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  2. File size: 5 MB Disk Xray is a disk-usage statistics viewer, duplicate files and folders finder and cleanup tool for OS X. It performs three fundamental functions, and it performs them extremely well. It also provides you maximum security, restoring all files if you removed something accidentally. Features - Folder Scanner - Duplicate Files Finder - Disk Cleaner OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit DOWNLOAD uploadgig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/5adBAbED6de11c1b/O5pxts6h_Disk_Xray_2.7.2.27206_TNT_.rar rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/49af9b72160b880a8510a15b7689ec82/O5pxts6h_Disk_Xray_2.7.2.27206_TNT_.rar nitroflare http://nitroflare.com/view/6FDB18A413B0978/O5pxts6h_Disk_Xray_2.7.2.27206_TNT_.rar
  3. Multi / Russian | File Size : 21 Mb Working as an animation artist can be a challenging job, especially if you lack appropriate tools to help you generate your projects. While it is possible to rely on traditional methods, like pencil and paper, specialized software can yield faster and better results. herefore, if you are interested in creating frame-by-frame animations, you can rely on AnimaShooter Pioneer, as it comes with a wide variety of useful features that can simplify your work. Stylish user interface and polished buttons This program can be easily installed, as it does not require you to perform additional configurations. It comes with a smooth, visually appealing design that organizes its functions neatly, most of them are available as buttons. Note that you need medium to advanced PC skills and a good understanding of certain animation concepts to operate this application with minimal efforts. Since most of the functions are available as buttons, you might need to rely on tooltips by hovering the mouse pointer over the desired feature. Handy webcam frame grabber You can generate stop-motion animations by relying on this software, as it allows you to use image files on your computer or content that you import from your webcam. It is possible to add image files that you can link together and create a frame-by-frame animation project. Also, instead of individually importing files, you can add a series of documents, thus simplifying your work. Exports to various video formats After you are finished editing your document, it is possible to export the resulting content to a video file on your computer. This application supports various formats, including MPEG4, OGV, WebM or WebP and each of them can be customized according to your preference. Additionally, you can save your project as an uncompressed, large file. To sum it up, AnimaShooter Pioneer is a reliable application that allows you to create frame-by-frame animation by relying on image files on your computer or webcam-generated content. However, note that you need to have certain PC skills in order to operate it accordingly. What's New HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator Download From Nitroflare
  4. Language: Multilingual | File size: 404 MB Revolutionary tools and AI technologies in Luminar 4. Luminar 4 is carving its own niche in the already saturated world of photo-editing software. The latest creation from Skylum, Luminar 4 is full of easy-to-use editing tools that are perfect for photographers who want to streamline the process of editing their photos. If you want to spend less time in front of a computer, then this is a serious contender. AI Sky Replacement Replace the sky to change the mood of your photo - instantly. Thanks to intelligent algorithms, this challenging task is now automated AI Skin Enhancer & Portrait Enhancer Enhance your portraits faster than ever with revolutionary human-aware technology. Get amazingly realistic results on portraits shot outdoors or in a studio. AI Structure Quickly reveal important parts of each image without spoiling the rest of the photo. This content-aware tool detects areas that could look richer and enhances them. Sunrays Create realistic light rays. Add a source of sunlight and move it around your image. Watch volumetric sunbeams magically seep between objects such as trees and buildings. AI Enhance AI Accent makes dozens of complex adjustments when you move just one slider. New human-aware technology recognizes people and applies adjustments selectively for ultra-realistic results. Remove noise Flawlessly remove digital noise from any type of photo. Get perfect images no matter the camera or shooting conditions. Enhance details Create more dramatic shots. Bring crystal-clear sharpness to your images. Enhance the clarity of small, medium or large details selectively. macOS 10.12 or later 64-bit DOWNLOAD uploadgig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/40B069c56CCb350e/zqQBPYgS_Luminar_4_4.0.0_TNT_.rar rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/468dd7fe39bc28acc8d8b3811cf6b803/zqQBPYgS_Luminar_4_4.0.0_TNT_.rar nitroflare http://nitroflare.com/view/7341437DCEAEA41/zqQBPYgS_Luminar_4_4.0.0_TNT_.rar
