64.MacOSX-DVT.rar
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  14. Tecplot 360 EX/Focus 2016 R1 (Win/Linx/MAc) 180225 Tecplot 360 EX/Focus 2016 R1 (Win/Linx/MAc) | 766.30 MB Tecplot, Inc., developer of the leading Visual Data Analysis (VDA) software for engineers and scientists, announced the general availability of Tecplot 360 EX 2016 Release 1 and Tecplot Focus 2016 Release 1. For Tecplot 360 EX 2016 Release 1, Tecplot focused on strengthening many of the software's existing capabilities. The highlights of the new version include easier license management, better support for polyhedral data, improved animation methods, an all-new macro debugger, and greater Mac support: http://www.tecplot.com/tecplot-360/ - See more at: http://myebook1010.com/soft/507439-tecplot-360-ex-focus-2016-r1-win-linx-mac.html#sthash.pVJmBnJ5.dpuf In 2014, we released Tecplot 360 EX, bringing our flagship data visualization product to a new level of usability and performance. Tecplot Focus 2016 R1 is based on Tecplot 360 EX, so Tecplot Focus users now have access to the improvements we introduced in that product About Tecplot Inc. Tecplot, Inc. is a leading provider of data visualization and analysis software. Located in Bellevue, Washington, Tecplot empowers engineers and scientists to discover, analyze, and understand information in complex data, and communicate results with professional images and animations. Our company culture is casual, yet focused on providing high quality visualization products that helps users to be more creative, efficient and productive. With thirty years of experience, and thousands of users worldwide, Tecplot, Inc. has become a trusted name in data visualization. Name: Tecplot Version: 2016 R1 Build Interface: english OS: Windows / Linux / MacOsx Size: 766.30 MB Home: www.tecplot.com - See more at: http://myebook1010.com/soft/507439-tecplot-360-ex-focus-2016-r1-win-linx-mac.html#sthash.pVJmBnJ5.dpuf Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/44f0e7a467c7bce003843e40dd975027/Tec360EX16R1.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/25370137e1c4c6ecf35796509ba5c921/TecFoc16R1.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/GVLB/Tec360EX16R1.rar http://alfafile.net/file/GVLL/TecFoc16R1.rar
  15. Russian / English registered version from elchupakabra! | File Size : 147.02 MB Professional program Sony Vegas Pro is designed for editing, editing and multitrack recording of video and audio streams. The program has in its arsenal tools that allow real-time processing and editing of HDV, SD / HD-SDI, DV, AVCHD and XDCAM ™ formats, fine-tune audio, create audio with surround sound and dual-layer DVDs. To save a record in high quality, you can burn Blu-ray discs directly from the timeline. It will not be difficult for you to create a standard DVD with complex videos, multilingual menus, subtitles and comments. Installation: Support 4K. Vegas Pro 13 fully supports frame sizes up to 4096x4096. The 4K standard for digital cinema projection is 4096x260 pixels. This resolution level gives more details and flexibility for pancroping. It is ideal for compositing and work on video effects, and provides a high-quality final result. Vegas Pro 13 also fully supports RED ONE ™ files. You can open and edit .r3d files directly on the timeline, as with any other video file. Exquisite lighting effects. Vegas Pro 13 includes more than 190 customizable video effects, including a new collection of modern lighting effects. New in version 9 - Glitter, Rays, Rassfocus, Star dust, Soft contrast, and Pouring. They allow you to simulate the impact of light because of your source, create color highlights, change the focus of your frame, and that's not all. New transition - Gradient Wipe Video processing 32-bit floating point. Operate in 8-bit mode at speed, and then go to 32-bit floating point for extra precision during the final rendering without any changes in levels or contrast. This mode allows you to take advantage of improved color gamut, brighter colors, reduced gradient ranges and posterization for smoother color transition, linearity of light for optically correct compositions, and many other improvements in accuracy. Working space: More dark color palette. The Vegas Pro 13 interface is enriched with a new color scheme that provides an optically neutral environment for optimized color viewing and increased comfort when working in a darkened editing studio. New layouts by default. Vegas Pro 13 gives you the ability to have multiple default locations for windows distributed for various installation tasks. These placements can be modified and saved for a truly personalized workspace created