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  2. File Size: 3.61 GB General Info: Name: en_w_7_aio_x86x64_feb_2018 Architecture: x86-x64 Size: 3.61 GB Language: English Activation: In-Complete (Use given Activator) Updates: Included all new updates of February 2018 Author: Team OS Added/Removed: Nothing , its a Complete iso with all new Updates of February 2018 Added Editions: Windows 7 Starter x86 Windows 7 Home Basic x86 Windows 7 HOme premium x86 Windwos 7 Professional x86 (Retail) Windwos 7 Professional x86 (Volume) Windows 7 Ultimate x86 Windows 7 Enterprises x86 Windows 7 Home Basic x64 Windows 7 Home Premium x64 Windwos 7 Professional x86 (Retail) Windows 7 Professional x64 (Volume) Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Windows 7 Enterprises x64 Including Microsoft updates till 14.02.2018 and Internet Explorer 11 NO tweaks or add-ons. NO additional programs and software added. NO graphics, scripts and wallpapers added or changed. It's the original image from Microsoft except added updates and IE11! What's New: Integrated and replaced new Rollup updates Checksums: Name: en_w_7_aio_x86x64_feb_2018.iso Date: 2/18/2018 Size: 3.61 GB (3,878,836,224 bytes) SHA-1: 3afdd0c0f6e59a6b5e186eceec72e0fcfbaf4681 MD5: b3f22fc70ab37de363d199e5bd2a61e9 CRC32: b63d65de HOMEPAGE https://microsoft.com Download From Uploadgig http://uploadgig.com/file/download/317d887C28239C26/BaDshaH_enw7aio8664feb18.part1.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/8068c5dc7B55a40a/BaDshaH_enw7aio8664feb18.part2.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/C8Ae1DCb5931abf0/BaDshaH_enw7aio8664feb18.part3.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/e79f2c91f9851F3F/BaDshaH_enw7aio8664feb18.part4.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/9f1aCc88F98d5769/BaDshaH_enw7aio8664feb18.part5.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/c0692fd9cfe1d30E/BaDshaH_enw7aio8664feb18.part6.rar Download From Rapidgator http://rapidgator.net/file/60baf8bc7ad57d72b013ab2f79c5bea4/BaDshaH_enw7aio8664feb18.part1.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/8babff5971e46f5b550af534b8d46a3e/BaDshaH_enw7aio8664feb18.part2.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/ced7dfaafa133c9c0c175be0cc3406fd/BaDshaH_enw7aio8664feb18.part3.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/9a9afb388cfd2875bc07177fa244126f/BaDshaH_enw7aio8664feb18.part4.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/25c69a7c130b20944234ffbe721c5c2f/BaDshaH_enw7aio8664feb18.part5.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/688be270927bb12bc29c567d98f9b2a3/BaDshaH_enw7aio8664feb18.part6.rar.html
  3. Urbanistic Gypsy Trap | MULTiFORMAT 180219 Urbanistic Gypsy Trap | MULTiFORMAT | 782 MB 'Gypsy Trap' from Urbanistic is a brand new Trap product containing nothing but the hottest elements of Trap and traditional Gypsy music. You'll find over 1.17 GB of ultra-quality content sure to deliver you everything you need to create Your next unique hit. These five Construction Kits feature 24-Bit WAV loops and include MIDI files. All loops are 100% Royalty-Free. Product Features: * 100% Royalty-Free * 5 Construction Kits * Over 1.17 GB of content * Drum samples * MIDI & key included * 24-Bit WAV loops Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/e099bb0cba63c87fe298229fa659634f/mj8sw.Urbanistic.Gypsy.Trap..MULTiFORMAT.130114.part1.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/cff963a07c1e864acc7369d73f116daa/mj8sw.Urbanistic.Gypsy.Trap..MULTiFORMAT.130114.part2.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/nm6/mj8sw.Urbanistic.Gypsy.Trap..MULTiFORMAT.130114.part1.rar http://alfafile.net/file/n7Z/mj8sw.Urbanistic.Gypsy.Trap..MULTiFORMAT.130114.part2.rar
  4. Mitchell Estimating (UltraMate) [06.2015] English 180219 Mitchell Estimating (UltraMate) [06.2015] English Win | 4.02 GB Mitchell Estimating (before UltraMate) is the advanced estimating system that comes equipped with Mitchell proven technology to help you automatically create estimates that are accurate, verifiable, and readily accepted throughout the industry. Estimating accuracy combined databases with industry leading automated calculations and repair procedure pages that virtually eliminate errors. The ability for multiple networks of WeiRuan -->WeiRuan ShiChuang users further increases productivity (and profits) of your business. Homepage - http://www.mitchell.com/claims-management-software/insurance-claims-processing/estimating.asp Requirements: - O.S.: ShiChuang XP; ShiChuang Vista; ShiChuang 7; ShiChuang 8 - CPU: Pentium/Athlon 1.8 GHz or higher - RAM: 256 MB of system memory - Hard Drive: 10 GB of available space - DVD-ROM Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/949b980429eb9cc080c18f8124f18e3c/Mitchell_Estimating_06.2015.part1.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/45f0ebff77d813e204b5d50bfc732755/Mitchell_Estimating_06.2015.part2.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/7d6331c4ca4cee6df8e9dbd41e0d66ab/Mitchell_Estimating_06.2015.part3.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/79e06e92f3f22c10bda9f302204209a4/Mitchell_Estimating_06.2015.part4.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/5dbb60169d0f9fadbafbbc7ed9cf0422/Mitchell_Estimating_06.2015.part5.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/8ARM/Mitchell_Estimating_06.2015.part1.rar http://alfafile.net/file/8ARy/Mitchell_Estimating_06.2015.part2.rar http://alfafile.net/file/8AcZ/Mitchell_Estimating_06.2015.part3.rar http://alfafile.net/file/88Wu/Mitchell_Estimating_06.2015.part4.rar http://alfafile.net/file/886P/Mitchell_Estimating_06.2015.part5.rar
  5. Micromat TechTool Protogo v4.0.5 Mac OSX 180219 Micromat TechTool Protogo v4.0.5 Mac OSX | 772 MB Protogo 4 is here - featuring TechTool Pro 7. You've come to rely on TechTool Pro to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair problems with your Mac. With Protogo, TechTool Pro has another feature: portability. Do you have an old portable hard drive or flash drive lying around? Why not turn it into the ultimate Macintosh diagnostic, repair, and maintenance tool? With TechTool Protogo it's easy. TechTool Protogo allows you to create a bootable diagnostic device that contains TechTool Pro and all of its most powerful tools as well as any of your own utilities you may wish to install. You can then use this device to boot, check, maintain, and repair Macintosh computers as needed. Maintain and repair multiple Macs TechTool Protogo ships with several Profiles that allow you to start up, test, and repair multiple Macs. Bring your entire toolbox Protogo allows you to add other utilities, including those you're used to seeing in your Utilities folder, to the devices it builds, giving you many more tools than your typical diagnostic DVD. Whether you have a fleet of Macs to maintain for your business, or simply have your family's MacBooks to look after, Protogo can give you access to all the tools you need. With your Protogo device, you can start up more Macs more quickly than with a traditional DVD, and have the tools to get more done. Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/02fd5536e8aa1934aa80330d2625c810/Micromat.TechTool.Protogo.v4.0.5.Mac.OSX.part1.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/4dd0b8e6cd213fd4f3e66e19a6582379/Micromat.TechTool.Protogo.v4.0.5.Mac.OSX.part2.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/278f9b6c3f370dd3aa79c6bd47e671b9/Micromat.TechTool.Protogo.v4.0.5.Mac.OSX.part3.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/0c8c91c11cf8df24415d80d4b73f9923/Micromat.TechTool.Protogo.v4.0.5.Mac.OSX.part4.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/2ot/Micromat.TechTool.Protogo.v4.0.5.Mac.OSX.part1.rar http://alfafile.net/file/2om/Micromat.TechTool.Protogo.v4.0.5.Mac.OSX.part2.rar http://alfafile.net/file/2oC/Micromat.TechTool.Protogo.v4.0.5.Mac.OSX.part3.rar http://alfafile.net/file/2o7/Micromat.TechTool.Protogo.v4.0.5.Mac.OSX.part4.rar
  6. File Size: 33.2 MB Virtual Breadboard (VBB) is an emulator for Breadboard integrated circuits. It's also able to function as a developmental environment for microcontrollers. The application can be used for developing and debugging microcontrollers and emulating circuits, programming control panels for embedded applications, or even creating documentation for circuits. It features an intuitive and user friendly interface and provides you with access to a wide collection of circuit template. It's unable to analyze simulate though, so if that's what you're looking for you might want to go with something else instead. VirtualBreadboard is a program for developing Breadboard form factor digital circuits and creating the microcontroller software that starts them. VirtualBreadboard is building an artificial intelligent design assistant for physical computing and internet-of-things applications. Virtual Breadboard Features: An intuitive interface that could be easily used by anyone that knows what they're doing. Allows you to choose from a rich collection of circuit templates or instead opt to create your own. Gives you the opportunity to personalize your project with various components (instruments, timers, function generators, motors, LCD/LED displays, and more). Displays the error log while the circuit is emulating so that you can see what went wrong in real time. Gives you the ability to use the terminal component to send UART commands at TTL levels. Perfect for use by teachers, students, and engineers alike Features: Develop and debug microcontroller based applications Program microcontrollers directly Develop Control Panels for Embedded Applications Act as a guide for assembling solderless Breadboard circuits For documentation of circuits to share Note: Requires Java JRE, .NET Framework and Arduino. WHATS NEW: Performance improvement for ATMega328p simulation. 25% speed speedup and removed accumulation which slowed simulation significantly over time. Added support for internal pullup resistors on ATMega328p Fixed for PIC16X INTEDGE direction interrupt HOMEPAGE http://www.virtualbreadboard.com/ Download From Uploadgig http://uploadgig.com/file/download/5f3C611EF1f92c00/BaDshaH_VBB. Download From Rapidgator http://rapidgator.net/file/c401c050f9f43b74ee83f3d24a59d1c9/BaDshaH_VBB.
  7. Teorex Inpaint 7.1 Multilingual

    File size: 41.37 MB Inpaint reconstructs the selected image area from the pixel near the area boundary. Inpaint may be used to remove dust and scratches from a scanned photo, or to remove undesirable objects from still images.Delete any unwanted object from your photo, such as extra power-line, people, text... The program will automatically inpaint the selected area to erase it. If some unexpected object spoils an otherwise good photograph, Inpaint may be used to remove it. Simply select the object. No need for fiddly messing about with the clone tool! It is alarmingly simple to use. Draw a selection around the object you wish to remove from the picture, and run smart remove selection. Inpaint will fill the selection area with intelligently generated texture drawn from the surrounding image data. really magic function you should try it! (Optional) If you don't get the results you hoped for, do one of the following, and then experiment until you get just the right look: • You can change area boundary which used in inpainting (rectangular area around selection, with resize handles). • Go back in your changes one step at a time, (in the task pane, click Undo last action) and try more accurate select the object you wish to remove. • Or if you think selection is right, try to Inpaint it again(each inpaint procedure is unique and at the next time you've got other image). Inpaint reconstructs the selected image area from the pixel near the area boundary. Inpaint may be used to remove undesirable objects from still images. Delete any unwanted object from your photo, such as logo, watermark, extra power-line, people, text... The program will automatically inpaint the selected area to erase it. If some unexpected object spoils an otherwise good photograph, Inpaint may be used to remove it. Simply select the object. No need for fiddly messing about with the clone tool! Top Reasons to use Inpaint • Repair old photos • Remove watermarks • Remove unwanted objects • Digital Facial retouching • Remove date stamps • Easy to get started RELEASE NOTES • Bug fix release HOMEPAGE https://www.theinpaint.com/ Download From Uploadgig http://uploadgig.com/file/download/699dD19261056f0e/BaDshaH__Inpaint.7.1.rar Download From Rapidgator http://rapidgator.net/file/d1f944a3271aa7370d632eda7e953dce/BaDshaH__Inpaint.7.1.rar.html