  5. KL24 Zombies 2017 1080p WEBRip x264-RARBG FiLE SiZE: 1.46 GB ~ MOViE iNFO ~ Title: KL24: Zombies (2017) Genre: Action, Comedy, Horror Rating: 5.0 (10 votes) Rated: N/A Director: James Lee, Shamaine Othman, Gavin Yap Writer: James Lee, Shamaine Othman, Gavin Yap Cast: Sharifah Amani, Azman Hassan, Pete Teo, Joseph Germani Storyline: A flu infection has taken over KL city which turns into a zombie outbreak, the movie follows threes intersecting stories of the survivors fleeing for safety as KL has fallen. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6508770/ ~ SCREENSHOTS ~ ~ Single Extraction | No password | No CRC ~ https://rapidgator.net/file/1659ab4937a85197f507b96b1e9b8be3/KL24.Zombies.2017.1080p.WEBRip.x264-RARBG.rar
  6. Filename: egog 19 11 19 alecia fox and casey two slim blondes and a vibrator 4k [ mp4 - 5.03 GB ] [2160p] Video Info: 00:45:10 | 3840x2160 @ 15600 Kbps | mp4 FileJoker: https://filejoker.net/z873riechjnh https://filejoker.net/8qod1mub2rot Mp4 File
  7. The Divine Fury 2019 DUBBED 1080p WEBRip x264-RARBG IMDB information: IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10550884/ Screenshots: RapidGator: https://rapidgator.net/file/584de1c2a785246093b27f8c29f6b618/The.Divine.Fury.2019.DUBBED.1080p.WEBRip.x264-RARBG.part1.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/3ee39a0d23ed2f676882c18ef75de044/The.Divine.Fury.2019.DUBBED.1080p.WEBRip.x264-RARBG.part2.rar
  8. File size: 154 MB Navicat Premium is a database development tool that allows you to simultaneously connect to MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases from a single application. Compatible with cloud databases like Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud and MongoDB Atlas. New features and improvements: · Chart Turn your database data into visuals to have clear insights through charts and graphs. · Data Transfer A new approach for transferring data is released in version 15. Our new design comes with an intuitive interface for customizing the fields and specifying the number of rows you wish to transfer. · SQL Builder We engineered an entirely new mechanism to improve our SQL Builder in term of user experience, and the overall efficiency of your query writing. · Modeling Deliver a full picture of differences between model and database, and generate scripts to update the destination database. · Dark Mode Dark mode support has arrived in our 15 update. Set dark theme to protect your eyes from the traditionally blinding whiteness of computer. · Native Linux Native Linux support is now added into our Navicat family. You can enjoy a UI that better matches with user experiences of the Linux system. macOS 10.11 or later 64-bit DOWNLOAD uploadgig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/3a138507d47b9c61/KUG75c19_Navicat_Premium_15.0.2_Beta_TNT_.rar rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/c3c95dfd5752f4ecba2b6570788a75f9/KUG75c19_Navicat_Premium_15.0.2_Beta_TNT_.rar nitroflare http://nitroflare.com/view/3C16D32CE8B42F6/KUG75c19_Navicat_Premium_15.0.2_Beta_TNT_.rar
  9. Multi / Russian | File Size : 23.4 Mb AnimaShooter Capture is a user-friendly stop-motion animation software with support for Canon DSLR cameras. Easy to learn, easy to use. AnimaShooter Capture supports any Canon digital reflex camera which is able to be remotely controlled from PC and has Live View feature. Remember to test your camera with AnimaShooter Capture (in trial mode) to ensure compatibility. Feature -DSLR camera -USB HD Webcam / USB Webcam -Switch between multiple cameras -USB HD Webcam/ USB Webcam. Supported resolution: up to -Camcorder/DV camcorder compatibility (with Firewire (IEEE 1394) connection) -Auto capture (Time-lapse) -Rotoscope -Looping function: Loop single (Flip-flop) -Onionskinning -Image Review (to check images at full-resolution) -Non-integer Frame Rates -CRW, CR2 import -Y Waveform, RGB Parade and Vectorscope -Rule of thirds grid -Grid -Dual monitors (separate window to view full resolution images) -Ram-preview (preview animation as you film it instantly) -Duplicate, Copy & Move one frame or group of frames -Import images (JPG, PNG, WEBP) -Import video -Export HD video: WEBM, OGV, AVI, Uncompressed -Export animated WEBP -Export sequences (JPG, PNG, TIFF, WEBP, BMP) -Overlay a frame counter: export video or sequences with timecode -X-sheet -Control AnimaShooter via Keypad System Requirements: OS:Windows 10/8.1/8/7 CPU:Intel® or AMD® compatible CPU, 1.6 GHz or faster. Memory:RAM - at least 1 GB (2 GB recommended) DSLRs supported by AnimaShooter Capture EOS 1D Mark III, EOS 1Ds Mark III, EOS 1D Mark IV, EOS 1D X, EOS 1D X Mark II, EOS 1D C, EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 5D Mark III, EOS 5D Mark IV, EOS 5Ds, EOS 5Ds R, EOS 6D, EOS 6D Mark II, EOS 7D, EOS 7D Mark II, EOS 40D, EOS 50D, EOS 60D, EOS 60Da, EOS 70D, EOS 77D, EOS 80D, EOS 100D, EOS 200D, EOS 250D, EOS 500D, EOS 550D, EOS 600D, EOS 650D, EOS 700D, EOS 750D, EOS 760D, EOS 800D, EOS 1000D, EOS 1100D, EOS 1200D, EOS 1300D, EOS 2000D/1500D, EOS 4000D, EOS 200D II, EOS 90D*, EOS M6 Mark II*, EOS Digital Rebel SL1, EOS Digital Rebel SL2, EOS Digital Rebel T1i, EOS Digital Rebel T2i, EOS Digital Rebel T3i, EOS Digital Rebel T4i, EOS Digital Rebel T5i, EOS Digital Rebel T6i, EOS Digital Rebel T6s, EOS Digital Rebel T7i, EOS Digital Rebel XS, EOS Digital Rebel T3, EOS Digital Rebel T5, EOS Digital Rebel T6, EOS Rebel T7, EOS Rebel SL3, EOS Kiss X7, EOS Kiss X9, EOS Kiss X3, EOS Kiss X4, EOS Kiss X5, EOS Kiss X6i, EOS Kiss X7i, EOS Kiss X8i, EOS 8000D, EOS Kiss X9i, EOS Kiss F, EOS Kiss X50, EOS Kiss X70, EOS Kiss X80, EOS M50, EOS R, EOS RP, EOS Kiss X90, EOS Kiss X10, PowerShot SX70 HS*, PowerShot G5 X Mark II*, PowerShot G7 X Mark III*. Whats New: -The hotfix release addresses a performance/stability issues HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator Download From Nitroflare