for your work style. New in version 13 - placement for audio mixing and color correction. Capture, import, export: Support for gigapixel images. With Vegas Pro 13 you can pan, scan, crop extremely large images to create a movie sequence that matches the resolution of HD. Vegas Pro 13 also supports snapshots of video from professional-level camcorders and still cameras that connect multiple photos together to create one large image. Open and edit RED ONE ™ files on the timeline Vegas Pro 13 has advanced support for 4K spaces, including support for RED ONE ™ files. Capture in MXF with SD / HD-SDI devices Audio: Now you can place and edit audio tracks without snapping to frames. Multichannel audio can be added from the Trimmer. The list of the main features of the Pro version: Includes DVD Architect version 5.0, not 4.5 Build and burn Blu-ray discs from the program DVD Architect (actually, the ability to record Blu-ray and distinguishes DVD Architect version 5.0 from earlier) Creating surround sound 5.1 (in younger versions - only stereo) Ability to save and restore the location of windows of the interface Ability to include a custom color palette interface Watching video on an external monitor via DVI (digital video card output), and not only through a DV camera connected to a DV interface (IEEE1394) Number of video tracks: unlimited (in younger versions - up to 4) Video effects and transitions: a complete set (in younger versions not all) Tools for color correction: a full set (in younger versions only primary color correction) Professional lighting effects Measuring tools for video: WFM / Vector / Parade / Histogram The ProType Titler effect for creating complex titles (in younger versions only a more simple module for creating text) Support for XDCAM format Tool for working with AVCHD cameras and XDCAM EX Device Explorer Processing video with accuracy of 32 bits with a floating point Support for SD / HD-SDI interfaces Gradient wipe Support for gigapixel images Support for projects with a resolution of 4K (up to 4096x4096 pixels) Broadcast Wave sound format support Support for the Gracenote CDDB database Maximum sound quality: 24 bit / 192 kHz (16 bit / 48 kHz in younger versions) Number of audio tracks: no restrictions (in younger versions - up to 4) Number of sound processing effects: a complete set, including ambient 5.1 Support for folders with sets of effects Support for DirectX® effects: complete (including automation of parameter changes) Envelopes of sound: volume / panorama (there are also in younger versions) and effects parameters (this in younger versions is not present) Replacement sound recording Monitoring the recording of the audio input Effects of processing the entire project and sound buses (groups of tracks) Creating and writing a Red Book Audio CD Recording of envelope automation (changes in processing parameters) Keyboard "trimming" clips Project inheritance (the ability to open other projects in the project) Import / export format AAF Material management system (media manager) Support for the execution of scripts Support for external control consoles Support for AJA Xena LH, LHe, LS and LSe cards (Digital only) Customizable custom templates Capture to Compressed Sony MXF format via SD / HD-SDI interfaces Support for OpenEXR and DPX Support for RED ONE ™ files (.r3d) Changes in version 15.0: VEGAS Pro Edit Hardware acceleration from modern graphics cards and Intel QSV Selectively paste event attributes ACES 1.0 support Picture-in-Picture OFX plug-in Crop OFX plug-in LUT OFX plug-in User definable visible button sets Redesigned track headers and timeline clip events Instant freeze frame Selectable background shade Color-strength-adjustable icon artwork Logical, modern docking window controls VEGAS Pro (in addition to VEGAS Pro Edit) NewBlueFX Filters 5 Ultimate HitFilm Movie Essentials VEGAS Pro Suite (in addition to VEGAS Pro) Boris FX Sapphire Render Unit NewBlueFX Titler Pro 5 Features of repacking: Does not require registration (patch Team.VR) Added Dolby AC3 Pro plugin and Unlock GPU acceleration (from the patch Team.VR) Removed other files not related to Russian or English localization The program guide has been removed The program will be installed with the Russian interface, but an additional AutoIt script is added to switch to the English interface (available from the Start menu) Installing the program in automatic "silent" mode The ability to import settings from settings.reg (if located next to the installer) OS: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit Download From UploadGig http://uploadgig.com/file/download/dcc3f172ccD468Bd/BaDshaH_magix_vegas_15.0.311.rar Download From Rapidgator http://rapidgator.net/file/634172bf5af10f02b61c1cef2934cf14/BaDshaH_magix_vegas_15.0.311.rar.html