  8. Mentor Graphics Xpedition Enterprise VX.1.1 English 32-64 bit 180219 Mentor Graphics Xpedition Enterprise VX.1.1 English 32-64 bit Win | 8.16 GB Xpedition Enterprise from Mentor Graphics is the industry's most innovative PCB design flow, providing integration from system design definition to manufacturing execution. Its unique, patented technologies can reduce design cycles by 50 percent or more while significantly improving overall quality and resource efficiency. Homepage - http://www.mentor.com Requirements: - O.S.: Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8 - CPU: Pentium/Athlon Dual Core or higher - RAM: 2 GB of system memory - Hard Drive: 5 GB of available space - DVD-ROM Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/b675c86fc874ee37aebb883fbb7b1258/mgex11-m.part01.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/ee94696f349d3fa1c266b5d806bfb208/mgex11-m.part02.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/c0ff3799e66477d60e1dfb8dc1dd50b3/mgex11-m.part03.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/bfb2a226a54050505f3731ccaeccde39/mgex11-m.part04.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/40584cdd169c1f52792309d2a1f9edcd/mgex11-m.part05.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/7d09f9ec8b4788090b23dafed7c39089/mgex11-m.part06.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/a79dc9c5ae3af8912da65b4f729efe52/mgex11-m.part07.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/c69d7197e26fa1da61d2de7c5a6539d8/mgex11-m.part08.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/87975a3e287205318ec8e97847dd74e6/mgex11-m.part09.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/8uF3/mgex11-m.part01.rar http://alfafile.net/file/8udR/mgex11-m.part02.rar http://alfafile.net/file/8udx/mgex11-m.part03.rar http://alfafile.net/file/8uF6/mgex11-m.part04.rar http://alfafile.net/file/8udQ/mgex11-m.part05.rar http://alfafile.net/file/8udg/mgex11-m.part06.rar http://alfafile.net/file/8udH/mgex11-m.part07.rar http://alfafile.net/file/8uFA/mgex11-m.part08.rar http://alfafile.net/file/8uFH/mgex11-m.part09.rar
  9. File Size: 68.89 MB The Bat! 8 is a popular email client that allows to work with unlimited number of the mailboxes. Furthermore, it has powerful sorting filters, fully customizable message templates, Mail Dispatcher and many more other features. The main task of the program is to secure protection of the correspondence from data theft and monitoring by third parties. The Bat! 8 is able to handle an unlimited number of e-mail accounts and to process and store an unlimited number of messages. The program offers a system of automatic message filtering, easy system of templates, message editor with the spell checker. And many other useful features. The Bat! protects your information using different methods. It includes the encryption of the message base on the hard drive and e-mail traffic encryption. This email client protects your data through multiple encryption streams. It also ensures your correspondence stays private. Finally, it protects confidential data by working without Web interfaces and without using global email providers that keep your messages in the cloud.The Bat! is perfect for work or at home. It has no restriction on the number of email accounts or messages you can have, high security and built-in features like automatic filters, templates, a spell-checker and more. Features: Strong Encryption Backup and restore PGP, GnuPG and S/MIME support The own Address Book Message Parking Internal HTML Viewer Image Download Manager for background retrieval of HTML images Selective download Antivirus interface Safe handling of attached files ASLR and DEP 64-bit version Electronic discovery protection Easily import .mbox and other file formats from a variety of third party email clients. Sort email messages based on addressee or issue with Sorting Office. Quick and powerful search features allow for easy retrieval of archived messages. Productivity Improvement: Smart Sorting Office Handy Message Templates Quick Templates Address Book features Address History Mail Synchronization Microsoft Exchange Connectivity Extended Support of National Codepages Convenient Message Dispatcher Multilanguage Interface Image Viewing Import Wizard IDN support RSS feed subscriptions WHATS NEW: Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version. HOMEPAGE https://www.ritlabs.com/ Download From Uploadgig http://uploadgig.com/file/download/D18c03b15cEa2Fef/BaDshaH_thebat.8.2.8.rar Download From Rapidgator http://rapidgator.net/file/c0345827a301b3e352398d5ebbb9253d/BaDshaH_thebat.8.2.8.rar.html
  10. Dimo MXF Converter 4.0.0

    File Size: 57.81 MB Dimo MXF Converter is easy-to-use and intuitive MXF converting software. It can handle MXF/P2 MXF files recorded from any source. It's a good camcorder assistant for Canon XF Series (XF100/XF105/XF300/XF305), Canon C300 Mark II, Canon XC10, Panasonic P2 camcorders and some of Sony XDCAM, JVC camcorder users. It also supports Avid/Blackmagic Design edited MXF files and videos shootings under XAVC mode. Main features: Re-encode MXF footage to any video or audio formats you need Personalize and retouch your MXF videos in clicks Convert MXF footage to animated GIF in less than 30 seconds Import multi-track MXF and output MKV/MP4/MOV/AVI formats Adjust video/audio output parameter settings to get best video result WHATS NEW: Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version. HOMEPAGE https://www.mediadimo.com/mxf-converter Download From Uploadgig http://uploadgig.com/file/download/15859fb43AaeFefd/BaDshaH_Dimo.MXF.Converter.4.0.0.rar Download From Rapidgator http://rapidgator.net/file/e7e1d772f8e28d4611082c8374c3e526/BaDshaH_Dimo.MXF.Converter.4.0.0.rar.html
  11. Mentor Graphics FloTHERM 10.1 English 32-64 bit 180219 Mentor Graphics FloTHERM 10.1 English 32-64 bit Win | 512 MB CAD\CAM Mentor Graphics Corp., announced its next-generation FloTHERM product featuring a new native Windows graphical user interface (GUI) to handle pre-processing and large models with ease, targeting today's most advanced electronic designs. The latest release continues the product line's 25 year history of technical product innovation and was developed based on extensive user feedback. The new FloTHERM product was developed from user feedback via the company's IDEAS website, soliciting requests on software enhancements and features that Mentor customers recommended and voted on as the most popular. Over 40 IDEAS requests were fulfilled, resulting in the new Windows-compliant GUI, parallel CFD solver and efficient handling of massive models for pre-processing, solving and post-processing. New FloTHERM product capabilities include: - The new Windows-compliant user interface can handle models with thousands of objects. A query-based search function, together with data columns integrated with the model node tree, provides critical model checking capabilities to define data, identify errors and to further enhance the FloTHERM user experience. - A new parallel solver provides scalability and fast performance for multi-processors. This capability was the #1 requested functionality from the Mentor customer-feedback portal, and makes this FloTHERM release on average two to three times, and up to 14 times, faster than previous versions. - The addition of new modeling objects to represent racks of equipment and data center cooling devices enables users to simulate and optimize everything from a chip to an entire room. - The transient thermostatic control modeling