  10. File size: 25 MB TeamViewer is a simple and fast solution for remote control, desktop sharing and file transfer that works behind any firewall and NAT proxy. To connect to another computer just run TeamViewer on both machines without the need of an installation procedure. With the first start automatic partner IDs are generated on both computers. Enter your partner's ID into TeamViewer and the connection is established immediately. With many thousand users worldwide TeamViewer is a standard tool to give support and assistance to people in remote locations. The software can also be used for presentations, where you can show your own desktop to a partner. This application also is VNC compatible and offers secure, encrypted data transfer with maximum security. TeamViewer establishes connections to any PC all around the world within just a few seconds. You can remote control your partner's PC as if you were sitting in right front of it. TeamViewer is completely free for private use. One solution for everything. While most competitors offer different packages for remote support, remote administration, training and sales (and also charge for them.) The application is the one-stop solution for everything you need: includes all modules in one simple and very affordable package. Remote administration of unattended servers. TeamViewer can also be used to control unattended computers and servers. Installation as a system service even allows remote reboot and reconnect. File transfer. TeamViewer comes with integrated file transfer that allows you to copy files and folders from and to a remote partner - which also works behind firewalls Highest security standard. TeamViewer is a very secure solution. All versions feature completely secure data channels with key exchange and RC4 session encoding, the same security standard used by https/SSL. No installation required. To install TeamViewer no admin rights are required. Just run the software and off you go. High performance with international router network. Optimized for connections over LANs AND the Internet, TeamViewer features automatic bandwidth-based quality selection for optimized use on any connection. TeamViewer uses an extended international server network with server locations in many countries all over the world, so no matter where you are located we will make sure that a high-security, high-performance router near your home destination will ensure great performance. Remote support without installation. With TeamViewer you can remotely control any PC anywhere on the Internet. No installation is required, just run the application on both sides and connect - even through tight firewalls. Remote presentation of products, solutions and services. The second TeamViewer mode allows you to present your desktop to a partner. Show your demos, products and presentations over the Internet within seconds - live from your screen. Works behind firewalls. The major difficulties in using remote control software are firewalls and blocked ports, as well as NAT routing for local IP addresses. If you use TeamViewer you don't have to worry about firewalls: TeamViewer will find a route to your partner. Flexible use for a variety of applications. TeamViewer lets you connect to your partners in many different ways: You can either view or control your partner's desktop in order to do online-support; You can transmit your screen to your partners for presentation purposes - You may even change directions during a session for high fidelity teamwork! DOWNLOAD uploadgig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/8cB20c19fB01E08c/dOPqqQff_TeamViewer_Setup..rar rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/b31be0dfbd433762b9cf01e490a8213a/dOPqqQff_TeamViewer_Setup..rar nitroflare http://nitroflare.com/view/B98F51A216D0C09/dOPqqQff_TeamViewer_Setup..rar
  11. Language: Multilanguage / Russian / English | File Size: 14.00 MB The professional edition of your favorite defragmenter. Now delivers even more speed to your hard drive, thanks to new optimization algorithms and boot-time defrag technology. Ultra-Fast Engine One of the fastest defraggers in the world, Disk Defrag often takes less than 10 minutes to defragment an average-size hard drive. Consolidates Free Space Merges scattered pieces of free space into a contiguous block, preventing fragmentation of newly created files. Lists Fragmented Files You can see which files are the most fragmented, as well as the location of each fragment on the disk map. Defrags Single File or Folder Can save you time by defragmenting only the files or folders you want instead of the entire hard drive. Works the Way You Want You can use the default settings for convenient one-click defrags or customize program operation and appearance to fit your needs. Industry-Acknowledged Quality Exclusive Auslogics technology is proven safe and effective