  16. Portable from punsh | File Size : 79.22 MB/4.70 MB CutOut - a graphic editor designed for masking and decomposing a photo or simply separating the object from the background. In the program you can view, sort, process images received from various digital devices, create photo albums, slide shows. And also improve the quality of images, add effects, labels, frames, eliminate unwanted objects, get rid of noise, skin defects, red-eye effect. Features of the program: The program has advanced masquerading algorithms, which allows you to accurately isolate the required object from the general background and correctly enter it into another image. CutOut is equipped with an excellent intuitive interface. All tools have clear labels and have their own context menus that will allow you to easily move from one process to another. Can function as a stand-alone application, and also be used as a plug-in for the Adobe Photoshop graphics editor and perform batch masking of multiple images. Use the hromakey to work at the level of professionals: select the background color and cut your object on a one-color background at the click of the mouse. This technique of creating films is used everywhere today in professional model agencies. Unlimited creativity Thanks to the processing of images on layers, you can place the cut out part on one of many backgrounds and create completely new, breathtaking images! Show your world - using CUTOUT you can delete individual elements from images and combine them into a photo-realistic composition. Photo Processing Use CutOut to process images, using a large set of functions for cutting objects and a variety of tools for adjusting the brightness, colors and saturation of both the foreground and background. Get the perfect result thanks to a variety of tools for transforming and cropping images. The program is all in one! Retouching problem images CutOut offers intelligent tools for removing unwanted objects or retouching individual image areas. Thanks to such tools as an intelligent eraser and various brushes, you can always find a suitable tool for retouching images as a professional. OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Download From UploadGig http://uploadgig.com/file/download/105a1898D8088af5/BaDshaH_Franzis.CutOut.2018.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/cA1f4719deE4b04c/BaDshaH_Franzis.CutOut. Download From Rapidgator http://rapidgator.net/file/d38da626a4909ed0ed0d3cc65df080c7/BaDshaH_Franzis.CutOut.2018.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/d23bd7af8f3394c18bec11fa15a43256/BaDshaH_Franzis.CutOut.
  17. Teamviewer Corporate v10.0.36897 + Crack 180225 Teamviewer Corporate v10.0.36897 + Crack | 8.37 MB TeamViewer is a simple and fast solution for remote control, desktop sharing and file transfer that works behind any firewall and NAT proxy. To connect to another computer just run TeamViewer on both machines without the need of an installation procedure. With the first start automatic partner IDs are generated on both computers. Enter your partner's ID into TeamViewer and the connection is established immediately. With many thousand users worldwide TeamViewer is a standard tool to give support and assistance to people in remote locations. The software can also be used for presentations, where you can show your own desktop to a partner. This application also is VNC compatible and offers secure, encrypted data transfer with maximum security. TeamViewer establishes connections to any PC all around the world within just a few seconds. You can remote control your partner's PC as if you were sitting in right front of it. TeamViewer is completely free for private use. TeamViewer is a popular, easy to use desktop sharing tool. As soon as your friends and relatives find out that you know a bit about computers, it's all over. They'll be asking you for help with the most varied tech issues on a constant basis, as if you were a permanent, free customer support service. Luckily you can count on TeamViewer 6 to lend you a hand. TeamViewer lets you gain access to the desktops of your friends, relatives or even customers in a snap. What's more, it doesn't require any technical skills on the remote side, making it incredibly easy to use. A bit like Online Desktop Presenter, all you have to do is run TeamViewer and ask the other person to run it as well. Each time you run TeamViewer you'll be given a unique session number and password which you can use to enter the other person's PC. This means TeamViewer can be used