functionality allows model inputs to be varied in time and as a function of the temperature during a transient simulation. A key benefit from this feature is the ability to reduce component power dissipation, either the component's own temperature, or those from external stimuli. Customers involved with thermostatic control systems, such as consumer electronics, computing and hand-held telephony and tablets find this new functionality helpful. - The FloTHERM product now also supports fluid-structure interaction through a mesh-based parallel code coupling interface (MpCCI) bridge developed at the Fraunhofer Institute SCAI. Now engineers can export CFD analysis data for finite element analysis (FEA) with a wide range of popular structural simulation programs thereby enabling users to conduct multi-disciplinary analyses. Homepage - http://www.mentor.com Requirements: - O.S.: Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8 - CPU: Pentium/Athlon 1 GHz or higher - RAM: 512 MB of system memory - Hard Drive: 1 GB of available space - CD-ROM Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/888fe3f2de9c8e1e42f87919e275e152/Mentor_Graphics_FloTHERM_10.1.part1.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/72ed84ebe619d9188eea8f61b0c2ab34/Mentor_Graphics_FloTHERM_10.1.part2.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/8uUZ/Mentor_Graphics_FloTHERM_10.1.part1.rar http://alfafile.net/file/8uvU/Mentor_Graphics_FloTHERM_10.1.part2.rar
  12. Runtime GetDataBack Simple 4.00

    File size: 8.1 MB GetDataBack Simple is a completely redesigned and rewritten Data Recovery solution for Windows and Linux file systems. Our developers have combined decades of data recovery experience with the newest technologies. GetDataBack Simple's clean interface guides you to your lost data in no time. You are literally one click away from your files. GetDataBack Simple is the data recovery software for the 99%. You can recover it now. No manual to read, no ostentatious options, no kidding. GetDataBack Simple combines recovery capabilities for NTFS, FAT, exFAT, and EXT. You do not need to find out beforehand which files system your drive was formatted with. GetDataBack Simple's recovery engine internally uses four distinguished sophistication levels that automatically escalate until good results have been achieved. One license for three program versions While we believe you don't want to use anything else once you tried GetDataBack Simple, the price of $79 includes licenses for our classic GetDataBack software as well. Customers who bought GetDataBack for FAT or GetDataBack for NTFS in the past can use their existing license key for GetDataBack Simple. This is the lifetime update promise. GetDataBack is more than an undelete or file recovery program or a system restore GetDataBack Simple will recover your data if the hard drive's partition table, boot record, FAT/MFT or root directory are lost or damaged, data was lost due to a virus attack, the drive was formatted or re-partitioned, a power failure has caused a system crash, files were lost due to a software failure, or files were accidentally deleted. GetDataBack Simple can even recover your data when the drive is no longer recognized by Windows. GetDataBack Simple works on hard drives, SSD, flash card, USB sticks, etc. Get everything back, the safe, easy, and fast way Advanced algorithms make sure that all files and directories are put together as they were, and that file names are reconstructed correctly. GetDataBack employs a number of approaches to your data, depending on the actual condition of your drive. Four different escalating sophistication levels ensure your files are recovered. GetDataBack Simple GetDataBack is read-only, meaning the program will not attempt to "fix" or write to the drive you are about to recover. GetDataBack Simple's user interface is so simple, it enables even the most inexperienced users to conduct their own data recovery with just one click. GetDataBack Simple not only recovers you data. It does it quick. The first sophistication levels recover large drives in seconds or minutes. The speed of copying the recovered data to another medium competes with the speed of regular file copy operations. Free to try Download the trial version and recover your files. You can preview your data to be sure it actually works. If you like the results you do not need run the program again. Purchase the license key and enter it into the open program. Then copy everything you need! Free lifetime updates GetDataBack comes with free updates for the lifetime of the software. Unlike competitors who require you to buy a new version every year, our first GetDataBack customers from 2001 are still enjoying the newest versions of our software! GetDataBack Simple Highlights: Recover ALL your drive's data Restore file names and directory structure Safe, read-only design One easy click, it is simple, simpler, simplest Lightning fast operation Supports all hard drives, SSD, flash cards, USB New, redesigned and rewritten, using the newest technologies Supports NTFS, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, EXT, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, HFS+ Free to try Free lifetime updates with purchase Run GetDataBack from the Runtime Live CD or a WinPE Boot Medium Whats New : NEW: Linux EXT, Windows exFAT, and Mac HFS+ are now supported as well. New, redesigned and rewritten, using the newest technologies HOMEPAGE http://www.runtime.org Download From Uploadgig http://uploadgig.com/file/download/975Fa334df1b7e3a/BaDshaH_Runtime.GetDataBack.Simple.4.00.RAR Download From Rapidgator http://rapidgator.net/file/82cde0162f70d7595fb0d9c76f620eac/BaDshaH_Runtime.GetDataBack.Simple.4.00.RAR.html
  13. PCNSE7 Dumps Pdf

    Get latest PCNSE7 Dumps thats will helps you to pass Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer Exam. Updated PCNSE7 question answers in pdf format gives boost of your preperation. To Pass PCNSE7 Exam, we offer PCNSE7 braindumps with recently updated PCNSE7 practice question. https://www.pass4surekey.com/exam/pcnse7.html
  14. Mommy Gets A Good Incest Fucking Info: File Name: 277_1ncestRus_Mommy Gets A Good Incest Fucking Video Format: avi File Size : 95.7 MB Resolution : 800x480 Duration: 12min 16s Free Download: incest sex, incest porn, incest video, incest movies, incest russian, incest amateur, incest mature, incest teens, son and mother, father and daughter, brother and sister, grandmother and grandson, grandfather and granddaughter, mother incest, father incest, brother incest, sister incest, homemade incest, incest tube DOWNLOAD Russian Amateur INCEST VIDEO 277_1ncestRus_Mommy_Gets_A_Good_Incest_Fucking.rar Mirror INCEST Download - Always Live Links !