in multiple tests, used by PC manufacturers and recommended by experts. Whats New Assembly Information · Type: installation, unpacking (Portable by TryRooM). · Languages: Multi / Russian · Treatment: performed, Patch RadiXX11. · Cut: eula, GoogleAnalyticsHelper, sending reports Command line switches: · Silent installation of the Russian version: / VERYSILENT / I / RU · Silent installation of the English version: / VERYSILENT / I / EN Silent unpacking: / VERYSILENT / P · Do not create desktop shortcut: / ND Do not create a shortcut in the Start menu: / NS Choosing an installation location: / D = WAY The / D = PATH key should be the most recent For example: install_file.exe / VERYSILENT / I / D = C: MyProgram HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator Download From Nitroflare
  12. Windows x64 | Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 239.04 MB Easily stream professional-looking video with Wirecast. What are you waiting for? Communicate your message to the world with Wirecast, the award-winning video production software. Go live with just your webcam or connect multiple cameras, scoreboards, graphics and remote guests. Wirecast makes it easy to stream amazing-looking live and pre-recorded video to Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitter, Periscope and more. Live stream graduations, award ceremonies, student news and sports, guest lectures, and classroom lessons to your community. Wirecast is used at every level of education. Engage and expand your remote congregation with live streams of your services and events. Reach out and touch more people. Live stream conferences, concerts, interviews and more. Wirecast provides everything you need to stream professional live events. Capture the action! Use Wirecast's professional features like clocks, scoreboards and instant Replay to bring your audience to the game. Stream your programming to OTT and social platforms or augment your premium content with second-screen live and interactive offerings. Wirecast is the perfect live video marketing tool. Engage real-time with customers, fans and prospects using Wirecast's native integrations with Facebook Live, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube and more. Mix and swap video and audio shots with the click of a mouse. Move, drag, and resize sources and stack them in any order so you can get the look you want. Stream to Facebook Live, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo Live, or ANY RTMP destination. Stream to more than one at a time. Stream and record at the same time. Great for archiving or off-line editing, record MP4 or MOV files to any drive. Cameras, microphones, webcams, IP cams, capture cards, and more. See a full list of compatible third-party capture devices. Rendezvous peer-to-peer conferencing comes built-in to Wirecast. Send guests a link to join your live broadcast. Over 100 built-in graphics and titles. NewBlue Titler Live, free with Wirecast, is the best way to display animated graphics and titles with Wirecast. Built in Twitter comment curation and display. Display Facebook comments in animated titles using NewBlue Titler Live Express or NewBlue Titler Live Social. Great for sports producers. Wirecast has professional features let your live viewers follow the action in the moment, and never miss an important play. Multi-channel audio ingest, support for ASIO, WASAPI and CoreAudio compatible devices. Mix up to 8 independent audio tracks, and add FX and processing. Use Wirecast Go (iOS only) to bring in live mobile video from any Wi-Fi or LTE (cellular) connection. Capture a variety of IP sources or anything on your computer screen or other computers. Automatically detect NDI and Syphon sources. Built-in web-browser can display live web pages. Check out the new X-keys controller for Wirecast Mac or Windows. See a full list of devices. - Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit). - i5 dual-core @ 2.3GHz - 4GB RAM - 2GB2, 7200 RPM for record to disk - Intel HD3, DirectX 11 capable - English - Brazilian Portuguese - Chinese (Simplified) - Czech - Dutch - French - German - Italian - Japanese - Korean - Spanish - Swedish DOWNLOAD uploadgig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/D83B68F5Bd4e3313/I3cQVbaC_.Wirecast.13.0.2.rar rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/7c48ed5008ae6a66831d1149c5f932aa/I3cQVbaC_.Wirecast.13.0.2.rar nitroflare http://nitroflare.com/view/FAFF0A5C4627CDC/I3cQVbaC_.Wirecast.13.0.2.rar
  13. I Am David 2003 1080p WEBRip x264-RARBG FiLE SiZE: 1.75 GB ~ MOViE iNFO ~ Title: I Am David (2003) Genre: Adventure, Drama Rating: 7.2 (6971 votes) Rated: PG Director: Paul Feig Writer: Anne Holm (novel), Paul Feig (screenplay) Cast: Ben Tibber, Jim Caviezel, Hristo Shopov, Roberto Attias Storyline: Twelve-year-old David escapes from a Communist concentration camp with little more than a compass, a sealed letter, a loaf of bread, and instructions to carry the letter to Copenhagen, Denmark. David is thrust into the free world for the first time as he travels across Europe. His spiritual voyage of discovery, where David slowly loses his instinctive mistrust of humanity and begins to smile, share, trust and ultimately, love, addresses the cruelties, politics, and suffering of warfare while celebrating the unbreakable spirit of a child. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0327919/ ~ SCREENSHOTS ~ ~ Single Extraction | No password | No CRC ~ https://rapidgator.net/file/eaace76911cbc3e92fd33ed43b910747/I.Am.David.2003.1080p.WEBRip.x264-RARBG.rar