for both entering a remote computer and letting another person enter yours in case you need remote assistance as well. Beside viewing the remote desktop just as if you were sitting in front of it, you can also make use of the program's features: embedded chat client, file transfer tool, the possibility of recording the session, and more. This version of TeamViewer is a stripped-down version of the paid application and therefore lacks some extra modules and functionality. Nevertheless it's still a great helper when you need to fix small problems in remote systems or show someone else how to do a certain task on the computer. TeamViewer is an excellent desktop sharing tool that lets you manage remote systems in a safe way and without requiring a lot of technical knowledge. Recent changes -Enhanced VoIP stability -Connections established through command line parameters show a ---remote control window again -Ctrl+Alt+Del works more reliable -Several PAC Proxy scripts can now be defined when separating them with a semicolon -Fixed: Several layout issues -Various other minor improvements and fixes OS:Windows 95Windows 98Windows 98 SEWindows MEWindows 2000Windows NTWindows XPWindows 2003Windows VistaWindows 7Windows 8Windows 8.1 Latest version: 10.0.36897 02/01/15 Instructions 1.Install 2.Run crack and patch 3.Done. Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/5946642f6638beb9a54bcae765837e84/Teamviewer_Corporate.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/WDS/Teamviewer_Corporate.rar
  18. InventorCAM 2015 SP3 HF1 (x86/x64) 180225 InventorCAM 2015 SP3 HF1 (x86/x64) | 2.01 GB InventorCAM - CAD / CAM system developed by a new generation of Israeli firm SolidCAM Ltd (official distributor in Russia - Consistent Software). This system is a complete solution for automating the production of metal. Using a wide range of proposed strategies InventorCAM turning, milling, turning, milling and electrical discharge machining process engineer can in a short time to prepare the necessary set of CNC machining products. Functionality InventorCAM Support for 64bit computing by having speuialnoy version Inventor 64bit 2.5-axis milling InventorCAM provides high efficiency and accuracy of the 2.5-axis milling parts. Supports different strategies for handling items such as contour, sampling (including islands) and a groove, as well as various types of hole machining: drilling, reaming, threading, and others. The system has a wide range of features 2,5-axis machining of analytic surfaces. 3-axis milling SolidCAM provides a wide range of tools that can be effectively used for the treatment of products with complex geometry (dies, molds) and prismatic parts. As for the geometry of 3-axis machining using three-dimensional surface or solid model. The system supports various types of strategies for roughing and finishing, such as raster processing with the specified or automatically determined by the angle of the raster processing of equidistant, projection processing, handling at the waterline, etc. In addition to the listed capacity 2,5 and 3-axis machining, InventorCAM provides tools to identify and refine areas not treated in previous transitions. You can create a database of typical technological processes. Once created, a parameterized process can be reused in the future, which significantly reduces the pre-production, improves the reliability of the developed programs, unifies the style of technological development, ensures that only the optimal processing technology and ensures the independence of the human factor. No zarezany guaranteed availability of funds control and visualization of machining. Multi-Processing InventorCAM offers various tools for creating control programs of the multi-processing of 4 and 5-axis machining centers. The model is set in a user-plane processing, after which the system automatically calculates all necessary parameters for the displacement and rotation of zero items. As a result, significantly reduces set-up time of transition and increases accuracy. Lathes and milling InventorCAM has lots of features to automate the creation of control programs for turning and turning and milling. InventorCAM supports various types of tool that allows you to effectively perform longitudinal turning, facing, grooving, and others. In addition InventorCAM automatically perform roughing and finishing of complex contours. Support rotating tool allows you to perform milling and drilling transitions to processing centers. Electrical discharge machining The proposed set of strategies InventorCAM Wire EDM allows processing of external and internal contours of constant and variable angle. The possibility