  15. Mentor Graphics PADS 9.5 + Update 2 English 32-64 bit 180219 Mentor Graphics PADS 9.5 + Update 2 English 32-64 bit Win | 1.74 GB PADS enables engineers and design teams to develop PCBs within a highly productive and easy-to-use environment. PADS is ideal for schematic entry, analog design, signal and power integrity, thermal analysis, and PCB layout-to-manufacturing preparation. Homepage - http://www.mentor.com Requirements: - O.S.: ShiChuang XP; ShiChuang Vista; ShiChuang 7; ShiChuang 8 - CPU: Pentium/Athlon 2 GHz or higher - RAM: 512 MB of system memory - Hard Drive: 3 GB of available space - DVD-ROM Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/69f1eb390eb5827591d411ea0a17bd0c/Mentor.Graphics.PADS.9.5.Inc.Update2.part1.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/e1baedf4f10866139e90bd8e0de4ecb3/Mentor.Graphics.PADS.9.5.Inc.Update2.part2.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/8AZM/Mentor_Graphics_FloEFD_14.2.3196_CATIAV5_Creo_NX_Win64-SSQ.part1.rar http://alfafile.net/file/8AZh/Mentor_Graphics_FloEFD_14.2.3196_CATIAV5_Creo_NX_Win64-SSQ.part2.rar
  16. Lumerical 2015a build 422 180219

    Lumerical 2015a build 422 180219 Lumerical 2015a build 422 | 4.5 Gb Lumerical Solutions, Inc. a global provider of photonic design software, announced the update its 2015a release which provides significant improvements to all of Lumerical's products, and includes releases of FDTD Solutions 8.11, MODE Solutions 7.5, INTERCONNECT 4.5 and DEVICE 4.5. Lumerical's tools support a broad range of photonic and electromagnetic design and analysis applications. From component level analysis using optical and electrical solvers to system level design and simulation, Lumerical's products are capable of addressing the most challenging design problems. About Lumerical Since its inception in 2003, Lumerical has pioneered breakthrough simulation technologies that help bring new photonic product concepts to life. By empowering research and product development professionals with high performance photonic design software that leverages recent advances in computing technology, Lumerical helps optical designers tackle challenging design goals and meet strict deadlines. Lumerical's design software solutions have been licensed in more than 40 countries by global technology leaders like Samsung, STMicroelectronics, Huawei, Agilent, Olympus, and Philips, and prominent research institutions including Caltech, Harvard, Max Planck Institute, MIT, NIST, University of Tokyo and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Name: Lumerical Suite Version: 2015a build 422 Home: Code: Select All www.lumerical.com Interface: english OS: Windows / MacOsx / Linux Size: 4.5 Gb Special Thanks 0mBrE Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/7d7cd2d4bf2c11f4291709d84eb1f2b3/meLu15a422_Linux.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/740a177ded758d0750a183fe79859d03/meLu15a422_Mac.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/726734c0f08fa19ebae20ff3a8a090f5/meLu15a422_Win32.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/bbbe7e09b69b41df630950f0f0699f17/meLu15a422_Win64.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/5iE/meLu15a422_Linux.rar http://alfafile.net/file/5N7/meLu15a422_Mac.rar http://alfafile.net/file/5Nv/meLu15a422_Win32.rar http://alfafile.net/file/5NP/meLu15a422_Win64.rar
  17. Helmel Engineering Geomet 7.01.182 180219 Helmel Engineering Geomet 7.01.182 | 389.5 MB Helmel Engineering launches version 7.0 of Geomet. At its inception was among the first real 3-D CMM Software product in the country. Over the past thirty years Geomet has evolved into a widely used CMM Software package. At its inception Geomet was among the first real 3-D CMM Software product in the country. It is a powerful and efficient system used with manual and motorized coordinate measuring machines to facilitate precise and comprehensive geometric analysis in the measurement of precision manufactured parts. The latest Geomet version builds on the strengths of previous Geomet. Users have time-tested Geomet Keyboard key-label user interface for its efficient "hot key" access to measuring functions, or standard Windows interface tools. For walk-up efficiency and self-teach programming, nothing is more direct or faster than Geomet. User choices and flexibility are designed into the system while the basic screen presentation remains unchanged for continuity. Appropriate functional areas allow effective display of measurement results. About Helmel Engineering Helmel Engineering is engaged in the design, manufacture, sales and service of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and related software. They are built mainly for the manufacturing industry in the automotive, aerospace and business machine sector and for tool and die shops, moldmakers, machine and fabricating shops, stamping houses, etc. Practically anyone having to verify a physical part to dimensions on a blueprint to a high degree of accuracy is a potential customer. A complete line of Bridge style machines are offered for manual and automatic operation. Our proprietary mechanical bearing system makes our machines well suited for production floor applications where high reliability is required. Name: Helmel Engineering Geomet Version: 7.01.182 Home: www.helmel.com Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/3cf97648dd7aa66c68dcffd08bcdc115/melHeEG701182.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/5X6/melHeEG701182.rar
  18. Today
  19. Megatech MegaCAD 3D v2014 x86/x64 - EQUiNOX 180219 Megatech MegaCAD 3D v2014 x86/x64 - EQUiNOX | 438MB / 487MB MegaCAD 3D is a groundbreaking solution for designers and enterprises needing a full 2D CAD program for workshop drawings combined with innovative 3D technology.Impressively powerful yet easy to use, MegaCAD offers an outstanding price-performance ratio.MegaCAD 3D combines the benefits of parametric history-based modeling with the ease of use of the direct, history-free approach. Installation notes: install by entering the password: version2014testen end In case the license wouldn't be installed automatically, right click the license files and select "Install Megatech Licenses" In case a demo license is install, first remove it through the Megatech License Panel Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/9403fbf9aff9c1a1c3e73494a88f0576/MEGATECH.MEGACAD.3D.2014.X86-X64.EQUINOXx64-EQUiNOX.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/8Akj/MEGATECH.MEGACAD.3D.2014.X86-X64.EQUINOXx64-EQUiNOX.rar
  20. Megapack For Iwork Templates For Pages Numbers Keynote 2013 v2.1 (Mac OSX) 180219 Megapack For Iwork Templates For Pages Numbers Keynote 2013 v2.1 (Mac OSX) Size: 1.05 GB Megapack for iWork: Templates for Pages Numbers Keynote 2013 is the ultimate home and office package providing creative designs, themes, and templates for the latest edition of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. From simple letters and invites, to media-rich newsletters, brochures, and reports, Megapack for iWork 2013 will have you building full documents in minutes. Tables and charts can be quickly updated, with time-saving presets including character and paragraph styles, color schemes, table of contents, multiple columns, headers and footers and more. Easily add your own text and graphics using the placeholders that help you focus on content and not the design. It?s effortlessly easy. Period. NUMBERS Plan a wedding. Start a business. Compare mortgages and loans. Anyone can be good at Numbers. Spreadsheets that look great, and help you organize and plan for home and in the office. Tables are already made. Formulas have been figured out. Fonts are in place. They?re all ready to go. KEYNOTE Professionally-designed themes, cinematic transitions, animated text and powerful slide builds, Megapack for iWork 2013: Templates for Pages Numbers Keynote lets you create stunning, interactive presentations certain to entertain and delight both you the presenter, as well as your audience. Color-coordinated templates let you maintain a slick, consistent look and feel throughout your presentation. From the opening title slide to matching tables and 3D charts to the closing slide, the templates include graphic elements, color themes and backgrounds. REQUIREMENTS Pages, Numbers, and Keynote (2013 Edition) is required to use this app. Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/8e20f4d3fd4e9704fe685415618435f5/Megapack.For.Iwork.Templates.For.Pages.Numbers.Keynote.MacOSX.part1.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/0e2d180e413ef9782282005611125181/Megapack.For.Iwork.Templates.For.Pages.Numbers.Keynote.MacOSX.part2.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/nma/Megapack.For.Iwork.Templates.For.Pages.Numbers.Keynote.MacOSX.part1.rar http://alfafile.net/file/nm7/Megapack.For.Iwork.Templates.For.Pages.Numbers.Keynote.MacOSX.part2.rar