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    mIRC 7.58

    File size: 3.3 MB mIRC is a full featured Internet Relay Chat client for Windows that can be used to communicate, share, play or work with others on IRC networks around the world, either in multi-user group conferences or in one-to-one private discussions. It has a clean, practical interface that is highly configurable and supports features such as buddy lists, file transfers, multi-server connections, IPv6, SSL encryption, proxy support, UTF-8 display, UPnP, customizable sounds, spoken messages, tray notifications, message logging, and more. mIRC also has a powerful scripting language that can be used both to automate mIRC and to create applications that perform a wide range of functions from network communications to playing games. DOWNLOAD uploadgig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/013ed08142bD22F4/Ty3mbpVS_mIRC_7.58_Incl_Patch_and_Keygen_v2.4_By_DFoX.rar rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/5a2a7d6904d1b66ff9f2b7afd3996027/Ty3mbpVS_mIRC_7.58_Incl_Patch_and_Keygen_v2.4_By_DFoX.rar nitroflare http://nitroflare.com/view/DB330A3A3724E51/Ty3mbpVS_mIRC_7.58_Incl_Patch_and_Keygen_v2.4_By_DFoX.rar
  15. Brandi Love, Autumn Falls - Stay The Night Format: MP4 File size: 949 MB Duration : 00 :30 :10 Width: 1920 pixels Height : 1080 pixels https://rapidgator.net/file/ad17927a08b1040bba6f32e83ff9d343
  16. File size: 280 MB Wondershare Filmora is a professional video editor to express your creativity and amaze with beautiful results. It has all the video editing tools to create Hollywood-like home movies with titles, effects and transitions from all regular videos, audio and photos. Wondershare Filmora allows you to cut, edit, merge, and trim clips. Furthermore you will able to add your favorite music dircectly into your movie to create the perfect atmosphere. Also you can create beautiful animated messages from text and titles library. Wondershare Filmora also allows you to import video clips of various formats, then save them to the disk as a different type of file. You can save videos to play on portable devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. or burn DVD for better video preservation. Advanced Text and Title Editor. Create your own animated titles or adjust premade titles in ways you like. Picture in Picture (PIP). Place multiple videos in the same frame! Layer many movies into one frame to tell different angles of one story. Screen Recording. Filmora makes it easy to screen record any program or games. Video Stabilization. Smooth your shaky Action Cam footage in one click. Solit Screen. Showcase your story from different perspectives and create visual interest, by displaying more than one video simultaneously. Green Screen. Shoot videos in front of a green or blue screen and merge with other backgrounds, to create special effects like the professionals do! Tilt Shift. Add some style to your videos by easily transforming them into fun, tilt-shift style miniature scenes. Scene Detection. Save time editing by automatically scanning video clips for scene changes, to separate footage into individual cuts for advanced editing. Audio Equalizer. Fine-tune your music and audio tracks. Flash And Hold. Bring movement to still photos by fading in and out of the focal point to seamlessly integrate into your video. DOWNLOAD uploadgig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/0149c39b8109a4F5/SUNyuTYX_Filmora9.rar rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/83ecf7ad09b6597bfa68a7da3ffd5ab4/SUNyuTYX_Filmora9.rar nitroflare http://nitroflare.com/view/CB37FAA84273C50/SUNyuTYX_Filmora9.rar
  17. English | File size: 3.34 MB Tremendous Solution to Convert EML to PST with Attachments. Perform Instant EML to PST Conversion with Attachments for Outlook 2016/13/10/07. Batch Export EML to PST File Format at Once without Outlook. Maintain Folder Hierarchy to save Emails in Same Outlook PST folders . Quick Solution to Combine EML Files to PST Format. Preserves all Email Formatting while transferring EML files to PST format. FEATURES : Instantly Convert EML to PST File Batch Convert EML to PST Preserves Meta Data and RTF Conserves All Folder Structure Independent Utility Supportable to All EML Files Whats New: Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version. HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator Download From Nitroflare