of 4-axis machining. A special algorithm to prevent the fall of the treated material. InventorCAM provides user controls physical processing parameters on the entire trajectory of the wire. Year / Release Date: 2015 Version: 2015 SP3 HF1 Developer: solidcam Developer website: www.inventorcam.com Bit: 32bit, 64bit Language: English + Russian Medicine: Present System Requirements: System Requirements: Pre inventor 2012-2016 Microsoft Windows 7 / x64 Professional and Ultimate editions, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Microsoft Windows Vista / x64 Business and Ultimate editions with Service Pack 1, Intel Core T, Intel Core T 2 Duo, Intel Core T Quad, Quad-core Intel Xeon, AMD Phenom T, AMD Phenom T II, AMD Athlon T X2 Dual-Core - class processor. 2 GB RAM or more (4 GB or more for x64 operating system is recommended for large CAM-Parts machining) A OpenGL workstation graphics card (512 MB RAM recommended) and latest driver Mouse or other pointing device CD-ROM drive Internet Explorer version 6 if you are using the SolidCAM Online Help For viewing the What's New manual, Adobe Acrobat version 9 or higher isrecommended. Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/24c5776658c0d12a2a008d334b4210c1/tdmyn.InventorCAM.2015.SP3.HF1.x86x64.part1.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/d75edd687a807f3089ad6b3efee3b3c8/tdmyn.InventorCAM.2015.SP3.HF1.x86x64.part2.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/3920e38caa68c894944ee440cbd028ea/tdmyn.InventorCAM.2015.SP3.HF1.x86x64.part3.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/88TM/tdmyn.InventorCAM.2015.SP3.HF1.x86x64.part1.rar http://alfafile.net/file/88T6/tdmyn.InventorCAM.2015.SP3.HF1.x86x64.part2.rar http://alfafile.net/file/88TJ/tdmyn.InventorCAM.2015.SP3.HF1.x86x64.part3.rar
  19. OS : Windows x86/x64 | File Size : 186,72 MB/214.55 MB Xara Designer Pro X is a powerful graphical tool for creating professional web graphics using vector and raster images. Create great graphic compositions using a rich palette of special effects, including transparency management tools, touch sensitive brushes, tools for creating fills and transforming objects. Tools for automatically creating contours and soft shadows, extruding objects and smoothing the edges will allow you to work more productive, and unprecedented speed of opening files and redrawing the screen will save time. With Xara Designer Pro, you can develop javascript scripts for buttons, create animations in GIF and image maps, manage the palette when rasterizing, and export to Flash and Dreamweaver. The main advantage of the editor is the observance of a competent balance between the power of the product and ease of development. Despite the fact that Xara Designer Pro is positioned as a tool for professionals, it is not difficult to master it even for beginners. If you are just starting to master the craft of design, creating graphic design of web pages, Features: The most accurate, pro-investment vector rendering engine Create effects such as shadow, transparency, etc. interactive, fast and intuitive way Drag and Drop support Unlimited undo and redo levels Magnification of images up to 25000% with the help of the magnification tool Smoothing vectors to achieve maximum quality Quick, smooth and high-quality vector 3D extrusion tool A set of built-in tools for editing vectors and shapes Several built-in powerful tools for adding realistic effects in one click Unique non-destructive editing of photos without the slightest loss of quality Creating panoramic images Support for Adobe Photoshop plug-ins Built-in "Site Creation", which allows you to create multi-page websites Create really workable Flash animations The created sites in the program support all existing browsers and web standards Support for a large number of graphic formats (GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, PSD, RAW, EPS, AI, PDF, WMF, etc.) Full support for import and export of PSD files OS: Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7 Download From UploadGig http://uploadgig.com/file/download/197E4a825fefc8cf/BaDshaH_Xara_Designer_Pro_X_15.0.0.52427_x64.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/56Acddca70304E29/BaDshaH_Xara_Designer_Pro_X_15.0.0.52427_x86.rar Download From Rapidgator http://rapidgator.net/file/c927129dc71c66d43668b3d71d8162a1/BaDshaH_Xara_Designer_Pro_X_15.0.0.52427_x64.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/499903ffe664198e499961c4d280462c/BaDshaH_Xara_Designer_Pro_X_15.0.0.52427_x86.rar.html