  21. Megapack for iWork 2015 v2.2 MacOSX Retail-CORE 180219 Megapack for iWork 2015 v2.2 MacOSX Retail-CORE | 1.008 GB Megapack for iWork 2015 is the ultimate home and office package providing creative designs, themes, and templates for the latest edition of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote PAGES * From simple letters and invites, to media-rich newsletters brochures, and reports, Megapack for iWork 2015 will have you building full documents in minutes * Tables and charts can be quickly updated, with time-saving presets including character and paragraph styles, color schemes table of contents, multiple columns, headers and footers and more * Easily add your own text and graphics using the placeholders that help you focus on content and not the design. It?s effortlessly easy. Period NUMBERS * Plan a wedding. Start a business. Compare mortgages and loans Anyone can be good at Numbers * Spreadsheets that look great, and help you organize and plan for home and in the office. Tables are already made. Formulas have been figured out. Fonts are in place. They?re all ready to go KEYNOTE * Professionally-designed themes, cinematic transitions animated text and powerful slide builds, Megapack for iWork 2015 lets you create stunning, interactive presentations certain to entertain and delight both you the presenter, as well as your audience * Color-coordinated templates let you maintain a slick consistent look and feel throughout your presentation. From the opening title slide to matching tables and 3D charts to the closing slide, the templates include graphic elements, color themes and backgrounds iNSTALL/REGiSTER NOTES: Unpack and enjoy Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/a95bc2f7177b6bedfabb0f67ce762978/Megapack.for.iWork.2015.v2.2.MacOSX.Retail-CORE.part1.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/3e8a93303a8b9229295ef4b1add5a970/Megapack.for.iWork.2015.v2.2.MacOSX.Retail-CORE.part2.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/pc3/Megapack.for.iWork.2015.v2.2.MacOSX.Retail-CORE.part1.rar http://alfafile.net/file/pch/Megapack.for.iWork.2015.v2.2.MacOSX.Retail-CORE.part2.rar
  22. Adobe Media Encoder CC v9.0.0.222 Multilanguage Win/Mac 180219 Adobe Media Encoder CC v9.0.0.222 Multilanguage Win/Mac Win | 1.19 GB Presenting excellent video content for web pages, broadcasting and cinema with Media Encoder CC. Its tight integration with Premiere Pro CC can enjoy a smooth workflow with practical presets for a wide range of formats. And thanks to the encoding in the background, you can continue working while files are represented. Homepage - http://adobe.com Requirements: Win - O.S.: WeiRuan -->WeiRuan ShiChuang 7 or ShiChuang 8 - CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 processor - RAM: 1 GB of system memory - Hard Drive: 1 GB of available space - CD-ROM Mac - O.S.: Mac OS X v10.7, v10.8 or v10.9 - CPU: Multicore Intel processor - RAM: 1 GB of system memory - Hard Drive: 1 GB of available space - CD-ROM Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/ec35375826506134a1a6a7c4b2e4e3a9/Media_Encoder_9.0.0.222_Mac.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/ad6b1e9b36d1f525ec8de7cada4fdec8/Media_Encoder_9.0.0.222_Win.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/5xH/Media_Encoder_9.0.0.222_Mac.rar http://alfafile.net/file/5xr/Media_Encoder_9.0.0.222_Win.rar
  23. Xilisoft Media Toolkit Deluxe & Ultimate Multilingual 180219 Xilisoft Media Toolkit Deluxe & Ultimate Multilingual | 508.43 MB | 167.62 MB 14 powerful and useful multimedia software in one pack: Video Converter Ultimate, Video Converter Smart, DVD Ripper Ultimate, Blu-ray Ripper, DVD Creator, Blu-ray Creator, DVD Copy Express, Audio Converter Pro, YouTube Video Converter, Video Editor, Movie Maker, Photo DVD Maker, Photo Slideshow Maker and FilmSpirit. Xilisoft Media Toolkit Deluxe is able to do almost every multimedia ripping, converting, burning, editing and downloading imaginable. With it, you can easily convert and edit any SD and HD videos, download YouTube videos, rip, create and copy DVD and Blu-ray DVD, convert audio files, burn music to CD, rip CD to different audio files, make photo slideshow, etc. Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate Convert common and HD/3D videos in 160+ formats. Merge, clip, split, add video effects, watermark, subtitle, soundtrack, etc to better enjoy it. Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate is capable of ripping DVD to almost all video/audio formats for playing on various multimedia devices and extracting pictures from DVD movies in batches. Much more editing functions are offered to individualize your output file. Xilisoft DVD Creator Xilisoft DVD Creator can easily and fast convert popular video formats like AVI, MPEG, DivX, DV, VOB, WMV to DVD movie, DVD folder or ISO files, with the ability to create DVD movie with custom menu, clips, effect, audio tracks and subtitles. Xilisoft DVD Copy Xilisoft DVD Copy Express is a stable, fast, and easy-to-use DVD copy and DVD clone tool which provides the tersest and best way to copy DVD movie by copying entire DVD movie in 1:1 ratio perfectly, or compressing DVD-9 to DVD-5 easily. Xilisoft Audio Converter Pro Xilisoft Audio Converter Pro provides you the greatest all-in-one audio conversion solution to convert between audios, extract music of videos, rip CD tracks and burn music CDs. Xilisoft YouTube Video Converter Download and convert all YouTube videos like 1080p & 4k HD videos to MP3 and other video files that can be played on your iPhone/iPad, Apple TV, Galaxy, HTC One, Kindle and other devices. And convert between any local videos in different formats. Xilisoft Video Editor Containing the functions of Video Joiner, Video Splitter and Video Cutter, this versatile video editing software can help you merge multiple video files into a new one, split one file into several segments, and cut your loved segments in one file easily and fast. Xilisoft Blu-ray Ripper Xilisoft Blu Ray Ripper can rip Blu-ray discs and convert Blu-ray M2TS videos to HD videos and popular videos. It can also extract Blu-ray DVD audio and capture image from Blu-ray movie. Help you trim/crop/merge/split video, add watermark and effects. Xilisoft Blu-ray Creator Xilisoft Blu-ray Creator Express is a Blu-ray creator and DVD creator that can burn camcorder videos and popular videos to Blu-ray discs (BDMV, BD-R, BD-RE, BD-25, BD-50) and AVCHD on discs (D5, D9) for playback on BD player and PS3. Besides, the software is equipped with powerful editing tools. Xilisoft Movie Maker Xilisoft Movie Maker is a powerful movie creating tool that can turn video clips into movies. In addition to making movies, you can also add transitions, watermarks, audio, and subtitles to your movies, or clip or crop them to your liking to name a few. Xilisoft Photo Slideshow Maker Xilisoft Photo Slideshow Maker can turn your photo collections to personalized videos in format of AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, H.264/AVC, AVCHD, MKV, RM, MOV, XviD or 3GP. Xilisoft Photo DVD Maker Xilisoft Photo DVD Maker offers the best solution to convert your photo collection to DVD movies, burn them onto DVDs, and view them on DVD players. Xilisoft Photo DVD Maker can also create ISO files and DVD folders for your photos. Cycle8 FilmSpirit Cycle8 FilmSpirit is perfect tool to make your family videos to special and interesting movie trailers or short films with different trailer templates. Xilisoft Video Converter Smart Most simple and fast to convert all SD and HD videos/audios to make them playable on your iPhone/iPad, Galaxy, HTC One, Kindle, etc. What's New in Version 7.8.8: - Tools that are included in the bundle have been updated. - Cycle8 FilmSpirit and Xilisoft Video Converter Smart have been added. Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/7f30208212e7df96f4f7f00fd46e4522/Media.Toolkit.Deluxe. http://rapidgator.net/file/d56dffc13944242876ac598e7f719bd1/Media.Toolkit.Ultimate. alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/5k6/Media.Toolkit.Deluxe. http://alfafile.net/file/5kW/Media.Toolkit.Ultimate.