  18. Windows x64 | Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 390.62 MB Combining image editing and optimization with portrait retouching, PhotoDirector is just like having Photoshop, and Lightroom all rolled into one. It's software for the professional photographer, yet without the steep learning curve. Plus, get exclusive AI tools, new features & format support, and access to a massive collection of plug-ins. Layer editing provides the flexibility to create unique compositions by combining images, texts and graphics. Using blending modes, effects and masks, your creative possibilities are virtually endless. - Creative Blending Modes. - Overlay animated objects on video to add energy. - Layer Adjustment. - Animated slideshows from pro-designed templates. - NEW! Bevel & Emboss Text Effect. - Fuse video clips by applying selective transparency. - NEW! Customizable Warped Text Layers. - Design hand-drawn overlays using an array of brushes. - NEW! Group & Filter Layers. - Design hand-drawn overlays using an array of brushes. - NEW! Snap Alignment in Layers. - Create unique subtitles to add to your videos. - NEW! One-click Layer Alignment. - Create unique disc menu layouts and styles. - NEW! One-click Layer Distribution. Blurry images are a thing of the past with intelligent deblur. Perfect for fixing up photos of excited children, pets, or taken from moving vehicles. We've trained our AI Style Engine to analyze images in detail and identify different aspects of each shot. The engine intelligently applies brushstrokes that make your pictures look like they were designed and painted by a master artist. Painlessly manage large photo collections with our AI facial recognition solution, powered by CyberLink's very own FaceMe engine. Tag a face in one photo, and it will be automatically detected & tagged in all existing and future shots. Extract photos from a video clip and turn them into incredibly creative multi-exposure images with just a single click. Brush over sections of a video clip to retain movement in that area only while other parts remain frozen in time. Or Instantly create perfect group photos from video clips with everyone smiling, and all eyes open! Easily extract a series of photos from a video clip and turn them into incredibly creative multi-exposure images with just a single click. Create amazing motion stills and cinemagraphs from videos. A moving scene frozen in time. Brush over sections of a video clip to retain movement in that area only. Other parts of your photo will appear frozen in time. Take perfect group shots every time using video. Instantly create perfect group photos from video clips. Ensure everyone is smiling, and all eyes are open! Completely change the color of specific objects in a picture for a whole new look. Select multiple areas at once for consistent adjustment. Remove, duplicate, or move objects or people within photos simply by brushing over them. PhotoDirector fills spaces using an intelligent algorithm that blends perfectly with the surrounding background. Express Layer Packs contain all the layer components that make up complex images. They're not only an easy way to put together stunning images, but also shows how layers combine to produce photographic effects. Give your images the perfect finishing touch with professionally designed frames & clip art packs in a range of styles. Strip away haze, fog and smog to reveal crisp, clear landscapes with the intuitive Dehaze slider. For a professional touch, use the Defringe tool to get rid of distracting color fringes and give your digital photos a sharper look. Import, edit, correct and export 360˚ photos using all the editing features you know. It's a whole new perspective on photography. Create Little Planets, or mind-blowing panoramas in no time. - Microsoft Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7 (64 bit OS only) - Intel Core i-series or AMD Phenom II and above - 128 MB VGA VRAM or higher - 4GB memory required (For AI style transfer, 8GB or above recommended) - 1024 x 768, 16-bit color or above DOWNLOAD uploadgig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/e167679Cc4415b15/feza7Ulm_.PD.11.0.2307.0.rar rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/b8783bac19712a863149770cc067831a/feza7Ulm_.PD.11.0.2307.0.rar nitroflare http://nitroflare.com/view/AB8D06C7A72BB86/feza7Ulm_.PD.11.0.2307.0.rar
  19. Languages: English | File Size: 16.51 MB Update device drivers installed on your Windows easily with Smart Driver Care. This amazing tool updates and installs outdated driver automatically. Additionally, this intelligent tool takes backup of outdated driver before updating them for easy roll back. Update outdated PC drivers quickly and securely with Smart Driver Care. All Features Smart Driver Care is a one-stop solution for your computer. It's loaded with amazing features to maintain system performance and enhance your working experience. Smart Driver Care - Ideal Solution To Keep System Drivers Updated The tool identifies outdated or missing drivers and gives allows you to update them in a single click for uninterrupted and improved PC performance. Why Choose Smart Driver Care? With Smart Driver Care, you can enhance the performance of your system in the most efficient manner with its easy to use built-in features. Updates System Outdated Drivers If your system's drivers are missing or outdated, it can be probably susceptible to errors. Driver Updater scans your computer for missing, corrupt or outdated drivers. It allows you to update or fix all drivers at once, therefore reducing the hassle to update them individually. Backup your installed drivers Smart Driver Care gives you the option to take a full or selective backup of your system drivers before updating to new ones. Restore drivers with a click Smart Driver Care backs up all your drivers in their existing versions. If anything goes wrong after updating, you can always restore your drivers to their original state. RELEASE NOTES: - Initial Release. Requirements: Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit) HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator Download From Nitroflare