  20. Ableton Live Suite v9.1.7 (x86x64) + Patch 180225 Ableton Live Suite v9.1.7 (x86x64) + Patch | 1.39 GB Ableton Live is an audio sequencer that you can play like an instrument. On its own or with other musicians or DJs, live on stage, or when remixing in the studio all you need is Live and a Mac or PC. Ableton Live is the revolutionary music production solution that allows you to spontaneously compose, record, remix, improvise and edit your musical ideas in a seamless audio/MIDI environment. Ableton Live 9 Features: * Multitrack recording * Complete nondestructive editing with unlimited undo * Powerful and creative MIDI sequencing of software and hardware instruments * Real-time time-stretching and warping of AIFF, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC and MP3 files, for improvisation and instant remixing * A comprehensive selection of built-in audio effects, including a host of creative delays, filters, distortions, studio compressors and EQs * Built-in software instruments: Simpler for creative sample-based synthesis, Impulse for sampled drums * Instrument-, Drum-, Effect Racks for creating and managing complex performance setups, drum kits and multi-effects * VST and AU effects and instruments support; automatic plug-in delay compensation * REX file support and native sliced audio file creation * Video import and export for scoring to picture or warping picture to music * Real-time control of parameters with any MIDI controller - just MIDI-map it or choose from a list of popular supported controllers for instant mapping * Full ReWire support * Single-screen user interface for simple, creativity-focused operation * Multicore and multiprocessor support Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/9b72341f0e242be3aaa7f82e6d8eaac7/tcydj.Ableton.Live.Suite.v9.1.7.x86x64..Patch.part1.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/78e8819ef835d848410ae86f8746f4f9/tcydj.Ableton.Live.Suite.v9.1.7.x86x64..Patch.part2.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/P4N/tcydj.Ableton.Live.Suite.v9.1.7.x86x64..Patch.part1.rar http://alfafile.net/file/P4G/tcydj.Ableton.Live.Suite.v9.1.7.x86x64..Patch.part2.rar
  21. File size: 34.4 MB Total Uninstall - powerful installation monitor and advanced uninstaller. Total Uninstall creates a snapshot of your system prior to installing a new program. It then takes an additional snapshot after the installation has completed. It then compares the two snapshots and displays all changes in a graphical tree view, marking all registry values and/or files that have been added, changed or deleted. Total Uninstall saves these changes and, if you decide to uninstall the program, it will reverse the changes to the previous state. Installed Programs module analyze existing installations and create a log with installation changes. It can uninstall programs even without the help of the supplied Add Remove program. Just select from the list the program that you want to uninstall and in a few seconds Total Uninstall will analyze it and will show in a tree view detected files, folders, registry keys and values of that program. You can review the details and remove some of the detected items. Total Uninstall is ready to uninstall the analyzed program. It will use first the supplied Add Remove program and will continue removing remaining items using the log. Monitored Programs module helps to monitor any changes made to your system during the installation of a new program. It allows you to perform a complete uninstall without having to rely on the supplied Add Remove program, which can leave files or changes behind. Features - Accurate analyze existing installations and create a log with installation changes. - Monitor changes from registry and file system for new installations. - Uninstall completely and thoroughly analyzed or monitored programs. - Create a backup for a program and restore the program from backup. - Organize in groups installed or monitored programs. - Find the program to uninstall by keyword quickly and easily. - Summary and detailed information for each installed or monitored program. - User configurable views of the detected changes. - It shows a detailed uninstall log. - Powerful search in detected changes. - Standalone program agent for notification of running installation programs. - Export registry changes for install or uninstall. - Export installed or monitored programs list to file. - Export to file or print detected changes. Whats New http://www.martau.com/uninstaller-download.php HOMEPAGE http://www.martau.com/ Download From UploadGig http://uploadgig.com/file/download/aD4a84Fe4d5f00Df/BaDshaH_Total.Uninstall.Professional. Download From Rapidgator http://rapidgator.net/file/16c64e71fe8a9a7759c6d91b86dbe30b/BaDshaH_Total.Uninstall.Professional.