  24. File Size: 30,69 Mb Softmaker Office 2018 software package, the main development of Softmaker GmbH, is an excellent replacement for Microsoft Office. A package of office programs in one or another composition is needed in organizations and at home on a personal computer to improve, optimize, facilitate documentation, control and accounting processes, automate office work. You, as well as in the known office suite, can work and exchange Excel books, Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. Work with Softmaker Office 2018 and you will feel that your work has become much more productive. The application interface package is translated into many languages and Russian among them. General information: Type: installation, unpacking portable Languages: Russian, english Activation: SMO Cut: help, eM Command line parameters: Silent installation: / S / I Unpacking portable: / S / P Associations with text formats: / ATM Associations with formats tables: / APM Associations with presentation formats: / APR Selection of the installation location: / D = PATH The parameter / D = PATH should be specified as the most recent. For example: SoftMaker.Office.Professional.v2018.923.0130.exe / S / I / D = C: \ MyProgram Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7 SP1 32-bit Windows 7 SP1 64-bit Windows 8.1 32-bit Windows 8.1 64-bit Windows 10 32-bit Windows 10 64-bit What's new: official site 2018-01-30: Revision 923 All programs You can now drag and drop a file to any program window, not only to the first one opened. Sometimes the wrong toolbar or ribbon tab was preselected in the Customize dialog box. TextMaker When saving in .doc format, sometimes object properties were applied to the wrong object. Customized values for subscript / superscript size and position are now saved in .tmdx format. Sometimes the content of text frames was not saved to .tmd format. Searching backwards now is able to replace all characters. PlanMaker Feature: The Styles dialog box now lets you hide all unused cell styles. Character styles are now correctly saved in .pmdx, .xlsx and .xls formats. Presentations Inner margins of table cells are now saved in .prdx and .pptx formats. Download From Uploadgig http://uploadgig.com/file/download/a2ae0eF324Bd9bBf/BaDshaH_SoftMaker.Office.Professional.v2018.923.0130.rar Download From Rapidgator http://rapidgator.net/file/0d72f766fbfccbf82d36a4c78b23e6a6/BaDshaH_SoftMaker.Office.Professional.v2018.923.0130.rar.html
  25. Daum PotPlayer 1.6.60528 + Portable 180219 Daum PotPlayer 1.6.60528 + Portable | 19.1/30.4 Mb Daum PotPlayer is a best freeware multimedia player. Supports almost every available video formats out there. Player contains internal codecs and there is no need to install codecs manually. Other key features include TV devices support, gapless video playback, DXVA, live broadcasting. Daum PotPlayer is a network of Daums players have their own independent copyright, not by the original Mr. Jiang Longxi, KMPlayer by the original author of the independent development of the follow-up. Current KMPlayer by the team responsible for the collective Pandora.TV Because the development of the same developers Daum PotPlayer into the natural KMPlayer part of the essence. Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks Rapidgator.net http://rapidgator.net/file/b9768d7a99a7279158a5f412ab2ce580/me5pi.Daum.PotPlayer.1.6.60528.Portable.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/3eab0c2db4564070fca476e7e88c0ab8/me5pi.Daum.PotPlayer.1.6.60528.rar.html alfafile.net http://alfafile.net/file/hE9f/me5pi.Daum.PotPlayer.1.6.60528.Portable.rar http://alfafile.net/file/hE9K/me5pi.Daum.PotPlayer.1.6.60528.rar
  26. File size: 199,81 Mb/50,56 Mb Before you build Total Commander from BurSoft . The program itself does not need the description, but if someone has not heard, then in general it is the most popular, powerful, stable and flexibly configurable file manager in the world that can speed up your work with files many times. I post this assembly on the site, as there are a lot of requests for my repacking. I explain why it's not: repacking bare Total Commander makes little sense, because all the charm of this manager is just in its finalization. And to do and maintain your assembly is very expensive. That's why I recommend everyone the option from BurSoft . In my opinion, it is the most optimal, and, importantly, periodically updated. The most famous file manager under Windows - Total Commander in the Extended version - is a new look at functionality and stability! Lite - the version differs from the older brother by the lack of built-in programs. - x86 and x64 versions of Total Commander in one installer - in Russian and English languages - contains the optimal set of programs and plug - ins - supports the integration of additional programs - is portable, does not leave traces in the system and can be installed on any removable media - uses internal file associations - allows you to "register" TC in your name ... and much more. Do more, faster and better with Total Commander Extended ! Total Commander Extended is an all-in-one program and can perform up to 90% of the user's daily tasks. Total Commander Extended and the programs included in it, save their settings in the folder with the program, so there is no need to configure them again, for example, after reinstalling Windows. Total Commander Extended does not change system file associations, and regardless of them, always opens files with the built-in program. Install or copy the folder of the already installed Total Commander Extended to the USB flash drive - and your favorite programs will always be with you. Do you want to see your name in the TC header? - so write it there! File associations can be changed in the Files menu - Internal associations (TC only) The composition of the assembly: - Total Commander 9.12 - the best file manager - SoftMaker Office 2016 (rev766) - Office suite with full support for Microsoft Office formats - PotPlayer (1.7.5548) - Multimedia player with built-in codecs - AIMP (v4.50.2048) - Multifunctional audio center - FastStone Image Viewer (v6.4) - viewing and editing graphic files - SumatraPDF (3.2.10766) - viewing electronic documents - Notepad ++ (v7.5.1) - text editor with syntax highlighting - CCleaner (5.36.6278) - cleaning system - Defraggler (2.21.993) - defragmentation - Recuva (1.53.1087) - data recovery - BurnAware Free (v10.7) - burning discs - Mozilla Firefox (v57.0) - Internet browser - Download Master (v6.14.2.1577) - Download Manager - uTorrent ( - BitTorrent - client - AIDA64 Engineer (v5.92.4300) - comprehensive information about the system - System Explorer (v7.0.0) - system monitoring - Unlocker (v1.9.2) - unlock and delete files and folders - TCASwitcher (v1.1.4) - switch internal file associations - F4Menu (v0.59) - context menu by pressing F4 - IMPOMEZIA TC Color Presets ( - color schemes Total Commander - Everything ( - instant file search Total Commander plug-ins: - Full set of Russification TC from Constantine Vlasov and Vadim Kazakov - Android ADB 7.6 - access to the Android device via ADB - APK-wdx 2.1 - information about the apk files - AKFont 2.7 - fonts preview - AnyELF 1.5 - view files in the ELF format - Catalog Maker 3.1.9 - creates directories of files, folders, disk - Cloud 1.09 - access to cloud storage Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Yandex.Disk - CopyTree - copying files preserving the directory structure - CudaLister 1.2.4 - viewing / editing source files - decMaffWLX 2015.03.21 - view .maff files - DirSizeCalc 2.22 - calculating folder sizes in the background - DirSizeCalc Charts 1.10 - graphical representation of the size of files / folders - DiskInternals Reader 2.6 - etc. mortars to any file system - Exif 2.4 - view data exif-headers - FileInfo 2.23 - view information about executable files / libraries - FileX 2.2 - a variety of information about files and directories. - HTMLView 1.2.6 - viewing HTML documents - ICLView 21.2.2017 - viewing icons in files via Lister - Imagine 1.1.0 - viewing and editing images - IsDotNET 1.0.2 - defining libraries and modules dotNET Framework - LinkInfo 1.52 - viewing and editing files .lnk - MediaInfoWDX 1.09 - getting information about multimedia files - MhtUnPack 2.1 - working with .mht files - Mmedia 2.62 - playing multimedia files - Permissions 1.11 - viewing file / directory access rights - ProcFS 3.0 - View and manage processes - RAR 5.50 - Support archives .rar - Registry 5.2 - Registry Editor - Security Info 1.0.1 - Information about the owner of the file / directory - Services2 0.7.0 - View and manage system services - ShellDetails 1.25 - display fields in Windows Explorer - sLister 1.1.2 - view files .pdf, .djvu, etc. - SQLiteViewer - view SQLite database files - Startups 0.4.0 - startup - SWFView - view .swf files - TCTorrent 2.0.2 - viewing information about .torrent files - Total7zip (7-Zip 16.04) - support for archiver formats 7-zip - TrID_Identifier 1.0 - definition of the file type by content - uLister 4.0.0 (OIVT 8.5.3) - view office documents using Oracle Outside In Viewer Technology - Uninstaller64 1.0.1 - uninstall applications - WebDAV 2.9 - access web servers via WebDav protocol - xPDFSearch 1.11 - full-text search in pdf -File Supported operating systems: Windows XP SP3 Windows 7 SP1 32-bit Windows 7 SP1 64-bit Windows 8.1 32-bit Windows 8.1 64-bit Windows 10 32-bit Windows 10 64-bit Version 17.11 [^] Programs Total Commander 9.12, Mozilla Firefox (v57.0), PotPlayer (1.7.5548), AIMP (v4.50.2048), Download Master (v6.14.2.1577), CCleaner (5.36.6278), BurnAware Free (v10.7), SumatraPDF (3.2.10766), plugin Imagine 1.1.0 updated to the latest versions. [^] Updated the extended English menu from petermad. [+] CudaLister 1.2.4 - viewing / editing source files. [-] SynWrite, Firefox add-ons. Version 17.9 [^] Programs Total Commander 9.10ß2, Mozilla Firefox (v56.0), PotPlayer (1.7.3795), FastStone Image Viewer (v6.4), Notepad ++ (v7.5.1), CCleaner (5.35.6210), uTorrent (, SynWrite (v6.40.2770), plugins SQLiteViewer, RAR 5.50 have been updated to the latest versions. Version 17.8 [^] Programs Mozilla Firefox (v55.0), AIMP (v4.13.1897), PotPlayer (1.7.3344), FastStone Image Viewer (v6.3), Notepad ++ (v7.4.2), CCleaner (5.32.6129), uTorrent (, Download Master (v6.13.1.1563), BurnAware Free (v10.4), AIDA64 Engineer (v5.92.4300), SumatraPDF (3.2.10740), the SQLiteViewer plugin has been updated to the latest versions. Total Commander 9.12 Extended 17.11 Download From Uploadgig http://uploadgig.com/file/download/66e08F50838b2eEf/BaDshaH_TCE1711.rar Download From Rapidgator http://rapidgator.net/file/87949f16b7270c4aa33977afdc912601/BaDshaH_TCE1711.rar.html Total Commander 9.12 Extended Lite 17.11 Download From Uploadgig http://uploadgig.com/file/download/C1C572c713865d51/BaDshaH_TCEL1711.rar Download From Rapidgator http://rapidgator.net/file/cc47ebc19c5cd2c2728d0cae86e5bc9a/BaDshaH_TCEL1711.rar.html
  27. File size: 45.47 MB | 46.36 MB Duplicate File Detective uses state-of-the-art file content analysis technology to show you exactly where your duplicate files are (even when the file names are different). You can search multiple folders, drives, removable storage devices, even network shares - all in a single pass. Then move, zip, or remove duplicate files safely with assistance from our innovative SmartMark duplicate file selection system. Key Software Benefits • Reclaim wasted local and network storage resources - archive or remove duplicate files • Speed up backup processes by reducing storage allocation redundancy • Gain visibility into what types of duplicates are consuming space and who owns them • Eliminate time wasted performing virus scans on duplicate files • Scan and de-dupe file systems of virtually any size with our extreme scalability engine • Process (move, delete, or zip) duplicates safely with our built-in file management system • Find duplicates by any combination of attributes, including content-only matching • De-dupe and clean up your music (MP3, iTunes, etc.) file collection • Optimized for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP and Windows Server (32 and 64 bit) • Native 64-bit support for unmatched performance and scalability. RELEASE NOTES http://www.duplicatedetective.com/Content/static/ReleaseNotes.htm HOMEPAGE http://www.duplicatedetective.com Download From Uploadgig http://uploadgig.com/file/download/8dca2Fc4Face51fB/BaDshaH_DFD. http://uploadgig.com/file/download/103b018e5B8eeef6/BaDshaH_DFD. Download From Rapidgator http://rapidgator.net/file/4cd22eee94b78e26f870c5e33e62fa2e/BaDshaH_DFD. http://rapidgator.net/file/d217b27ee4082fa6c11b78736638031a/BaDshaH_DFD.
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