  20. VAlentina Mae, Hoby Buchanon - Horny Home Gym Hammering Download From FileJoker: 6gj400qcoaii.mp4 Ember Snow - Hentai Fantasy Download From FileJoker: a3lcys635ihm.mp4
  21. Law And Order S09E08 MULTi 1080p HDTV H264 HYBRiS IMDB NFO: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0203259/ The Special Victims Unit, a specially trained squad of detectives in the NYPD, investigate sexually related crimes. ✢ Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller ✢ Actors: Mariska Hargitay, Ice-T, Dann Florek, Richard Belzer ✢ Rating: 8.0 ✢ Size: 2.64 GB ✢ File Name: law and order s09e08 multi 1080p hdtv h264 hybris Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Codec: V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC RunTime: 00:44:14 BitRate: 8352 Kbps Language: French, English Codec: AC3+ Channels: 2 Bit rate: 96 Kbps Subtitltes: French ✢ Download ✢ RapidGator https://rapidgator.net/file/a344a52bbce1082b62cf4529b4e110d5/x226ffho0aya.part1.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/2b3e3ccdaf98d076fd8050c8a7fe66b3/x226ffho0aya.part2.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/02c6675b85bf0a744cdbf8b7a53401d0/x226ffho0aya.part3.rar ★ If you like my theards, Please dont forget to say THANKS to keep this topic alive ★ ★ If you wanna support my job you can buy an RapidGator account from my links! ★
  22. File size: 110 MB Our audio plugins are based on more than a decade of scientific research and product development in the areas of digital signal processing and auditory perception. We combine advanced signal processing techniques and highly-optimized cross-platform implementations with simple-to-use interfaces to optimize your workflow. We combine advanced signal processing techniques and highly-optimized cross-platform implementations with simple-to-use interfaces to optimize your workflow. ReelBus 4 Faithful magnetic tape recording, tape flanger and echo simulator Equalizer 4 Artificial-Intelligence (AI) assisted, multi-band dynamic equalizer and spectrum analyzer. Reverb 4 High-end, silky smooth, warm, lush reverberation for creative and all-purpose use. Barricade 4 Mastering-grade compression and true-peak limiting plug-in with analog saturation options. Morphit Improve, correct and customize your headphones - in the studio as well as on the go. Enhancer Season your tracks with our tasty enhancer Enhancer v1.0.1 Equalizer v4.1.7 Morphit v1.3.6 Barricade v4.2.7 ReelBus v4.0.7 Reverb v4.1.4 All plug-ins in a single package* SSE2 CPU, Windows 7 SP1 or higher VST or AAX* compatible host 32 or 64 bit host program (DAW) DOWNLOAD uploadgig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/62805F800AB42e96/bXVofC1K_TB_1.3.4.rar rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/ecf43ee7049f7598fd9b69eefcb65bf0/bXVofC1K_TB_1.3.4.rar nitroflare http://nitroflare.com/view/7B774D44AE28AD5/bXVofC1K_TB_1.3.4.rar
  23. Unintended 2018 1080p WEBRip x264-RARBG FiLE SiZE: 1.75 GB ~ MOViE iNFO ~ Title: Unintended (2018) Genre: Drama, Thriller Rating: N/A (N/A votes) Rated: N/A Director: Anja Murmann Writer: Anja Murmann Cast: Elizabeth Lail, Nathan Keyes, Hannah Westerfield, Jay Jay Warren Storyline: A young woman repressed the memory of having killed someone when she was twelve years old. Thirteen years later that memory comes back. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7164084/ ~ SCREENSHOTS ~ ~ Single Extraction | No password | No CRC ~ https://rapidgator.net/file/dc301e370a1cabe167dc9af7f8209468/Unintended.2018.1080p.WEBRip.x264-RARBG.rar
  24. File size: 31.7 MB Multiboot Utility assists you in performing Grub2, Grub4Dos, Grub2 File Manager, Secure Boot installations on USBs as well as hard drives. Multiboot Utility is designed to allow you to install images that utilize Grub2 as boot loaders creating a fully functional bootable USB drive that operates just like the original CD. Whichever Grub2 you install on your hard drive or USB will boot ready. One feature of note is when the secure boot is enabled in UEFI, Multiboot Utility is capable of replacing the system boot method with original EFI files. USB/HDD; Grub2 installs. Boot to be ready. IMPORTANT * You can select a folder with the desired name as the boot directory. Grub2 version update on the existing MultiBoot systems used. Grub2 files embedded in the program, if you want, you can update with your own ed Grub2 files. You can update Legacy, Efi32, and Efi64 separately. Creates g2ldr, core.img, bootia32.efi and bootx64.EFI files for Grub2 v2.04 and v2.05 and copies them to their respective locations on your system. Grub2 File Manager installs. Makes it ready to use. Downloads current Grub4Dos files to the existing MultiBoot system used and makes them ready to use. Internet connection is required as it s the current files from the internet. If no Grub4Dos is present in the system, it installs under the grub directory by default. If there are already Grub4Dos files installed on the system (it doesn't matter which folder it is), it will update by overwriting. If Secure Boot is enabled in UEFI, it replaces the current MultiBoot system's UEFI boot method with original EFI files signed by Microsoft and makes it ready for use. You can run all tests by opening a Virtual Disk Management program, QEMU Test program and Bootice program directly through the program. DOWNLOAD uploadgig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/184008e55de7228c/wqN1NWKZ_MultiBoot_Utility_En..rar rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/2c4960cbb9a0475b40ea8fd1faafef84/wqN1NWKZ_MultiBoot_Utility_En..rar nitroflare http://nitroflare.com/view/92D0BCE9326261B/wqN1NWKZ_MultiBoot_Utility_En..rar