  22. Glass Toys - MyCherryCrush Duration: 7 min 48 s || File extension: mp4 || File size: 191 MiB || VIDEO: resolution 1280x720 (16:9) === k2s.cc: === Glass_Toys_-_MyCherryCrush.rar
  23. PhotoInstrument 7.5 Build 862 Multilingual 180225 PhotoInstrument 7.5 Build 862 Multilingual | 5.04 MB PhotoInstrument is an easy to learn tool for editing and retouching photos. The software is a powerful and easy-to-learn raster graphics editor used to process digital photographs. With only a few clicks, anyone can solve most digital photo problems: Photo Editing; Photo Retouch; Draw MakeUp; Make your photo look like it is taken by a professional photographer. If you ever wonder to touch up your photo, so you look more beautiful on your facebook or friendster or even on myspace, well this software is the answer to your question. Photoinstrument comes with a video tutorial that will teach you how to use this program in just a few minutes. The video tutorial shows you how to apply various effects to images. So, PhotoInstrument can be also used by novices. With the help of PhotoInstrument, you can create glamor skin, remove unwanted objects from a picture, create multiple clones of yourself, clean skin impurities, and many more. With the help of PhotoInstrument, you can use various tools to fix problems that are commonly found in images (e.g. asymmetry, skin defects). Photoinstrument Important features: * Add text to an image.new * Overlay two and more images. * Drag and drop to open photos in this photo editor. * Copy/Paste image from Clipboard. * Batch Resizing (resize multiple images) * PSD file (PhotoShop Format) support in Editing. * Multi Language support. * Save to computer as .jpg, .png, .bmp and other file formats. * And many more features... Photoinstrument includes these instruments: * Liquify * Clone * Smudge * Skin Cleaner * Glamour Skin * Dodge / Burn * Brush * Blur * Sharpen * Colorize * Scale * Rotate * Red Eye Removal * Brightness-Contrast * Adjust Color Levels * Glow * Healing Brush * Denoise * Object Removal * Crop * Layers * Text Whats New : Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version OS: NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 Language: Multilingual Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/a638915ea8ac9b142b2b441412a8ba5f/tcw25.PI.7.5.B.862.M.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/St4M/tcw25.PI.7.5.B.862.M.rar
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  25. VIDEO NAME: Jillian_Brilliant_Jillian_-_X-Art_Com_HD_720p Duration: 7 min 37 s || Size: 141 MiB || Extension: mov Resolution: 1280x720 (16:9) || Frame Rate: 23.976 fps || Format MPEG-4 Visual Tags: x art sex, x art movies, x art nude, x art erotica, x art girls === k2s.cc: === https://k2s.cc/file/e12910ee0c519/Jillian_Brilliant_Jillian_-_X-Art_Com_HD_720p.rar
  26. Alexis Fawx - FamilyStrokes Duration: 38 min 18 s || File extension: mp4 || File size: 523 MiB || VIDEO: resolution 960x540 (16:9) === k2s.cc: === Alexis_Fawx_-_FamilyStrokes.rar
  27. Valentina Canali Valentina In The Bed - Lasublimexxx Duration: 21 min 52 s || File extension: mp4 || File size: 1.27 GiB || VIDEO: resolution 1920x1080 (16:9) === k2s.cc: === Valentina_Canali_Valentina_In_The_Bed_-_Lasublimexxx.part1.rar Valentina_Canali_Valentina_In_The_Bed_-_Lasublimexxx.part2.rar
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