  25. Athena Faris Format: MP4 File size: 371 MB Duration : 00 :34 :03 Width: 960 pixels Height : 544 pixels https://rapidgator.net/file/cc3335fc7c58dbd5c5b1e71321138e88
  26. File size: 53.89 MB Advanced SystemCare PRO provides an always-on, automated, the all-in-one PC optimization utility, specializes in ONE-Click solutions to detect, clean, repair, speed up and eventually protect PC. To better protect users online privacy with Advanced SystemCare, Protect tab is newly added, which is designed to provide quick access to protect browsing frombeing tracked by automatically cleaning privacy traces once browser closed and detect and resist the attack of malicious plugin/toolbar by Browser Anti-Tracking and Plugin/Toolbar Cleaner in this tab. IObit Advanced SystemCare has the New Performance Monitor, that can release memory by one click to smooth PC running within seconds. Toolbox is always offering effective tools, such as new Startup Manager, a 1-click solution to conspicuously diminish system startup time by optimizing unnecessary Startup and Service. In most of old and slow PCs, there might be lots of troubles to slow them down. Equipped with Advanced SystemCare, your PC will stay error-free and smoother than ever. Keeps your PC running at peak performance. Fully optimizes Windows for ultimate system performance and top Internet speed by unleashing the built-in power of your system, based on how you use your PC and your network configuration. It turns your PC into a business PC, a productive workstation, an entertainment center, a game machine, or a scientific computing PC. Defends PC security with extra protection. Detects and analyzes Windows security environment. Scans and removes spyware and adware using up-to-date definition files in order to prevent spyware, hackers and hijackers from installing malicious programs on your computer. Erases and updates your PC's activity histories. One click to solve as many as 11 common PC problems. Advanced SystemCare inherits the ease-of-use from previous versions, with more powerful capabilities. With one click, it scans and repairs ten PC problems and protects your PC from hidden security threats. Real-time optimization with ActiveBoost function. ActiveBoost, technology that actively runs in the background intelligently managing system resources in real-time, constantly detects inactive resources and optimizes CPU and RAM usage. More than 20 dedicated smart tools for everyday PC maintenance. Advanced SystemCare integrates IObit's latest Toolbox, with more than 20 dedicated smart tools for everyday PC maintenance as well as advanced needs. The Toolbox feature has tools for system cleaning, optimizing and repairing, tools for security enhancement, and tools for full control over the PC system. Cloud technology to keep database up-to-date. The new "Cloud" technology ensures the database is kept updated at all times so that you can benefit from the latest definitions and configurations. Boost your PC for working and gaming. You now have two Turbo Boost options, Work Mode and Game Mode. In addition, you can now adjust the configuration of each mode from the main screen. Next-generation registry deep clean and optimizer. Safely cleans registry junk, compacts registry bloats and defragments the whole registry for maximum performance. Finds and fixes the registry errors that other utilities miss with "Deep Scan" technology. Automatically works in the background. This powerful utility works continuously, automatically and quietly in the background on your PC. You can set the program on a regular schedule or just let it work automatically when your PC is idle. New UI technology for quicker start and less resource usage! With the new UI technology, Advanced SystemCare will start up faster using fewer system resources. New architecture and re-written source codes for 32bit/64bit system! These improvements will make your PC work more efficiently and steadily, stabilizing even older systems. Improved Care module with more powerful clean and optimization functions. The new developments in the "Care" module include features such as "Start-up Optimization", which will scan and clean your PC much more effectively. DOWNLOAD uploadgig https://uploadgig.com/file/download/10703cb6ab59573B/xUXQx8m4__SystemCare.Pro. rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/file/43b2c0f0e74fbfb620703b204cda321f/xUXQx8m4__SystemCare.Pro. nitroflare http://nitroflare.com/view/3F480DE0C64CFC9/xUXQx8m4__SystemCare.Pro.
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